tagGay MaleLove Unexpected Ch. 05

Love Unexpected Ch. 05


If you are under 18 years of age, this is not for you.

If you are offended by male/male relationships, then do not read this work.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

This is a copyrighted work of fiction. All right reserved.

You only get one body, protect yourself and practice safe sex.

To my editor Colandra, thank you so much for helping me with my first story! I truly appreciate all the time and effort you put in to help Paul and Derek come alive. I hope you enjoyed getting to know them.

To my readers, thank you so much for going on this journey with me. I really appreciated all the comments that you give me, they help me along. This is the conclusion of Paul and Derek's story. As of now, I don't have any plans to expand on Love Unexpected. (I do reserve the right to change my mind, after all, it is a woman's prerogative.)

Please continue to watch for new stories. I am planning to branch into fantasy/adventure next.


Paul drove as Derek gave him directions to their destination. Paul knew the area, but he had never been to this bar. Derek told him where to park, and they exited the truck and walked to a back entrance. Paul followed Derek, who moved ahead and was calling out a greeting to a group of five people standing at the back door. From the way they were dressed, Paul knew that they must be the band performing. Tight pants, open shirts, shiny fabric, spiked hair, piercings, and eyeliner were everywhere he looked.

Paul's eyes were drawn to one guy in particular. He stood out even among all the dramatic styles. Paul couldn't help but notice how extraordinarily good looking the guy was. He was a bit shorter than Paul, and had a fairly muscular build. Unlike the others, his chocolate colored hair wasn't dyed, and it fell in perfect loose ringlets past his shoulders. His dark rimmed green eyes were so vivid that Paul could see them even from this distance. Paul suddenly felt like an ogre being in such close proximity with him.

"All right! You made it!" Pretty Boy was saying to Derek. Paul didn't like it when the speaker pulled Derek into a big hug. "We weren't sure if you'd be up for tonight, since you had a rough week and all." Paul felt himself scowling and tried to control himself; he didn't want to make a bad impression.

"I'm fine," Derek pulled away from the hug and turned to smile at Paul. "Besides, there's someone I wanted you guys to meet." Paul felt himself being scrutinized, especially by Pretty Boy. He didn't care for it. He took the hand that Derek held out to him. When Derek smiled at Paul, he felt himself calm down a bit. Derek turned back to the group.

"This is Paul, my boyfriend."

"Nice to meet you," Paul said to the group.

"Damn, they know how to grow them where you come from," Pretty Boy said. "I'm Chris, it's nice to meet you."

Paul shook the offered hand and was introduced to the rest of the band. When they began to move inside, Paul noticed Chris put his arm around Derek and whisper something in his ear. Derek was blushing and speaking back in hushed tones, Chris threw back his head and laughed. He looked Paul right in the eye before kissing Derek's cheek. It was a good thing Derek had Paul's hand and was pulling him towards a table near the stage, because Paul was seeing red.

Paul tried to talk to Derek once they were seated, but it was so loud it was hard to hear each other. Paul really wanted to ask Derek about Chris, but he gave up because he didn't like screaming in Derek's ear. Paul began to calm down when Derek scooted his chair as close to Paul as possible, and snuggled up to him. Paul sighed and put his arm around Derek. By the time the band took the stage, Paul felt almost completely calm.

By the end of the first set, Paul was back to being agitated. The band was good. Really good. Chris had an amazing voice, and his fingers moved on his guitar gracefully. He moved around the stage like sex on legs. Paul had never felt more insecure in his life as he did when Derek sang along and cheered Chris's name between songs. At the end of the first set, Paul excused himself and found the bathroom. When he came back to the table, Chris was sitting next to Derek again, and had his arm around Derek's shoulders. He was in Paul's seat. Paul sat back down in another chair, forcing himself to breathe deep. As soon as he sat back down, Derek let him know he was going to the bathroom, too.

Paul was left alone with a smirking Chris. He sat silently, not really wanting to engage in conversation with his obvious competition, even though the music wasn't as loud now. It seemed he wasn't going to be left in peace.

"So," Chris started, "What has Derek said about me?" Chris was still smirking as he leaned back his chair and ran his hand through his silken curls.

"Nothing," Paul said in a clipped tone.

"Oh, that's too bad. He told me all about you. How you rescued him, how sweet you are, how well you treat him." Chris rocked his chair back to sit on all four legs, moving closer to Paul before adding, "There's one thing that I just don't believe though."

Paul sat stone still, he was sure he wouldn't like whatever Chris was about to say. He braced himself.

Chris moved his mouth right next to Paul's ear.

"There's no way a rugby jock like you hasn't fucked somebody."

Paul's vision blurred and he could hear roaring in his ears. A second later he was standing with Chris's collar in his hands. Chris's feet were no longer touching the floor.

"What did you just say to me?" Paul gave Chris a firm shake to let him know he wasn't screwing around. Chris's face was pale with fear. He was trying to pry Paul's fingers from his shirt, to no avail.

"Want to run that by me one more time?" He flexed his muscles and raised Chris a few more inches off the floor.

Paul was not a violent person. His size made him dangerous enough, so people who were willing to confront him were few and far between. Even though he knew Chris was no match for him, he couldn't stop the rush of rage and the pounding of blood in his head. He truly felt like shaking Chris like a rag doll, and what tiny bit of control he still had left was slipping. People were beginning to take notice of the situation. Paul couldn't have cared less, he was focused on the man in front of him.

"Paul!" The sound of Derek's voice brought Paul's attention to Derek. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Did you tell him I was a virgin?" Paul's voice was a growl. It had to be a mistake, he didn't know how Chris had found out, but he was sure his Derek wouldn't have told him.

When he watched Derek freeze, and saw the blood drain from his face, Paul had his answer. A sharp pain shot through his heart.

Paul released his grip on Chris, letting him fall and stumble to the floor. He turned and walked towards the door, he needed a moment away from anyone else. He could hear Derek shouting something at Chris, but he just ignored them.

He felt so betrayed. How could Derek tell someone something so personal? Paul had shared something with Derek, and Derek had told that to someone Paul didn't even know. Not only did he not know Chris, but the way Chris and Derek interacted made him feel uneasy. It didn't matter that it was Derek's friend, Paul would never have shared Derek's secret with someone else without his permission.

"Paul! I'm sorry! I can explain!" Paul could hear Derek trying to catch up to him. He unlocked his truck and climbed inside. "Paul, please! Wait! Just let me explain!" Derek was standing where Paul was unable to close the door. Paul just turned and stared at him.

"How could you tell that asshole? Why? Why would you tell him something that was between us? Are you making fun of me? I never thought you would be that kind of person." Paul didn't care that his voice was shaking.

"No! Paul, I swear, I am not making fun of you." Paul could hear Derek's voice wavering. He fought the urge to pull him in his arms and comfort him. Before he would do that, he had to know what possessed Derek to share their private business. Derek took a long breath before slowly releasing it. "I was asking him for advice."

"What? What kind of advice?" Paul studied Derek's face and watched it turn a deep shade of pink. It took a few moments before he spoke.

"Sex. I asked him for advice about sex." Paul searched Derek's face for any sign that he was lying.

"You asked him for advice about sex? I thought you said you did a lot of research..." Paul trailed off.

"I have, but I wanted advise from someone who had experience." Derek looked at Paul pointedly.

"I don't understand. How could asking that guy give you any help?"

"Because, he's like me." Derek turned even more red.

"Wait...Are you saying Chris is a bottom?"

Derek nodded.

Paul suddenly felt realization dawn on him. A large part of his anger faded away.

"He was testing me." Paul's voice was monotone. "He wanted to see my reaction when I found out what you told him." Paul realized that Chris probably thought Paul was lying to Derek, trying to get him into bed. Paul could appreciate Chris looking out for Derek, but he wasn't happy with the manipulative nature Chris had used. Things had almost gotten very ugly. He turned to see that Derek still had a panicked look on his face, and his knuckles were white from his grip on the door. He let out a long sigh.

"Okay. I understand why you told him." Paul looked at Derek. "I'm not happy, but I do understand." Paul exited the truck and led Derek to the passenger side. Paul could tell that Derek was very near to bursting into tears. Paul cleared his throat, he wanted to be gentle, but he needed to make himself clear. "Derek, I understand, but I am still angry. I don't want to have to worry about hearing our sex lives from some other guy's mouth."

"I didn't tell him about that stuff." Paul was glad Derek's voice sounded more calm. "I just told him that I was nervous about taking that next step, and I accidentally let it slip that you were nervous, too."

"So, that's what happened." Paul was glad that Derek hadn't just been blabbing about their intimate moments to someone else. Even so, he didn't want a repeat of tonight. "Just be careful to keep that stuff between us from now on, okay Babe?" Derek had stared at his lap and nodded. Paul reached under his chin and tilted his head up. He kissed him tenderly, showing him that he wasn't angry anymore. Paul pulled away after a Derek began moaning into his mouth, no longer in the mood to listen to the band. "Let's go." Derek nibbled on his lip and nodded. Paul got in the truck and they rode in silence back to Derek's apartment.


Paul's anger was completely calm by the time they were back inside the apartment. While his anger was gone, it was replaced with anticipation for what was to come.

Paul used the bathroom and waited patiently for Derek to do the same. When Derek exited, Paul was waiting for him. He tossed Derek over his shoulder and carried him back into the bathroom. He turned on the water, and while he let it warm up he stripped Derek and then himself. He lifted Derek and kissed him passionately, enjoying the feeling of the erection rubbing his hard stomach. Derek wrapped his legs around Paul, and Paul stepped into the shower.

Paul needed to take the edge off of his arousal. From the way Derek was thrusting against him, he was sure Derek needed the same. He lowered Derek so that his erection could slide between Derek's cheeks, rubbing his sensitive pucker with each stroke. Within only minutes, Derek's fingers were massaging Paul's head, and Paul was sucking on that Monroe piercing. Very soon the feel of Derek moving his hips to rub on Paul's cock was too much. Paul erupted, shooting ropes of cum into the shower. He reached between their bodies and fisted Derek's slick erection. He rubbed his thumb across the rosy tip and pumped. Derek was coating them both in seconds.

Their thirst slackened, Paul held Derek and kissed him for a long time, just standing in the spray. He finally broke off the kiss and gently set Derek down so he could wash them both off. He washed them thoroughly, but quickly, eager to get his hot little lover into bed.

Tonight they were going to cross the last threshold.

Paul dried Derek, slowly stroking his body with the towel, before drying himself much faster. He lifted Derek into his arms and carried him to the bed, pulling down the covers and depositing him into the bed. He gathered the lube and condoms, grabbed a towel and put them next to the bed. Paul looked down at Derek lying on the bed, fully displayed to Paul's burning gaze.

He was finding hard to pull air into his lungs. He felt a tremendous amount of love, more than he ever realized was possible. Tonight would be a cherished memory for both him and Derek, he was going to make sure of that. Paul felt the weight of his responsibility to take care of Derek. He was going to show Derek how special he was to him, and that he was man enough to be Derek's man.

Paul rested his body on top of Derek's smaller body. In this position he could really notice the differences in their stature. He practically engulfed Derek. Derek spread his legs to allow Paul to lie between them. Paul kissed Derek's lips softly and trailed more kisses down his neck. He found a sensitive spot when he reached Derek's collarbone. When he heard an encouraging moan, he focused on that spot, licking and sucking. When he bit at it gently, Derek cried out. Paul bit harder and Derek bucked under him. He could feel Derek's penis coming to life. He sucked hard enough to bring blood to the surface of the skin, marking his territory. Paul pulled away, admiring the red blotch on perfect skin.

He began kissing all over Derek's small pectorals, slowly circling to the nipple that was getting more and more pebbled. When Paul finally scraped his teeth across the tiny bud, Derek was twitching and running his fingers through Paul's cropped hair. Paul worried the little nubbin, listening to Derek's reactions to find out what he liked. Paul nipped it and bit it gently, holding it in place as he flicked his tongue across it repeatedly. Derek gripped his head tightly and rocked his hips into Paul, rubbing his erection on Paul's stomach. Paul moved to the other side and repeated the entire process.

Paul abandoned Derek's ravished nipples after a while and peppered kisses all over his abs. He licked up and down that beautiful calla lily tattoo, before moving down to nip at his hipbones. He lathed them with his tongue and slowly lifted Derek's leg. He traced the crease of Derek's thigh, sucking hard enough to make another mark. He trailed his tongue across to the other thigh, sliding underneath Derek's sac, to place a matching mark in the crease of his other leg. Derek was panting audibly and pushing up his hips in a slow rhythm. Paul felt powerful knowing he was causing Derek's movement.

Paul placed his hand under Derek's knees and pushed up, opening his legs more and granting his mouth better access to his target. He licked up the underside of Derek's stiff rod. He could taste the pre cum that was running down the shaft. He flicked his tongue over the wet head before swirling it down to Derek's balls. He sucked one into his mouth, eliciting a mewling cry from Derek. He suckled and massaged with his mouth, switching back and forth between the pair. At the same time he wrapped a hand around Derek's cock, holding it gently while rubbing the sensitive frenulum in slow circles, testing his lover's patience. He only stopped when Derek was begging so loudly that he was concerned they might be overheard. He kept up his movements on Derek's cock, but moved his mouth lower, licking the seam that lead to Derek's hole over and over. When he sucked the seam into his mouth, Derek cried out and came all over them with no warning. Paul loved the shocked look on Derek's face, it seemed his lover hadn't been expecting it either. He chuckled while he cleaned them off with the towel.

Paul placed some pillows on the floor and knelt on them before he flipped Derek onto his stomach and lifted his hips. Derek allowed himself to be raised onto his knees facing the wall, with his butt towards Paul. Paul placed the towel under Derek's stomach to protect the sheets. He settled back on his knees. He reached out and spread Derek's cheeks and enjoyed the view for several moments. Paul leaned in and ran his lips over that tight little pucker, loving the tiny spasms he could feel. He breathed in the clean scent of soap. Paul licked around Derek's hole, and Derek yelped in shock.

"Paul! What are you...OOOoooooo."

Paul twirled his tongue in circles, he reached between Derek's legs and slowly stroked his cock. It was getting hard again, apparently recovering from his second orgasm. Paul reached for the lube he had chosen, this time a plain bottle, and slicked up the fingers on his right hand. He replaced his tongue with his index finger and swirled it around, coating the area with lube, before pushing his finger all the way in. Derek's familiar heat sucked him in and Derek let out a long moan, Paul felt the cock in his hand harden and lengthen further. Paul wriggled his finger around before sliding out and adding another. He was surprised at how easily his fingers were being accepted. He stroked a few more times before adding a third. This time he felt resistance and heard a hiss from Derek. He stopped all movement of his fingers. He could feel the guardian muscle pulsing around his three digits, and sense the tension in Derek's body. Paul leaned forward, careful not to move his fingers, and began nibbling and kissing the globes of Derek's ass.

"You're so sexy, Baby. You're doing great, just relax and breathe."

Paul continued to gently stroke Derek's cock, and he felt his small frame begin to breathe deeply and relax. When his fingers weren't being gripped so tightly, Paul slowly withdrew them before sliding them back in. Derek let out a grunt of pain, but didn't tighten up his body like before. Paul began searching for the spot he knew would be the key to Derek's pleasure while he gently thrust in and out. When he felt Derek's sphincter relax, allowing his fingers deeper, he found it. Derek arched his back and shouted wordlessly. Paul stopped stroking Derek's cock, not wanting him to come again just yet.

Paul grazed the bump a few more times, feeling Derek push back against him, before removing his fingers. He reached for the box of condoms. Derek's hand shot out and caught his shoulder, pulling Paul back upright.

"We're both virgins, you don't have to wear a condom." Derek paused, seeming to think of something. "Unless it grosses you out not to wear one."

Paul was surprised there wasn't steam coming out his ears. A rush of heat shot to his cock at the thought of feeling Derek without any barrier between them.

"Are you sure?" Paul asked. "I don't mind wearing one if you want me to." He wanted to make sure that Derek was doing this because it was what he wanted, not to please Paul.

Derek looked at Paul with those deep black eyes, "I want to feel you inside me."

Paul didn't need to hear anymore. He lubed up his raging erection and slicked more onto Derek's hole, thrusting his fingers in a few more times to make sure Derek was ready. Paul knelt behind Derek, lined up his head with Derek's ass, and pushed forward, gripping Derek's hips for leverage. The fat head of his cock popped in, and Derek clenched around him.

Paul held still until he felt the muscle relax again. He pushed forward, inch by inch, allowing Derek to become used to his girth before moving further. After adding each inch, he pulled out and pushed back in, relishing the feel of being enveloped by Derek's gripping heat. Finally, he was sinking into Derek all the way to the hilt. It was like nothing Paul had ever experienced. It was hot and so tight, he was afraid he wouldn't last long enough to get Derek off again.

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