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Love Thy Teacher


"Ken! Ken! Are you with us Ken"

"Ah….what….ah yes Mrs. Cecilia I'm here"

"History lesson must be very exciting for you Ken, you have been dozing of all afternoon"

If only she knew, I was daydreaming, dreaming about her body, her face, her thighs, her tits, her pussy oh god I'd love to have her. I lay awake countless nights stroking my glistening shaft dreaming about smelling her breath, her pussy. So was every other boy in the School.

Mrs. Cecilia was in her mid Thirties, I'd heard she was married with a couple of kids. We would always joke about how lucky her husband must be to be married to such a sexy looking lady.

We all had our little dream story about how we would like to fuck her.

Barry wanted to knock on her door as a salesman and dreamed that she would find him so desirable she would beg him to fuck her quickly before her husband got home.

Jason said he wanted to be held back after school for being a naughty boy. He would then say" I'd fix the slut, I'd bend her over her desk and stick my cock so far up her arse she would beg and scream for more.

Well, I didn't care how or where the hell I gave it to her as long as I did.

I recall one afternoon sports day was water polo at the local swimming pool, Mrs. Cecilia was on the opposition side. She was wearing a high cut bikini which made her legs look even longer and sexier, her top made those perfect tits look so beautiful, and her nipples stuck out ever so slightly.

Funny thing was as soon as she had the ball all our team just went straight for her, they groped and did all sorts of things but she didn't seem to mind. Next time she got the ball I rushed over and as I was floating there I wrapped both my legs around her leg, my dick touched her thigh, before I knew it I could feel by balls getting warm and wham. I couldn't believe it I just shot my hot cum on her leg. God what would she think, what sort of a man is this wimp shooting his load so easy. I looked up at her and she just smiled and turned away.

My grades just fell away after this, I was so obsessed with this lady I couldn't think properly.

"Ken, I think you should stay back this afternoon, we need to talk about your dismal grades."

"Great not only must she think I'm a wimp but a dumb wimp at that"

There she was with her black mini skirt, skin coloured stockings, which revealed the slightly darker line of her stockings. God she drove me wild.

"Hey Barry Jason can you please hang around this afternoon, we can play some pool after horn bag gives me a dressing down"

"Yep no worries mate, we'll wait for you"

The bell went and all the pupils sped out off class as usual. I sat there in my chair waiting. Mrs. Cecilia just tidied up her desk and seemed oblivious to that fact that I was sitting there shaking in my boots. She eventually walked over to my desk.

"I am very disappointed in you Ken"

"Yes I know Madam.i..i.. i.. will try and improve my grades, I'll have to study a lot more"

"No Ken, I am disappointed in you because…well because that day at the pool you shot your hot creamy cum all over my leg"

"I'm sorry madam I couldn't help myself"

"The least you could have done is help me clean it off. I mean when I got in the shower it was all over my thighs. You know what I did??

"Ahh no madam what"

"I spread your hot creamy cum on my pussy lips, and then I licked some of it off my finger like this"

She leaned over and licked my lips.

'Oh god Mrs. Cecilia, please don't do this to me"

"Why not, don't you find me attractive"

"Yes I do. That's the problem, I'm scared I will cum too quickly and it will all be over"

"Oh don't worry about that little boy, I can make that dick of yours cum all night if you like. Here touch my nipple, that's it pinch a little, that's right here let me take it out so you can have a little suck on it"

Here I was sucking Mrs. Cecilia's tit as she was bending over my desk. I reached around to touch her between the thighs, as she moaned.

"That's it Kenny my boy your learning. That's right just slowly ease your finger and play with my pussy lips"

As I was, I looked up through the window and there was Jason and Barry hiding and watching. They both had their cocks in their hands slowly pulling their foreskins back and forth like they were milking a cow.

"Can I stick my finger in your cunt please madam" "Please do you naughty little boy, can I suck on your cock while your finger fucking me?"

As she pulled my now monstrous dick out and gave it a couple of strokes, I exploded my cum all over hair hands and some landed on her hair. She licked it off her hands.

"That's ok baby I can build up that little dick again in no time"

She licked the head and flicked it around and slowly went down the shaft till her red lipstick touched my balls. Up she came and down again.

"Cccaann I please fuck you Madam, please can I slide my cock inside you now"

"Ok my boy, but you must promise to fuck me hard, I like it hard"

I picked her up and sat her on my desk, moved around between her legs and slowly spread them. I parted her pussy lips and slowly licked and softly bit her clit as she screamed out.

"Oh please keep going keep going….. that's enough, now you can take me hard."

I stood up and lifted her feet and rested them on my shoulders. There she was ready, ready for a good fucking. I kissed her ankles as they rested beside my head. I was holding the soft milky white soft inside of her thighs. I touched the entrance of her love hole with the head of my dick, then slid the head in ever so slightly, next stroke went deeper and deeper again.

"I've dreamed about fucking you for years Madam, and here I am stuffing you with my cock. Can you please suck my Dick some more, I just want to watch those luscious lips of yours wrapped around my meat"

She hopped of the table, sat me on the chair and took my dick in her mouth. As she was sucking me off I asked her to look at the window.

"Why don't you ask your little friends in to join us"

With this I gestured over to the boys and they flew in the door. Madam was still sucking my dick when Jason went straight behind her, lifted her skirt pulled down her panties, dropped to his knees and sucked and licked at her pussy and her arse hole.

"Can I fuck you Madam, please, please can I"

"Please do little boy, but it better be good, and only in my pussy I want to save my arse for young Kenny"

With this I came again.

Jason slowly drove his dick in her pussy as she sung out to Barry.

"Get that dick of your hand sonny and come down here and lick my arsehole while your friend is fucking me. Now Ken, come around the back here. I'd like you to do something I have wished for ever. Sink your dick in my Arse while your little friend is pumping my pussy."

Oh god here I am fucking my teacher up the arse, I could feel Jason's Dick in between the wall of her pussy and arse. Barry was licking away there underneath. This slut had a cock in every hole and her pussy being licked.

"Ooohhh madam geeez I'm about to cream up your arse"

"Yes Ken, fuck me, fuck me, do that arse, yes Jason screw that pussy, oh lick me, fuck me please don't stop, oohh I'm coommmiinnggg"

I shot my hot creamy cum up her arse and it slowly oozed out down her thighs. Then she one of the most hottest things I've ever seen, she reached over and spread my cum all over her arsehole. Jason blew his load in her pussy, but poor old Barry had a stiff jaw from all that licking.

"Now its your turn Barry, come and sit on this chair, I will give you a blowjob that you will remember for the rest of your life"

She took his tool in her mouth and had both her hands on the shaft and cupping his balls. There she was, her skirt tucked up around her waist, cum dripping out of her pussy and arse sucking our best mates dick. Jason and I had our dicks in our palms stroking and stroking as the head of our cocks shot through our thumb and fore fingers. We came on madam's bum and legs, Barry shot his load over her face. She sat up casually walked to her desk pulled out a tissue and wiped it all off, turned around and smiled.

"See you in class tomorrow boys. Now make sure your not late cause there will be trouble."

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