tagIncest/TabooLust between Mother and Son Ch. 02

Lust between Mother and Son Ch. 02


Nick's sex-life with wife Linda changed drastically from the day he fucked his mother Rebecca for the first time.

He used to have sex with his wife regularly, although it never really satisfied him, he needed a fuck early morning as he woke up with a semi-erection.

Linda was the religious type and did not believe in openly enjoying sex. She considered it as merely her duty towards her husband.

So, she dutifully opened her legs and allowed him to penetrate her, always in the same position. He on top; she facing him.

He could not remember when he last went down on her. He never knew what she liked or disliked, because she did not tell him, although he asked her several times just after they married, which was three years ago.

They postponed having children until he could afford a family. But now, he was not sure that he wanted to have a family with Linda.

After he started his intense sexual relationship with his mother a few months ago, Nick found he could no longer enjoy sex with Linda. He preferred to masturbate while having a shower.

He often visualized fucking his horny mother, while he vigorously rubbed his hard rod, standing under the shower.

He also had a regular gay lover, John, whom he met about twice a week. He was 21, good looking in a feminine kind of way. What really turned Nick on was John's passion for wearing female garments, while they fucked.

Nick considered himself lucky to have such a horny stud to fuck with. John's rod was not thick, but it was slim and very long and fitted very well into his hole.

However, after his first encounter with his mother, Nick lusted after her like a dog chasing a bitch in heat. Rebecca told him almost every day how she too pined for her son's hard, long rod day in and day out.

When his step-father was in town, they met in motels. When he was away, he visited his mother at her house. No one suspected. It was merely the devoted son, visiting his mother.

Their fuck-sessions were long, hard and intense. "I love you, darling", Rebecca told his son, while they both lay naked and exhausted in a motel bed room.

"I love you too, Mom. You are the horniest woman I have ever met," her son said while pulling her large nipples that was jutting out of her huge boobs.

They had just fished fucking. He had sucked her off kneeling between her legs, while she sat on the edge of the bed.

"Ohhhhh, ahhhhhh", she had moaned with her eyes closed, as she held her son's head with both hands and pushed his mouth vigorously in and out of her wet, hairy cunt. His face was covered with her juicy nectar when she yelled, "I am cumming ahhhhhhh." She later licked the love-juice off his face.

He loved sucking and squeezing her round, fleshy boobs, while his mother played with his rod, rubbing it up and down. They usually did this, while relaxing after a hard fuck.

"Treat me as a whore, Nick," she told him, as she increased the pressure on his throbbing rod. "I want to satisfy all your desires, whatever they are. Tell me your fantasies, darling."

"Oh Mom, you really are a slut. And I love you for that," he told her lovingly. His rod was fully erect again, with pre-cum glistening on its tip.

She lubricated it thoroughly with some hand cream and then got up and saddled him, with legs on either side, with her wide, fleshy buttocks towards his face.

She opened her buttocks with her hands and slowly inserted his huge erect rod, bit by bit, into her lubricated ass-hole.

"Oh Jesus, you horny bitch, your hole is so tight," he gasped, as she fucked his rock hard rod, inside her ass-hole, moving up and down, faster and faster, with her huge boobs, swinging widely, up and down, up and down.

"Ahhhhhh, you mother-fucker, push up, push up your fucking rod," she yelled. Nick thrust his hips forward and back, while at the same grabbing her buttocks and banging them on his rod.

It was brutal fucking. Rebecca screamed as Nick's huge rod slammed into her asshole violently, on and on.

"Oh, ah, ah, ah, ahhhhh, I' m gonna cummmm," he yelled after a while, as he thrust his hips into her asshole, up and down, faster and faster. They were both gyrating wildly when he gave a hard, final thrust forward and they both moaned out loud as his heavy load of warm cum splashed into her asshole, "Ahhhhhhhhhhh."

The orgasm was so intense, his entire body shuddered and then he was still for a long time, with his eyes closed. He could not move.

Meanwhile, his mother rolled on to her back and started rubbing her clit. She masturbated vigorously.

'Ohhhhhhhh," Rebecca moaned, eyes closed, thrusting her hips up and down, while two fingers rubbed her erect clit faster and faster. She grabbed her boobs with the other hand and thrust her hips high up as she came, really hard. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh."

They were both exhausted. He gently kissed her on the lips and she hugged him.

"Oh Nick," she whispered, "Do you know, the more I fuck like this, the more horny I become." "It's the same with me Mom. May be it's in our genes," he laughed.

Nick told his mother about John, while stroking her cunt and pulling her long pubic hair. She was not shocked, but said the thought of her son fucking another guy really turned her on.

"Nick darling, I would love to see both of you fuck, especially with John wearing lacy underwear, garter belt and stockings," she told him, while her cunt filled with love-juice. They decided to meet John soon.

A while later, mother and son had another intense fuck session. He pushed her, standing, against the wall, grabbed her hanging round boobs, parted her legs and banged his huge erection into her wet hole, while she screamed in pleasure.

They embraced and kissed each other for a long time before parting.

Read Chapter 3 to find out about the kinky lifestyle of Mother and Son.

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