tagLoving WivesEllen Journals 05. Lovely Aura

Ellen Journals 05. Lovely Aura


In towns of a certain size you may think you have your secrets, but more than likely you don't. Men talk to other men, sure, but women do it differently, with a different aim and different results. Eventually, in these towns of a certain size, you'll be the only one who doesn't know that everyone else knows your "secrets".

My name is Ellen, and it's usually my husband John who chronicles our few adventures outside the norm of things, but he's shied away from all the writing so I try my hand this time as I have once before. We have never even once gone looking for outside arrangements, but they have come looking for us and we have always accepted the challenges, though in our long years of marriage I can count the episodes on one hand.

Our big secret has been the relationship we have enjoyed with another, much younger, couple. To get right to it, I taught the lady how to ejaculate during orgasm. I have never done anything in my life to make another person more grateful to me, and we have met only twice.

But surely she thought she was being most discreet by only telling her closest BFF of her amazing experience, and that one told a couple others and they told a few more, and only by the grace of a close friend of mine did I discover that by now everyone in town knew about our "secret".

The men in town mostly treat me with a certain awe, but then again they always have. I'm considered beautiful, I suppose. John has taken some good-natured ribbing but nothing serious or insulting and he brushes it off.

But one day last month we had a visit from one of John's friends, a sweet little man named Gregg (not his real name, of course), who along with his wife Aura have been pretty close to us for a decade or more. John was best man at his wedding. Agewise they are 35 to our 50-something.

It seems Aura got wind of my female ejaculation lesson and was all atwitter over it.

"So she wants to know if you, well, John specifically, will tell me how to do it," Gregg was clearly embarrassed but bravely articulate on the Lazy-Boy facing John and I sitting close on our big couch.

I couldn't help but smile. "Aura asked John to TELL you how to do it?" I said. John smiled and looked away.

"Well, she didn't want John to, you know..." he paused, searching for the right words.

I took a good guess. "Aura didn't want John to show HER, and didn't want John to show you by demonstrating with me? He wants John to just TELL you all about how to do it. Is that in the ballpark?"

Gregg sighed. "Yes."

I shook my head in wonder at it all. "Well... that won't work."

"What?" Gregg was a little startled. "Why not?"

"Because it won't," I said. I looked at John. "Let's just show him. At least that."

Gregg gasped at this. "Wait a minute. I don't know if that, or if Aura would really like that if... you know..."

"Oh Gregg stop," I laughed. "It's no huge thing to show you, and I promise that your new skills will take away any worries Aura has about your visit. OK?"

He looked at John with big eyes. "Is this okay? I mean..."

John laughed. "Of course it's okay, buddy," he looked over at me and nodded. "Ellen enjoys this sort of thing once in a blue moon." That was embarrassing, and I thought about not including it in my telling of it all, but he said it and there it is.

I was terribly excited and moved quickly on this before anyone changed their minds. "OK. You just sit right there for now, alright?" I instructed Gregg as I unsnapped my jeans and stood up. Now, I knew exactly what I was doing and to what effect, but I had a line to walk and I enjoy so much playing that game. This is a woman thing. I had to make him want me so badly he'll never forget it, but at the same time I had to appear merely helpful and friendly, going out of my way a bit to make his marriage an even happier place, and I was glad to help, no big deal on my part. I walked that line pretty well, but not perfectly, considering how things worked out.

I had a red plaid shirt on, and I would leave it on. After all, we should be concentrating on a different part of my anatomy. I squiggled (in what I hoped would appear) artlessly out of my jeans, and stood in front of Gregg in white cotton panties, slowly folding my jeans and feeling his gaze on my legs, which I had thank god shaved the evening before. Women feel gazes like men will never understand. I handed John the folded jeans and he put them on the coffee table next to the couch.

I quickly considered the sorts of ways a woman likes to take her panties off in front of an admirer, but opted for the businesslike approach, smiling and pulling them down and off with slow efficiency. John chucked, as if he was reading my mind, putting the panties atop the jeans. Gregg was mesmerized and very attentive.

"Ooo. I need a towel," I remembered and padded to the linen closet to get the big white beach towel perfect for our purpose. I positioned it at my seat on the leather couch and sat down next to John, who greeted me with a big smile.

I put both feet up on either side of me and opened my legs slowly to Gregg's admiration. I stroked my pussy and looked at Gregg.

"You, umm..., shave down there," he observed.

"Mmm-hmm. You like?" I was fishing for complements.

"It's amazing," he said. "Everything's amazing."

"It's pretty dry down there," I said, looking at John.

John reach over and took over the stroking. "No it isn't," he observed. "It's already wet as it could be," he laughed. More embarrassment. I closed my eyes and let him pleasure me for half a minute, moaning very softly. I opened my eyes quickly to get a look at Gregg whose pale Irish face was ruddy with excitement. That excited me. In another minute I was breathing heavily and close to orgasm. I gave John the nod.

"Gregg, come over here closer and pay attention to what I'm going to do," he said.

Gregg kneeled in front of me and moved his head close, breathing through his nose and enjoying my scent. God, that turns me on. John needed to act fast and he did. John inserted two fingers into me and began to roughly massage my G-spot back and forth. In moments I felt that I had to pee urgently and at the same time the pleasure built to an unimaginable level and I let out with a scream as my hips bucked forward. John withdrew his fingers to let Gregg witness the jet of fluid squirting from me, and another, and a smaller one after that, with wave after wave of pleasure that was almost too much to bear. My pussy felt abandoned and so I rubbed at it frantically and only after a while did my passion subside. I was almost completely spent. Almost.

"Oh. My. God," was all Gregg could mutter, his shirt streaked with my ladycum.

I smiled at him wearily. "Sorry about your shirt," I whispered.

"What?" He looked down and smiled. "That's OK. I don't mind." He kept staring at my wet pussy and after a moment looked up at John and me. "Thanks, you guys. That was just completely amazing."

"We're not done yet," I said in a near-normal voice. "Now you have to try it."

His eyes got really big again. "Oh jeez... I don't know if that would be a good idea..."

I sat up and scootched my bottom to the edge of the toweled couch, closed my legs and touched Gregg's face with my palm. "Do you trust us?"

He put his palm atop my own. "Yes," he said in earnest. "But Aura..."

"When you show your new talent to Aura she won't really care how you came upon it," I said. "See, that's what I understand as a friend to both of you, and as a woman, and you don't. Besides, you still don't really know how to do it." That last seemed to have clenched the deal. But I was wrong about the rest of it.

Gregg looked deep in thought. John chuckled. "Gregg, c'mon buddy. It's no huge thing."

Gregg perked up at last. "OK," he resolved. "Show me how."

I let a big sigh and smiled. "I need a new towel!"

John popped up and was back in a jiffy with a clean towel, now placed properly with me in proper sitting position with my feet up and knees spread. John motioned to Gregg. "Come sit here where I was," he said.

Gregg sat next to me and I gave him a big smile. I took his hand and guided it to my pussy, rubbing up and down gently. He sighed, deeply and repeatedly as he stared intently at his handiwork. "Now do what John did," I instructed. "Put two fingers in me."

He did and I jumped. "Gently!"

He stopped moving. "Ohmygod. Are you okay?"

I laughed. "Yes, but go gently."

He entered fully and I instructed him to turn his fingers up and how to locate the lay of the land, specifically, finding the G-spot. He was a good student. I then told him to make the "come hither" gesture with his fingers up and down against my G-spot. Repeatedly I had to tell him not to be so gentle this time. You need to really work that spot. Eventually he got it, much to our mutual delight.

He withdrew just in time to see me squirt, and then through my uncontrollable spasms he rubbed my pussy for me until I was, this time, completely spent. I just lay there and smiled while he lovingly cupped my wet pussy with his palm and caressed me so nicely.

"Good job, buddy." John broke Gregg's trance and he took his hand away and looked up at John.

"Thanks. Again," Gregg said with a smile. He stood, and I noticed a little tent in his sweatpants. He saw me looking and reached down to adjust himself with a little laugh.

Again, I put my feet to the floor and scootched forward, but this time I put my hand gently on his crotch and looked up at him. "I need to thank you for your attentions." In retrospect, I ought not to have done this.

I was surprised that he didn't object, but he just stood with his arms to his side. I gently tugged his sweatpants, then his briefs, down to his knees. Though fully erect, even blueish at the head, he had the smallest penis I have ever seen. Maybe four inches at most. This sweet adorable man had a sweet adorable penis. Although there is a place in a woman's fantasy for large equipment, with uncommon exception, the size obsession is pretty much a guy thing. I found his cock to be adorable, like a boy's, and I wanted to taste him. But as I moved my face toward him, touched his member and pulled down gently on the skin near the head of his penis, he shot his semen in a great gush down the length of my forearm, just missing my face. Surprised, I pumped him gently and as he finished cumming he made not a sound, just standing in shocked silence as I pumped him dry. At last I leaned forward and kissed the wet tip of his little cock and smiled up at him. He tasted salty.

John had magically appeared with a couple of small, damp towels and I cleaned up the spent semen from my arm and hand, and he took care of his own cleanup, pulling up his briefs and sweatpants and standing with a shy smile.

"Thank you both. Again." Gregg blushed. "I should go. This has been quite a day."

Considering the circumstances, we both thought that Gregg's extreme haste to depart was very strange, almost rude, but we figured he was pretty discombobulated at that point.

"Hey, your new skills will be a big hit," John said as Gregg approached the front door. "See you soon, hey?"

"Yes. Soon," Gregg said, then look at me with a timid smile. "Thanks so much, Ellen. You don't know...," he stammered, and took his leave.

My poor John. He needed to have me now and I was all ready for him. This was quite a day for me, too!

* * * * *

Two days later, Aura called me. I admit to having felt a little odd taking the call, but she sweetly inquired if we would come to dinner the next evening. I accepted for both of us.

That night Gregg answered the bell and we entered to the sitting room where Aura stood to greet us. She is really pretty, an Italian girl with a matronly large mother (as I recalled from the wedding), and though Aura would probably end up the same way she was just approaching the voluptuous stage, more ample than when we met at their wedding but in no way "fat." She is slightly taller than Gregg, with medium-length jet black wavy hair, like mine, and olive skin. In a red sundress and so elegantly groomed I realized I had not seen her so nicely packaged in quite a while. I had forgotten how lovely she is.

The night passed pleasantly and uneventfully, a couple bottles of Barolo and some grappa elevating the ambience. We had not been together in more than a month and it was ever so nice to have their company again. We adjourned to the living room, Aura and Gregg sat on a leather couch and John and I sat across on two big armchairs, with a long coffee table between us for our wine glasses.

Just as I thought the night had wound down, Aura coughed and said, "I can't tell you how grateful I am, to both of you," and at that she smiled at me, "for what you did for me. And for Gregg. It changed our love life," she finished quietly.

"Oh. Well!" I felt a little flustered. "I thought it might be very nice for you. I was glad to help. John, too!"

John chimed-in his agreement. We were silent for almost a minute, and I noticed that Aura seemed to be struggling with something.

"Aura, are you OK?" I asked.

"What? Yes," she replied. "I'm fine, just that... I want to show my own gratefulness. To John, actually." Aura looked over at Gregg, who seemed astonished at this.

"Really?" he asked her.

"I think it's only fair, don't you Gregg?" she said.

"What do you mean, fair?"

Clearly he was not prepared for this. Neither was I, frankly. I wondered what was up her sleeve.

"Well..." she was struggling, "I'm grateful for everything that happened, don't misunderstand." Aura looked earnestly at John and me. "He told me everything. I'm okay with it. All of it. But it took a while... and it made me think." Then she grew pensive.

Gregg was impatient. "Made you think what?"

"Well... could I let another man touch me like that? I was raised like a nun, in a very Catholic home. I have always been a good girl. But I always wondered... could I... slake something inside of me that I've been holding back my whole life. I mean, just a little. Just once. Just once?" She looked around at the three of us with a questioning, vulnerable look.

Gregg spoke. "What do you want to do. Right now. Just say."

Aura looked around at us, closed her eyes and blurted, "I want John to make me squirt." She opened her eyes and looked at each of us in turn. "I think he'd like that and I'm so grateful, and I think that I might like it, too." She looked at Gregg. "See?"

Gregg looked back at her and nodded. "Yes. I see. And it's okay."

Aura sighed heavily. "Oh thank you," she breathed. She looked at my John. "Is that okay for you? I forgot to ask!"

At that we all laughed. It was a relief to laugh. I noted Aura never sought to ask me if it was okay. This is a woman who is not to be trifled with. From one woman to another, I understood and have no hard feelings.

Aura stood and went over to John, standing in front of him. "What do I do?" she asked.

John played his role better than I expected. "There is another way to do this that I can show you."

"Really." Aura said. She took a breath. "Show me."

"Take off your dress," John ordered.

"No." she said. "Ellen only revealed what she had to." Wow, I thought, this woman is something else.

"Gregg, would you get a towel?" and Gregg was off. John looked up at Aura. "Take off your panties," he said. Aura reached up under her dress and slid her small red panties to the floor, bending at the knees to pick them up and turned to place them on the coffee table. Gregg returned and placed the towel for his wife.

"Lift your dress to your waist and sit, no... kneel down on the couch. I'll move the towel," and John got up and rearranged the towel in a manner to suit her new posture.

"What? What is this, now?" Aura gasped. "That will be quite a display! I can't do that!"

"Believe me, you will both enjoy this other way of squirting. It'll be worthwhile," John urged.

"Oh my god," Aura was appalled, but after considering, finally willing. "I can't believe I'm doing this." She knelt onto the couch, reached back and slid her dress up onto her back revealing her lovely naked bottom. She turned her face away from us in shame.

"Honey," Gregg called to her. "Turn your head this way. Don't be like that. This is one of the most beautiful things I ever saw." Slowly she complied, but only gradually did her discomfort wane. John gently cupped her upturned buttocks and rubbed each of those lovely globes in turn, eventually his fingers falling slowly into her crack and grazing her cute little butthole on the way. She flinched and gasped.

"Not there!" she rasped.

"OK, not there. Just relax. Just a brush on the way down. No more of that," John assured her and she sighed. John stroked her pussy, not shaved just trimmed enough to show some grooming but clearly she was proud of her hair down there. I had to get up from my chair and get closer, and we were all three of us now gathered as closely as we could without interfering. John stroked her pussy lovingly and her lips parted and her moisture increased and that lovely feminine scent filled our heads. She moaned in soft rhythm to John's actions. I wanted to taste her. Everywhere, even where she didn't want anyone going.

Soon she was breathing heavily and moving her body in soft spasming motions. John entered her with two fingers, but with his fingers down, not up, and stroked her G-spot, gradually increasing in pressure. After a few long seconds she cried out and John took his hand away and the three of us watched in fascinated delight as she shot a stream of ladycum onto the towel, jerking and bucking and crying out, and squirting again and a third time. John returned to massage her pussy as her passion subsided and at last she was quiet and still.

After a minute she sat up, and we all spontaneously clapped in delight for her. She smiled and fell back, exhausted. In a moment, though, she sat back up, reached out and rubbed my John's cock through his tenting pants. She unbuckled his belt, then unsnapped his pants and in one tug pulled down his pants and his boxers to his knees.

Aura gasped. "My god that is the biggest cock I've ever seen!" Now John has a perfectly average penis, so I knew that Aura was not lying about her lack of experience with men. Her average penis was about four inches, so I see why she was impressed. John was very happy about her observation!

Aura looked over at me as she circled her hand near the head of John's cock and pulled down gently toward the root. There was no blast of semen. Then, still looking at me, she bent her face forward and caressed the head of John's cock with her tongue. I don't know what she was expecting, but I found it all endlessly erotic and thrilling. Then she looked away and got down to the business of giving John a magnificent exhibitionistic blowjob that lasted many minutes before he came.

As John ejaculated Aura looked over at me -- and she swallowed every drop.

She slipped John's penis slowly, languidly from her lips and smiled at me, a genuine smile without malice, which I returned. I got her message loud and clear, but still, I was happy for everybody. Even Gregg, who enjoyed all this very much.

We cleaned up quickly, and remembering Gregg's quick departure from our own home, I urged John out the door with a haste bordering on incivility, but not quite. I'm sure Gregg needed a go at his lovely wife, and Aura would have a triumphant session of lovemaking with a new technique.

I hope we see them again, but something has changed.

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