tagBDSML's Forbidden Fantasies Ch. 01

L's Forbidden Fantasies Ch. 01


A Master's burden is one of preserving their dominance while struggling with the intense emotion to submit to there own desires. Always, remembering that a good Master comes from one that was once a submissive themselves.

I would love to take you from behind right now. It is so very vivid in my mind; I can see you so clearly. Attaching your collar to your cuffs with a chain, I guide you to my bed, naked, on your hands and knees. I can see you are intensely aroused, wet with anticipation of fulfilling my needs.

I am touching myself behind you as I look at you. My hand around my intensely erect penis, gliding my hand back and forth along the length of my cock, slick wet sounds accompanying each stroke.

I am so hard right now, the thick purple head is pulsing in my hand, aching for your flesh, I smack your ass with my hard cock repeatedly rubbing the pre-cum and creating a warming glow onto your now red cheeks.

With the Grinding of your hips and low muffled groans, I know that your desire is building. I would be lying if I did not want to feel your hot juicy wetness around my cock. I am aching to thrust it hard and deep inside you.

You look so good there in front of me, your head down on the bed, your ass raised, your thighs spread, wanting me, welcoming me, and I can see the warm wetness of your pussy so deliciously exposed. You are masturbating too, one of your hands enclosed around your breast, clutching, tugging, the other down at your clit, rubbing yourself. Knowing that I am watching you. Wanting me to watch you. Begging me to fuck you.

It is an intensely erotic sight. I could cum so very easily like this, masturbating in time with you, watching you stroke yourself, keeping in rhythm with you, waiting for you to cum and when you came, I'd cum too, groaning your name, an arc of cum spurting from my penis, splashing up over your ass, but that's not enough for me right now. I want to be inside you. I want my cock inside your tight little pussy. I want to fuck you, but I cannot tell you that. You are just my submissive. We are not ready for that type of contact.

Your face still firmly entrenched in the mattress you stretch your hand between your legs and start to stroke my cock, pulling the length closer and closer to your swollen mound. Lost for a brief moment in passion the head of my cock spreads your lips. As your lips, glisten and your hips begin to wiggle to engulf my manhood.

Stop! As I bring my hand down to your beautiful little ass. SMACK!

I bend to whisper; "Do not forget your place. Maybe I should just chain you to the bed and leave you in here alone."

Get on your back, now! Arms and legs spread wide my angel. Do not worry sweets; I have been where you are so I know all the tricks to get what you want and I also know just what to do about it.

Give me your arm. Before putting the cuff on your wrist, I insert the clasp,along with my index finger, into your hot little pussy, running them both up the length of your body across your breasts and circling your nipples. Then I bring them both up your chin to your waiting mouth. As I put on the cuff and stretch your arm out to place the clasp into the chain, my cock is only inches away from your mouth and at times smacks you in the face. I of course do this too both arms.

I could smell the sexual tension in the air and feel you moving beneath me grinding your hips, thrusting them upwards, urgently fighting back your desires from fear of further punishment. You are mine and it is time for you to find that out.

Now, your leg, give it to me. This time I take the clasp along with my index finger and dip them in anal lubricant, lift your legs, as I push them in your ass accepts them willingly and a giggle...then moan of intense pleasure follows.

After, chaining down both of your legs I had decided that since my ass was in such a great position why not take advantage. Therefore, I let my cheeks rest over your wanting and willing mouth. Your tongue was licking my ass feverishly. As I reached down and began spanking the meaty flesh of your vagina.

Let us take care of those beautiful erect nipples with these vibrating nipple clamps, before placing the clamps I massage each breast and suck on each of your nipples...mm...they are so fucking hot—as I SMACK each of them with my hand—and again. Very nice.

It is up to you my Dear sweet undeserving Angel. Do you want one of these lap dogs to finish you? SMACK! Maybe one of your other friends can do this for you. CRACK! I will leave you here to think about it. What is your decision?

You have always had favor with me my sweet little angel. I really believe you are ready; I just need you to believe you are ready. I hope you make the right decision.

©withlove, L

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