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Lust in Space Ch. 02


Thanks for all your views and comments. This is the second part of the trilogy "Lust in Space" – a transitory supplement before the finale. The sex in the 3rd part will be much hotter, I promise, but I had to set the stage, as it were.

To mattnemm (for her inspiration) and lazarus (for his idea about weightlessness).

Maureen Robinson smiled when she saw Will and Penny approach the Jupiter Two. It was nearly dark and they had been out almost all day.

"Hey, where have you two been? I've been wondering where you were." She came forward, brushed a lock of red hair out of her eyes and hugged Will and Penny to her.

"Sorry mom", said Will. "We were chased by something and had to hide in a cave. We're alright though."

"Well, I can see that", said Maureen as she stepped back and took a look at her two 'children'. Will, all red hair and freckles. Penny, so innocent and youthful,…although today her younger daughter seemed somehow changed, secretive. But then the two of them were gone, springing into the Jupiter Two saying something about a shower.

Maureen wondered, not for the first time, if any of the Jupiter Two crew would ever age again. Thirty years in space, and Will and Penny were still carbon copies of themselves from back in time, as was she. Red hair grew luxuriantly on her head and framed her pretty face in a fashion typical of the sixties. Her green eyes were cat-like ovals, perfectly spaced on either side of a small straight nose. Her eyebrows were kept stylishly full, their arches just visible beneath strands of wayward hair.

Her figure was still as it was the day they had left earth – trim and in shape from a vigorous NASA pre-flight program and two years of aerobics exercise. Her legs were long and smooth her hips wide and sensuous tapering off to a flat stomach and a well-concealed full bosom. Afraid that large breasts would affect her candidacy for the Jupiter 2 project, she had tried to hide them from NASA by wearing small brassieres and bustiers designed to quash their prominence. In the end of course they were revealed at her first completely nude physical. The doctor in question, Nora Sullivan, had been persuaded to overlook their possible handicap after a blatantly sexual suggestion from Maureen.

She couldn't help but smile as she remembered the grey-haired, bespeckled 50 year-old physician slobbering all over the ends of her breasts, her tongue licking her nipples into erection through her see-through brassiere the very first time she had disrobed. Although the sex had been extremely erotic and passionately fullfilling, the last time she had visited the good doctor, she had secretly taped their little erotic interlude onto audiocassette.

During that final session, Maureen had planned her seduction well. Underneath her training uniform, she wore a half bra, which pushed her breasts nearly out of the cups. Her panties were worn low so that her hipbones were prominently displayed. Knowing that this was to be their last intended meeting, Nora wasted no time. As soon as Maureen lay on the examining table, Nora turned her over onto her stomach and pulled her panties right off. Brushing preliminaries aside, she spread Maureen's bottom cheeks apart and began to lick greedily between the crevice. If there was one positive thing one could say about Nora Sullivan, it was that she was thorough. Maureen could still remember Nora's tongue as it repeatedly bathed the valley of her ass in a long blissful tongue-lashing. Deeper and deeper towards her asshole she worked, seemingly tireless. Although Maureen had anticipated a quick anal thrusting by the doctor's love muscle, Nora had shown incredible patience, working methodically from side to side, until finally she began to coat Maureen's anal rim using only the tip of her extended tongue. Around and around she teased the little rosebud, the anal ring expanding and contracting beyond control. Just when Maureen thought that she couldn't stand it anymore, the doctor shaped her tongue into a cylinder and thrust her tongue as deeply into Maureen's asshole as she could. Maureen groaned and ground her ass back against the doctor's face luxuriating in the ecstasy of having her rectum so completely penetrated by the doctor's worming mouth muscle. That motion had only seemed to spur the older woman on. She had grabbed Maureen's hips from underneath and pulled her backward towards her face so that her nose was buried as deeply as possible into the confines of Maureen's bucking ass.

After Maureen had cum all over the doctor's examining table, she produced the hidden recording device and made the lesbian swear that her daughter Judy would not have to undergo the same kind of blackmail for enrollment. Maureen correctly assumed that if Nora Sullivan had ever gotten her hands on Judy's magnificent breasts, her oldest daughter's chances of leaving the infatuated NASA examiner would be minimal indeed. In the end, she had been allowed to be present at all of Judy's physicals. Looking back, as she remembered Judy's large breasts being revealed for the first time and doctor Nora Sullivan's mouth gaping open wide enough to swallow a them, she knew she had acted wisely and with intuition.

Her mind now came spinning back to the present and her own physique. She certainly couldn't complain. She was in her late sixties but miraculously possessed the body of a 32-year-old! Being lost in space had its benefits she mused.

* * * * *

Two nights later, the Jupiter Two took off. They had the fossil fuels they needed. The head of the family, John Robinson, explained the situation. They were finally heading for Earth via Emerald Gate – a star system unique in the galaxy due to a viridian-hued gas causing a green glow to be emitted by the stars. It would, he assured them, be something to remember.

And so, for the next ten days, the entire crew was constantly on the bridge in order to observe the phenomenon - a sort of Aurora Borealis in space. Will, who had just recently deflowered his sister Penny's young ass, studied her undisguised beauty as it was illuminated by the fluorescent glow of the green solar system.

Her pert young bottom was enhanced by a pair of tight fitting trousers and thrust out at him provocatively as she kneeled on a chair in order to get an unrestricted view of the green stars. At the same time, a conspicuous bulge, clearly defining the anatomy of her pubic lips was just visible between the gap of her young slender thighs. Although she had been reluctant to surrender the virginity of her pussy to her younger brother, he remembered all too well the feeling of her tight anal channel as it gripped the entire length of his dick into her hot back passage. He had been forced to explode deep into her bowels, her anal ring milking him dry until he had nearly passed out.

As his dick began to swell with the memory of those last few seconds embedded in his sister's ass, he remembered where his final thoughts had turned to even before she had finished sucking off her own anal and cunt juices from his finger, (which she had erotically thrust into her mouth as though she were a 5 year old sucking on her favorite lollipop) towards his other sister Judy.

Blond and almost painfully beautiful, the effects of the green hues washing over her were awesome indeed. As the celestial tones danced upon her body and painted her blatant curves, Will was again reminded of her magnificent, mind-boggling breasts. He had been lucky enough to see her disrobe two weeks previously through a temporary peephole into the shower. Since then, her extraordinarily well developed orbs with their pink puffy areola were a sight that had made him jack-off twice each night for the past two weeks. The problem with Judy, he told himself, was that she was older and just so breathtakingly beautiful. He knew that she would never consider any kind of physical contact with her freckle-faced younger sibling, no matter how long she'd been up in space. He'd better just focus in on Penny. After all, he still hadn't fucked her properly.

* * * * * *

As the Jupiter Two sped through Emerald Gate, Will, along with the rest of the crew, had no way of knowing of course just what effect the outside atmosphere could have on humans if it somehow leaked into the ship. Nor could they be aware of the fact that the green gases contained tiny particles of an aphrodisiac so powerful that only a few molecules could contaminate the crew's entire air supply. Not that that was about to happen. Not with the diligence of John Robinson over-seeing operations.

But as fate would have it, as Will settled down for the night, the last voice he heard before he drifted off to a dream-filled odyssey which included not only his two sexy siblings but his mother as well, was that of his fathers',

"Smith!" his father barked, as though a pre-emptive strike was the only way to get into the core of the negligent Dr. Smith. "Get up here! It's your watch!"

* * * * * * *

Penny had been asleep for hours but now began to waken through her dreams. Will had his dick in her cunt and was slowly fucking her. Her pussy was throbbing and itching in ecstasy as he pounded his rod up and down and in and out of her quivering young cunt lips. When she came fully awake, however, she discovered it was only her own finger. She had been frigging herself in her sleep!

Seizing the opportunity, she began the move her slender digit in and out of her wet and extremely hairy little gash. It felt so good. She could not remember ever being this horny before except for when she let her brother Will fuck her ass in the cave a few weeks ago. But this was different. There was a burning in her loins which was almost more than she could bear. It was as though someone had dumped itching powder into her vagina and forced all the nerve endings in her cunt to concentrate their energy onto her clitoris. She let out a loud moan as her finger drilled into the depths of her quivering wet hole. Immediately, she tried to stifle the sound but it was too late. She heard footsteps and then seconds later there was a knock on the door and in walked her mother.

"Penny, I heard a moan. Are you o.k.?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I guess I just had a bad dream."

"Do you want to talk about it?" asked Maureen, as she sat down on Penny's bed.

"I don't really remember it," Penny lied. She hoped her mom wouldn't stay too long. There was still a pent-up horniness inside her, and now that her finger had been withdrawn from her agonizingly itchy cunt, her vaginal walls began to expand and contract like the mouth of a suckling infant that's been removed prematurely from its mother's breast.

"Maybe it had something to do with when you and Will were hiding in the cave", suggested her mom. Penny's heart skipped a beat. She wondered for a split second if her mom could possibly have known what transpired between her and her younger brother. But then Maureen added, "I guess you two were a little scared after all. It was probably just a bad dream".

Penny relaxed and smiled. "Yea, maybe we were a little scared after all." Maureen put her hand on Penny's forehead as she so often did when she was taking her temperature, her concerned face showing a trace of love and affection for her younger daughter.

Penny closed her eyes and let herself be soothed by her mother's tender caress. As the Robinson's had never been a physical family, Penny accepted this affection unrestrained, luxuriating in the warmth of her mother's touch. Absently she began responding by reaching out to stroke her mom's bare arm. She was surprised to discover how young and smooth feeling Maureen's skin still was. When she opened her eyes she looked up at her mother's pretty face. Beautiful and serene it appeared, illuminated by green starlight which made its way through Penny's cabin window. Her mom hadn't aged a day in 30 years.

Averting her eyes she looked down and then noticed something else - her mom's negligee. Penny had never seen her mom without a bathrobe on before. Now, however, her mother's plump, slightly pendulous breasts were just visible beneath the nearly transparent material of her gown. Penny was intrigued by their novelty – their ripe fullness. As Maureen leaned forward to stroke Penny's forehead, big wide nipples emerged – the surfaces darkening the gossamer material like two wet tongues. Penny found them blatant and sexual, unnerving and erotic. "You know," said Maureen interrupting Penny's reverie, "it's been a long time since we cuddled. It feels kind of nice. Do you mind it?"

"No not at all. It is nice", agreed Penny, who, with a change of heart, was actually quite pleased when her mom lay down and got under the covers beside her. She could not understand this warm feeling that seemed to be washing over her but she was grateful for the heat of her mother's soft comforting body as they nestled into each other. Even though she slept in just her panties, she seemed to feel no shyness at all in the intimate contact. In fact, as she snuggled into Maureen's opulent curves, and felt her mother's full breasts press against her own through the diaphanous material of her mother's peignoir, her pussy began to tingle with new sensations all over again as though her nipples were sending down messages of a sexual nature clearly intended to further inflame the itchiness which had been penetrating the walls of her hungry and still convulsing little gash.

In the meantime, Maureen slipped her arm under Penny's head and began to lightly scratch her daughter's back with her fingernails. Penny cooed and moved in even closer, delighting her mother with a seemingly newfound desire for physical contact and affection.

As they shifted to find the most comfortable position, Maureen made way for Penny's leg between her own by hiking up the material of her nightgown. Immediately she felt the pressure of Penny's bare thigh through her panties, hard pressed against her pubic bone.

Although Maureen welcomed this new and previously unexplored intimacy, she still wasn't sure what was happening. She had woken up with the same itchiness in her loins that caused her daughter to awaken. Upon hearing Penny's moan from her bedroom, she did what any concerned mother would have done in the situation – gone to investigate. Now, however, here she was in an almost sexual embrace with her own daughter.

This is wrong she told herself. But she couldn't help it. It was almost as if she had been drugged. And as she felt the heat from Penny's leg burn into her dampening crotch, the contact thrilled her, sending feathery signals up to her brain.

"Mom, what's happening to us?" asked Penny breathlessly, who now began to caress the back of her mother's thighs, "I feel like I'm out of control."

"I know what you mean Penny. I feel the same way. Like we've been given an aphrodisiac without our knowing it. Perhaps I should go."

"No don't", replied Penny, "I…"

But before she could finish her response, the older woman took Penny's head between her hands and kissed her passionately on the mouth. Maureen gasped as the fresh taste of her daughter's mouth washed away all of her reservations. Her daughter's saliva flowed and mingled with her own arousing a jelly like warmth in her pussy.

Penny quickly responded to her mother's kiss, thrusting her own tongue into Maureen's mouth. She immediately felt her mother clamp down on her tongue and suck it into her mouth with a hunger that was erotic and savagely thrilling. 'It's been so long since I had another female,' thought Maureen. 'Much too long.'

* * * * * *

Up on the bridge Dr. Smith struggled against the tethers that bound him. But it was no use, they were too tight. And now the green girl mocked him as she floated effortlessly by. 'Oh why did he let her in', he wondered to himself. 'She must have hypnotized him.'

Fleeline smiled to herself. It had been so easy. Just a couple of high-pitched "Dr. Smiths" and some thought transfers and he'd opened the door. But after her senses read his body, she was disappointed. He would never do. Maybe he was asexual. Maybe he was only attracted to the sex of his own species. There was, however, a strong vibration coming from somewhere not far away. She smiled and waited. She knew it wouldn't take long….

Judy awoke. She thought she heard someone calling for Dr. Smith, but it didn't sound like any voice she'd ever heard before. Quickly throwing on a robe over her camisole and underwear, she climbed the spiral staircase to the bridge. What met her eyes amazed her, even after all the strange and bizarre things she'd seen in space.

There sat Dr. Smith, confined and helpless in a chair by the control console. His mouth was gagged and his eyes sought help as he struggled to get free. And vertically hovering a foot off the ground, not 3 feet away from him was some kind of green being. A girl really. Judy reckoned that she had to be quite young but then she reminded herself that age was illusory in space. After all, she was 48 but hadn't aged physically since she was17!

"Can you talk?" Judy inquired, placing a finger to her mouth. Fleeline smiled as she looked at Judy. This was where the vibration had come from. 'What a lovely creature', she thought to herself. 'This was definitely worth a trip across the universe.'

"Talk english", Fleeline answered in a high pitched voice.

"That's right," replied Judy, "We speak English. How did you get in here?" Fleeline's language sensors would need some time to assimilate the new language. She looked at the cargo door and now Judy understood that Dr. Smith had let her in. "Why have you tied up Dr. Smith?" Fleeline followed Judy's eyes over to where her prisoner sat constrained. She then mocked a face of mild disgust and wrinkled up her nose. Judy smiled in spite of herself. She liked this girl. "What is your name?" she asked, and then pointing to herself said, "I'm Judy. My name is Judy".

"Ah Juuudy, " she said and smiled showing perfect teeth. "I, Fleeline".

"Well Fleeline, you're certainly a long way from home, aren't you?"

In answer, Fleeline floated closer to Judy who stood spellbound, but unafraid. As Judy studied the young waif, she observed that her skin was silky smooth with a light green tone. Her beautiful mouth, however, and full lips were darker, like the skin of a lime, as were her eyelids. 'Was it make-up?' Judy wondered. She was clothed in, what on earth would have been called figure-skating attire - the top being some kind of spandex material, which stretched tightly around her chest. Below was a short skirt the hem of which consisted of crepe paper thin tatters which floated around her thin upper thighs as she moved. Her legs, long and shapely, were enhanced by the fact that she was not standing on the floor, but hovering over it. For a split second, Judy thought of Peter Pan, but then erased that thought quickly as Fleeline came within inches of her own face. She was anything but masculine.

Fleeline's light green eyes were nearly oriental with long dark eyelashes. She had very high cheekbones and a lithe lovely body with an impossibly thin waist. Judy was mesmerized by her youthfulness, and at the same time - her confidence. "What are you doing here?" she asked the young girl.

"Doing? You'll see" smiled Fleeline secretively. She then reached out and touched Judy's shoulder. "Oh how you'll see". She then drew the earth girl's robe down her arms before Judy even had time to react, leaving her standing there in only a thin camisole and panties.

Now it was Fleeline's turn to be amazed. The pink nearly transparent undergarment of the earthling appeared designed for an adolescent, stretched as it was across the pinnacles of her extensive chest. Thick nipples, the size of her finger tips protruded defiantly through the material as though they had been discharged from a weapon and had just managed to stop their forward propulsion before bursting through the overtaxed and obviously well worn garment. A second set of projectiles in the shape of wide areola were also visible, their area clearly defined by the puffy swell around the base of each nipple, indicating a broad and enticing plateau in their own right!

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