tagLoving WivesLunchtime Cheating Ch. 05-06

Lunchtime Cheating Ch. 05-06


Parts 5 and 6 of Lunchtime Cheating Diary:

Part 5, Julie's Story

My name is Julie M. and I was asked to write this account of my recent history for reasons that will make more sense after the story is told. The important part of this history began 3 years ago, when my husband, Steve caught me having an affair with my boss. He caught me doing some things I'm not proud of to this day, and he decided to punish me by having a sex party for his friends. I was as the main attraction. He's a good man, whom I love, but he has an uncontrollable temper.

Anyway, his plan seemed to work. After the orgy, I broke it off with my boss and found a new job. I also became totally dedicated to Steve and his needs. We had sex 3-4 times a week or whenever he wanted, and I frequently gave him blowjobs and not just in the bedroom. I was totally open to anything new he wanted to try and he seemed happy. That lasted about 6 months.

We're married 16 years now, but I can still turn heads. I'm described as petite and cute. Even though I'm 32, people mistake me for a college coed. My blonde hair is cut in a short flip and my best feature is my legs. My worst feature are my breasts which are pretty small, with protruding nipples. If we could afford it, I'd really love to have a boob job. Another good feature of mine, according to men, is an exceedingly 'tight pussy'. Not that it's dry, it gets very wet easily. But it tends to tighten closely around anything that's inserted into it. I heard this from Steve's friends during the sex party.

What happened to end 6 months of renewed marital happiness was that Steve's friend Al, sought me out for a lunchtime get-together. Just Al and me. We met at a downtown bistro and after his very complimentary greeting I asked him, 'What's this all about, Al?'

Al cleared his throat and looked in my eyes. He asked 'Julie, do you remember what I told you after our party, about being able to make money with you're your fine little pussy?' He looked away, as if embarrassed to say it, but he continued, 'You and Steve never did anything to make it happen , did you?'

I was too shocked to speak at first. That night of the sex party was a distant, unpleasant memory. Finding my voice, and shaking, I said 'Al, first of all I don't appreciate you bringing up what happened that night, and second what happened is over and behind me. So no, Steve and I never considered and never will consider making money in that way.' With that I stood to go, 'So, if that's all you want to talk about, you'll have to excuse me, but I'm leaving.'

Al stood up to try to stop me saying, 'I'm sorry I said that Julie, really. But you're wrong, it's not an unpleasant memory, it's not over and I do think you'll reconsider.' He smiled and continued, 'Julie, you have a nice life here, a small town, respected by lots of people, friends. Steve makes a nice income.' In his most sincere tone, 'All that can change if what I have on you reaches the wrong hands.'

I was shocked, 'What, are you serious? What do you mean? Are you saying you'd blackmail me with some tapes your buddies made that night?' He was nodding to confirm my worst fears. 'Al, I'm your best friend's wife. Why would you do this to me?'

Al was serious now, 'It's simple darlin'. Steve has it made, steady job at the dealership, golf membership, the good life. Me, not so much, you don't know what it's like, but when I see an opportunity, I have to go for it. And you, with your talents are a big time opportunity that I need."

My head was swirling, Al was right, Steve and I did have a good life that I didn't want to lose. What Al had could take it all away. In a voice that was almost a whisper, I asked him 'What is it you want me to do?'

Al put his arm around my slumped shoulders, 'It's simple. I have an important client in town and I'd like you to show him a good time. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. We'll meet him Friday at his place. Just wear something sexy, like an evening dress, I'll introduce you, then just have a date. Okay?'

'Okay, Al, but just this once. I'm not going to risk my name entertaining men from out of town.' I knew it would be hard to keep my dignity with an out-of-town stranger, but I wanted Al out of my life. 'And after this I don't expect to have you bring the whole thing up ever again, right?'

'Absolutely baby, you won't hear it from me.' He beamed, 'Now what I want you to do is meet me here Friday at 5:00 wearing something lowcut and sexy. I'll take you to where he's staying to introduce you and drop you off'.

Friday came around all too quickly, and I was dreading what I might have to do. I gave Steve some lame excuse about a girls night out and left wearing a conservative pants suit and nice shoes. Al was waiting for me in the bistro with 2 packages when I arrived. 'Hi Julie, glad you made it. I thought you might be wearing something like that, so I took the liberty of buying some clothes for you to wear. Please change into these, and hurry up, Okay?' He handed me the packages. In the ladies room I pulled out a very short and tight miniskirt with matching blouse and a shear bra and panties. The other package held spiked high heals. It took all the nerve I had to don the outfit and walk back out into the dinning area.

As Al stood to go he whistled low and checked me out from head to toe. I felt all the eyes in the bistro follow me as we walked out. I was dressed like a cheap whore.

Part 6

My husband's friend Al drove over to the Hilton and I followed in my car. He helped me out of my car in the lot and we proceeded to the lobby. The miniskirt and heals I was wearing attracted attention when we walked through the lot and into the Hilton lobby. I hung my head and tried to hide my blushing face while waiting for the elevator. I'd never dressed like a hooker before now. Al led me up to room 506, which is on the top floor of the hotel. It's the nicest hotel in our small town. Knocking at 506, Al called out, 'Malcolm, are you there?'

The door opened and a large black man smiled and welcomed us. 'Al, my man, what's happening, dude?' Then his gaze moved to me, and he said 'Hello beautiful, my name is Malcolm,'. I shuddered at the sight of him, he was 3" taller than Al, and more broad in the arms and shoulders. A most intimidating man wearing slacks and a silk dress shirt. Butterflies filled my stomach as I thought about what they expected me to do with this big man.

Malcolm greeted Al, 'Welcome man', and looking at me, 'Dude, you really outdid yourself this time, right?' Smiling to me, 'Is she legal?'

I was not able to say my name or introduce myself. My knees were weak, because meeting a big black man was the last thing I had expected. I had never met many black people in the small town we lived. I stepped back and skumpped, as if to escape what I thought would have to happen next. Malcolm is a tall, muscular, and completely fit black man. Al moved me into the room, saying 'Malcolm, this is Jennie, she's the girl I told you about.'

'Pleased to meet you Jennie, please come in' Malcolm motioned us to the couch and lounger in the living area of his suite, 'Want a drink?' Motioning to the bar, 'there's bourbon, tequila, or rum, and all the mixers'.

Al excused himself saying, 'Sorry man, I gotta go. I can't stay, but I can pick Jennie up later, if needed'. And with that Al, excused himself, leaving us alone in Malcom's suite.

I was so nervous, that when Al left, Malcolm said to me, 'Darling you look nervous, would you like a drink, maybe to help you to relax?' I nodded and sipped the bourbon over ice he poured for me. It didn't relax the nervous energy I was feeling.

'Have you ever been with a black man before?' he asked looking at me full in the face.

What did he mean by this question? I hardly knew any black people, let alone a stud like the guy I had before me. He refilled my glass with a larger shot of bourbon. 'You know we're not any different from anyone else, right?' We all appreciate a pretty girl, white or black, right? He laid back on the sofa and told me 'Come on over here to your Papa, baby'. I sipped from the glass and knew what I had to do to satisfy Al and his client. I ddin't know if I could approach him.

There was a noticeable bulge in Malcolm's pants where his cock seemed to be lodged. He saw me looking at his crotch and he told me 'Don't just admire that thing baby, just take it out and have a taste.' That was random, but I was tipsy, and I knew what I had to do. I reached to his belt buckle and loosened his pants freeing his cock. His partially erect penis laid along his thigh but I could see it was too big for me to use for my pleasure. Leaning down, I tried to fit his cock head into my mouth, but it was nearly the size of a big, ripe plum and I couldn't get more than the tip into my mouth. His cock was growing and I hoped to pleasure him with a blowjob, but I wasn't able to fit him in my mouth. I elected to try a hand job instead. I could suck the tip of his head and put both hands around his shaft, but my fingers didn't reach around his this enormous cock. Even with both hands around this huge dick, the head was still swelling above my grasp. This cock was just too big. I stood up, and prepared to leave.

Imagining the consequences I told him, 'I'm sorry, I can't do this. I thought I could, but I can't.' My head was lowered in shame having to explain that I couldn't allow this man to fuck me. I'd have to make amends with Al for not being able to perform.

But Malcolm was not to be refused. Standing close, he unbuttoned my blouse and opened my bra. Reaching behind me, he unzipped my skirt and pushed it to the floor. He grabbed at my panties and pulled them off leaving me totally nude standing before him. Malcolm savored my naked body, then pushed me down and layed me on the carpeted floor. Spreading my legs, I was in a helpless position, with his gigantic cock prepared to penetrate into me. I knew his penis was too large for me and I squirmed away, 'No, I can't do this, it's too big.' I pleaded with him, 'Please, you have to stop. Your cock will hurt me inside.' I needed to get out of this room and go home. I was frightened by what he wanted from me, forced sex wasn't anything I had ever experienced or was interested in.

In spite of my helpless position, Malcolm was charming, 'Baby, you can do this, and I'll prove it right now'. He eased his plum-sized cock head into my vagina, moving ever so slightly. He waited there for a moment before his cock began moving into me with urgency. He slid deeper in by several inches. A sharp pain in my abdomen meant his cock had started pushing onto my vulva. Reaching to his cock between my legs I could feel it was only half way up to the hilt with a lot more remaining outside. Somehow his dick felt it's way around my vulva and womb and pushed further up into my abdomen. There was an urge to pee as he pushed up onto my bladder. He began thrusting in and out, then pounded my insides, without a care about my comfort. I was unable to control myself, I knew I was his fuck toy and the thought made me cum very suddenly, 2 or 3 times in succession. It was wild and I couldn't stop my convulsions. I had a continuous orgasm as the urge to pee combined with my stretched out labia responded to his thrusts.

Finally he began to cum inside me. First he groaned in a scary way that made me focus on what he was doing. Then his cock began to throb and squirt and his body tightened and breathing became a pant. There was so much cum, maybe 2 minutes total and he really pushed me. I was frighteed at first, but when his orgasm subsided, I took him in my arms and whispered how much I loved him while sucking on his neck. After he was resting, I said 'You know, I'll never become pregnant unless those sperm learn to swim downstream.' Malcolm thought this was funny and chuckled as his huge cock withdrew itself from where it had been lodged well beyond my womb.

Malcolm pulled his shlong out of me as we hugged, naked white and very black skin pressed together. 'You're Al's client,', I asked, snuggling on his neck and kissing him up and down his shoulders.

With a puzzled look he replied, 'No, I'm not a client, we're just friends. We play hoops in the city men's league. I see him around too. Our kids are in the same school.'

He had my full attention. 'You're not a business client with Al?' I asked.

'Oh no, not at all. Al and I play league basketball at the YMCA. One day in the locker room he asked me if I'd ever fucked a white girl. I said no, and he told me he knew a girl that wanted to fuck a black man with a big cock. I guess I'm guilty on both counts.' Smiling, I touched his now flaccid and wet cock and nodded in agreement.

Feeling sick I said, 'I need to go', and searching for my clothes, moved to the door. I realized that I'd been duped by Al and this time had been fucked by the largest and blackest cock in the whole city. I had to get home, and hide what happened from my husband, who was no doubt wondering where I was. I was determined to put an end to these unwelcomed sexual encounters forever.

Unfortunately, I found it Al made it impossible to stop when he called later that night. I texted him that I wanted to meet in order to confront him about the lies he told. He refused to meet with me, but said 'Julie, we're going to take this live next Friday night. I have us scheduled to do a birthday party and you'll be working with my associate.'

I screamed into the phone as loud as I could without alerting Steve, 'You fucking asshole! You tricked me into fucking a complete stranger with a cock so big I might have been seriously hurt. You don't care about me, and I never want to hear from you or see you again as long as I live.' I was livid.

'Calm down, calm down', he tried to sound soothing. 'I did that on purpose to get you comfortable with strangers and to handle the surprises that will come up. You're a natural companion, and you have what it takes to make us very popular, maybe legendary. I shouldn't tell you this, but Malcolm called me to say thanks and to arrange another meeting. He's a lady's man, if you couldn't tell, but he said none of the women he'd ever been with before could take his full cock like you did. I saw it and I have to admit what you did was amazing.'

I had to think about that, finally 'What the fuck are you talking about? I'll never fuck that monster again and our relationship over. There is no 'team'. And what do you mean you saw the whole thing?'

'Baby, ' Al was still trying to be nice, 'you don't think I'd let this opportunity go by without secondary marketing in place, do you? I had two cameras in there and I watched the whole thing. These videos are going to be the main draw for the website I'm putting together.' Before I could unload on him, he continued, 'So unless you want your hubby to see the big black man destroying your cute little cunt, get ready for a party this Friday. I forget how many orgasms he gave you, more than one, right? You orgasm like a pro, I have to say. Anyway, we'll meet Thursday to go over the arrangements for the party. Let's meet at the bistro at 4:00. You, me, and my associate, Sarah. By the way, I meant to ask, have you ever made love with a woman?'

The call disconnected and I wondered what he meant about being with a woman.

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