tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLove Thy Enemy Ch. 03

Love Thy Enemy Ch. 03


The USS Nimitz dropped from Warp into the Belaeus system and they were immediately hailed.

"Hail coming in, Captain. It's the Enterprise," said the Lieutenant Chambers.

"On screen, Lieutenant," said Captain Rachael Thatcher. She smiled warmly at the face of Captain Jean-Luc Picard

"Hello, Rachael. Good to see you in our little neck of the war," said Picard jovially.

"What's the situation, Jean-Luc? We have an entire fighter wing at your disposal." Rachael was proud of that fact, the Nimitz being the first of a hopefully long line of Starfighter Carriers.

"Intelligence reports that the Romulans will be launching an offensive here within the next 24 hours. We have more ships coming, including the Defiant and the Excalibur. We're to blockade Belaeus IV and protect their Tritanium mining facilities at all costs," Picard replied.

"Understood, Captain. Nimitz out." She turned to her First Officer and the CAG standing beside her. "Well, you heard the man, CAG. Get your men spaceborne and patrolling. Number One, yellow alert, please."

"Aye, sir," they replied in unison.


Jason and Delaara had finally dressed and made sure their weapons were at full charge before setting out into the island's interior. According to the survey team reports on NZ8-257, there were very few indigenous lifeforms here to worry about, but Jason didn't want to take any chances. He fired up his tricorder and began a sweep of the island itself, finding what could suitably be a fresh water source about half a kilometer in.

"I'll have to make a note to High Command to have tricorders as standard survival gear when I return," Delaara said with a wry smile.

Jason looked at her in mild surprise. "You mean they aren't, already? I thought yours must have gone down with your fighter."

Delaara shook her head. "No, since Romulan pilots are supposed to die in battle. We don't surrender, Jason."

"Well, if we have to do it formally, I hereby surrender to you, Commander. Now, if your people pick us up, will I be treated fairly as a prisoner of war?"

Delaara had to smile at that. She was already planning to resign her commission as soon as the war was over. It was a strange thing. Three days ago, she was looking forward to her next patrol as commander of her fighter wing. Now she was ready to give it all up for a man who had reached into her soul and shared himself fully with her.

"Jason, you will be treated with all the hospitality I can give you, as my husband. I have that right as a Praetorian." She moved up behind him on the trail, catching him and slipping her arms around his waist.

Jason turned in Delaara's arms and kissed her softly. He was ready to give up Starfleet for her, as well. "Well, Captor of my Heart, I look forward to having you as my wife. The water source should be just over the next rise. We can refill our canteens and wash up there. Tricorder says there aren't any harmful organisms in the water."

Delaara grinned at that. She definitely felt the need to clean the salt off herself after their morning swim in the ocean. Besides fucking, swimming, some light PT, and talking were their only activities while awaiting rescue.

They reached the small waterfall that was the source of the readings and were astounded by the beauty of the glade. The grass was short and a brilliant green, and the sunlight streamed through the tree branches above, giving it an almost surreal beauty. They lay down in the grass on their stomachs at the edge of the pool, and filled their canteens.

Jason rolled onto his back and gazed up at the clear blue sky and the giant orange sun of this world. "This planet reminds me of Risa, only without the tourist trap hotels."

Delaara pushed herself up on her elbows and looked at her lover with a wicked gleem in her eye. "I've been to Risa. What about the scantily clad women there to please your every need? Don't you miss them?"

Jason looked at her with pure love in his eyes. "Not in the slightest. You're better than all of them put together, Delaara."

She felt her face flush with that, and her ears started burning as she blushed at the compliment. "You're just saying that because you love me, hotshot."

"No, I'm saying it because it's true, AND I love you." Jason grinned and reached up, pulling her to him and kissing her lovingly. "I don't know about you, sweetheart, but I could use a dip in the water to cool down a bit and wash up. Care to join me?"

He stood and undid his flight suit and boots, pulling them off and dove into the water naked. The pool was about 25 meters across and over 2 meters deep in the center. Delaara admired his physique before disrobing and joining him. The water was cool, and they moved under the waterfall to wash themselves properly.

Delaara noticed the stubble on Jason's face and marvelled at how soft it was as her hand stroked his cheek. They washed the grime and salt away, running their hands all over each other as the waterfall cascaded over them. Afterward, as they leisurely swam toward the shore with their clothing and equipment on it, Delaara asked "How old are you, Jason? I don't even know your age."

"I'm 23, Delaara. Am I too young for you?" he asked with a smile and a glint in his eye as he watched her swim beside him.

He deliberately didn't ask her how old she was, since he figured she was at least a few decades older. That, and he was a gentleman. Romulans, like Vulcans, didn't age as fast as humans. She appeared to be in her mid-twenties at most, to his eyes.

"Any age difference doesn't matter to me, love. I was just curious. Don't you want to know how old I am?" she asked in return.

"Just when your birthday is on the Federation calendar, sweetheart. A gentleman doesn't ask a lady her age, but I would love to get you a birthday present." He smiled at her.

"The same gentleman who shot me down, then saved me from a watery grave?" She grinned as she asked that.

"Well, I was raised to treat women with respect. Blame my mom and dad," he chuckled.

"Are your parents back on Earth?" she asked as they reached the shore and pulled themselves up onto the bank. "I'd like to meet them after we get rescued."

Jason lowered his eyes at the memory and said in a low voice "They died while I was still in the Academy."

Delaara moved towards him and hugged him close. "I'm sorry, love. I didn't know."

He looked up at her with a tear on his cheek. "No way you could have known, sweetheart. They were on a survey mission when they got ambushed by Cardassians. Their science vessel never stood a chance against three cruisers. The Enterprise arrived too late to save them, but they were avenged."

He told her of that day at Starfleet Academy when he had been called into the Commandant's office and told of his parents' fate. That was the day he had volunteered for starfighter pilot training.

"Are they the reason you're so reckless with your own life?" she asked, concerned and not wanting to lose him.

"Until now, yes. I threw myself into flying and dogfighting. I was always restless between missions, and I will probably hold the Starfleet record for Most Consecutive Hours in a training simulator for the next hundred years or more. When I wasn't on duty or on patrol, I was flying on the holodeck with the safety protocols off." He realized how stupid he had been, and it was a weight off his chest to confess this to the woman he loved. He still refused to grieve, though.

"What changed?" she asked, already knowing the answer.

"I was shot down by the most beautiful woman in the universe," Jason replied and smiled at her. "I'm not afraid to die, but now I have something to live for."

"If you keep this up, I'm going to keep you forever," Delaara said with a smile and a deep kiss.

"Promise?" he asked as they finally broke the kiss. He had never felt this way before about any woman, much less an "enemy" of the Federation. But then he realized that she was just a regular person. A fighter pilot and a beautiful woman.

"Jason, you are unlike any man I have ever been with. Your compliments are genuine and you have real feeling in your heart. I can't wait to introduce you to my parents." She grinned at the look of abject fear on his face. "Don't worry, Jason. I know my mother and father will love you. They know that I would never settle for anything less than the best."

It was Jason's turn to blush at the compliment. As they lay by the pool, they lost themselves in each other and kissed softly with pure love in their hearts. The mind meld was effortless this time, and Jason saw her mother and father as she saw his, the last time he had seen them. Their memories intermingled as their bodies did the same. Then he noticed something a bit odd.

He broke the kiss and looked at her closely. She bore a striking resemblance to her mother, except for the forehead ridges that her mother lacked.

"Your mother is Vulcan." It was a statement.

"Yes, she is. She met my father when she came to Romulus on her first diplomatic mission, and they fell in love."

"That seems pretty strange, to me. I've met plenty of Vulcans, and none of them showed very much emotion," he chuckled quietly. "I would love to hear that story sometime." In his vision of them, her mother had been smiling as proudly as her father.

"She was very young when they met, and hadn't completely mastered her emotions. They worked closely together to bring about a peace treaty, and fell in love in the process. She is the daughter of Admiral Saavik of Starfleet."

That name was instantly familiar to Jason. He knew of her, and knew that she had served aboard the USS Enterprise under Captain Spock and Admiral Kirk. "I studied your grandmother's missions in the Academy. She was one hell of a Captain!"

Delaara smiled at him and the common knowledge and respect they both shared for her ancestor.

"I had the honor to meet Ambassador Spock once, back on Earth. He was attending our graduation, since Hikaru Sulu's great granddaughter Akiko was in my graduating class at the Academy." He smiled at the memory, and how the old Vulcan had been nearly jovial at the function.

"He's a friend of my parents!" Delaara exclaimed in surprise. "He's still on Romulus, in spite of the war. Unfortunately, he's watched closely since the Praetoriate doesn't trust him."

"Well, I for one hope they get a peace agreement worked out soon! I don't want either of us to be a prisoner when we get rescued," he said as he looked at her lovingly. "If anyone can do it, it's Ambassador Spock."

Delaara thought for a long moment before speaking again. "If we're rescued by Starfleet before the war ends, then I am defecting. I love my parents, and I love the Empire..." her voice trailed off as she whispered "but I love you more."

Jason was shocked completely at that admission. He had been wrestling with a similar decision as to which was more important. He had decided that they would never accept him as a defector, but he would surrender himself to the authorities should the Romulans find them first. "I've already formally surrendered to you, Delaara. Your people would never accept me as a defector."

"True," she replied. "They're distrustful of all outsiders, even those who have lived among us for decades."

"I trust you, Delaara. In the face of all I've been taught about Romulans, I trust you with my heart and my life."

Delaara once again blushed at his compliment and vocal affirmation of his love for her. She pulled him close and kissed him for what seemed like years, losing herself in his touch, as he lost himself in hers. "I trust you with all that I am, my love," she whispered to him after the kiss ended.

Jason felt himself slipping away into the passion they shared, and felt his hardness raging for her as he pushed her back on the soft grass and kissed slowly down her beautiful body. He paused to pay special attention to her breasts, taking first one, then the other nipple between his lips. He licked and sucked them until they were as hard as tritanium, then continued to kiss down across her well toned stomach. She spread her thighs as she ran her fingers through his short black hair, urging him lower.

Jason could smell her arousal from her freshly washed pussy, and it intoxicated him. He spread her lips gently and slowly licked between them, loving her sweet taste. He felt her shudder in pleasure, and heard a soft moan escape her lips. His tongue delved deep inside her as he slowly rubbed around her clit with his thumb, causing another, louder moan of pleasure. Pulling his tongue from her pussy, he flicked it lightly across her clit before sucking it gently. He slid a finger into her pussy while sucking on her bud and thrust it in and out slowly. He could feel her wetness growing and her fingers in his hair tightening as she pushed his mouth deeper into her. She came in a rush, her cunt clamping onto his probing finger as she screamed his name and came in his mouth.

Delaara shook from the pleasure of her orgasm, and marvelled at her lover again. No man had ever licked her like that before. She pulled him up and kissed him deeply, tasting herself on his tongue as she felt his hard throbbing cock at the entrance to her pussy. "Make love to me, baby. Please...." she begged him.

Jason slowly thrust into her as he heard her whispered plea in his ear. He felt her cunt grasp him as soon as he entered her, and her muscles seemed to suck him in with very little effort on his part. He hungered for her, wanting her to devour him as well as they made love. The mind meld started, sharing all feelings and emotions with each other as they moved together as one, lips and hips locked together in pure love and passion. When their orgasms hit them, they rode the waves of ecstasy together and found themselves coming again and again and again. They both screamed out in pleasure as their bodies stiffened and collapsed, breathing raggedly as they slowly recovered.


The Battle of Belaeus IV was quick and dirty as the the Romulan fleet dropped out of warp nearly on top of the Starfleet contingent. The Enterprise and Excalibur engaged the Warbirds with support from the Nimitz fighter wing, while the Defiant quickly dispatched the Romulan Frigates.

With Friday MIA, Rash had been promoted to full Lieutenant and given command of Bravo Flight, 155th Squadron. The Skulls, as they were referred to in comm chatter, had the highest kill ratio in the Federation's burgeoning Starfighter Corps. Granted, most of those kills belonged to Friday and Rash, but all of them were great pilots. After the battle was over, and the remaining Romulans had been dispatched or retreated, Rash got a private comm from Captain Thatcher.

"Still alive, Ace?" came her worried sounding query.

"I'm here, honey. You're not getting rid of me that easily." Ryan grinned at his lover's concern, and was deeply touched by it. They knew they had to be careful, as their relationship could end both of their careers, but he wanted to shout it from the rooftops that he was in love with her. "I'll be back aboard as soon as I complete a flyby on Excalibur. Captain Calhoun asked for a damage assessment, since their internal sensors are offline."

"Thank God, Ryan. As soon as you report to Mac, get your hot cock back here so you can fuck my brains out!" She nearly shouted that last, and thanked the Stars that her ready room was soundproofed.

"Yes, sir, ma'am! Rash out." He completed his flyby and hailed the USS Excalibur.

"What's our status, Rash?" asked Captain Calhoun over the comm.

"Doesn't look great, sir. Your port nacell is hanging on with duct tape and bailing wire, as far as I could tell. Your shuttle bay is pretty well screwed, and your starboard phaser banks have definitely seen better days. I recommend dropping the nacell and getting the hell out of here. Sir." He grimaced at his own language. This wasn't Rachael he was talking to, and hoped that Captain Calhoun wasn't offended. He'd been hanging around Friday too long. "Apologies for the language, Captain."

The Excalibur's bridge crew was laughing over the comm as Captain Mac Calhoun replied "No harm, kid. That was tame compared to some of the language we use over here."

Rash grinned at that. Good to know that Rachael didn't have the only ship full of mavericks in Starfleet.

"Thank you, sir. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a hot date onboard my ship, and I plan on making her a happy woman," Rash said.

The laughter from the Excalibur was even louder at that, and Captain Calhoun said "Make sure you treat Rachael good, son. Otherwise, I'll shoot you myself. Excalibur out."

Rash was dumbfounded as he flew his Valkyrie into the Nimitz's aft fighter bay. How the hell had Captain Calhoun figured it out? Had she told him? Did someone else onboard know and told him? 'Oh shit', he thought.

Hitting his combadge as he got into the turbolift, Ryan said "On my way, Captain" as he hit the Captain's Quarters deck. When the door opened, she yanked him out and kissed him all over his face as she visibly checked him for even the smallest scratch. It was concern to a point, but it was also a game they played after particularly harrowing missions.

"Get in my quarters, Lieutenant. Now!" she said with lust in her eyes and sex in her voice.

"Not so fast, ma'am. I just had the strangest conversation with Excalibur. How in the Galaxy does Captain Calhoun know about us?"

"I told him, Rash. I had to tell someone, and I trust Mac and his crew to keep their mouths shut."

"Ok, just checking."

"Now, get your sweet ass in there for your... debriefing!" She moved in and kissed him again, pulling him with her through the door to her quarters and onto the bed. They nearly ripped each other's uniforms off as the uninhibited lust consumed them.


Back on NZ8, Jason and Delaara made their way back to the crashed Valkyrie, holding hands as they strolled together contentedly. They had found some berries that were rich in nutrients and had tested as safe by the tricorder. Whole bushes full of them had been gathered and slung in Jason's survival bag.

Delaara was fascinated by the human custom of holding her lover's hand in hers as they walked. They didn't have anything like it on Romulus, and she wondered why. It was very enjoyable, even if it wasn't as intimate as kissing or making love.

"This place is paradise, and is even better with you here, Jason," Delaara said as they walked.

Jason brought her hand up to his lips and kissed it before replying. "I was thinking the same thing, Delaara." He looked at her with a smile, remembering the feel of her skin on his as they made love by the pool. "You know, I think Rash and Rachael are going to like you. They're the closest thing I have to family now, besides you."

Delaara was suddenly nervous, as if she was about to meet his parents. "Do you think so? I don't know..."

Jason smiled comfortingly at her. "Trust me on this. Rash is like a brother to me, and Rachael is almost like a mother. I'm honestly still amazed that they got together. They said it was just a fling, but it's been going on for over 6 months now."

"If he's anything like you, he knows how to keep her happy," she replied and grinned as she leaned over to give him a quick kiss on the lips.

Jason laughed. "Well, he's my brother in all but blood. We've fought together for over a year, and been drinking buddies since the Academy. My parents said he was the brother I never had, and I agree with them. Hell, they pretty much adopted him the last time we took a break to Santa Barbara before..." His voice trailed off.

"It's still hard to talk about, isn't it?" she held him tightly, her head resting on his shoulder. He nuzzled into her neck, sobbing.

"I never grieved for them. I focused on flying instead. I found revenge in every fighter I shot down, and every capital ship I helped destroy. But I never grieved." The tears were streaming down his face now, and she rubbed her hand up and down his back comfortingly.

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