tagFetishLovin Mouthful Ch. 04

Lovin Mouthful Ch. 04


What was I going to do with this information?

I mean, I had no idea that my girlfriend had ever fooled around on me let alone with another woman. Now I had the proof- -better than proof- -a live recording of her dalliance. A very good recording, I might add. It made me horny every time I thought of it.

But how to approach this situation? Was my girlfriend a closet lesbian? Was she bi-sexual? Was this just a one-time fling?

I don't think I would classify her as a lesbian. She's not butch, for sure. There's nothing I could have put my finger on that would have tipped me off to her liking women exclusively. And I know for a fact that she does like hetero-sex- -we've had enough of it- -and I could have told if she were faking it. Her physical responses to my ministrations and her eager joy in taking care of me can't have been faked. O.K. then, so she may be bi-sexual. What's wrong with that? Like the old saying, "Being bi-sexual doubles your chances of getting a date on a Saturday night!"

But- -does she prefer women or men? What does she like best? I suppose it is possible to like each mode of sex equally. Coming is coming no matter whose prick/dildo, tongue, lips, and/or fingers are doing the deed. Women are softer but men are stronger. Women may be more patient but men are more energetic. Women smell better but men just smell. (Well, maybe to a woman male smell is a turn-on.) Women are more passionate but men are horny. I guess there's something to be said for both sides. Then, there's the other old saying, "all women are bi". I suppose it is just in their nature to be loving, caring, comforting, and compassionate- -unless they are going through a divorce.

Was it a one time fling? Somehow, I don't think so. That tape made it look like she had more than a little experience making love to another woman. Whew! Did it! I get horny all over again just thinking about it.

Before I could consolidate my thoughts as to how to deal with this, my girlfriend got home. I had put all of the video equipment away and had cleaned myself up so there wasn't anything to tip her off that I might have been doing "anything". But I guess I seemed a little disconcerted because she asked me if anything was wrong. It was my turn to play the "headache card", usually a woman's prerogative.

"Well," She said, "Take a couple of aspirin and get cleaned up. We're going on a date!"

"Huh?" I was truly surprised. "You just got home from being out all afternoon and it is almost 8:00. You want to just pick up and go on a date? You're not tired?"

"No, not at all." Her ebullience was intriguing. "I just thought of a terrific thing to do. You'll like it too. I'm sure of it."

"O.K. I'm off to the shower." I said, unbuttoning my jeans.

She shouted from the other room, "Say, where's the camcorder?"

"I dunno." I lied, "Somewhere in the spare bedroom. You'll find it."

What in the world was going on in her little brain?


Forty-five minutes later we were headed out the door. While I had been taking my shower and shaving, she had spruced herself up too. I had put on some nice slacks, a semi-dressy shirt, and a sweater; she put on a nice skirt and low cut top, some sexy shoes, and make-up. She looked pretty good.

I drove following her directions. We went downtown to a clubby area. I wasn't much for clubs anymore since we had been together. It isn't like we never went but we liked to save money. Anyway, tonight she had a club in mind.

We parked around the corner from her chosen destination, a place called "Chat Rose". It looked clubby alright- -and expensive.

We went in and had to pay a cover charge to do it. It was a throwback to the 70's, no question about it.

It had a Parisian motif- -pink and black- -and cat figures all over the place. "Chat Rose" in English is the "Red Cat". There were cat paintings, cat cartoons, stuffed toy cats, cat faces, cat tails and cat you-name-it all over the place. The waitresses were decked out like cats with cat make-up. The bartender had a mask on that made him look like a blushing Tom of "Tom & Jerry" fame. And, honest to god, there was a mirrored ball turning in the center of the room flashing colored lights all around- -with a cat suspended from it. The music was not live and it was in the background, loud but not deafening. What was that? It was disco! DISCO!! In the 21st century? Dude! The 70's saturated the place big-time.

We edged our way over to a table away from the bar and near the back wall. There were a couple people sitting there already. One I recognized right away. It was Ms Nice-Boobs/Butt herself, in the flesh! I knew I had to keep my composure and not let on that I had seen a tape of her and my girlfriend "en flagrante' delicto". That was going to be a hard one- -no pun intended. I could picture her luscious body underneath her clothes. I started to get a little hot.

The other person at table was a black woman, very stylish, very pretty, and very trim . But she had nice contours with smallish but shapely breasts, more pronounced because of the her décolleté. As she stood up to greet us, I could also tell that she was tall. I guessed that she was at least as tall as I am- -5'9", maybe a smidge taller but, then again, she was wearing heels- -like 4" inch heels. She had a luminous smile, smooth skin, and fine features- -fashion model qualities. (Had I seen her on some magazine cover somewhere?) When she said "hello" her voice was soft, smooth, and warm. "What a beautiful woman!", I thought.

We introduced ourselves around: Ms. Nice Boobs/Butt was Laura, Ms. Fashion Model was Lurecia.(Perhaps I hadn't mentioned this before but my girlfriend's name is Jessica and I'm Marco.) Laura and Lurecia already had a head start with drinks in front of them. Jessica and I ordered up drinks for ourselves and another for each of them.

What ensued was small talk- -small talk- -small talk. The girls chatted about this movie and that, this celebrity and that, this store and that, these shoes and those, and whoever and whatever. I just observed. I was sure that they wouldn't want to hear my lame opinions on anything they were discussing and certainly wouldn't want to hear about my opinion on who was going to the playoffs or who might win the Super Bowl. All the while, I was wondering what Ms. Nice-Boobs/Butt, I mean Laura, looked like in person- -naked! Well, I was also wondering what Ms. Fashion Model, I mean Lurecia, looked like naked. (I knew what Jessica looked like naked.)

I was also beginning to wonder why Jessica had insisted in going out on the spur of the moment.

After a second round of drinks, Jessica said, "Let's head out. This is a great place but the pink and black is giving me double vision."

The other two girls agreed. I was enthusiastic. I was beginning to go into 70's overload.

Outside the club on the sidewalk the four of us talked briefly.

"Where are we headed?" I asked, hoping the girls weren't planning to go to another theme club.

"Let's go to Lurecia's place!" Jessica suggested.

"Sure, that's sounds great." Lurecia agreed "My place it is. See you there."

Laura and Lurecia headed for their car and Jessica and I for ours in the opposite direction.

"Do you know where Lurecia lives?" I questioned Jessica.

"Sure. We're friends from way back." She said.

Once we got in our car, I thought I would try to wheedle some information out of Jessica so I started out on a line of innocuous questions.

"Does Lurecia live far from here?" I began.

"Not too far. Maybe fifteen minutes." Jessica answered.

"So, you've been to her place before?" I went on.

"Oh, yes. We've known each other for quite awhile." She answered absently while trying to get the car from the parking lot into traffic.

"So, how long?" I probed a little more.

"A couple of years. No, maybe more like three." Nothing wary about her answers at all.

"How'd you two meet?" Trying to build some information now.

"Laura introduced us. She and Laura have been together for a long time." Still opening up more.

"And you and Laura have known each other how long?" Going for more info.

"Laura and I have known each other since college. She was a senior when I was a freshman. She was assigned to me as a guide in my first year. We've been friends ever since." No deception here.

"You know, we've been together for a couple of years now but I've never met her before." I was trying to catch her in something- -in what I wasn't exactly sure- -but something. Jessica didn't seem fazed at all.

"But she looks familiar somehow, like I've seen her somewhere before." I was pressing now.

"Yes, indeed I think you have." Jessica said. And without batting an eyelid she added, "Laura's the girl in the tape- -the one she and I made just for you."

I was dumbstruck. What in the world....? The tape made for me.....?

"What did you say?" I spluttered. "The tape? Made for me?" (O.K. I said what was on my mind.)

"Yes, dear. And don't be so surprised." Jessica continued, knowing she had one-upped me. "I knew quite some time ago that you were getting bored with our sex life. That's why I went along with it and got you to try some new things. The tape was something to get you going again. And it worked, didn't it?"

"Yes it did." I had to admit it. "But how did you know I'd look at it or even find it to begin with?"

"I know you better than you think, sweetie." She chortled. "When we started going together, you always wanted to tape anything new we did in bed. So it was logical that after our recent experimentations, you'd want to get the camcorder and get some of those sessions on tape. No mystery."

"But the tape...it wasn't marked or anything." I was still trying to get a handle on things.

"Look, like I said, I know you." Jessica was doing her 1st grade teacher presentation now. "I know that you are organized, that you like to make sure that everything on tape is backed up on DVD, and that if you found a tape that wasn't backed up, you'd look at it to see what was on it and if it was worth saving. So, after Laura and I made the recording, I just put it where I knew you'd find it. I knew you'd look at it."

"Well, O.K. about the tape I guess. But what about you and Laura?" I really wanted an answer to this one. "How long has this been going on? What's the deal?"

Jessica took a breath, knowing this would take some time, and began her explanation.

She said she and Laura had been friends since college, like she told be before. Laura had helped her get oriented as a freshman and kind of guided her through her first year at the school. Laura was fairly popular and introduced Jessica to people, helped her meet some boys, and things like that. Jessica started dating this one Junior who dumped her after a few months. This devastated Jessica. She went to Laura sobbing and Laura gave her a shoulder to cry on. But the consoling turned passionate and, the next thing they knew, the were embracing, kissing, and...well...doing sex. Jessica had never had sex with a woman before that; Laura had. In fact, Laura termed herself bi-sexual from the beginning. Jessica just felt that she was a straight girl who had a bi-sexual experience. Over the years, the relationship continued. No real strings attached but each enjoyed the company of the other and occasionally would have sex, also enjoyable.

Laura got married three years out of college. It didn't work out. Two years later she got divorced and stayed single for another three years. Then she met her present husband and they'd been married for three years now. Jessica said he knew of Luara's predilection and went along with it.

"But what about you?" I wanted some re-assurance. "Are you...? I mean are you gay? Or, bisexual? Or, what?"

"Sweetie, I love you and I love having sex with you." She patted me on the leg. "But I also love having sex with women, especially Laura. I guess that makes me bi-sexual. I didn't bring this up earlier because I wasn't sure how you'd react. But since we have been doing some experimenting, I thought it would be a good thing to let you in on it...in an inventive way. That's what was behind our dress-up session and that's what was behind the tape."

"Well, how often DO you have sex with Laura....or someone?" I was getting a little demanding now.

"Hmmmm. Well, you know that I'm out shopping with the girls on some of our weekends?" It sounded like she wanted to be honest but not too honest. "Well, some of those sprees don't wind up at the shopping center. I literally get together with the girls."

"The girls? You mean, " I was spluttering again, "There are more than ONE girl? I mean.....I mean.....I don't know WHAT I mean!"

"I know what you mean, dear." She went on, "You want to know if I'm sleeping around all over the place or something like that. I'm not. There are three or four of us who get together. We don't have sex every time. Sometimes it is just girl sessions...talk and things like that. But we do have sex, sometimes just two of us and sometimes all of us. It is fun. I enjoy it."

"I can imagine!" I wanted more info. "And......"

"That's about all there is to it." I could tell there was some finality there. "There isn't much more to tell. I love sex. I love having sex with you....In fact, I love you. But I love having sex with women, too. That's kind of the long and short of it."

"But...." I wanted to press some more.

"Honey, we're getting to Lurecia's place." She turned the car into a parking structure adjacent to a high rise condominium. "Let's just go up and see Lara and Lurecia and have a good time. O.K.?"

"O.K." I said weakly. I was pretty much drained by all of these revelations. "Let's do that..."


It was a swanky building- -big bucks- -lots of glass, brass, and marble. We took an elevator to the lobby of the condominium, buzzed Lurecia's unit, and got into an elevator that went straight to the 11th floor. Lurecia's unit was across the hall from the elevator and the door was open waiting for us when we got there.

The apartment- -and I hesitate to call it that for it was so grand- -was the epitome of fashion. A marble floor in the foyer, hardwood floors throughout the rest of the main living area, plus area rugs accenting the hardwood floors and the tasteful furniture, and lots of brass and glass lighting fixtures including a magnificent chandelier hanging in the dining area. And there were some wonderful works of art there, clearly original paintings hanging on the walls, bronze and wood sculptures on the tables, and shelves of leather bound books along one wall in a library area. This was a class place!

Laura and Lurecia were sitting on a large, white brocade covered couch in the living area. They had gotten there ahead of us and had poured out some wine in crystal goblets. They motioned us toward them and proffered each of us glasses of the same libation. Jessica took one; I declined. I'm not much of a drinker; it makes me sleepy. I wanted to stay awake for the rest of the evening.

"Any coffee?" I asked.

"Sure thing " Laura replied. "Got it right here." She whisked into the kitchen and came back with a stylish mug full of java. I couldn't help but notice her boobs bounce under her blouse as she returned with the drink.

"So, what did you think of the 'Chat Rose'?" Lurecia asked, directing the question at me.

"Oh, you mean the 'Red Cat'?" I was trying to show off my knowledge of French. "It seemed a little overdone. You know, the cat motif and the colors. But it was o.k."

Lurecia tee-hee'd "No, 'Chat Rose' doesn't mean 'Red Cat'. That would be 'Chat Rouge'. It actually means 'Pink Cat' or, as we like to say, 'Pink Pussy'!" She laughed out loud at that one, a wonderfully dusky laugh.

"Jessica? Did Marco find anything else unusual about our hangout?" Laura winked at Jessica.

"He didn't mention anything to me." Jessica answered. "I think he was too busy scoping out you two!"

"Marco? Did you?" Jessica asked me directly.

"No, not really, other than the '70's shtick." I was beginning to feel a little stupid. "Should I have?"

"Do I break it to him or do you?" Laura looked at Jessica.

"No! I'll do it." Lurecia chimed in, "I'll clue him in on this one."

"Marco, do you remember who you saw at the club?" Lurecia quizzed me. "I mean what kind of people did you see there?"

"I dunno." I was really beginning to feel like I was on the outside of an inside joke. "Just people, couples, waitresses, bartenders....C'mon...give me a clue!"

Lurecia laughed that laugh again. "Marco! There weren't any men in that club! Everyone there, except you, was a woman!"

"That can't be!" I was astounded. "I'm sure I saw men and women there....really!"

"No, Marco." Laura picked up. "They were all women. Some were dressed up like men but they were all women. Even the bartender...yep...not "Tom" of Tom & Jerry but...well....Thomasina!"

Jessica chuckled getting into the joke, "Why do you think it's called the 'Pink Pussy'? It's a girls club!"

"Duh!" I smacked my forehead with the palm of my hand. "That's me! Mr. Sherlock Holmes! But why did I get in there tonight? How come I didn't get bounced?"

"No disrespect, sweetness," Laura got in ahead of Lurecia (and I'm sure Jessica was just as pleased she did) "You are pretty enough to pass for a girl in man's clothes, at least in that lighting!"

I felt like my manhood was in question here but, what the heck, I went with it. "Gee, thanks- -I think. At least I know now that I kind of fit in there." (In the back of my mind, I remembered my dress-up night with Jessica. I guess I DID look kind of cute!)

I plopped down on the couch next to Lurecia. "All this is wearing me out. I need to sit for awhile."

Lurecia leaned over with her mouth near my ear and said, "Well, if it is any consolation, I think you are all man even if a 'pretty' one." Lurecia cooed that one to me- -but loud enough for the others to hear.

I looked up and saw the three girls give each other a look- -a knowing look? A code look?

"Let's see if I can help you out with that macho manhood thing." Lurecia was really cooing now.

She reached over and ran a beautifully manicured hand up under my sweater and rubbed my chest through my shirt. She hit exactly the right spot, back and forth across my nipples. I got a thrill from that. And then she nuzzled my neck and planted a kiss there just under my left ear. Another thrill.

I looked up to see what sort of reaction this was getting out of Jessica. She was sitting on the arm of the couch next to Laura. There was that smile again. She was eating this up. Laura moved her hand up to Jessica's thigh and gave it a little pat.

That must have been a signal that "It" was "On".

Lurecia moved her hand out from under my sweater and then proceeded with both hands to take my sweater off over my head. Then she went to work my belt buckle. As she was getting that done, I felt tugs on both of my feet. I looked down and saw Laura taking off my left shoe and Jessica doing the same to my right one. I felt my feet get naked; the two girls slipped off my socks in unison. By this time, Lurecia had gotten my belt undone, my pants unbuttoned, my zipper down, and was coaxing my pants down over my hips. At the same time, Jessica and Laura were each pulling on a pant leg. I raised my hips and let them slip my legs out of my pants. Lurecia was still busy too. She she was on her knees on the couch unbuttoning my shirt, kissing down my chest as she undid each button and moving her mouth to my lips as she pulled my the shirt off of my arms. (Her lips were warm.) So, in the space of about a minute and a half, with the help of three girls, I went from fully clothed to sitting on the couch in my underwear.

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