tagLoving WivesLucy Loves Her Husband...

Lucy Loves Her Husband...


Lucy Loves Her Husband Even More Now

Although Lucy had often thought about fucking another man – other than her husband Jeff – she had never done anything about it! That is until last Saturday night. Her loving husband Jeff was a very keen card player and long before they had been married he had held his regular card nights with the boys. Marrying Lucy hadn't changed much. At first she had objected to the regular card games when the boys would come over and eat up their food and drink their booze but later just accepted it and let them have their way.

Lucy is now 27 and a very attractive redhead. She has that lovely orange/red hair and the beautiful white skin which tends to cover with freckles when exposed to the sun. She is quite tall – 5'7" and has a divine figure. Her breasts are large but well shaped and her nipples are long and a very pale pink color. Her hips are just right and her waist is somewhat smaller so that she has this very shapely figure. Her legs are long and between her legs she has a mass of lovely reddish hair which Jeff loves so much.

She always shaved her legs and her underarms but refused to shave her pubic hair. Jeff had asked her once not long after they were married to shave it all off and although she had agreed and he had shaved her, she was not happy about it! Jeff got quite a thrill when he shaved her bush and loved to look at it when she was naked but she didn't like it and said it itched too much and so it was allowed to grow back. Jeff had tried unsuccessfully on a number of occasions to shave it off again but she just wouldn't allow him. Jeff loved her bush but would have loved to be able to shave it off just for the thrill of doing it!

Last Saturday night the card game was in full swing and, as usual, Lucy was acting as the hostess and providing them with the food and drink whilst they were playing. She didn't take much notice of their games at any time except to just watch who had the piles of money in front of them whenever she entered the room. For once, Jeff didn't have any money in front of him so this meant he was losing! They weren't short of money but Jeff could get rather angry if he wasn't winning and would try all the harder to beat the rest of the 5 men.

Lucy made more trips into the room than usual this night because she was interested in watching what was happening to the money heaps. There was still no money in front of Jeff and she could see from his expression that he was having a very bad night.

Going back to their courtship, Lucy and Jeff had been friends for what seemed forever! They had been to school together and college and just seemed to be right for each other. Of course they became engaged and later married. Lucy was a virgin until Jeff had fucked her one afternoon after school in their final year and from then on sex became an event to look forward to every time they were alone. They couldn't always be alone and so this led to some frustration on both parts but they remained true to each other and neither had fucked anyone else!

With her excuses just about running out, Lucy went back into the room with a couple of bottles of beer when she knew they had full bottles in front of them, just to see how Jeff was doing! He had such an angry look on his face she became quite alarmed. She had seen him angry before and she didn't like to see him like that. He had never hit her or abused her in any way but he just seemed to make her very uncomfortable when we was like this. She knew she wasn't supposed to talk to him while they were playing – she usually came into the room between games to talk or to bring refreshments. She took a risk and asked Jeff how he was getting on? His angry response alarmed her and when he told her to "fuck off" she realized just how bad his mood really was. She left the room quickly, almost in tears. She certainly didn't like being talked to like that.

It was nearly 10.30pm and the games usually broke up at 11pm so she thought she would just ride out the storm for the remaining half hour and probably when they were in bed they would make love and this would change his mood. Lucy went back to the kitchen and cleaned up ready to go to bed as soon as the men left.

Lucy was startled when Jeff called out to her and told her to get her ass in here quick! She wasn't happy being ordered around by Jeff when others were present but she entered the room quickly to see what her wanted so urgently. The look he gave her as she moved into the room told her something was terribly wrong. Jeff's face looked almost black and he had his fists clenched on the table and she could see he was suffering about something. He told her to stand beside him and hurry up!

When she stood next to him, he turned to her and said, "Lucy, I am in trouble! I need you to help me out. I know you won't be able to accept what I require of you but it is the only way out. Will you do it?" Lucy couldn't understand what could be so terribly wrong but she trusted Jeff and simply said, "Of course, darling, you know I will do anything for you!" The five other men just giggled and leaned back in their chairs. Lucy was sure she wasn't going to like what she would hear next!

Jeff held his head in his hands and muttered, "Lucy, I have had a very bad night – I have not won a single game. I have been betting with money I don't have to cover the losses. As you know, we don't accept IOU's or checks when we are playing and so I have had to put up some special collateral for the losses. I am very sorry darling but you are the collateral! The five boys have won the right to do anything they wish to you, one at a time, for one hour each! I can understand if you hate me forever but I have just got myself into this position and this is the only way out! Will you do this for me?" Lucy was shocked and wanted to run from the room. She knew all of these men and they would certainly want to take their winnings in some form or other and terrible thoughts flashed through her mind how they might want their winnings paid. Despite herself, she hung her head and said, "Well, what a nice pickle you have got me into, you bastard, but I guess I have to do as you say! Well, what do I have to do?"

Neil was the first to speak to Lucy. He said, "Lucy, take off your blouse and bra and then come over here and sit on my lap! I am going to use 10 minutes of my hour playing with your tits!" A stunned Lucy began unbuttoning her blouse and began to slide it down off her body. She wasn't wearing a bra so now she was naked to the waist in front of these men. Reluctantly she moved over to Neil and sat on his lap with her back to him. In a flash Neil had her breasts in his hands and he was rubbing and squeezing them firmly. She glared at Jeff with a look that could have killed but he gave no response and so she had to sit there and be handled roughly. She was more alarmed when she saw Jeff had a stop watch in his hand and he was actually timing Neil playing with her tits! After a couple of minutes, Neil turned Lucy around so that she was facing him with her legs on either side of his. She was terribly embarrassed by the position as he played with her tits and nipples and then began to lick and suck her erect nipples. This went on until his time was up! Jeff had a pad and pencil in front of him for scoring and now he was recording how much time was spent with each man and his wife! Lucy was disgusted!

Rick was next. He demanded she take off her panties but leave her skirt on and sit on his knee for his 10 minutes. This was getting serious but she had no alternative so she reached up under her skirt and eased her panties down until she could step out of them. She threw her panties at Jeff and then sat on Rick's knee. He soon had his hands under her skirt and played with her cunt and bush eventually leading up to her clit which was aroused anyway. He too turned her around so she was facing him and he was able to thrust a couple of fingers into her cunt and move them in and out. She was becoming very aroused but tried not to show any emotion. He simply played for his 10 minutes until Jeff told him his time was up! What would be next?

Roger was next and he told her to take her skirt off and come and sit on his lap! Again she was forced to do so and her skirt fell to the floor. It too joined her other clothes on the table in front of Jeff. She moved over to Roger who made her sit facing him and he too played with her cunt but at the same time her sucked her nipples. His 10 minutes seemed to take a lot longer than the others.

Ralph began his turn by standing up in front of Lucy, undoing his pants and dropping them to the floor. He also dropped his underpants and, wearing only his T-shirt told Lucy to begin playing with his cock! She took his firm cock in her hand and began pumping him quickly hoping he would cum quickly and that would be that but Ralph had other ideas. He slowed her down and made her stroke him slowly while he stroked her breasts and later her cunt. He didn't cum but he must have been close when Jeff called time.

Nathan was next and he stripped completely and told Lucy to suck his cock! He also told her to suck it slowly and he played with her tits too. This was so degrading that Lucy felt so ashamed she began to cry. The men took no notice and Jeff told her to stop blubbering and get on with the job. Once again time was called and now they had all had their first turn with her.

The men then moved over into the corner of the room to talk leaving Lucy standing naked in the center of the room. She took the opportunity to walk over to Jeff and tell him what a bastard he was to make her do this stuff! He simply told her, "Shut up won't you and try to enjoy it! Just imagine how much I am suffering too watching the men play with you!" That was the limit for Lucy. He was suffering watching her – fuck him! He could go to hell.

When the men returned to Lucy they told her to get up onto the table and lie on her back! Neil then told Jeff to get a razor, shaving soap, water and a towel. Both Jeff and Lucy looked puzzled but he quickly returned with the requested goods. The five men gathered around the table and Lucy and Nathan told her to spread her legs wide apart. She was terrified but when she hesitated the men simply held her ankles and pulled her legs apart. They then took it in turns to lather up her pubic bush and all took their time massaging the shaving crème into her bush. When they were satisfied they again took turn to shave away all of the hair around her cunt. Soon she was as bald as a badger and had absolutely no hair between her legs. Now the only hair on her body was on her head and her forearms which had a lovely fine covering of red hair. When they asked Jeff how long they had taken he told them they had used up a further 15 minutes each! A further conference in the corner saw the men ask Jeff for a sheet of paper and they tore this up into 5 pieces and wrote their names on one sheet each. When they had been shuffled they made Lucy draw each one separately out of a small box. The order in which the names came out was Neil, Nathan, Roger, Rick and Ralph! Neil became the spokesman and said to Jeff, "We are going to take our last 35 minutes fucking your wife in turn! We think it would be a good idea to bring a bed into this room so we can all watch. Let's find a suitable bed. Jeff helped them to bring a folding daybed into the room and he also brought some sheets which he spread over the bed. The bed, when unfolded, became almost a double bed as it was quite large.

Neil being first told Lucy to lie on the bed on her back and he then joined her. There was no embarrassment between the men and they watched with interest what was happening. Neil began by kissing Lucy and playing with her body. He stroked and licked her breasts and nipples and eventually he moved his body down until he was between her legs and began licking her cunt and clit. Lucy was very turned on despite herself and began to accept what was inevitable! Soon after, Neil moved into a 69 position and had his head between Lucy's legs and was sucking her pussy lips while Lucy was sucking his cock. When he feared he would cum in her mouth he called a halt to proceedings and then hugged her until the moment passed. He then mounted Lucy and pushed his hard cock into her cunt. He fucked her for some time before he came and, although she hated what was happening to her, Lucy came too.

The other four men, in turn, did the same with Lucy. They all fucked her and left their deposit in her cunt. Her body was becoming sore, especially her breasts and nipples due to the continual sucking and licking. Surprisingly her cunt wasn't sore and she had already cum at least 9 times whilst she was being played with or fucked!

Neil asked the timekeeper how much time was left for them. Reluctantly Jeff told them they still had 10 minutes each. In turn they made Lucy play with their cocks until they were hard and then they made her suck their cocks until they came in her mouth! In all the five loads in her mouth had almost made her sick but she had managed to swallow each load and to her surprise rather enjoyed the sensation once she had overcome the fear of what was happening to her.

There was still more than 5 minutes left for each man and so they decided they would use that time to double fuck Lucy! The men had no difficulty getting hard again due to Lucy rubbing and sucking their cocks. By this time, Lucy was starting to enjoy the session. Lucy had never been fucked in the ass before and dreaded the thought but the men ignored her protests and told her to hurry up and get into position. The first man laid on his back on the daybed and Lucy was made to squat over his cock and to lower herself down onto it. When she was full of cock, the next man moved behind her and began playing with her asshole. This hurt her a great deal and she began to cry but Jeff came back into the room with a tube of KY which he proceeded to place into her asshole and he squeezed most of the contents down into her rectum. He pulled the top of the tube out of her asshole and then spread a lot around her hole on the outside. The man, still poised over her, lowered his cock until the head was pressing into her asshole. Lucy was surprised how easily the head plopped into her ass and then the man slipped right in as far as her could go! Then the two men began to fuck her in earnest. It didn't take very long before she felt her own orgasm rising and at the same time one of the other men thrust his cock into her mouth so she could get him hard ready for his turn. The two men came almost at the same time but Lucy had beaten them by seconds. The two men withdrew and their places were taken by the next two. This time the man lying on the bed told Lucy to get over him but facing away from him. When she was in position he moved her body until her asshole was directly over his erect cock. He pulled her down and his cock entered easily into her asshole.

When she was fully embedded on his cock he pulled her back until she was lying on his body and he moved his hands around to hold her on him and to play with her tits. The next man moved into position over Lucy and admired just how obscenely she was exposed with her legs wide apart, her cunt pulled wide open and a cock stuck up her ass. He entered her cunt and they soon moved into a rhythm of fucking her together. Again she felt a cock at her lips and so a cock was moved into her mouth again. She could taste her juices and cum on this cock but sucked it eagerly. It didn't take long before the two men came and, of course, Lucy came several times as well. There was only one cock left when the last two withdrew and it was Ralph who pulled Lucy into a position on her hands and knees and with only a few minutes to spare he pushed his hard cock into her asshole and fucked her! Now she had three loads of cum in her rectum and although she came when Ralph did, she began to wonder just how much cum she had in her body. Just after Ralph had shot his load Jeff called time and the fuck session was over! The debt was paid in full.

The men dressed and left but first they thanked both Lucy and Jeff and told them they would be back again for another friendly game of cards.

As soon as they had gone, Jeff went over to Lucy who was still on the bed. When he grasped her arm to help her up she shook him away and told him to leave her alone! She then tried to walk to the bathroom but despite trying to keep her holes closed she wasn't successful and the cum began to run out and down her legs onto the floor. She left a trail all the way to the bathroom. She sat on the toilet for some time waiting for the cum to drain out but it took quite a while and she wasn't sure it was all gone even then. She climbed into the shower and took a long hot shower to take away the pains of the session with the men. Strangely, although she felt sore, she also felt very satisfied and almost grateful to Jeff for getting her into this situation. Also strangely she didn't feel the same hatred she had felt for Jeff earlier when the playing around began.

Jeff was waiting for her to come out of the bathroom, filled with fear at what she might say to him! He began to apologize as soon as she emerged but she waved his apologies away and threw her arms around his neck! She began to kiss him and told him she loved him! Poor Jeff thought she was joking and it took some time before he understood she had eventually enjoyed being fucked by the men! She had no clothes with her in the bathroom and she had returned to Jeff stark naked. For the first time he had a chance to look at her shaved pubes and he felt her smooth mons with his hand gradually understanding how nice it was to feel an utterly smooth pubic area.

Needless to say, they went straight to bed and although Jeff loved Lucy he thought he would have no chance of fucking her that night but he was wrong! Lucy begged him to fuck her and for the first time since their only unsuccessful attempt she asked him to fuck her in the ass! Jeff couldn't believe his ears but quickly too advantage of her request and, after fucking her cunt to make sure his cock was completely wet, he moved so he could insert his cock into her asshole. There was still a residue of KY and cum in her ass and he slid in without any effort and fucked her to add another load into her rectum. She didn't even feel any pain and thoroughly enjoyed the fuck! She was too tired to even drain his cum out of her ass and simply went to sleep in his arms with his cock still embedded in her ass but slowly wilting and ready to plop out!

Next morning when she awoke she climbed out of bed and looked back at the sleeping Jeff and also the mess which they had made on their bed. She cleaned herself up as best she could and returned to their bed. She decided she now loved her husband more now than ever before – she had been fucked by 6 men on the one night and was completely satisfied! She almost hoped Jeff would lose at cards again but guessed he would never allow that to happen again! She could still hope, though!

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