Loving My Beautiful Mom


I sat back down with Mom on the blanket with Mom on my lap. We kissed, and while our tongues danced slowly together I ran my hands over the opulent delights of Mom's enormous breasts. "I love you Mom," I told her, then I rose, gathered up our clothes under one arm, and with the other pulled her up with me and hoisted her onto my shoulder. Both now totally naked, I strode past the crowd, several of who were now actively publicly fucking, and made my way carrying Mom back to our tent. The very same grinning drunken young man who I had encountered near the song stage earlier addressed me again. "Hey, way to go motherfucker."

By the time we made it into the tent, my cock was totally pumped again, so much so it was almost painful. My balls, despite recently providing wads of cum for Mom's mouth and face, felt heavy and swollen and I now felt a certain aggression. I lay Mom down onto her back onto the inflated double mattress and stared down at her, aware that I must have had just the most evilly lustful look on my face. The night was stealing the last sun from the dying day. I switched on a portable light. I wanted to see everything as well as taste it, feel it and savour it. My uncut cock was sticking out like an angry truncheon with the foreskin peeled back, and my need was beyond any affectionate hugs or extended foreplay.

"Draw your knees up a bit and spread your legs Mom. I want to see your cunt now!"

Mom looked a touch shocked at my tone of voice and overt aggression but did as she was commanded. I noticed for the first time just how thick her dark pubic hair was. "Pull your cunt lips wide now Mom, I want to see more pink!" I shouted. She did as I demanded, opening up her ripe wet love tunnel. I eased on top of her, slipped my hands under the back of her shoulders and slid my cock balls deep inside her. She was hot and wet, oh so very wet. I screwed her hard and fast and deep; I really pumped Mom.

I eased back when I sensed I was close to cumming in her. Mom took some initiative and reversed our positions with her on top. She rode me at her own pace, sometimes slowly, grinding her hips in a circular fashion; sometimes fast and harshly, literally bouncing up and down on me. Her massive tits were flopping around all over the place and she was calling out all the time with words such as: "Fuck me Son.... Fill your mother's hot cunt.... Claim me Son, cum in me and on me, cum in my pussy and mouth and on my tits.... Love me Son, claim me, make me your possession."

Her steaming hot, dripping wet, velvet glove of a cunt squeezed and massaged my cock. We fucked the whole night. The only time we stopped was for a couple of minutes after each time I came to drink beer, or hug, or to tell each other of the emotional and physical love we felt. I loved her totally, in every way. I shot more love juice than I'd have previously thought possible. Mom came too. She came wailing and screaming and she came silently with her whole body balling up with tension. She came telling me that she loved me.

I fucked her in every way. I came in Mom's sodden cunt. I came in her soft warm mouth. Mom wanted to give me everything. At her request I fucked her virgin asshole. As I slammed it I told her I loved her and would love her forever, before leaving it raw, sore and full of cum. I shot wads on her tits and rubbed it into a cream. She cleaned my cock totally with her tongue after each time I erupted, sucking my softening tool tenderly until it was hard again.

In the middle of the night, at my request Mom removed of all her pubic hair using my shaving gear. I asked her to, so, "I can see more of your beautiful cunt Mom." It was better too, giving a great unrestricted view of her unusually large clit. A clit that begged kisses, licks and circular finger caresses.

As dawn broke, a more vivid light flooded the tent. Utterly spent, I lay my head down between Mom's vast soft cleavage. She stroked my hair, then eased a massive nipple into my mouth. I fell asleep this way, suckling on her.

That weekend was six months ago. We live with each other now, and I believe our love to be unbreakable. We fuck all the time too, with no taboos; nothing off-limits. The black couple we encountered at the festival later became our good friends: Clyde and Tiana; father and daughter. Sometimes they come and stay with us. I love Tiana's sweet, tight cunt and Mom loves Clyde's long cock and skilled ways. Oh, and she loves Tiana's sweet, tight cunt too; probably even more than I do!

Last weekend I dropped to one knee and asked Mom to be my heart wife, and she agreed with tears of joy in her eyes. I bought her a gold ring today. Clyde will be best man and Tiana matron of honour in our own private ceremony. Mom and I will marry naked then fuck all night. Life; despite all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, can still become a wonderful thing.

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