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Lucky Girl


"Well guys, I guess I'll see you later, " Chris said, walking out the door, and getting into his car.

"Bye Chris, " Lance waved, as he shut his door. He walked back into his living room where Justin, JC and his longtime girlfriend, Jess, were sitting. Lance sat next to Jess and draped an arm around her shoulders. Jess smiled and kissed his cheek. Justin sighed and sat back in his chair.

"I'm so bored, " Justin complained, looking at Jess.

"What do you want me to do about it?" Jess asked, looking at him.

"He wants you to give him a blow job, " JC laughed.

"Oh God, " Lance rolled his eyes. Justin grinned and felt himself getting hard just thinking about Jess sucking his dick. Jess smirked at him and licked her lips. She brought her hand up to her mouth and made her tongue bulge one side of her cheek out as she moved her hand up and down in front of her mouth, like she was giving a blowjob.

"Ugh ... " Justin moaned, watching her. JC saw what she was doing and also felt himself getting turned on. Lance glanced over at her.

"Hey!" he laughed. Jess quickly took her hand away and smirked. Lance thought for a minute and looked at his friends, then back at Jess, "I know what we can do, " he grinned and turned towards Jess, pulling her shirt off.

"What the ... Lance!" she protested.

"What?" Lance grinned, "We can all share you, " he grins and takes her bra off, letting her full, voluptuous breasts free from their restraint. JC and Justin grinned and got up, coming closer. Jess moaned as Lance took one of her perfectly round breasts into his mouth, Justin jumping in to taste the other. Jess moaned as Jc pulled off Jess' pants and underwear, tossing them to the ground and pushing Lance and Justin out of his way, spreading Jess' legs and moaning when he saw how wet her burning center was. He quickly shoved his face between her legs and started nibbling gently on her clit.

"Oh God!!" Jess moaned, having 3 men please her. Justin and Lance continued to suck and nibble at her nipples as JC thrusted his tongue deep inside her, "Oh shit JC!" Jess moaned. Lance pulled away.

"Up, " he ordered everyone. JC pulled his tongue out and Justin sat up. Jess looked at them, biting her lip. Lance took off his clothes and pulled Jess up and abruptly shoved himself inside her tight pussy.

"Oh Lance!" Jess moaned loudly, gripping his shoulders. Lance grinned and slid in and out of her slowly. Justin and JC watched in awe.

"JC, " Lance said, "take off your clothes, " Lance ordered and JC quickly obeyed.

"What are you doing baby?" Jess moaned, looking at JC's erect dick.

"Give it to her up the ass, " Lance ordered JC. JC grinned and licked his lips, going around to Jess' backside and grabbing her hips, shoving himself into her ass and moaning.

"FUCK!" Jess screamed in pain, trying to accommodate both men. JC kissed the back of her neck as he reached around and grabbed her breasts firmly, thrusting in and out of her. Lance reached around and grabbed her ass as he pummeled into her hard, moaning loudly.

"Justin, take off your clothes and stand on the couch, " Lance moaned. Justin stripped and did as he was told, grinning and awaiting what he would get to do. Lance turned Jess' head so she was looked right at Justin's huge, rock hard dick. Jess moaned loudly just looking at it, "Suck him, " Lance ordered, and Jess immediately took Justins cock into her mouth, moving quickly and steadily as she reached up and grabbed the base, squeezing it. Justin moaned her name loudly, thrusting his hips slightly. The other two guys moaned her name too, still thrusting into her. Jess raked her teeth up and down Justins length as she deep throated him, sucking him as hard as she could.

"Shit!" Justin moaned, "God Jess, you do that so well! Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" he yelled and Lance and JC announced that they were ready too. Jess came first, tighteing around both JC and Lance, covering Lance in her sweetness. She moaned onto Justin's erection as she continued to suck. When JC and Lance felt her tighten, they lost all control and exploded inside her, causing Jess to scream. JC and Lance both yelled loudly, letting themselves go inside her as Justin yelled Jess' name and came inside her mouth, sending his sweet cum flowing down her throat. Jess eagerly swallowed all Justin had to offer, loving every bit of it. Justin finally finished and moaned as Jess continued to suck him. JC and Lance emptied themselves inside her and both pulled out. Jess felt weak in the knees and started to fall, but Lance caught her in his arms. Justin sat down on the couch, trying still to control the extreme pleasure he got from Jess. Lance grinned and kissed her deeply, probing her mouth with his tongue. JC stole her away from him and kissed her, massaging her tongue with his as Jess moaned. Then Justin grabbed her and stood her up, holding her waist as he kissed her and sucked on her tongue, both of them moaning. Justin shoved his still hard dick into her aching pussy and Jess screamed in pleasure.

"Oh God Justin!" she moaned. JC and Lance grinned.

"You want more baby?" Lance smirked.

"Oh yes please!" she screamed as Justin fucked her. Lance grinned.

"I get her ass, " Lance grinned and got behind her as JC got on the couch.

"I get her ass next, " Justin groaned as he continued to fuck her. Jess took JC into her mouth as she tried to make her body handle this intense pleasure all over again. She was a lucky girl.

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