tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersLucy's Revenge Ch. 02

Lucy's Revenge Ch. 02


Whack, whack, whack... Lucy whipped one side of my ass till I was crying and then she switched sides and changed hands so she had a fresh arm and could whip the other side of my ass just as hard and long as she had the first side. I thought I was going to die it hurt so much. No let me correct that, I wanted to die because it hurt so fucking much but there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it.

Here I was bent over a padded bar about waist high with my hands cuffed behind me and my ankles cuffed and spread as far as my legs would allow. I was wearing a t-shirt with a bra underneath stuffed with my 40DD breast forms, beige thigh highs and women's tennis shoes. I'm sure my make-up was running from all my tears but hopefully my women's wig hid my face.

I couldn't scream in pain or even beg Lucy to stop because she had a penis gag in my mouth that had been in Lucy's pussy prior to my mouth and still tasted like her. Thank God for small favors!

We were located in a campground in a local State Park and Lucy was getting her revenge on me to the max!

To understand the situation entirely, please read the first part of this story. Otherwise to give you a brief synopsis – Lucy who used to work for me is a very good friend of my wife's but hates me since I demoted her at work. We haven't worked together for the past 2 years but she hit the jackpot when my wife loaned her our video camera. My wife didn't know the camera contained a film of me dressing up in women's clothes and performing a striptease for my online Master – read the first part if you want to understand why I did this.

Lucy blackmailed me into driving to a State Park dressed as a woman where I've since been restrained. I've been forced to suck two cocks and take one of them up my ass and now Lucy is whipping me one last time before she leaves me bent over and restrained. She has promised to tell the Park Ranger that has the keys to my handcuffs that I am ready and waiting for him.

Lucy stopped and I thought she was done whipping me but she was only changing positions for her last assault on my ass. With my legs tied far apart and me bent over, my asshole was exposed and Lucy managed to swing the whip vertically and hit my asshole. I screamed but no sound came out of my mouth with the penis gag in it. Then Lucy took her time and lined up five more whippings on my asshole. Each one harder than the previous! I couldn't believe the pain! I prayed I'd pass out but I didn't.

Then Lucy mercifully told me she was done with me for the day but Ranger Rick (yes, I was to find out that actually was his name) would be by soon to uncuff me.

"Remember, only he had the keys to your bondage and he'll only free you if you do everything he wants. Bye, bye little slut. I hope you enjoy your rest of your day!" Lucy burst out laughing as she got in her car and drove away.

I knew then I was fucked. In fact I had been fucked literally that day for the first time in my life by the thickest cock imaginable and I wasn't looking forward to Ranger Rick paying me a visit.

I couldn't do a thing. Here I was totally restrained in a State Park with my ass exposed when I heard a vehicle pull up and stop in the campsite. A car door opened, someone got out and the door closed. I heard the sound of someone approaching me but couldn't see who it was since Lucy left me blindfolded.

On one hand I wanted it to be Ranger Rick so he could free me and on the other hand I was so embarrassed at what I was wearing I prayed the sounds of approaching footsteps were a figment of my imagination.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Rick asked. I recognized his voice from when I paid him my entrance fee at the park a few hours earlier. I wanted to ask him to just uncuff me and let me go home but couldn't utter a sound with the penis gag strapped in my mouth.

"Let's see, indecent exposure and is that a cock and balls I see hanging between your legs? Impersonating a woman, huh? I'm sure that must be a crime someplace and I know I can think up a suitable punishment."

"Lucy told me you like humiliation and abuse and paid me $200 to take the rest of the day and give it to you. However, if that's not true, just say so and I'll let you go right now."

I tried my best to scream "Not true!" but with the penis gag no sound came out.

There was about a minute of silence in which my face turned beet red because I knew Rick was looking at my naked ass. It's one thing if you're at a gym and a guy sees your butt while you're changing clothes. But it's completely different if your ass is shaved and you are bent over with you legs spread wearing thigh high stockings.

"Well since you didn't tell me it wasn't true, I'm going to believe Lucy that you want me to abuse and humiliate you. I can tell from all the red stripes on your ass that you must like to be whipped and based on the way you're dressed in my Park I assume you want to be out in public dressed as a woman"

"But before I start I need the edge taken off. I haven't cum for a week and my balls are full. So I'm going to take your gag out of your mouth and replace it with my cock. You are not going to say a word. But you are going to give me the best blowjob I've ever had. Shake your head yes if you understand."

In my restrained predicament I had no choice so I shook my head yes.

"That's a good slut. And then I'm going to take the rest of the day and earn my $200. I have a little sadistic streak in me so I'm going to really enjoy today. But so you don't worry too much, I'm not sadistic in a bad way. I'm not into severe pain; I like to cause just a little physical discomfort so you know you're alive!"

"But mentally, I like to get someone to do humiliating things that they'd never consider doing unless I ordered them to. That's mainly what you're going to be doing today."

And with that he removed my blindfold and I got my first look at Ranger Rick. He was at least 4 inches taller than me at just over 6 feet and outweighed me by I couldn't even to guess. And he looked to be all muscle. There was no way I could ever take him and we both knew it.

He then took out my penis gag and offered me his cock. I had no options, so I took his semi-erect cock in my mouth and started to suck on it. I must have been doing it right because he got hard right away. He wasn't as thick as Master which was good and not as long as Lord which was also good. I was able to take enough of him in my mouth that my nose touched his pubes.

I would take his cock as deep as I could without choking then back off till only the tip was in my mouth. I'd then do a combination of licking the tip while sucking gently for a few seconds then go back down again taking as much of Rick as I could in my mouth.

I remembered a former girlfriend doing this to me and I loved it so why not give Rick the best I could? Well I guess it worked because after sucking on his cock for about five minutes he grabbed the sides of my head and shoved his cock further down my throat than before and came. His cock continued pulsing and my mouth and throat were getting squirt after squirt of cum.

My mouth was full of Rick's cum but he held on to my head with his cock still in my mouth. I had no option but to swallow. Cum isn't the best tasting thing but now after having swallowed two loads today, I knew it wouldn't kill me and might actually acquire a taste for it.

What was I thinking! I'm not gay, I was blackmailed into sucking those cocks and as soon I figured a way out of my blackmail I'd never have a cock in my mouth again!

Rick finally let go of my head and pulled out of my mouth. "Lucy said you gave great head but I never imagined it would be that good." I know it's stupid but at that moment I felt very proud that I could give such a good blowjob considering my lack of experience prior to that day.

Then both Rick and I realized something at the same time. I had another erection! My God! What was wrong with me? I could only assume my cock was enjoying Rick's blowjob vicariously.

Rick said "Well look at that! The little slut likes to suck cock. Not a problem as there are plenty more cocks around the Park for you to suck today. Some of my co-workers are gay and some are straight. But the one thing they all have in common is enjoying a good blowjob. I wonder about the other campers in the campground? Do you think they all might like to get their rocks off?"

"I bet some of them are homophobic so we better get you looking ladylike before I offer them your services. But before I release you I think I'm going get your car keys and driver's license and lock them in my truck for added insurance."

Without my keys and driver's license I knew I wouldn't be able to drive or even run away and resigned myself to do whatever Rick ordered.

After about five minutes, Rick returned and uncuffed my hands. It felt so good to bring my arms back in front of me. Then he uncuffed my ankles so I could put my legs together. Then Rick put a box wrapped in birthday paper on the picnic table in front of me.

He smiled and said "Open the box slut. But before you do you should read the card. I understand it contains a message for you from your wife."

My wife??? What the hell?? I opened the envelope which contained a birthday card from my wife. My birthday wasn't for another month so I was totally confused till I opened the piece of paper that was inside the card and read my wife's type written note.

Dear Cynthia,

I love you very much and hope you're OK with what is going on. In the past you've wanted me to dominate you but I never was good at it. So when Lucy approached me after I mistakenly loaned her our video camera with your tape in it I saw the perfect opportunity to give you the best Birthday present ever. She has promised to dominate and humiliate you like I was never able to do. It helps she's still pissed at you and won't have any qualms about embarrassing you like I would.

Lucy has promised not to go beyond anything you've ever asked for in a fantasy. So anything that happens will only be because you've asked for it in the past! I really hope you don't mind me sharing your fantasies with Lucy, but if so – too late!

I seriously doubt it will happen, but I hope Lucy can find you a nice cock to suck. Remember all those times I've stroked your cock to the point of cumming then I asked what you'd do for me to be allowed to cum? You always said you'd suck a cock while I watched and a few times even said you'd take it up your ass if only I'd make you cum.

Well I hope Lucy doesn't take those fantasies too seriously. But if she does – well remember you asked for it!

Lucy wants to take you out in public in some of your more feminine and slutty outfits – something I've always been to embarrassed to do. So I used your hidden key to your closet that contains your feminine clothes and selected a few outfits. I'd never allow myself to be seen in these outfits but thought a slut like you might enjoy wearing them.

As an added bonus I also packed a few of your toys for Lucy to use on you.

Happy early Birthday! And I hope you're having the time of your life.

Luv, Me

OMG! Lucy was doing this to me with my wife's blessing. Obviously my wife had no idea as to the lengths Lucy would go to humiliate me. And now Lucy has passed me on to Rick who my wife doesn't know and I'm sure he made no promises about limiting what he'll make me do or do to me.

I looked up and saw Rick smiling as he said "OK slut, time to open your birthday present and then we can have some fun."

I didn't want to open the box. Who knows what slutty outfits my wife picked out but for sure I knew I didn't want to wear them in public. I reluctantly opened the box and slowly took out the contents including the toys my wife had selected.

My wife and I were going to have a serious conversation when I got back home.

Rick was laughing at me as he selected which pieces he wanted me to wear. He then told me to strip naked so I could change. "I can't strip naked in the middle of a campground" I exclaimed.

"Well you're not wearing much to begin with and our cars are blocking anyone's view if they walk by. You have no choice and the sooner you get it over with, the sooner you can get dressed again."

Rick was right I had no choice, he had the keys to my car and the only way to get them back was for him to want to give them back. As quick as I could I took off my tennis shoes and my thigh high stockings then removed my t-shirt and bra. I stood naked in front of Rick and covered my groin with my hands.

I was so embarrassed. I'm standing here naked and Rick is fully clothed grinning at me. Rick ordered "Put your hands behind your back now." I did and Rick saw my hard cock. I don't know if it was because I was being dominated by a stranger and I had no idea what he'd make me do. But I was hard as a rock and needed to cum or I wasn't getting soft.

Rick slowly walked up to me then behind me where he handcuffed my hands again. I was totally helpless. I was naked, handcuffed, had a hard-on that wouldn't go away and a fully clothed Ranger that had just made me give him a blowjob was standing in front of me.

Rick added insult to injury by saying "I like how you shaved your body. You must really want to be a woman. Look at that little landing strip you left of your pubes. It must be so you can wear a skimpy women's swimsuit when you go to the beach. Isn't it?"

I said "No, I've never worn a women's swimsuit and I sure as hell would never wear one in public. I'm barely passable all dressed up but could never pass as a woman in a swimsuit."

"Well then why did your wife include this tiny Wicked Weasel swimsuit with your outfits?"

I had no idea. It wasn't mine it was hers. I bought it for her because I thought she'd look sexy in it but she only wore it to a tanning booth a couple of times. She said it was too revealing and must have included it with the outfits she selected as a joke.

"I like my women with tan lines and you're going to wear this swimsuit to the beach and get them for me. Yes, I'll be seeing more of you in the future. I have your driver's license and know who you are and where you live and you're too good of a cock sucker to give up."

"So you're going to wear the swimsuit to the beach and take pictures with your digital camera as proof. I expect there to be men next to you in the pictures and I also want pictures with your swimsuit all wet from the ocean."

Rick didn't know what he was asking, or maybe he did! I could never go to the beach and pass a woman in this bikini. And if it got wet, the swimsuit goes transparent! It was one of the reasons I bought it for my wife. I always hoped to get her wet in public someday. Not only would my landing strip show, so would my cock even if I had it tucked back between my legs. And the top would never cover my 40DD breast forms. My wife is a c-cup and she busted out of the top.

Oh well, not today's problem. I can worry about it in the future. Right now I was watching Rick pick through the toys my wife so thoughtfully packed. I hated the bitch right then!

Rick came over to me with a shoelace and proceeded to tie it around my balls. After it was tied he pulled it down stretching my ball sac as far as he could. He then ordered me to stand on the end of the shoelace and keep my balls stretched or else.

He then put on two weighted ball stretchers. These are kind that come apart and are screwed back together between the cock and balls with an allen wrench (see JT's Stockroom website if your interested). Without the allen wrench I was not taking them off and he had used a combination of ball stretchers I'd never used before. They come in three different size and weights and I own all three but I'd never tried putting the two largest and heaviest on together. It was almost 2.5 pounds of weight and a stretch of 2.5 inches.

Ouch! I'd never had my balls stretched that far nor ever had that much weight hanging on them. It hurt like hell but it wasn't incapacitating. Rick untied the shoelace from around my balls – not that it offered much relief. Then he took one of my nipples in each of his hands and pulled very hard and twisted them.

I was beginning to understood what he meant by being a little sadistic! He continued to pull and twist my nipples while looking me in the eyes and smiling. It hurt, but I've always liked my nipples played with so I actually was enjoying it till he stopped and put nipple clamps on my nipples.

The clamps didn't have rubber tips and had toothed edges. Rick then adjusted the tension screws so they were biting my nipples very hard. I couldn't feel my stretched balls hurt any longer because my nipples hurt enough to take over that part of my brain.

Rick then grabbed me by my cock and led me back over to the picnic table. I don't know about you but I've never had a man grab my cock before and was very embarrassed but what made it worse was I still hard as a rock. Damn I needed some relief!

Rick said "Slut, spread your legs as far as you can then bend over and put your forehead on the table." I knew what was coming next. Rick was going to fuck my ass. I was almost looking forward to it so then this could all end and I could go home.

But that didn't happen. Instead Rick worked a butt plug up my ass. My wife had packed the biggest butt plug I owned and my asshole had to really stretch to accommodate it – God I hate that woman! It was very fat in the middle but very narrow at the base. I've only managed to work it up my ass a couple of times in the past. Other times it was too painful and I quit before getting the thickest part in my ass. I guess Master did stretch me good earlier that day!

Two things you should know about the butt plug and much to my dismay. First the butt plug is so wide that I cannot expel it by pushing, I must be able to grab it pull it out. Secondly the butt plug contains a vibrator that is remotely controlled. And guess who has the control?

Rick then told me to stand up and turn around to face him. Damn if I still didn't have a hard-on. He said "You look like your cock needs some attention. Would you like me to give you a stroking?"

What could I say? Yes, I desperately wanted some relief and yes I wanted a stroking but not from a man. Where was my wife or even Lucy to give me some release?

Rick said "It's only 3:00 and your not going home till much later so if you want to keep your blue balls that's fine by me. But I'm willing to give you a stroking and no one needs to know. So what do you say, blue balls for the rest of the day or a stroking?"

I was so humiliated but my little head was thinking for my big head and said "Yes, please give me a stroking"

Rick said "I'm really not into touching another man's cock. But today I'll make an exception. I'm going to rub your cock for two minutes. If you cum great, if not suffer" and he burst out laughing.

Within 30 seconds I knew what the joke was. My little head shouldn't have trusted him. He pulled out a tube of Icy Hot and put a generous amount on my cock and began to rub it in. For those of you that have never experienced Icy Hot, it's a sports rub that goes on cool then gets burning hot to work sore muscles.

Well my cock wasn't sore and definitely didn't need Icy Hot. I started to protest when Rick said "Don't say a word or I'll pull out your butt plug and cover it with Icy Hot and shove it back up your ass" I kept my mouth shut.

For about the first minute it felt great. Rick lovingly stroked my cock making sure it was completely coated with Icy Hot then reached down and coated my balls. These he wasn't so nice with. He grabbed and squeezed my balls the best and hardest he could. It hurt like hell but was nothing compared to when he let go and the Icy Hot started to get hot.

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