tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersLovin Mouthful Ch. 08

Lovin Mouthful Ch. 08


But Lurecia and I did go out THERE!

Our intention was to get something to drink. All of that activity made us thirsty. Besides, we had to wash down the cum. But when we entered the living room, both of us had to pause just to take in the delightful scene that presented itself to us.

Jessica and Laura were on the couch in a classic "69" position, Laura on the top and Jessica on the bottom. Jessica's legs were up in the air and bent as Laura embraced Jessica's butt. Laura's soft, white boobs were pressed against Jessica's taut, tanned tummy while her head was bobbing between Jessica's legs furiously licking away at Jessica's pussy. For her part, Jessica had her hands on Laura's butt and was pulling Laura's pussy down onto her face. It looked like Jessica was doing more sucking that licking. Laura's legs and butt were tensing, quivering, and relaxing in time with the pressure of Jessica's hands on her fanny. There were moans of pleasure coming from both of them.

I got the feeling that, if it were possible, the two girls would love to climb inside of each other. In my mind's eye, I saw the two heads respectively disappear into the corresponding pussies and continue until there was nothing but two pairs of legs remaining on the couch. That was surreal! I thought I must be too fatigued from the evening's exertions with Lurecia.

Jessica and Laura went on and on and on. Lurecia stood there and stroked her cock in time with the girls actions. As sexy as the scene was, my thirst won out over my prurient interest. I went into the kitchen, got a glass of water, and came back into the living room to drink it while I watched the finale. As tired as I was, though, I couldn't resist jacking my cock as I watched, just like Lurecia .

The girls were practically falling off of the couch with their efforts. They held each other tighter and were more frenzied in their oral ministrations to each other. Their moans turned louder and more forceful. I could see both of the girls' tummies strain as their orgasms peaked and this added impetus to the sounds that were coming from the girls' throats.

They finally let loose of each other and totally relaxed. Now Laura did slowly tumble off of the couch and wound up sitting on the floor with her head at Jessica's feet. Jessica lay on the couch with her arms and legs spread wide in relaxation.

Lurecia looked at me with a wide-eyed look of lust. Her cock was hard now just as mine was. "Why not?" I thought.

Lurecia climbed up on the couch between Jessica's legs, aimed her dick at Jessica's pussy, and thrust herself inside. Jessica was too drained to resist but it wasn't long before her body responded to Lurecia's fucking. Jessica raiser her legs, grabbed Lurecia's butt, and pulled Lurecia's cock further into her pussy. The humping began in earnest.

I walked over to Laura where she sat leaning against the couch seeming oblivious to the fucking that was going on just above her head. Her eyes were glassy; she was still coming down from her orgasm. I moved the coffee table away and tipped Laura over so that she was lying on her back on the plush rug between the coffee table and the couch. I parted her legs and proceeded to slide my cock into her pussy. As lubricated as it was from her orgasm and Jessica's licking, my prick slipped easily inside. Laura's pussy was warm, and while not exactly snug, wrapped itself nicely around my organ. As I began to fuck away, Laura's vagina responded; it tightened and relaxed against my prick. That added a pleasant sensation.

Lurecia was in the throes of her orgasm with Jessica. Lurecia had pulled her cock out of Jessica and was jacking off so that he came all over Jessica's stomach and chest. I could see this from my vantage point. I was surprised that Lurecia still had so much cum left in her. She spurted several times before she stopped. And then, fastidious person that she was, she leaned over and licked her cum off of Jessica's stomach and boobs while Jessica held the back of Lurecia's head. There were a couple of quick kisses to Jessica's nipples as Lurecia finished up. Then she got off the couch and left for the bedroom as if in a trance.

I thought that was a pretty classy act, so I duplicated it with Laura. My cum wasn't quite so copious (I was surprised I had any at all) but enough to create some nice "pearls" between Laura's boobs. As she looked at me smiling, I leaned over and licked my cum off of her chest. As with Lurecia, the nipple kissing was the final touch. Laura's usually smooth nipples were already erect but became harder as I kissed them. She pulled me up to her and gave me a long, lingering kiss on the lips, probing my mouth with her tongue. I guess she felt a little cheated that she hadn't gotten the first chance of disposing of my cum. Laura licked her lips and smiled. She wiggled out from underneath me and went off to bed without saying a word. She seemed just as entranced as Lurecia.

I sat down on the couch by Jessica who was still lying on her back. I held one of her hands with both of mine and leaned over to give her a kiss on the lips. Her eyes were closed and she uttered a soft moan.

"Time to sleep." She murmured as she patted the couch next to her. "C'mere with me."

I grabbed the throw blanket that was over the back of the couch, spread it out, and pulled it over us as I lay myself down next to her. We snuggled into each other's arms and I began to drift off.

But before I went to sleep, I just had to say to her, "Well, I guess you two were having so much fun, WE had too come out HERE! I'm glad I did"

Jessica said, "Mmmmmm....." She was asleep.

A few seconds later, so was I.

^^ ^ ^^^^

^ ^^^ ^^^ ^ ^

In the morning we all had breakfast together. We didn't bother to put clothes on; we just sat around naked and enjoyed omelettes, muffins, and coffee. In this setting, I simply marveled out beautifully sexy all of three of them looked. Lurecia, chocolate brown with her rounded breasts and her swinging dick; Laura with her soft, rounded body and those creamy breasts; and lithe, dark skinned Jessica with every part of her body being delicious. There was laughter, and good cheer during the meal and not just a little bit of by play amongst the three of us- -nibbling kisses, easy caresses, and quick hugs.

Lurecia and I recounted with more detail our escapades. She was more animated and more expansive than I was. I more or less blushed while she waxed eloquent. About all I count contribute was my fear that my wig would fall off which made me work quickly to get the guy's rocks off. Jessica and Laura were rolling with laughter. It occurred to me, though, that I was more comfortable than not talking about it with Laura and Jessica. I'm sure they had stories to tell, too.

On the way home, Jessica and I talked in the car.

"Are you sure it's all right with you what I did last night?" I was looking for approval and reassurance. "I mean is that it was really o.k.? Do you think I am weird?"

Jessica was in her calm, school-teacher mode. "Number one, it is absolutely o.k. with me. Marco, I think you should do what feels good and is exciting for you. That's what I've been trying to introduce into our lives and now it is happening. Two, do I think you're weird? Not at all. If you find that you like sucking cock, swallowing cum, and getting ass-fucked for that matter, I am for it. Lord knows, I enjoy kinky things myself, as you've probably observed. What the hell! We've done some of them together! Just know that I love you. Oh, and about the ass-fucking? Make sure he's wearing a condom. I know you don't and I don't want anything unhealthy to happen. I know Lurecia's o.k. so that's not a problem. But if you're out amongst 'em, take precautions. O.K.?"

When we got home, Jessica and I jumped into the shower and lathered each other up. I enjoyed soaping all the little crannies of her body- -between and underneath her breasts, he armpits, the crack of her ass, and of course her pussy. She seemed to enjoy that too. When it was Jessica's turn, she reciprocated from my neck down to my feet, pausing to make sure my cock was well scrubbed. But as she worked her up the back of my legs to my butt, she paused at the crack in my ass and gave it an extra amount of attention making sure my asshole was well soaped. Then she inserted her finger and probed around until she found my prostate and massaged that. My cock responded by getting hard and standing at attention. Jessica reached around with her free hand and jacked me off while she continued sliding her finger in and out of my ass. I leaned against the wall of the shower and let the water run over my head while she was giving me this treatment. It wasn't but a moment when I shot my load. My cum spurted out onto the shower wall where it got washed away by the water. My orgasm felt so good that I didn't even think that I was missing out on capturing my own cum to eat. From the sounds Jessica was making, she was enjoying getting me off almost as much as I was enjoying getting off. That's the basis for a good relationship right there!

"Marco, you like that don't you?" Jessica whispered in my ear so I could hear over the noise of the running water. "I love doing that to you. I truly do. We fit together, you and I. We have so much fun together and we love each other. I don't want it to ever stop. And trust me, my love, it will get better and better."

We got out of the shower, dried off, climbed into bed naked and took a nice Sunday nap.

^ ^ ^ ^^^

^ ^^ ^ ^^^ ^ ^ ^

The following Friday after work, I got a call on my cel-phone directly from Lurecia. "You've GOT to come over HERE right NOW! We have some fun to get into!' Lurecia was nothing if not enthusiastic and it showed in her voice.

"O.K. I'm on my way but I need to call Jessica to let her know where I'll be. Do I need to bring anything?" I was a little concerned that Lurecia was beginning to rely on me a little too much to abet her fun but- -what the hell- -it was fun for me too.

I called Jessica and told her what was going on and that I probably wouldn't be home until late. She o.k.'d that and said that in fact she, Laura, and another friend were going to go over to "Chat Rose" for some drinks. She might be late too- -I think I knew what that meant.

I went straight over to Lurecia's place. When got inside the door, she ushered me right into the bedroom, disrobed me quicker that I could have myself, and pushed me toward the shower. "Get in there and start cleaning up. I'll be right in." I obeyed and got the water running and soaped myself up. Seconds later, naked Lurecia opened the shower door and stepped inside. She helped scrub my back, under my arms, and between my legs- -all the way up to my asshole. She turned the water off, grabbed some shaving gel, and lathered up my face. With some very expert moves, as before, she used a straight razor to take the day's stubble off my face; she did the same for my armpits; and then took care off my pubic hair, being very delicate around my scrotum and the area just behind it. When she had finished, she stepped back, gave a look as if to say, "I do good work!", and reached outside the shower for a towel.

Again, as before, she sat me down at the make-up table and did my face. I was beginning to think that I could manage it myself but Lurecia seemed to enjoy doing it so I let her. It seemed to me that she was a little heavier with the foundation, used a bit more mascara that before, and a redder shade of lipstick. But, who was I to say?

She dressed me up in some "control-top" pantyhose, some loose fitting brown women's slacks, and a very nice cream colored silk blouse. I slipped on some brown casual flats as she put the wig on my head. "We're going to use more bobby pins on you this time, dearie. We don't want to have another 'wig slip' like we almost had the last time." She added a "Chat Rose" pin to the blouse and a pair of gold clip-on earrings. Voila! I was Marcia again!

As Lurecia dressed up in an outfit compatible with mine, but black, I asked her what we were up to.

"Honey Boy!.....I mean, Honey Girl!.....We're going to a party!" She sounded enthused beyond her normal bounds. I began to wonder.....

Lurecia drove us in her SUV. It took about half an hour to get to our destination. It didn't look much like "Party Central" to me. It wasn't a club. It wasn't even a house. It was in a semi-commercial/industrial area and it looked like an office building attached to a warehouse. "Private Party?" I thought to myself.

We went in through the glass, double front doors and up to a receptionist desk. Yes! A receptionist desk! There was a girl there, in her 20's, not particularly good looking- -a little chubby and dumpy- -who asked, "Yes? Who might you be?" Lurecia gave her our first names and waited for the girl to check her computer list. "Oh, yes.'Lurecia' and 'Marcia'." She reached into her desk drawer and produced two plastic poker chips each with a number on it. Lurecia's was #3 and mine was #2. When Lurecia saw this she spoke up to the receptionist, "Could you give my friend a #3? We're together, you know. We're both #3's" The receptionist took back my #3 and gave me a #4. You can go in. She hit a button by her desk and "buzzed" us into the next room. It occurred to me that Lurecia had been here before.

It was a large room, like a triple sized conference room with a bar at the far end. It was populated mostly by men but there were a few women there too. Everyone had a drink in his/her hand and there was a low buzz of conversation going on over the piped in 'easy listening' music. Lurecia worked our way to the bar. I ordered a soft drink and Lurecia some white wine. As we walked away from the bar, I could see that there were three doors on either side of the room numbered 1 through 6. I guessed the poker chip had something to do with it.

After a few minutes, the dumpy receptionist buzzed herself in to the room carrying some plastic bags, and announced. "Ladies and gentlemen. For your security, I am asking you to place your valuables in these plastic bags. Use the marking pen inside to put your initials on the bag. I will seal them up and keep them in the safe until after the evening's festivities. You can be sure that your possessions will be secure with me."

Nobody seemed to object. They must have been here before. The men put their wallets, change, and keys into the bags and the women their purses, except for holding out some lipstick, and things like that. Lurecia and I did the same thing. Ms. Chubby Receptionist came around with a couple of 'bankers boxes' and had the clientele put their bagged effects into them. She left the room and I could hear the lock on the door click as it closed.

The bartender then spoke up, "Ladies and gentlemen, go to the door that corresponds to the number on your poker chip. They will be opened for you in a moment."

Altogether there were sixty to seventy people in the room. I noticed that only three of the doors opened. That meant that there were going to be something like fifteen people per room, a nice cozy party I thought.

When we went into Room #4, the first thing I noticed it was a long room, probably sixty feet long, by about 25 feet across. There were two partitions separating the right side of the room in to three equally spaced cubicles. On the left wall were benches all the way down to the end of the room. Above the benches were inset cubby holes- -five to a bench- -and above the cubby holes were pegs to hang clothes on. It looked very much like a locker room. At the far end of the room, I could see a self serve bar and a door marked "Men/Women". It had its own bathroom.

There were about twenty people in the room and the ratio of men to women was about four men to each woman. The men immediately sat down on the benches, began to take their clothes off and hang them on pegs, and once they were naked move toward one of partitioned areas. I particularly watched the women as they took off their clothes. One of them a bench or two away, pulled her dress off over her head and unsnapped her bra. She had flat breasts- -well, she had no breasts at all! "She" was like me: a man dressed up as a woman. "She" kept her panties on and walked over to the middle cubicle where four guys had already stationed themselves. I looked at the other person I identified as a woman and saw that "she" wasn't a "she" either- -I could see her cock bulging underneath her panties. "She" kept her bra and panties on and went into the far cubicle.

Lurecia looked at me and said, "Take off as much as you feel comfortable with." She stripped all the way down to her panties. "When you're finished, come over with me to cubicle #1"

I took off my slacks, blouse, and shoes but left on my bra and panty hose. "Not much of a deception." I thought as I saw my cock clearly defined underneath my sheer pantyhose. Nevertheless, when I was to that state of nakedness, I went over to cubicle #3.

As I looked in, I saw six guys in there all stark naked. They were all stroking their cocks. They all looked like middle-aged men- -well, in their 40's at least. Two of them were pretty beefy with protuberant bellies- -beer drinkers; three of them were about average; and one of them looked pretty skinny, almost undernourished- -but he had a huge cock that was getting bigger the more he stroked it.

Lurecia went right down onto her knees in one corner and was quickly surrounded by the two average guys and one pot-belly. She went right to work sucking on one cock stroking the other two, one with each hand.

"Well, sweetheart?" Said the other beefy guy. "What are you waiting for?"

I followed Lurecia's lead and got down on my knees. Fat guy #2 immediately positioned himself in front of my face and pulled his dick straight toward my mouth. I took my hand and replaced his grip around his shaft with mine and continued pulling on it, not missing a stroke. His cock was smallish and hard to get to, seeing as how it was underneath the shelf of his stomach. But I persevered and finally got my mouth around it and sucked away for all I was worth. I could see out of the corner of my eye that the other two guys were just standing there observing, all the while stroking their cocks. Fatso must have been pretty horny because he shot his load pretty quick. I wasn't exactly ready for it and I pulled back as he began to ejaculated so that his cock came out of my mouth. He came allover my face. He had a large load for such a small cock and it ran off of my forehead, down the side of my nose, and down my cheeks dripping onto my chest. I continued to stroke his cock until he stopped shooting.

I turned to my right and went to work on my average-size-guy's cock. It wasn't much larger than fat-guy's cock but it seemed larger because it was easier to get to. He was actually able to stroke his own cock while I sucked him off. When he came, he voluntarily pulled his cock out of my mouth and came all over my face. I even felt some of his sperm shoot into my right ear. His semen mixed with fat-guys as it rolled off my face. I licked my lips and got a taste. It was bitter and salty- -not exactly a treat.

Now I was left with skinny guy but his cock was huge. It was bigger than I had ever had, even bigger than Jessica's dildo, which was pretty good size. The two guys that had just come stood there and watched trying- -unsuccessfully- -to jack their cocks back into hardness. But my concentration was on skinny-guy. This was going to be a challenge. I got as much of his cock in my mouth as I could and sucked away while I massaged his balls. I strained forward forcing his hard prick down my throat but I still couldn't fit it all in. I began to gag and I felt my saliva begin to run out of my mouth and onto my chin but I stuck with it. I sucked away harder, faster, and as deep as I could. When he finally came, he too pulled his dick out and shot his load all over me. By this time, the jizz of fat-guy and average-guy and run down onto my chest and was soaking into my bra. Skinny-guy's semen shot onto my face, onto my shoulders, and onto my chest mixing itself with the cum from the first two. After skinny-guy pulled his cock away, I couldn't help buy reach out, take a little of his cum off the end of his dick with my finger, and sample it with my tongue. His cum was tasty.

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