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Loving Daddy


I lay in bed awake for what seemed hours. Finally, I couldn't stand it any longer. My cunny was dripping wet and my release was in the bedroom upstairs. I climbed out of bed and crept up the stairs to my parents' bedroom.

I pressed my ear to the door, but the only sound I could hear was breathing. I opened the door slowly and peered inside, seeing my parents sleeping. I walked quietly over to the bed and shook my father gently.

"Daddy, wake up," I whispered.

My father turned and faced me with a worried expression. "Hush, sugar. Your mother's asleep. What is it?"

I looked at him desperately and said, "I need you tonight, Daddy. I'm awful hot down here. Please, fuck me," I lifted my nighty and fingered my bare, wet pussy.

My father stared at me playing with myself, then shook his head and got out of bed. My mother shifted in her sleep on the bed and my father looked back at her. I stifled a giggle as I took his hand and led him out of the bedroom.

I could feel my juices running down my thighs as we went to my bedroom. I smiled sweetly at my father as I closed the door and sat down on my bed. He didn't say a word as he smiled uneasily back at me.

"Tiffany, honey. I don't think we should continue doing this," he stammered.

My heart sunk in my chest. I loved my father, and his big cock. I loved his cock since the first time I saw it. It had all started innocently enough, tickling and boisterous play and the like. Things gradually started to go farther. Eventually we were touching each other, then licking, and finally fucking. I loved it so much I didn't want it to end now.

I smiled impishly at my father and lifted my nighty over my head. I enjoyed the way my father stared at my young, naked body. And as I gazed at his hard, thick bulge in his boxer shorts, I knew I still had him.

"You don't like my body anymore?" I asked coyishly.

My father looked at me intently and said, "Of course I do. But Tiffany, you're my daughter. It's not right. I'm only supposed to do this with your mother."

"Daddy, I love you. So it must be right. Besides, is Mommy's cunny as tight as mine?" I teased as I spread my slender legs, exposing my clean shaven little crotch.

My father breathed, "No, she's not."

"Does Mommy suck your cock like I do?" I persisted.

"No, you know she hasn't done that for years," he replied.

I shifted on the bed closer to where my father was standing. I looked up at him and said sweetly, "You know I love to. I'm your little cocksucker; you've said it yourself." I then tugged down his underwear and his enormous cock sprang out.

I traced my fingers along my father's massive pole, still mesmerized by the size and beauty of it. I remember how much his cock scared me the first time I saw it. Now I couldn't live without it.

"I'll always be your little cocksucker," I whispered as I opened my mouth and spread my lips around his bloated shaft. I moaned when he sighed with pleasure and resignation, his huge erection throbbing hotly in my mouth.

I bobbed my head slowly up and down my father's meaty shaft. My tongue and lips massaged his silky flesh, and I loved the taste and feel of his manhood. My dad's cock is really big, about nine inches and very thick, and though I'm eighteen I'm pretty petite for my age. So I'm able to suck on barely a half of his magnificent tool, but my father is very understanding.

I sucked and licked his giant stalk for awhile, enjoying his constant moaning and the feel of his meaty pole sliding between my lips. I then pulled his swollen rod from my mouth and swirled my tongue around his engorged head, lapping up the sticky sweet pre-cum.

"Daddy, did you fuck Mommy tonight?" I asked between saucy licks.

My father stroked my cheeks tenderly as he watched me feast on his giant penis. "No, she said she was tired."

"Goodie," I beamed. I thought he hadn't fucked my mother, as I couldn't taste her pussy on his cock. I was glad, too. My father shoots a lot when he comes, and I was happy he had a good load saved for me. And I also feel a bit jealous when he has sex with my mother. I should be good enough for him, and I don't want to share his big cock with anyone.

I flickered my tongue down my father's thick, veiny shaft to his huge, round balls. I pressed my mouth to his sack and sucked gently on one orb, than the other. I could feel his testicles fill with delicious cum, and I knew he was going to pump me full this night.

I took my dad's massive shaft back in my mouth and sucked it hungrily for a few more minutes. I then lay down on the bed and preened seductively. "Daddy, lie down with me," I said.

My father pulled off his shorts and climbed into my bed. I giggled happily when his muscular chest pressed against my girlish breasts and he held me in his strong arms. I felt so safe and secure in his hold. And I loved the feel of his monstrous cock resting against my belly.

"Pumpkin, you're so beautiful," my father breathed as he wiped a strand of hair from my face.

I smiled prettily at him, happy from his praise. Some say I look like my mother, and I think she's beautiful. But I knew my body and face were more exciting. I have small, pert tits and a tiny waist, and shave my pussy so I look even younger than eighteen. And my recently discovered sexual hunger kept my father returning to my bed to fuck me instead of my mother.

My father lay next to me staring lustfully at my young, naked body. He then pressed his lips to mine and began kissing me passionately. I moaned softly into his mouth as his tongue flitted against mine. His size dwarfed me, and I wanted to be consumed by him.

We made out for awhile and I squealed with delight when my father began to rub one of my firm titties. I arched my chest against his hand as he pinched a spiking nipple. He rolled the little pebble between his fingers and gently pulled on it, thrilling my girlish breast like only he knew how. His hand then slid down my flat tummy, slowly making its way to my hot crotch.

My cunny was frothing with arousal by the time his hand crept between my slender thighs. I opened my legs wide, giving my father complete access to my burning loins. I moaned again when he cupped my sopping, hairless mound. His fingers parted my swollen pussylips and I cried out when he started to diddle my hard clit.

"Ewwww, Daddy! You make my cunny so hot!" I whimpered as my clit buzzed beneath his caressing fingers. He then slid a finger into my tight wet hole and began to frig me.

I twisted hornily on the bed as I kissed my father and he fingered my slick, clutching pussy. I gripped his hard cock and pumped it. My little fingers were barely able to encircle his thick shaft as they shucked up and down his swollen staff. I love playing with my father's meaty dick; there's so much of it.

We made out and stroked each other for awhile, and my dad's finger in my cunt made me swoon with delight. But I needed something bigger inside me. I needed his great, big cock slamming up my tight young pussy.

I guided my father's hard penis toward my dripping hole and rubbed his engorged head against my silky folds. The round, blunt knob prodded my slick quim, and I was desperate to be filled by my father, the man I loved.

"Daddy, give it to me. Fuck your little girl," I whispered urgently.

I let out a sigh of relief as my father's thick head pried apart my tender cuntslit and wedged inside the mouth of my pussy. My father stared down at me worried, and I smiled back with lust. I then cried out in pain and rapture as he slowly stuffed his long, thick shaft up my churning tunnel. He filled me in one long thrust, his massive organ expanding my cuntwalls almost painfully as it delved deeper. Finally his enormous balls rested against my splayed mound, his fat cockhead nudging my guts. I was crammed full with my father's giant fuckmeat.

"Tiffany, honey, God how I love you," my father groaned as his huge member throbbed deep inside my clasping sheath.

I gripped his ass and pulled him even deeper inside me.

"Then fuck me," I replied hotly. I then closed my eyes and relished in the sheer ecstasy of having my father's immense penis sliding in and out of my squishy hole.

I had only seen one other cock besides my father's. My friend Laura had talked her brother Nick into showing us his dick. Nick was older than her, and I guess he had a good sized prick. Laura stroked him until he was hard while I watched. She jerked him off and within a few minutes he shot his load into her hand. They each seemed pretty proud of his penis, and I was excited seeing my friend play with her brother. But I didn't say anything.

I knew my dad's cock was much bigger than Nick's, and I at least realized that I couldn't tell anybody that I play with his cock. As much as I love sucking and fucking my father, I knew that others might find it perverted.

My friends tell me how good-looking my father is, and I agree. Though he's in his late thirties, my father is in great shape with a handsome face. My girlfriends get all giddy when they're around him, and I'm proud that I've got such a stud lover for a father. And if they knew what a great fuck he was I'd have to fight off my friends for his magnificent cock.

My father pumped his swollen pole in and out of my soupy box with increased speed and force. I grunted each time his engorged head slammed against my cervix. My little cunt tugged and squeezed his thick shaft as he plowed into me. It didn't take long for his huge penis to make me cum.

"Unnnnh! Daddy! Your big cock is making me cum soooo gooood!" I squealed deliriously as I humped my pelvis up to meet my father's thrusts. I skewered my tiny, creaming pussy on his massive pole, my lithe body shaking on the bed as wave after wave of pure ecstasy washed over me.

I love to cum more than anything else. I finger myself often, but those orgasms are nothing compared to what my father's enormous cock gives me. My dad pounded me through my long, intense climax, his thick shaft reaming my convulsing cunt hard and deep. My spasming pussy clutched his giant tool, but he wasn't done fucking me yet. He usually gives me two or three orgasms, and I wanted his hard dick inside me as long as possible.

"Hush, kitten. We don't want to wake your mother," he said as he rammed his throbbing member in and out of my quaking hole.

"I'm sorry, Daddy. It just feels so good. My cunny is so full. Ewwww, fuck me!" I cried as I writhed beneath his muscular body.

My father pressed his lips to mine and stifled my screams of pleasure. I moaned into his mouth as my cunt continued to cream around his plunging tool. He kissed me passionately as his bloated cockhead battered the back wall of my tiny pussy. His bulging shaft slid easily on the slick coating of my girl-cum, sending bolts of electric fire from my overstuffed cavern.

I slowly came down from the haze of my first orgasm, but my cunt still fluttered and squeezed my father's giant prong. My little chest heaved for air and my body writhed with delight as my stud lover fucked me senseless. I smiled up at him dreamily, happy to have such a wonderful dad to screw.

My hips undulated in wide circles around my father's massive pole, my little cunt's elasticity being tested to the limit. He loomed large above me, his breathing heavy as he thrust his hard, throbbing organ brutally into my seeping box. I love it when my father fucks me hard.

My dad hadn't screwed me in a week, and his lust for me was obvious from the way he reamed my little pussy. His thick cock plunged frantically in and out of me, his big hairy balls slapping against my splayed slit. As much as I enjoy sex with my father, I love even more the fact that my petite teen body gives him so much pleasure.

My father gripped my slender waist and began to really pound me. His fingers almost touched as his hands encircled my tiny stomach. I watched his handsome face contort with pleasure as his cock pulsated deep inside my clasping cunt. I knew he was soon going to cum, and my second orgasm was only a few strokes away as well.

"Oh, Tiffany, baby!" my dad groaned as he rammed his swollen pole balls-deep inside my tight fuckhole.

"Daddy! Give it to me! Fill my little cunny with your hot cum!" I squealed deliriously as I humped up against him. His giant shaft expanded to immense proportions, stretching my pussy sheath even further, and erupted.

I came again when the first stream of my father's thick jism splattered against my back wall. He was in me so deep that his fat head was shooting straight into my womb, filling my narrow cavern with his seed. Each time his mighty cock flexed inside me and shot another load, a shock wave of pure pleasure radiated from my spasming cunt. I panted and twisted on the bed, unaware where I was. Only that I was cumming, and cumming, and cumming. I felt my father's lips against mine again as he tried to stifle my screams of joy.

My hungry young cunt contracted involuntarily around my father's enormous organ, sucking the cum from his huge balls. My tiny cavern was so utterly stuffed with fuckmeat and sperm that I could feel his hot manjuice trickle around his engorged tool and out of my distended cuntslit.

My father shot one last wad of jism into my quaking hole, then slumped forward on top of me. We lay panting for breath in each other's arms, each of us content from the lusty fuck. My whole body tingled with rapture and my pussy continued to squeeze my father's softening member.

"Daddy, you're too heavy," I chirped after a few moments of hugging.

"Sorry, kitten," he smiled down at me. I winced with a tinge of pain when he tugged his sated penis from my ravaged vagina and rolled over. My cunt felt empty without his magnificent cock, but I was more than satisfied.

"Honey, as much as I'd like to stay all night, I have to go back to your mother now," my father said as he eyed my hard, well-fucked young body.

I played with his wet, limp meat and replied, "I wish you didn't have to sleep with Mommy. I'm a better fuck than she is, and you know how much I love your cock."

"I know, but she is my wife," he sighed as he tweaked one of my tiny spiking nipples. His face then brightened and he said, "Next weekend she's going to visit her mother. We can be alone then."

I beamed, "Oh, Daddy! That would be so much fun. A whole weekend where we can suck and fuck each other. Oh, I love you!"

My father kissed me again and said, "I love you too. Now go to sleep."

I watched with regret as my father left, wishing we could be like real lovers. But the following weekend promised more uninterrupted pleasure than I could imagine.

I knew that at some point I would have to date boys my own age, but when I've got my father's magnificent cock, why would I want to fuck anybody else?

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