Love, True Love


Carrie kissed him on the cheek and said, "Mike, most great people never get recognized. Their children are their monuments and I think you're exactly what she hoped to have."

One of the nursing home attendants walked up and said, "Hi, Mike, this must be the girl we've all heard so much about." Putting a hand on his shoulder she turned to Carrie and said. "Mike is our most faithful visitor. It's so hard for the family when they reach this stage, except when Mike is here, she never says a word. But he has been here everyday, rain or shine. He used to borrow flowers from the lobby to take to her. Some days he looked like death warmed over but, he never missed a day. You have to have heard that same story ten thousand times; how do you do it?"

"She doesn't remember me but I look a lot like my grandfather. When she sees me with the flowers, it triggers something. She tells that story exactly the same way she once told it to her best friend. Then she goes to sleep and, I hope, relives her happiest time."

The attendant smiled at Mike, "I'm sure she does. I don't know if anyone's ever told you, but she has that sweet smile of hers for hours after you leave."

Mike's face brightened, "I hope so. That's all I can do for her now, that and listen. I come because I love her. She's the one who taught me about true love. She always said, 'True love isn't flowers and candy on Valentine's day. True love isn't a feeling or an emotion. True love is wanting the very best for someone and being willing to sacrifice so they can achieve it.' How can I do less?"

Taking Carrie in his arms he kissed her lightly. Looking her straight in the eye he said, "That's the way my grandfather loved her. That's the way she always loved me, and sweetheart, that's the way I promise I'll always love you."

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After reading the last story I took the author to task over his verbosity; this one more than makes up for it. I have been in this situation and know exactly how he feels; I doubt however if I could expressmore...

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