tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLunch Time Snack

Lunch Time Snack


I'd been working at the coffee shop for about 6months when i met him. He was a regular customer and had the sexiest lop-sided grin. Over the course of two weeks I found out his name was Bryan. He always ordered the same thing, a large coffee, with cream and sugar. I knew he was married because he used to make small talk about his family while waiting for his order, but I'm a tease and I used to flirt with him anyway, it was always harmless.

One day he came in as usual and placed his order, as he went to pay for his coffee I noticed that he had big hands, and I felt a tingle down in my pussy. Shocked I handed back his change and tried to avoid eye contact with him. As I made his coffee for him all I could picture was his fingers deep inside me, I knew that I was wet because I could feel the dampness on my panties. I tried to squeeze my thighs together so I could give a little relief to my clit, but it just made things worse. I glanced up and noticed him watching me with a smile on his face. I blushed and looked down. I handed him his coffee and as he grabbed the cup, his fingers brushed mine sending shivers down my spine. I looked up at him again and he held my gaze and thanked me.

As he walked away my eyes were glued on his hands, trying to imprint an image of his fingers in my mind for later on. Work passed by in a rush and the next thing you know its my lunch break. I knew that I had to have a 'play' and took off out to my car. I got in and quickly closed my door. I had already put the sun visor up so I was good to go. I ran my hands over my breasts and down over my tummy. As my hands got down to my hips I opened my legs up and moaned. I was wearing a skirt which came halfway up my thigh and I was glad that I didn't have to fumble with any buttons. I placed my coat over my lap incase someone walked past my car and happened to look in. I ran my hands down my thighs and imagined they were Bryans.

As my hands got closer to my pussy I could feel the heat coming from there. I knew I only had an hour til I had to get back to work, so I pulled my panties to the side and ran my hand over my smooth wet mound. I eased my finger between my lips and couldn't believe how wet I still was thinking about his hands. I leaned back into my seat, closed my eyes and spread my legs wider imagining his head in between them. Tracing my finger around my engorged clit and pushing my thumb deep inside me I could see his hands in my mind. I let out a little moan and opened my eyes and looked around a lil worried it was too loud.

As my head to my right, I felt a rush of blood to my face. BRYAN WAS IN THE CAR NEXT DOOR!! Had he seen me? He was looking down and I could just make out the top of a laptop screen. I smiled in relief, thinking that he hadn't noticed what I was doing and thought about stopping. Then an idea came into my head, I pretended my cellphone had rung, and made more noise than usual, laughing and joking. I hoped that I had his attention. I gave a cheerful goodbye into my phone and put it down.

I ran my hands back down my body, which had grown more excited with the thought that he could be watching me. I dipped a finger inside my wet cunt and wiggled it around a little bit then bought it up to my lips and tasted myself. I was so horny and excited! I casually turned my head to the side and saw that he HAD heard me and he WAS watching. He had a look of surprise and curiosity mixed with something else in his eyes. I smiled at him and he gave me that sexy grin that made my cunt pulsate. I tipped my head to the side a little and put my fingers back down on my thighs and looked at him questioningly. He nodded and licked his lips.

I shuffled around in my seat so that my head was on my window, and one of my legs was on the middle glove box, the other was hard up against the stereo. I opened them up and looked him in the eyes. I knew he could see how wet I was, and knowing this made me tremble. My hands ran up and down my thighs as I watched his face. I rubbed my wet cunt through my panties and smiled a sly grin at him. I could tell that he was just as turned on as I was. He looked away quickly and I saw that the laptop had disappeared. When he looked back, his eyes widened as I had just pulled off my panties. I smiled at him and looked down at my smooth swollen lips. I caressed them softly and ran my finger up my wet slit to the top, and back down to the bottom. When I looked back at him, I saw his arm moving slowly and rhythmically with my caresses. I moved my fingers either side of my fat lips and looked at him again questioningly. He nodded again, I slowly parted my lips and revealed my little hard clit. I could see the juices coming from my wet cunt glistening. I glanced back at him and smiled licking my lips as I saw his arm moving faster. I needed to cum so bad and wanted to cum with him.

I pushed two fingers deep inside and started to fuck my fingers watching him, watching my fingers. I needed more so I shoved another finger deep inside and moaned. Lifting my hips up to meet my fingers I could feel myself nearing breaking point. I pulled all three fingers out and rammed in four, and with my other hand I rubbed my clit furiously. Looking over at Bryan I saw that he was matching my intensity. I kept my eyes on him and watched, still ramming my pussy hard and rubbing my clit. I saw his body freeze and relax and knew that he had cum,

I came instantly. I moaned out loud, and felt my cunt contracting and pulsating on my fingers. I thrust my fingers in deeper closed my eyes and waited for the orgasm to subside. I heard my car door open. I quickly opened my eyes and saw Bryan leaning into my car. He softly pulled my hands out, and without a word licked my pussy juices off of them. He put his face into my cunt and and i felt him inhale deeply. I waited for his tongue but it didn't come. He ran a finger around my cunt and then placed it in my mouth. He smiled at me, and then pulled back out of my car and closed the door.

I was excited and a little disappointed. I watched him get into his car, and put his seat belt on. As he started to pull out of the car-park he stopped, and waved something around in front of him, then he left. Feeling a little disheartened I began putting myself back together again. I straightened up and started searching for my panties. I couldn't find them!!! After searching for about 3mins the realization hit me that he had them. I had to be back in the cafe in ten minutes and I he'd taken my panties!! After panicking about it for a brief minute I discovered that the thought turned me on. I climbed out of my car, grabbed my bag and after locking it, I started back towards the cafe. For some reason I turned around to look back at my car and I noticed a piece of paper under my wiper blade. I went back and grabbed the paper, I unfolded the paper thinking it was a parking ticket, It said "It's my turn next time, Bryan"

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