tagNonHumanLuftwaffe Wolf Ch. 05

Luftwaffe Wolf Ch. 05


Thanks to my wonderful editor Jen who spots all my errors and fixing them for me.

I hope everyone enjoys this chapter, it took me long enough, lol.


Chapter 5: Finally

"Lissia!" Tristan screamed as he pounded his fists on the solid wooden door with panic setting in fast. "Lissia!" He could not hear a sound from the other side of the door. He tried to open the door only to find it locked, he reached for the key in his pocket only to find it was missing. He must have left it in the door and now it was gone. A fresh wave of terror washed over him as he realised the key was locked in the cellar. He pounded on the door until his fists were bloody and he tired from exhaustion, his throat raw from screaming for his progeny.

He needed to get help and fast, he ran up the stairs as fast as he could, tripping over several times. He was determined to reach the Major's office to find a way to rescue Lissia from the wolf.


Paperwork always managed to distract him from anything he did not want to know about, in this case the dangerous animal in the cellar who most likely was ripping into the sheep carcass at the moment. The thought of the mess that would ensure made him shiver, all that work of cleaning the cellar out and he would mess it all up again. "Bloody wolves," the cherub shook his head. "How can Lissia be attracted to such a beast?"

He read through the forms and signed all that was required and stood to take them into the Major when Tristan burst through the door, "Something the matter father?"

"Lissia," Tristan panted from exertion. "She's trapped in the cellar with the wolf!"

"What?" Gabriel nearly collapsed at the news, "Is she hurt?"

"I know not," Tristan whimpered. "I cannot hear screams or anything," he gave a sob. "I think she maybe hurt, but I cannot be sure."

"Wait," the angel spoke with hope. "Don't you have that sire/progeny thing?"

Tristan knew what he spoke of, a bond that a sire has with their vampiric offspring. "I did not try in fear of no response."

"Where's your bollocks man?" Gabriel yelled insultingly. "Lissia is in there and she could be in trouble!"

Tristan nodded and closed his eyes to concentrate on her mind. The feeling from her was one of fear and cold, it chilled him to the bone as Lissia was rarely scared of anything. What horrors was she experiencing to induce such a terror? "She's petrified," he cried.

"Then get the key and we'll get her out!" Gabe demanded, holding out his hand waiting for the key.

"Lissia has it," despair drowning his heart at the fact she would be trapped until they had the spare key, "Do we have a spare?"

Gabriel kicked his desk. "The owner has it and that will take days to get," he ran his fingers through his hair in frustration, "I should have said something," his words were so quiet Tristan nearly missed it.


Gabe looked shocked that the vampire heard him, "Lissia," he sighed. "I ..."

"Oh no," Tristan would have chuckled if the situation were not so serious. "You've fallen under her spell," he sighed. "I did too when I first met her," he chuckled dryly. "She had run from her village because she was being forced to marry a man she hated." Gabe smiled at the reminiscence. "She was angry, dirty and hungry, covered in woad and carrying two bronze swords that were so corroded that they were useless." He laughed now. "They were ancient."

"How is she now?" Gabe asked worried beyond belief.

Again Tristan concentrated on Lissia and gasped, "She's delirious!"

"We have to get her out of there."


Lissia's eyes bulged at the terrifying sight before her, Vulferam was much bigger than he was in human form. His features a perfect blend of human and wolf, his hands were large with nasty looking claws at the ends of his fingers, his face distinctly lupine with his human eyes staring back at her. His massive chest, nearly double its original size, and as her eyes drifted down, she saw that his erection had also grown in size.

A low rumbling in his chest caught her attention again, there was a hunger in his eyes as they surveyed her trembling form. With a quick swipe, Vulferam tore away the front of Lissia's uniform, she screamed at the suddenness of the action. Another growl told her he was happy with her now naked state. He began to sniff along her neck, nuzzling into her hair as the remainder of her uniform dropped away.

The gentleness of the act calmed her a little, it was clear that he had no intention of harming her. Still too stressed to relax, she tried to ease out of Vulferam's grasp, she thought he would let her until he gave a sharp bark and flung her over his shoulder. He marched towards the bed in the far corner and ripped the bedding off the mattress, creating a nest on the floor. He threw Lissia into the centre of the soft mound and crawled over her in a dominating stance.

The vampiress tried to remain as still as possible as he began to sniff over her exposed body. He seemed to like the curve between her shoulder and neck giving the area small licks and nips without breaking the skin. Lissia bit her lip at the feeling his attentions were giving her, the same one that she had felt the night before, not the lust, but the trust. Her trust in him had returned; she knew he would not harm her, but her ability to see past the sharp teeth and fur was still eluding her.

'His fur,' Lissia wondered. 'It's so soft and warm.' She sighed softly as he began to drift to her chest, sniffing, and licking at the sensitive skin. "Vulferam," she cried in her growing passion.

He growled loudly startling her, but not as startling as what he did next, pulling her knees up and thrusting them apart exposing her sex. Her loud cry and another torrent of fear disturbed Vulferam's concentration. He shook his head at the shriek she emitted, but recovered to achieve his main objective. He lowered his nose to her femininity and inhaled slowly, savouring the sweet scent. Lissia had no idea what his reasoning for the lingering whiff, she would have been embarrassed if she was not so curious. A sudden hot jet of air surprised her as well as aroused, before he began the process all over again. The slow lingering inhales torturously teasing her intimate parts and rewarded with the all too brief exhales drove her mad with desire and her fear completely forgotten along with any other emotion she felt previously.

Lissia could feel not only the heat of the wolf's breath, but her own need had taken hold and Vulferam let her know it with a swift flick of his tongue. The vampiress shuddered at the way his tongue easily covered her entire femininity and dragged up, the rough texture tickling her in just the right way. A low moan flowed from her throat, so Vulferam did it again and received the same reward. Before she could comprehend what was happening the wolf lapped at her weeping centre, her legs quivering with each pass of the nimble tongue. Moisture flooded her nether lips and it only spurred the wolf on, like it was a reward for his effort.

Vulferam gave a low growl each time the tide came in, Lissia's pleasured cries accompanying them. Time had no meaning any more, Lissia knew only one thing mattered at that moment, the pleasure her wolf gave her. His attention to her was precise, designed to draw out each orgasm with deadly efficiency, each one growing in intensity. The vampire was in a trance before too long, her voice seized and no coherent thoughts moved through her head.

Lissia blacked out, much to Vulferam's displeasure. Disappointed, but not deterred, the wolf curled up next to her protectively, growling in contentment before closing his eyes and falling into a peaceful slumber.


Tristan and Gabriel stood at the cellar door solemnly, listening for any sound to come from the other side. It was silent and that worried them. "What can you feel now?" Gabe asked after a while.

Tristan reached out for her, "Nothing," he choked. Dread fell over him. "She could be unconscious, but I can't be sure."

"I think we should see Alec," Gabe suggested. "He'll find a way to sort this out."

Inside the cellar, Vulferam heard hushed voices on the other side of the door. Careful not to wake his sleeping beauty, he crept to the door and listened.

"If he has hurt her, I will kill him," Gabe snarled through his teeth.

Vulferam growled until the two men on the other side of the door went silent then returned to the sleeping vampiress, holding her tightly until he drifted back off to sleep.


"He's killed her, I know it!" Tristan panicked as he ran with Gabe to the Major's office.

"How do you know?" Gabe asked struggling to keep up with the ancient vampire. They could have travelled faster, but if they were seen doing something unnatural by a mortal both would be in trouble.

Tristan bashed on the Major's door frantically, which annoyed Alec who had just lit a cigar to extend his enjoyable morning. "I'm not in," he called out after a satisfying puff of the cigar. "Come back tomorrow!"

"Sir," Gabe called. "We have a problem."

"When don't we," Alec grumbled under his breath. "Come in," he did not bother to hide the annoyance in his voice, "And make my day by all means."

Tristan was the first in and stood in front of Alec with a look of desperation, "Lissia is trapped in the cellar."

Alec felt his day turn to pot in a millisecond, he knew his good feeling would not last. "Who has the key?" it was a simple question which he really did not want to know the answer to as he had a gut feeling he already knew who had it.

"Lissia," Tristan answered. "We need to get her out soon! If it is not too late."

With a heavy sigh Alec spoke, "I'll take care of it, now the two of you go find somebody else to bother." The Major shooed them away and picked up the phone to arrange another key and a replacement doctor. "I hate this war," He shook his head. "I need to off load that wolf."


Lissia groaned as she woke up feeling well rested and feeling more than a little randy. She felt Vulferam's nose sniffing around her neck which caused her to giggle, "Ready again so soon?" She teased when she felt a hard rod pushing against her behind. She gave a cheeky wriggle of her bottom which had the wolf growling with desire. The fine layer of fur that covered Vulferam's body tickled Lissia's back with each breath he took. All traces of Lissia's fear was now extinct; she now knew that he would never hurt her in any form he took which bolstered her love for him.

"I know you cannot talk in your current body," She began, rolling over to face him. "But, do you understand what I am saying?" He gave her a cock of his head as though he was either confused or in askance of something. "I suppose it does not matter either way," Lissia sighed. "You probably won't remember this." She scratched behind his ear and laughed when his leg began to shake. "You may look like a big vicious wolf, but you're just a big puppy."

Vulferam groaned and nudged her back, sniffing at her neck and down her front.

"Again?" Lissia teased and fell back as Vulferam pulled her legs apart so he could taste her again. He lazily dragged his tongue up her entire nether regions. Lissia squirmed as he dipped into her wet opening. He built her up to the point of explosion when he began to lick elsewhere, over her stomach, her breasts, her armpits. She screamed out is shock, "That tickles!"

He gave her what could only be described as a smirk and continued over her body, paying attention to her ears and neck.

"Are you cleaning me?" She asked indignantly. Her reply was a grunt before she was flipped over so he could focus on her back. "You have got to be kidding me!"

He left no spot on her body dry, every little crevice probed and cleaned with his nimble tongue. His process was very gentle and Lissia hated to admit it, but very pleasurable too. It did get a little too much when he decided to clean between her toes which had her kicking violently in hysterics; however he did not cease his attention.

When he finally finished Lissia was exhausted, the laughter made her stomach hurt. Vulferam rested his head on her lap and she patted him until she heard soft whimpering and the occasional twitching of his feet. "Poor puppy," she cooed. "You sleep well." She kissed her fingers and pressed them to his nose. His nose twitched and he sneezed down her leg. "Lovely."


Most of the day had passed and Gabriel was a wreck. He continued to write to all the wolf packs in Britain with no luck, only one was left, but he did not hold his breath, a wolf who only shifts on the full moon is potentially deadly to all those who cross its path. The Skye pack was not the most social of packs, but Gabriel had to give them a shot.

'Alpha Archie Wilkins Skye,' Gabe wrote on the enchanted parchment.

'Yes?' The reply came swiftly.

'I have a favour to ask,' the cherub tapped the quill impatiently on his desk as he waited for the response.

'What is it?' The exasperation could be felt easily, 'Out with it.'

Gabe wondered how he could word what he needed in a diplomatic way, 'We have a wolf in need of a pack.' He did not want to scare Archie off too soon.

'Male or female?' It was an odd question, as all the others had asked what was wrong with them or what had they done to be left expelled from their pack.

'Male,' Gabe replied and before he could blink the Alpha responded.

'We'll take him.'

'You're not worried why he is without a pack?'

'We have many young women here who are in need of a mate and no available males to satisfy them.' The statement spoke for itself. 'When can we have him?'

'There is something you should know,' here it comes. 'He only shifts on the full moon.'

'That is not a problem, we'll deal with it.'

Gabe was dumbfounded, Archie Wilkins was one of the most difficult wolves to deal with according to the Pantheon, but he was eager to take Vulferam off their hands. 'Thank you Alpha. We will send him in a few days, so he should be there by the next full moon.'

'I hope so, after that we cannot use our ferry due to the weather.'


'Good day.' And like that the conversation had ended.

Gabe felt like a huge weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He knew that if Lissia did not emerge from the cellar in a couple of day's time, the wolf was going nowhere and would be disciplined accordingly. He placed the quill on the desk and rubbed the weariness from his eyes, one way or the other Vulferam would no longer be their problem.


An undetermined length of time had passed since Vulferam had fallen asleep. It was hard to tell the time in the cellar with no windows to the outside. Lissia was scratching behind Vulferam's ear to pass the time until he woke again. She had no idea what he would do next, he liked using his tongue which she had no problems with. He was beautiful in his lupine form, his fur a few shades darker than his human hair colour and his body broad and sleek with each of his well defined muscles clearly visible.

His scent took on a more earthy tone in this form, something Lissia had not expected. Vulferam stretched and rolled onto his back, his legs falling to either side and his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth. The small movements of his hands and feet indicated he was dreaming again. The image was adorable in Lissia's eyes, she reached down to scratch his exposed belly and laughed to see his leg start to shake.

Her chuckle woke the slumbering wolf, with a long and wide yawn; he stretched again and sat up. Blinking the sleep from his eyes, he found Lissia gazing upon him with an amused grin playing on her lips. The wolf appraised her naked body without hiding his desire her, she had awoken him and he would take full advantage of her playful countenance. He huffed in amusement and slowly crawled over her like a predator standing over its kill, his teeth reflecting the light of the incandescent bulb hanging in the centre of the room. The glint in his eye said he would be satisfying a great hunger and the vampiress had a good idea what that would be.

"What are you waiting for Fido?" Lissia teased him confidently, even though her neck was dangerously close to his deadly teeth.

Vulferam growled, but did not harm his woman, lust bubbled through him, simmering beneath his skin. His carnal impulse hardening his flesh in preparation to take Lissia, his mate. There was no sensuous fun this time, no teasing tongue probing intimate areas, this time Vulferam was going to give completely into his instincts. He growled again at the aroma of Lissia's excitement invading his nostrils, tickling the hairs.

Lissia laid still under him waiting for what he would do, the sight of his colossal erection had her mind working overtime as fear and anticipation combated for dominance. Anticipation won out and she did what she had heard the female of his species did in this situation, hoping it was the right move, she leaned her head back exposing her neck in submission. Her reward was a long lick which tickled immensely. She could not believe the surreal situation, she wanted him, Vulferam, her beast. "I'm waiting puppy," she goaded him, letting her knees fall apart and sending another pulse of her scent straight to his olfactory system.

Vulferam gave a sharp bark, snapping his jaws. Without any tenderness, he grasped her hips and drove in with such force Lissia squeaked in shock. She was fully aware that he was larger in this form, she saw he was at least half as thick again and a couple of inches longer and she loved each and every one of them. Like the animal he was, he drove in and out with only one goal in mind, his claws piercing her skin in an effort to pull her closer.

The pain Lissia felt was nothing; she had felt such things before and she knew she would again, if anything it enhanced the pleasure coursing through her body. Her head lolled from side to side until Vulferam began to lick her again, it felt fantastic. Without warning, he clamped his teeth into the crook of her neck and began to thrust harder. The vampiress' eyes shot wide open in disbelief, her internal muscles began to spasm ferociously in the most intense orgasm she'd ever had, the fact he had bitten her was not registering in her mind at all. He was not stopping, so she just held on for the rest of the ride.

'By the gods,' her brain screamed. 'He's getting bigger!' Vulferam's knot formed quickly locking them together, he finally let go and howled in triumph. It was only then did Lissia realise the bite as she felt the tingle of her skin knit back together. Lissia was oblivious to the symbolism of the bite, thinking it was a kinky thing wolves did together; like what vampires do. "You are ... I can't find the words," she tugged the wolf's head down and kissed his nose, he licked her back. "You want to snuggle?" Lissia asked rubbing his ears.

Vulferam groaned and in a lightning fast movement he picked her up and flipped her onto her hands and knees without leaving her body. He clamped down on her neck again, this time on the other side and began rutting with all the energy he could muster. Lissia thought she would loose her mind as the extreme passion engulfed her. Using the leverage his bite had on his mate he continued to pound into her until he had her crying out incoherently. It did not take long for the wolf to send himself into her succulent body and collapse over her.

Out of breath they laid there not thinking or moving, only contentment spreading throughout the couple and both could not be happier.


Lissia felt stiff and sore and for a moment she had no idea why, then it all came flooding back, the wild uninhibited passion with the fabulous German wolf. It was then she noticed he was not with her, she looked about and spotted him with the sheep carcass, his head buried inside the chest cavity. "Tasty?" Lissia called out, alerting him to her presence.

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