tagNonHumanLuftwaffe Wolf Ch. 02

Luftwaffe Wolf Ch. 02


This was done sooner than I anticipated but it felt right so here it is.


Chapter 2: Meeting the Leech.

Vulferam stared at the beautiful woman, her fangs were undeniably vampire and it made him nervous. He prepared himself for an attack from the succubus.

Within an instant her features softened and her teeth retracted to a more human appearance, "I'm only kidding, come on in," she smiled waving him in.

Apprehensively Vulferam passed the vampire and stood in the middle of the moderately small room. An examination table stood in the corner and a cupboard filled with medical supplies on the opposite side above a desk. There were no windows in the room that was painted an antique yellow with white trimming.

Lissia closed the door and walked around Vulferam to face him, "so, a werewolf," she smiled, "we have no records of you."

"I do not see how you could have my service records as you are English and I am German," he calmly responded.

"Your immortal records which are not hindered by the mortal conflict," Lissia sat in her chair and looked the man over, "how old are you?"

He folded his arms across his chest, "one and a half thousand years, give or take."

She took what he said down on a not pad, "born or turned?"


She paused and looked up at him, "before the restriction, interesting." She stood up and began to check his more recent wounds where his uniform was damaged. "Did you know you were going to be turned?"

"No, I was victim to a young woman in a tavern," he explained, "I killed her when she bit me but it was too late."

"You did her a favour," she replied nonchalantly, "I read that the punishment for such acts was to be torn apart by the rest of the pack. A slow and painful way to die."

"I did not realise," he shifted from one foot to the other. "I have been careful not to do the same to anyone I have been with since," he explained.

"You needn't have worried," the woman said as she began to remove his tattered shirt, "due to a lot of impatient young weres the ability to change a human into a were or anything else for that matter became a lot harder to do." Her fingers expertly found every bullet he had in his chest, not only the ones from the previous evening but from previous conflicts he had been in. He was sure there were arrow heads in there as well but he could not be sure. "My my you have been through a lot my dear captain."

The intimate contact from the woman made him uncomfortable, his past experiences with vampires usually led to him killing them. This was new to him, she seemed almost sincere in her behaviour.

"Lay down please," she indicated to the examination table in the corner. The wolf did as he was asked and laid down. He was a bit too tall for the bed with his feet and half of his lower legs hung over the edge. She went to the cupboards and retrieved a syringe and a phial of clear liquid, a scalpel and a kidney dish. Vulferam eyed her cautiously as she placed them on the chair next to the bed. "A little anaesthetic to dull the pain," she said filling the syringe and injecting it into the area of his chest where the shot gun had hit him.

His chest tingled slightly before it went completely numb. He tried to prop himself up to see what she was doing only to have her shake her head and push him down with an unseen hand which was as gentle as her touch before.

He laid there and waited for her to finish what she was doing. He closed his eyes and tried to relax but the slight tugging on the surrounding flesh disturbed him. Before too long the tell tale sign of metal hitting metal rang through the room as the first pellet extracted was dropped into the kidney dish. He let his mind wander to other places as Lissia extracted another twenty or so pellets along with various other bullets and slugs from bygone era.

"I must say," she said as she worked lower to his abdominals, "you do not know how to duck do you?"

He smiled at her comment, "projectiles have become faster over the last few hundred years." His eyes caught hers as she chanced a glance up at him, her green eyes sparkled in the incandescent light of Edison's most famous invention and he found he could not look away.

"You are quite right," she finally replied and returned to removing the vast amount of metal from his torso. "Shit," she cursed after nearly an hour of searching his body, "I need to get another kidney tray." She pulled off her gloved and grabbed another trey out of the cupboard.

"You're not one for hygiene are you?" he asked, watching her behaviour.

"You are not as fragile as humans are," she put another pair of gloves on and continued, "besides a prisoner with any sort of injury are sent to a hospital before they come here. I usually only deal with minor maladies, anything major is taken out of my hands." She moved down checking his hips and removing every bit of shrapnel she found along the way. "Your going to have to roll over."

Vulferam felt strange at those words, he wanted to laugh as the absurdity of the blatant command one would usually give to their pet dog. He did as she asked and the doctor began to check his back. With the anaesthetic working like a charm he felt completely relaxed. "How old are you?" he asked before he could stop himself.

Lissia laughed at his spontaneous question, "Old enough," she replied, yanking another lead slug from his body and dropping it in the tray. "Let's just say that I had the good fortune to meet the last of the Egyptian pharaohs and experience Pompeii before Vesuvius roared and snuffed out the city."

"You don't look that old," he turned as best he could from his prostrate position to look at her again. There was something about her that made him want to look at her. "Any Roman orgies?" he asked with a mischievous grin.

"Too many to remember," she responded with an equally devious grin, "though I would advise you keep your thoughts pure for the time being to avoid any embarrassment later." She indicated for him to lay back down which he did reluctantly. While she had the chance, she checked his neck for any artefacts and caught a scent that was an odd combination of machine oil and honey mead. Unconsciously licking her lips at the delightfully sweet scent and began to wonder what his blood would taste like. Inhaling deeply the honey mead fragrance was more dominant than that of the machine oil which would have come from his years working around the aircraft he flew in.

"I have nothing to be embarrassed about," he smugly replied.

"You are in England now, Mr. Tresler," she chuckled at his obvious ticklish nature as she felt along his ribs, "Sex and anything to do with it does not exist," she teased.

"What a shame," his mocking reply loaded with unspoken promises, "a woman like yourself should never sleep alone, that would be a crime I will not permit to occur."

Doctor Bowen shivered at his words, he was the very image of what a wolf should be; tall, broad, muscular and an air of dominance that every werewolf possessed and all these traits in abundance. "I am a vampire, I never sleep alone," she retorted in a playful arrogance. She tapped his leg for him to sit up.

"Than I willingly volunteer my services," he smiled with a wiggle of his eyebrow.

Lissia hooked her finger in his waistband of his slacks, "these will have to come off." She visibly blushed when she saw that not only he had found their banter arousing, he had escaped the confines of his underwear by over six inches.

Being a were, Vulferam had no shame about his naked body and took great delight in watching Lissia as he removed the last of his clothing. She openly gaped at his nudity and the sinfully large appendage that stood out proudly from his body looking as lean as the rest of him. The unmistakable aroma of her excitement made his triumphant grin widen. The complete dozen of his nipples all tingled at her appraisal, "you can touch me again if you like."

A part of her wanted nothing more than to sink her teeth into the fleshy rod that so temptingly bobbed just out of reach, for him to erupt in orgasmic bliss as she drugged him with her saliva and venom. A quick shake of her head cleared most of those thoughts away, "Please, would you resume your position on the examination table?" she asked as professionally as she could.

Watching Vulferam lay down again did nothing to help her to refocus on her task. "Ja freundliche gnädige Frau," he relaxed back with his fingers woven behind his head.

"Fräulein," she corrected, "I am note bonded, married or mated." She began to search over his legs, purposely avoiding the palpable erection as best she could, removing all the shrapnel she could find and nearly faltering as he moaned at her fingers gently massaged his legs as she searched. Once she had searched all she could without touching him intimately she drew a deep breath and began to feel for anything that should not be on his very masculine organ.

"You will not find anything foreign there," he groaned, "but you are welcome to continue what you are doing."

His provocative invitation caused a maddening heat to grow between her thighs which took a lot of energy to reel back in. "As tempting as that sounds," she moaned painfully, "As your physician I must advise you to refrain from sexual activity for the time being and to eat as by what I felt from your torso you have not eaten enough for the last week."

"I thought you nation was on rationing," he retorted as he replaced his clothing.

"It is but we have our own sources of food for cases like this," Lissia had turned away to avoid another rush of heat to fill her sex, "the realm of Starlight has been providing us with a top up of rations for immortals and a select few humans. A were like yourself should not skip too many meals as your metabolism is directly linked with your ability to heal rapidly and shift painlessly."

"I only shift when I have to," he said as he shrugged on his tattered shirt.

Lissia froze at the revelation, "Only on the three nights of the full moon?"

"Yes and I do not look forward to it," he was beginning to want to leave in search of a soft warm bed.

"Why do you only shift during the full moon?"

"I have always done it that way."

Lissia continued her clean up, "Always?"

Her one word question surprised Vulferam, "Yes, always. Without fail."

A shiver ran up the vampire's spine, "Not even when you hunt?"

The wolf laughed, "I am a warrior, I have no time to hunt."

She kept her back to him for the moment as the disclosure sank in, a were that only changed at the full-moon could dangerous to everyone including themselves. According to what she understood not indulging the more primitive side of their personality led to their base creature to take full control during the height of the lunar cycle leaving the were with no recollection of what occurred during the three day period. "You should get to the mess hall and make an appearance," Lissia announced concealing her train of thought, "I'll organise something more substantial later this evening along with some clothing to replace your tattered uniform."

Unexpectedly, he stroked her cheek with a silent guarantee that he was not finished with the vampiress, "I look forward to your visit," and with that he left her side and was quickly met with two human guards, who in reality could do nothing if the wolf decided to escape, and headed for the mess hall.

Lissia took a moment to calm down and headed for Tristan's quarters for advice.


Tristan sat on his bed sipping at an unsweetened coco and reading the bible, not that he paid any attention to what was in it as he waited for his prodigy to report to the CO and then fill him in. Tristan was a nosey person before he became a vampire nearly five thousand years earlier, it was his curiosity that made his mind up all those years ago to join a raven skinned stranger on his lonely voyage through existence. Chi had long since moved on to other companions as did Tristan.

He heard the door open and close, he looked up to see Lissia looking as white as a sheet, "Are you alright?" he asked patting the bed next to him indicating for her to sit with him.

"I," she rubbed her face as though fatigued, "I don't know."

"Did something happen between you and the wolf?" Tristan asked, concerned that the overly muscled man had hurt his little Lissia.

"I think so," she sighed at the memory of his scent, "Tristan, he smelt fantastic ... like honey mead."

The priest cocked his eyebrow, "this is not going to end with numerous Hail-Mary's is it?"

She laughed at the thought, "Tris, you know I don't believe in the Christian god," she flushed red in recollection of Vulferam's glorious naked body hard and proud before her, "But if I did it most certainly ended with me reciting the small prayers until dusk tomorrow." She giggled at the thought until another one focused in her mind, "it's the thirteenth today is it not?"

"Yes, why do you ask?"

"He only shifts during the full moon," she met her creator's eyes and nodded, "I believe he will be dangerous during that time, so we have two days to find a secure place for his change. Just in case."

"The wine cellar is empty," Tristan informed her, "Has been since our beloved CO discovered the treasury of rare wines down there, I think he either moved them or drank them."

Lissia laughed, "I never thought that Alec's taste for wine would be so useful."

"Speaking of which," Tristan leaned back and stretched, "What was the Major's opinion of the man?"

"I haven't talked to him yet," she looked away, "I was rattled by the captain."

"Where is he now?" the priest asked.

"I sent him to the mess hall," she explained as she stood up, "He hadn't eaten well for a while so I sent him there."

Tristan studied his life long friend, "For a were who has not eaten properly he sure is an impressive specimen," he said knowing full well that he had yet to meet the Germanic wolf.

"You can say that again," Lissia sighed until she realised that Tristan had not seen him yet. "Hang on, you don't even know what he looks like!" she cried out in frustration, he had tricked her into admitting something personal.

The priest laughed, "My dear Lissia, it has been a long time since I have seen you riled over a man."

"And what's that suppose to mean?" she shot back a glare to her friend and mentor.

"All I'm saying is that it has been nearly two thousand years since 'what's his face'," he shrugged looking away to the window.

"I thought you promised not mention Blandinus ever again?" Lissia continued to glare at Tristan and crossed her arms waiting for his excuse for talking about the Roman merchant who also a vampire.

"Technically you mentioned his name first," Tristan countered playfully, "But it is true, he had you loosing your concentration."

"Until I found him in bed with you," she huffed collapsing on the bed again.

"I broke it off to make you happy you know," Tristan protested, "Shame really he did have such a wonderful body."

The mock longing in his voice caused Lissia to giggle, "You know he's in America now."

"Yes, I keep in touch with him as much as possible," he smiled cheekily, "I'm just waiting for my offspring to leave the nest."

She picked up the pillow and threw it at him, "Catholic priest can't have partners of any kind."

"This is only a front and you know it," he retaliated by pulling her hair. The two wrestled like children, laughing hard until the mirth faded. "Feeling better?"

"I am, thank you," Lissia gave him a hug and stood up to leave, "I will fill Alec in on the situation. Could you help me by preparing the cellar for its new resident?"

"I will remove all sharp object and clear away the cobwebs," Tristan smiled warmly at his friend and left to survey the abandoned wine cellar.


Alec leaned back in his chair with his feet resting on his desk and a tumbler of scotch in his hand which he sipped. "All you're missing is the cigar and the image would be complete," Gabe teased from the door with a coy grin.

"Damn it Gabe!" Alec cursed nearly spilling his scotch, "Don't you ever knock?"

The cherub laughed, "Lissia's here to see you."

Alec nodded and waited for the vampire to enter. She glided in with her usual grace and poise only with a worried look on her face. "Major," she greeted him with a dip of her head, "how much do you know about lycanthropes?"

The question caught him off guard, "ah," he sat up straight and looked right at her, "a little."

"And I'm not much better," she admitted, "what I do know is based on what I've heard from others so I can not verify if my fears are founded or not."

Alec raised an eyebrow at her, "what is wrong?"

Lissia hesitated, "he will only shift at the full moon and has no pack."

"That could be a problem," he steepled his fingers in contemplation, "with what I understand about weres is that they need to shift on their own or they forcefully shift at the full moon."

"That's my understanding," the good doctor agreed, "that and he should be with a pack instead of trying to make it through this world alone. He's a wolf and he needs family."

Alec then voiced the main concern, "he could expose us when he shifts tomorrow."

"He could kill everyone, Alec," Lissia added, her concern showing on her forehead, "Tristan suggested we put him in the wine cellar in case he does go classic wolfman on us."

"You talked to your sire before me?" the Major asked with an irritated inflection, "You were required to come to me first."

Lissia looked away, "I had something private to discuss with him, nothing to concern you."

"It had better not, leech," the swan shifter sneered. The use of the derogatory remark hurt Lissia, it was something the pantheon had ruled as illegal but failed to enforce it. Uses of such terms as 'dog' for canine shifters and lycanthropes, 'cat', 'kitty' and 'pussy' for feline shifters and lycanthropes and 'leech', 'parasite' and 'bloodsucker' for vampires are considered offensive and should not be used by civilized beings of the worlds.

"Play nice cobbling," her eyes darkened as she held him in her gaze, "How about I bring the wolf here so we can discuss the issue." She sighed and relaxed, "after I have a bite to eat." She turned to leave, "Gabe, I need a beverage," she said to the cherub as she left.

"Bloody vampires!" Alec cursed returning to his decanter of scotch to pour another glass, "why did I have to work with a vampire and not another shifter or a liminal, even a nymph would be easier to handle than a vampire."

"She's a qualified human doctor, Alec," Gabe answered his CO, "And you did not specify that you didn't want vampires."

"Shut up Gabe."


Vulferam had just finished changing into the clothing he was given by one of the guards after a quick shower and made his way to the mess hall. The clothes were a little small but did the job of replacing his ruined uniform for the moment.

The mess hall appeared to be the formal dining room of the manor house, only all valuable items had been removed for safe keeping. The other men in the room all sat and ate in contentment as the food was reliable and delicious, if you liked sausages with boiled potatoes and vegetables.

Vulferam grabbed a tray and moved to the line where the food was served by a grumpy looking man who had a limp as he moved to each item on the menu. With a tray full of food he made his way to a table and ate. After discovering that the food was a little less appetising than he first thought he let his mind wander to more pleasant things namely a chestnut haired beauty with hypnotic green eyes full lips and curves that made him weak at the knees.

He sighed at the memory of her gentle hands, at least he believed they were gentle as most of his body had been injected with local anaesthetic. He wondered if her lips tasted as good as she smelled, like the wild flowers of his childhood home in spring. He thought it strange that a vampire with a body to die for could smell like anything but the typical sickly sweet stench of rotting flesh.

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