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Luck of the Irish


One of my favorite stupid movies is Leprechaun in the Hood and I love the ending rap where he enslaves the three strippers with magic. While that theme is fun, this one is about a person who thinks they have gotten very lucky, get three wishes, get what they wished for, but not exactly what they wished for. If you want to use anything please ask first.




Sally sighed as she slowly walked up along the stone fence. The day was not too overcast, and it was just warm enough for a light sweater. She was enjoying her vacation in Ireland greatly. She had taken a tour and had booked a nice country room an hour outside of Dublin in a nice little village so she could just have some alone time. The locals were friendly enough and the pub served great beer so life was good.

As she had left for her morning walk one of the constables had warned her about staying on the paths. "Nothing dangerous really, but we have some poachers in the area. They have put out some traps that can break an ankle easily so don't go walking where others haven't been."

Sally was a young woman with reddish hair, a bit pudgy, but still very cute. She wasn't in bad shape but she knew she didn't get the looks like the bleach blondes did back in college. She was actually taking this break prior to starting her job in Denver and she was glad to be getting into the real world.

She followed the path and was soon out of sight of the town. After a bit, she came to a fork. Usually she went left up along the ridge and got an amazing view of the valley. The right side led down towards some swampy over grown area and the trail was very faint and obviously unused. For some reason she decided to try the right.

"Just for a bit anyway. I can always turn around." She said out loud to no one in particular as she moved out.

The path didn't get any better, and she soon found herself in a very boggy area with a lot of stunted trees. She was just about to turn around when she heard a very faint noise.

"That sounded like someone calling for help. HEY THERE!" She shouted back.

"Lassie! Please help me! I'ma caught in a trap!" a very odd sounding voice replied.

"Ok! Where are you?"

"Up the path a bit lass! Of to yer right!"

Sally moved up and came around a slight bend and then stopped dead.

There was a no shit leprechaun caught in a trap.

Sally blinked and then blinked again. She was sure she was losing it but there was a real fucking leprechaun caught in a trap. Little guy, green clothes and hat, red beard, the whole nine yards. And the little guy was floundering in the muck.

Sally shook her head and then reached over to grab his hand. The little man grasped it and she pulled.

The leprechaun winced and said. "Me leg, lass. It do be caught! Please free it or it twill drag me under!"

Sally looked about and realizing she was all alone, sighed and carefully stepped down into the bog. She held on to a tree branch and was able to grab the trap's stake and after several tugs work it free. She pulled the trap and the little man with it out of the bog.

After extracting herself she reached down and pulled open the trap's jaws and the leprechaun pulled his broken leg out.

Sally flinched at the wound. "I'm sorry but I don't think I can help you with that. I can carry you to the village and..."

"Nay lass, this is not a thing!"


The little man waved his cane and his leg healed instantly. He sighed and stood and looked down at himself.

"Oh dear, my suit do be quite the sight! Best clean meself up."


Another wave of his cane and he looked like he had just put on a clean suit.

The little man nodded and then tipped his hat to Sally. "Ah lass! Thank ye for the help. I couldn't work me magic while keeping me head up above that Devil bog! The poor bastard who laid that trap will be having a spot of bad luck sure as the sun rises in the morning though!"

"Uh, sure? Wow, this is amazing. I have to say I'd never thought I would end up seeing a real Leprechaun on this trip. Do you have a name?"

"I do, but it not be important Lass. For saving me life I will grant thee three wishes. Now, don't be getting greedy and trying to trick me outta more. Three be a fair price for a live I do think."

Sally blinked again. "Wow, three wishes? Just like a genie. I'd better think this through."

Sally started to open her mouth when she heard a faint voice coming up the path from the other direction.

The Leprechaun looked back and his face darkened. "The dark hearted lout who set this trap! I will settle him! But first, make ye wishes Lass! I will not wait, make them now or lose them!"

"Now? I need time, I, oh crap! Okay, uh, I wish I knew how to be successful. Be able to make money, get a house, and do well at a profession, that kind of thing. I wish I was prettier than I am now, I know I'm cute, but I want to be someone who turns heads. And I want to be able to help others make their lives better."

The Leprechaun smiled and waved his cane. "Those be goodly wishes my lovely Lass! I will grant them and you shall enjoy them for the rest of your days! Although, ye should be wary of a leprechaun's gift, we are a tricky bunch!"


Sally coughed and waved her hands. She was engulfed in smoke and when it cleared the little Leprechaun was gone. She looked around and saw no one else. Remembering that the poachers were approaching from the other way she quickly returned the way she came.

Sally headed back to the village and walked into her room at the inn. She was tired from her walk and today was the last day of her trip. She started to pack but felt so tired she finally lay down and fell asleep. She had a vivid dream about a stunning golden haired blonde with an hourglass figure, perfect measurements and skin, Sapphire Blue eyes, and a face that men would die for.

In her dream she looked in her mirror and said "Is that me?"

"Aye Lass, it do be the new you."

Sally turned and saw the leprechaun sitting on her bed smiling at her. "Is this a dream? It has to be a dream."

"Ay again. Tis a dream, but is also real. Ye did wish to be a prettier lass, is this pretty enough for ye?"

Sally looked at herself in the mirror. She turned and simply lost herself in her reflection. She was simply stunning.

"It's more beautiful than I ever imagined a person could be. But there is no way I could be this pretty."

"Ah Lass, that's were ye be wrong. You wished and I do always keep me promises. This shall be you when ye awake. And you shall have ye other wishes granted as well. I be checking in on ye from time to time, ye have a kind heart to help someone out without first asking for reward. But again, me kind do be a tricksome lot, and ye wishes were not very specific."

Sally jerked awake when she heard the door knock. She glanced over and her eyes widened.

"OH NO! I need to get to the airport!"

She had fallen asleep and her ride had just shown up to pick her up.

"Hang on! I need to get dressed. I'll be down shortly!" she called out. Sally blinked.

"Was that me?" she said. She started at the sound of her own voice. It was much higher and much more, well, sexy sounding that she normally was.

"Of course Miss Sapphire, I'll be right here. Anything you need just ask." A man's voice replied with some obvious huskiness to it.

"Sapphire?" Sally said and then looked in the mirror.

She gasped and dropped the shirt she had pulled off. The woman staring back at her was the one from her dream! She had long golden blonde hair, a perfect, absolute perfect 36-24-36 body and figure, slightly tanned skin with perfect tone, her nails and feet done perfectly and what appeared to be a light touch of makeup. A small set of diamond studs were in her ears.

"Holy shit! That Leprechaun wasn't kidding! I'm a fucking knockout!" Sally whispered.

"Hold on, I'm not Sally, that guy said Sapphire didn't he?" She reached down and looked at her passport. The hot woman in the mirror was on the photo and the name was Sapphire Stone.

"Wow, I'm a whole new person! This is cool; I wonder how the other wishes will work out?" Sapphire thought to herself as she dressed.

The magic had worked her clothing over too. Gone were the jeans and over the knees skirts, she had short little dresses, lots of sexy lingerie, nothing but high heels, short skirts and tight blouses, and her coat was a nice mink. She just had to touch her hair up a bit and she looked ready to hit the clubs.

She opened the door to see the cabbie there. His eyes drank her in and she felt really turned on by how the man's eyes scooped her body out. She giggled and then said "Okay, I'm ready. Can you be a dear and get my bags?"

The man nearly fell over himself trying to grab them and hold the door for her as she strode out. Her heels clicked on the steps and the inn's common room quieted as she ascended. She could feel all the eyes on her, some she could tell desired her, other wanted to BE her. She giggled again at how sexy it was and then paid the innkeeper for her stay. He was barely able to give her the correct change.

The cabbie kept stealing glances back at her in her low cut tight blouse and she constantly smiled at him. She nearly caused him to wreck three times and they were late getting to the airport. She missed her plane by an hour.

That was a problem. Her credit card was near the limit and she was nearly out of money for the flight home to NYC. She tried to call her parents but had no luck and she wasn't expecting to get a hold of them as they were also on vacation out in Colorado camping. She sweet talked the airline into holding her luggage for her while she sorted out a new ticket and then she headed to the airport first class lounge.

She walked into the lounge past the front desk and the man at it gave her one look and immediately assumed this bombshell had to be a member and let her pass without comment. She sighed and looked around. The lounge was crowded but she saw an empty seat next to a nice looking man. She strode over and said "Pardon me, may I join you?"

The man, maybe in his mid thirties with a briefcase, looked up and his eyes widened. After a moment he replied "Well, it is crowded so please do."

"Oh thank you. I am stuck here for a bit until I can get my ticket sorted and some company would be lovely." Sapphire said.

"Oh, so sorry to hear that. Can I stand you a drink? Perhaps that will help clear your head a bit."

"Oh yes, that would be lovely. A gin martini would be wonderful."

"That actually sounds wonderful." The man held up his hand and a waiter took his order quickly.

"I'm John McKinis, a pleasure to meet you..."

"Miss Sapphire Stone. I'm here on holiday, and a pleasure to meet you as well Mr. McKinis."

"Please call me John."

"Only if you call me Sapphire."

"Lovely name, how did you get it? Your eyes?"

Sapphire giggled a bit and smiled at him. She noted that he seemed to be enraptured by her when she smiled at him. "Actually yes, I've had them since I was born and my parents thought it fitting. What do you think John?"

She stared at him and she could see his breathing speed up and his face flush a bit. "I think it suits you well. Very well in fact."

He coughed and the drinks arrived. "Well, to new friends and experiences." Sapphire said and held up the glass.

"Yes to new friends and experiences." He took a rather large sip while she took a smaller one.

Suddenly Sapphire had a thought come into her head. "This guy is an easy mark. Make small talk, keep him drinking, and he'll be yours in less than an hour." She blinked and looked at John. An evil smile crept over her lips as she nodded to herself and followed the voice's advice.

Sapphire made some small talk with John for the next 45 minutes. She decided to see exactly how much her beauty could be used and she pulled out a load of information. He was married, lived in LA but worked overseas a lot. He was a senior executive in a major company, the car he drove, kids names, pets names, his favorite sports teams.

Sapphire just would look at him and smile or giggle and he would flush more, take a drink, and then babble more. By the time Sapphire had finished her one martini (which she couldn't ever remember drinking one before) he was starting his fourth and was obviously pretty drunk.

"Oh dear, you need to stop now. You are way too drunk to have any more. In fact I don't see how you can get on a plane without help." Sapphire said with a giggle.

"I'm, "hic", I'm okay." He nearly fell down when he stood up. "Ur, no I'm not."

"I'd help you but my ticket is messed up. Maybe I can get an attendant..."

"Hey, I'll buy you one! No problem! You can help me out and I'll get you back to New York. That's a fair trade isn't it?"

Sapphire giggled and took him by the arm. "If you say so. I'm just a pretty little thing, I don't know much about money after all."

Once she had her hands on him he seemed to sober up a bit. He was able to walk okay and speak without slurring, but he was putty in her hands. She would suggest something and he would respond with a "Yeah, good idea." And do it without a pause. Sapphire giggled again and led her mark up to the ticket counter.

In a few minutes she had a first class ticket home to New York City and a Premier Gold Membership to the Airline. She strutted up to the preboard and was simply whisked into the plane and sat next to her escort. Mr. McKinis sat next to her in one of the privacy modules and ordered a round of the most expensive Champaign on the flight. They toasted as the flight took off for seven hours.

John by this time was three sheets to the wind drunk, but Sapphire wasn't done with him yet.

"John, about your company's long term business plans..."

Sapphire's hunch about him giving up secret company information was correct. He babbled everything while she took some notes. After an hour or so she had enough to make a solid investment that would make some wonderful returns.

Sapphire leaned over and put her finger to his lips. "Shhhhhhhh, that's enough John. You've been such a kind gentleman, so helpful to me. So let me help you in return."

She quietly shut the privacy screen on the suite. John's hazy eyes were glued to her body as she slid out of her blouse and undid her lacey bra. She then slowly pulled off her skirt, and then her panties. John's mouth hung open and he was drooling like an animal when she lowered her mouth down to between his legs. Her hands undid his pants and his raging erection popped out.

Sapphire felt so disconnected. It wasn't her doing this, but it was her on a mysterious auto-pilot. Her words, her movements, her actions, it was all as if someone had given her sub-conscious a script and it was acting it out while her real self watched.

After a minute of watching she thought to herself "Fuck this, no reason to fight it!" and simply let her body take the lead.

Immediately she was overcome with a wave of horniness stronger than any she had ever felt. She sucked John's cock down all the way and he gasped loud enough she giggled at the thought of being discovered. He didn't last long against her apparent skill and she gulped his hot seed down like it was a cold beer on a hot day.

Without a pause she slipped up onto his seat and straddled him. His cock was hardening fast and her pussy seemed to mold around it. John's eyes rolled back and she kissed him hard. She leaned forward and began to whisper into his ears.

"I'm your mistress John. I'm your hot spicy dish on the side! Your wife can't come close to being a great a fuck as I am! You NEED me John! But you know I am worth it! You know I'm worth a nice place to live, a nice car, jewels, furs, and cash. You know I'm the woman of your dreams and you WILL pay for the privilege of bedding me." She whispered as she humped up and down on his cock.

John's eyes were rolled so far back into his Sapphire couldn't see anything but white. John was soon babbling.

"Yes Sapphire! You are my dream! I will give you everything! Just ask and it's yours! I am yours! You are my Mistress! You are my Sapphire!"

After nearly 20 minutes John stiffened and came hard in Sapphire. Sapphire had shoved a stocking into her mouth and John's to muffle the scream, but fortunately it was an overnight flight just about everyone in first class was asleep anyway.

After letting the post orgasm twitches finish, Sapphire cleaned herself up and dressed. She reached into his wallet and cleaned it out of nearly $700 cash and a bank card that she had gotten John to give her the number for. She left John in a sticky, messy heap in his chair with a dopey grin on his face and his cock hanging out of his pants. She moved past him and cleaned herself better in the bathroom and returned to another seat. On John's lap was a card with her lipstick kiss and a phone number. On the back it said "Call me when you get back in town, S"

When the plane landed Sapphire strutted out ahead of the rest smiling and turning heads. He heard some noise from a stewardess as she left, something about "put your dick in your pants you fucking scumbag".

Sapphire stopped at the entrance to the airport and smiled. "I do believe I like how that little green man has fulfilled my wishes so far. Ah NYC, what a playground for a girl like me!"



Sapphire picked up her roller bag and strutted out to the pickup area. She started looking over the signs of various limo drivers picking people up and then suddenly her eyes fixed on one that had "CEO" written underneath it.

She pulled out her compact and touched up her already perfect makeup as a forty-something man strode up to the sign and handed his bags over. Sapphire looked him over and frowned.

"No, he won't do." She thought to herself. She didn't know how she knew, but she knew if she made a play for him it wouldn't work. Frowning she looked a bit more and saw a younger man, wearing an ill fitting suit and looking very uncomfortable on a cell phone. He had on glasses and had a "tech geek" look to him.

A sudden smile came over Sapphire's face. "Ah, perfect! This one is an easy play."

She strutted over and she bumped into him with a soft "Oopsie!"

The man turned around looking annoyed but his face immediately changed to the look of a 12 year old seeing his first playboy. "Uh, um, er, ahem, you okay miss?" he finally stammered out.

"Oh I'm fine! Are you okay? I'm such a klutz and I totally didn't see you." Sapphire said sweetly.

"Oh, uh, I'm fine. Uh here, let me get your bag up. There. Uh, just flew in huh?"

Sapphire giggled and smiled. "Yep, just flew in from Ireland with a friend who has to go to LA. I'm all alone in the big city for a bit until I head out to Denver."

"Ireland? Lucky you, that sounds fun. How long you here in New York?" the geek asked.

Sapphire smiled at him and took his arm and started to lead him towards the cabs. He didn't seem to realize what was happening and just keep looking at her face and tits. "Oh, I'm here for a while, but I don't have a place to stay yet. Say, why don't we get a cab together? It can drop you off and maybe the cabbie can suggest a nice place to stay for me?"

"Yeah, great idea Miss, uh..."

"Sapphire, please just call me Sapphire. We're friends after all aren't we?"

"Yeah! Yeah we are Sapphire! I'm Dave by the way."

"What a nice name. So Davey where are you staying?"

"It's Dave, and I'm..."

Sapphire traced her red fingernail down his chest and she felt his heartbeat quicken. "I like Davey. I think it suits you perfectly. Isn't that right Davey?"

"Uh, yeah! Davey is just fine Sapphire! I'm staying at the Regal Marriot for 5 days this week for business. It's a suite actually, lots of room. If you can't find a place and you don't mind a small bed you could stay with me." Davey got out in a rush.

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