tagIncest/TabooLove, Pity, Forbidden, Lust Ch. 01

Love, Pity, Forbidden, Lust Ch. 01


Marissa did not know how it happened but it did happen. She did not know what triggered the situation. Was it love? Was it pity? Was it because it was forbidden? Was it the lust between them? Or was it a combination of all four of them? She thought about it afterwards but it never settled on one but on all four at different times.

It was love because she loves him very much...

It was pity because his wife never had a sexual relationship with him...

It was forbidden because she seduced her own uncle into bed...

It was lust because she enjoyed every bit of it and wanted more...


The Family Tree:

Nikola Dobranski (65) - Grandfather
Tanya Dobranski (64) - Grandmother

Hershal Dobranski (44) - Father (Eldest Son of Nikola Dobranski)
Tasha Dobranski (41) - Mother (Wife of Hershal)
Marissa Dobranski (23) - 1stDaughter
Gabrielle Dobranski (21) - 2nd Daughter
Amelia Dobranski (19) - 3rd Daughter
Brandon Dobranski (18) - Youngest Son

Ramon Dobranski (42) - Father (2nd Son of Nikola and 1st Brother of Hershal)
Janice Dobranski (39) - Mother
Mikela Dobranski (18) - Daughter

Jay Dobranski (40) - Father (3rd Son of Nikola and 2nd Brother of Hershal)
Kelly Dobranski (37) - Mother
Shawn Dobranski (10) - Son

Ashley Dobranski -Shallow (46) - Mother (Daughter of Nikola and sister of Hershal)
Jim Shallow (47) - Father
Juliana Shallow (22) - Daughter
David Shallow (20) - Son


Marissa decided to take a break that year and was back home for that summer, staying in her parents' home in Malibu. She was pursuing her Masters in Psychology in Harvard. This chapter in her life began one night when everyone in the family was away at a birthday gathering.

Marissa came home from her part-time job and was getting ready to go clubbing. She wore a sexy off-shoulder black dress; with half of her breasts pouring out and it was short enough for her to reveal her sexy toned legs to whoever wanted to dance with her that night. She admired her 23 year old body which stood 5'7 height, weighed 120 lbs and 36DD natural breasts.

With her dark brunette hair, deep grey eyes and pouty lips, she looks exactly like Aletta Ocean, the famous porn star.

She was putting her makeup on when the phone rang. She answered and found that it was her Aunt Ashley.

"Hello Aunt Ashley."

"Marissa dear, please do me a favor. Can you drop off dinner for Uncle Ramon? Janice and Mikela are in Seattle and it was my turn to arrange the food. I think your mom had cooked it for me but I forgot to pick it up and give it to him before I left for the party"

Marissa was irritated with her that her Uncle Ramon is being segregated again, just because he was bipolar. He was ostracized by his siblings because no one knows what will push him over the edge. Not that he gets violent; he just gets depressed and whines a lot. All he needed was a listening ear, something that his wife and daughter never gave him. She knew his sister, Ashley, was avoiding him because she does not want to end up in a situation in consoling him and missing her party.

Uncle Ramon is a pure vegan and needed home cooked food. When his wife is away, Aunt Ashley usually sends him the dinner. If not, the sister-in-laws, Tasha or Kelly would it drop by.

Marissa agreed to send the food over to him. She began to rush because her two younger sisters were waiting for her at a club in downtown. She managed to finish her makeup, threw a shawl across her neck, covering her cleavage and grabbed the vegan food her mom had packed and left to Uncle Ramon's house. She wanted to make it a quick drop-off at his home. It was already 9pm, time for her to let loose and party. Her red mustang raced out onto the highway.

She arrived in his house in Burbank, parking her car in his driveway of his mansion. The Dobranskis were ancestrally rich. Generations of wealth now rested on the three brothers and one sister. Neither one failed to show it off. Each ran multiple businesses and continuously increased their wealth.

Uncle Ramon opened the door. He was a tall (6'1) lean strong man. He resembled the wrestler Razor Ramon. He had a well-defined body and was very handsome. Marissa always had a soft spot for him since he always gets ignored by the rest of the family, even by his one and only daughter, Mikela. She ensured that she would give him all the attention he needed but she never knew that she was going to give him more than her attention that night...

Uncle Ramon let her in with a gentle smile. He stank of cigarette smoke, as always. She hugged him and he hugged her back which lasted a second longer than it normally should. She felt that he was trying to smell her neck as his hot breath touched her neck!

She asked, "Uncle Ramon, didn't you go for the party?"

He replied, "No, dear. I am not feeling good today. Also I am too crazy to be seen with them at the party"

She saddened, "Never mind, let me bring you there."

He shook his head, "Please, I don't want to go. Where are you going by the way?"

Marissa replied, "Dancing" and shook her hands and hips.

He smiled, "Very nice dress, dear. Show me all of it, you look very beautiful!"

She was a bit uncomfortable but she wanted to cheer him up so she took the shawl off and reveal her dress. Uncle Ramon's jaw dropped as he stared at her sexy figure. Marissa smiled and turned around and revealed her sexy open back, curvy ass and tanned legs to him.

She felt his hands on her shoulders, shaking as he held them. He came close to her neck. Marissa felt a chill running down her spine; she moved away quickly.

She turned and looked at her uncle. He was in tears. She was shocked to see him cry and took his hand.

She asked, "Why are you crying, Uncle Ramon?"

He replied, "I am a grown man but everybody disrespects me, even my wife! I am a man with needs, I too have desires..."

She was shocked, "You mean you don't..."

He finished, "No, I never had sex with my wife, other than once during our wedding night in the dark and that is how Mikela was born. After that, she never let me touch her."

Marissa felt sad for him; he is 42 years and married for 21 years but never had sex with his wife more than once!

He continued, "Once I got angry, very angry. I drove to Vegas. I wanted to pay money and get it done but I just couldn't do it." His tears rolled down continuously.

She moved near him, held his head on her chest, hugged him and patted him. She felt his stubble on her breasts with warm tears tickling her. He moved his head and slid between her boobs, rubbing his chin.

What is he doing??

She slowly moved away, conflicted by a desire growing in her. He looked up with a sad smile. "I have never even seen a woman's breasts in real..."

She felt even more sadness for him. She wanted to please him, and wanted him to be happy so she decided to "help" him out, even if it is forbidden. After all, he just wanted to admire beauty and she was available for him to admire now. So with a determined mind, she pushed him on the couch and undid the string across the back of her neck and let the dress fall, revealing her voluptuous breasts. She wasn't wearing a bra so her huge breasts bounced up and down. Uncle Ramon had a shocked look again with his mouth open.

"I have never touched a woman's breasts too in real..." Uncle Ramon eagerly looked at her.

Marissa sat next to him, took his hands and placed them on her breasts, letting his rough hands feel her soft skin. She wanted him to know how a woman's body felt.

He didn't waste a second as he groped her breasts and squeezed them. She shivered in anxiety, followed by pleasure. He continued squeezing and pinched her nipples, driving her crazy. Her heartbeat raced and he sensed it. Uncle Ramon pulled her near him. Before she knew it, he was already placing his mouth on her left breast sucking it.

Wrong...This is all wrong! I have to stop this!

But she couldn't move as it felt so good. Uncle Ramon may not have had much experience but the eagerness to suck - melted her will. He sucked one while squeezed the other. Then he began nibbling on the nipple which drove her mad. She hugged his head tighter as he sucked, nibbled and nuzzled. Her breathing got heavier as she was in extreme heat!

Uncle Ramon shifted a bit uncomfortably, trying to use his hands to adjust his shorts. Marissa knew he was having an erection and was trying to hide it. She decided to let him enjoy his full erection so she reached out and unbuttoned his shorts. He took his mouth off her and leaned back as she pulled it down to his ankles and her face got slapped by his long hard dick.

She got a shock as she admired the length of it, 8 inches long and hard as an iron rod. She kneeled on the floor, pulled his shorts away. Transfixed by his cock, she held it in her hands and looked into her uncle's eyes. He was looking at her intensively, probably wondering what she is about to do. He would have never gotten a blow job before. She smiled and served, taking his cock into her mouth, slowly sliding in. She had never held or even seen a cock as long as his. She already started salivating before she enveloped her lips around his manhood.

Wrong...This is all wrong! I really have to stop this NOW!

But Marissa couldn't move away as the hard cock throbbed in her mouth. Uncle Ramon groaned loudly and she struggled to take his full length. She got in about 6 inches and kept pumping up and down. She couldn't take in the other 2 inches in as she started gagging. All this while, she was staring into his eyes, watching him feel good as he grew harder and harder. He patted her head, and he laid back his head on the couch. She unbuttoned his shirt and rubbed his chest, letting him relax and enjoy one of his best moments in life. A thought crossed her mind as she sucked him deep...

How would it feel to have this huge cock in my pussy?

She negated the idea immediately. She felt guilty about the possible incestuous sex.

But he is enjoying it so much! This is already incestuous!! I might as well make him totally satisfied...

She again negated the idea because she did not want to seduce her own uncle and it felt really wrong. A good blowjob should leave him satisfied and then she will get going.

Marissa continued sucking him deep, licking his veiny stem, once in a while as he moaned with his eyes closed. He patted her head and rolled his head left and right as his orgasm started building up. She felt his body tense and he began to moan very load. She knew he was a minute away from cumming as she felt his cock head growing at hitting her throat. She was going to pull his cock out in the last minute and jerk him off so she increased her speed, going up and down faster with her mouth, deep throating him.

Uncle Ramon was a strong man and he showed it to her at that moment. When he got close to cumming, Marissa's speed was insufficient for him so he grabbed her head with his hands and began to fuck her throat. He pumped in deep and could not hear her gag as he was moaning louder and louder. He kept going and Marissa was trapped. She tried to pull his cock away but he kept pushing in more. He began to thrust his hips faster to fuck her throat deeper and she couldn't take it anymore. That is when Uncle Ramon came...

Marissa never tasted cum before as she is a person who gets disgusted by it. But tonight her uncle was shooting his load down her throat and she had no choice but to swallow it all. Uncle Ramon was roaring as he shot round after round into her. She kept swallowing but there was just too much of it and it began to drip out of her lips. After the last wave of orgasm, he fell back and released her head.

Marissa felt like vomiting but she would not dare show it as it might offend her uncle who had fun for the first time in his life. He watched her face carefully and smiled. She swallowed the remaining cum and smiled with a nod. He laid back and sighed. Marissa got up and was going to pull her dress above her breasts when Uncle Ramon got up and held her hands. He pulled the entire dress off her.

"Wait up, dear. I haven't made you feel good. My turn, darling!" She was shocked by what he said.

What does he mean? Is he going to eat my pussy?

Without waiting, he swept her off the ground by lifting her with his muscular arms. She was too stunned to talk but was amazed by his strength! He carried her easily to his bedroom and laid her down like a feather. Marissa was excited as she wanted to feel his tongue on her pussy. She was already wet from all the prior activity and some tongue on her clit would get her off.

And then I will leave, for sure this time.

Uncle Ramon fumbled to pull her G-string. She lifted up her ass and pulled it down for him. He eagerly grabbed it, pulled it out and threw it aside. Then he smiled at her with his crooked smile, stripped his unbuttoned shirt, and stood there like Adonis, admiring her naked body.

Why is he stripping if he was going to lick her pussy? Maybe he wants to be naked together?

His hard-on was back again as he positioned himself on the bed, kneeling between her legs and that is when she realized that her uncle was not going to eat her pussy but he was going to fuck her! Before she could move, he pounced on her, held her down by her shoulders and placed his cock right above her wet pussy.

"No!" Marissa shrieked as her uncle plunged his cock into her pussy. He did not push it in gently but forced it all in with a single stroke. She gasped and screamed again. It was a biggest cock she has ever taken and it was fucking painful and at the same time, it felt fucking good! Thankfully she was already wet so there was enough lubrication inside her to reduce the friction. He looked at her face and she quickly smiled to let him know she is enjoying it. Her uncle WAS pleasing her and she wanted him to know. He saw that and felt good so he started pounding her. That is when her smile vanished and her mouth fully opened in a loud scream!

"Aaah! Oh my god! Uncle Ramon!" Marissa screamed but he ignored her totally. His wild eyes watched her intensively and his tongue was swaying out of his mouth. She wanted him to slow down and adjust to his cock size but he kept fucking and fucking. He was grunting in her face, watching her wriggle in pleasure. She could smell his cigarette breath on her. It stank but it did not matter as she was trapped beneath his grip and she was occupied screaming as her pussy was being invading by her uncle's monster cock! Her body was heating up and her legs began to burn. She was getting close to orgasm as her uncle kept pounding her soft pussy with his long cock like a maniac, grunting into her ears. He was like a machine, pounding on and on into her, increasing the speed. She could feel the climax building within her as she started screaming louder and louder and finally she exploded in orgasm!

It was unlike anything before as his thick cock was hitting her at the right spot and she received a g-spot vaginal orgasm for the first time in her life! She was screaming at the top of her voice and spasmed all over. Then she heard him growling and he gripped her tight and increased his pounding even more.

Uncle Ramon slammed one more time deep into her and came roaring like a lion... she felt hot cum filling up her pussy. She wanted to move away but his grip was too tight so she gave up and accepting his semen into her pussy till it over flowed! He pounded and pounded her till his last drop of semen shot into her and then he collapsed onto her.

Marissa felt hot cum oozing out of her pussy, down her thighs, she wanted to wipe it but could not care about it as she was so satisfied. His cock was still filling her up; it was not getting soft yet! Uncle Ramon ceased his growling eventually and sighed on top of her.

He continued panting on top of her for a while and she was still trapped underneath. He was holding her still, cock buried into her pussy. She was very tired but relaxed. She closed her eyes and sighed. Eventually both of them fell asleep...after reaching an uncle-niece orgasm together. As sinful as it sounds, Marissa never felt so good in her life, after getting fucked hard by her own uncle! She slept dreamlessly.

- ~-

Marissa woke up suddenly. She was trying to realize where she was and to see if all that happened was a dream. It was very dark; she was not in her own bed; she was naked and her pussy was wet and sticky with something; and the smell of cigarette in the room. She got up immediately as realization struck her that she just got fucked by her uncle. She panicked and looked around.

Uncle Ramon was there on the bed next to her naked, watching her in a dim light. He was smoking weed while watching her wake up. He smiled at her, sheepishly. Marissa smiled back and it immediately vanished when she saw him stroking his erected cock!

How does he keep getting hard so fast??

She decided to ignore it as there is no way she was going to let him fuck her again. She was so sore in her pussy; it was going to be days before she can walk again properly. She had had sex before with guys in their twenties but this was a real man's cock with hardcore masculine fucking. All the guys she had slept with till now, were always trying to please her. She is very beautiful and every single guy whom she slept with, "made love" to her.

For the first time tonight, she was taken by a man and was fucked by a man. He had hammered her senseless with his huge cock and that was enough for the night. So she purposely yawned and turned around to pretend to sleep. He tapped her shoulders and she turned around.

He asked "Marissa, you want a hit?"

Tensed, she shook her head and refused.

He persisted, "Here, try a bit you will like it. Gaby always likes it, you know"

Marissa was stunned by that comment!

Gaby, my young innocent sister, smokes weed! She is the goody-two-shoes of the family, even in the entire Dobranski clan and she smokes weed?!!

Maybe he was lying about it to get her to take a puff but she needed to ask Gaby, and she wouldn't lie to her. She was pondering in depth that she never realized Uncle Ramon had taken the roll and placed it on her lips.

She wanted to spit it out but he had the puppy dog look on his face and she was curious how it felt. So she decided to take one puff. She didn't cough as much she expected herself to. But what came after that blew her mind! She was feeling so light-headed; she was floating in the air. Her body felt like feather and she was totally relaxed. She took another puff and blew, and all the restrictions in head faded away.

She was initially felling guilty about allowing herself to get fucked by her uncle; but now she was feeling good about it! She enjoyed it and that's all that mattered. The best part about it is that she would do it again! All these thoughts and images of her getting pounded by that huge cock, made her horny again. She was getting wet, just thinking about it! Is it her desire or is it the weed...

Uncle Ramon suddenly took it back and extinguished it. She wanted more!

"Too much for you dear, don't smoke anymore. You will feel sleepy" he advised.

She nodded back at him.

"Relaxed? Ready for me again, darling?" he asked politely.

She knew what he wanted and she wasn't going to say no, she wanted to feel his cock in her again, now that she is high on weed! It was not wrong anymore! She threw the uncle-niece relationship out the window. Here, they were two horny people wanting to fuck each other. As long as both parties enjoy and take pleasure from each other, there is nothing wrong. No one has fucked her like this and she loved every bit of it!

Marissa gave him a sly look, nodded and turned around. She laid flat on the bed on her stomach, hoping he would feel her all over. This time, she planned to get some foreplay out of him. She wanted him to kiss the back of her neck, shoulders and rub her back. She wanted to start sensual. She felt excited when he moved on top of her but she was in for a shock again.

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