tagInterracial LoveLust in the Jungle Ch. 02

Lust in the Jungle Ch. 02


This two-chapter story is a departure from my usual genre in an attempt to stretch myself. Yes, it stretches reality, and No, it's not exactly 'interracial Love.' It's more 'Interracial Lust.' I hope you enjoy ... and thanks to Sally Tart for her inspiration.


Michelle felt a shiver pass through her as she thought back to her afternoon encounter with Jameraka. She could still feel the black guide's thick cock in her mouth. The salty aftertaste of his cum lingered and she found herself licking her lips again.

She had never cheated in any relationship before, and yet if she had a regret it was that he hadn't fucked her.

How bad was that?

Her throat tightened and she fought back the knot.

She had fucked Josef as soon as she had returned to her hut. He'd still been peeved that she'd gone to the river with Jameraka, although he had no idea of what had happened there. How could he? Before he could start to question her, she had pushed him flat on the makeshift bed and had him inside her almost before he could react.

She'd been like a wild woman, driven on by the need burning inside her body. But it hadn't been her husband she'd thought about as they'd fucked. It had been that hard, muscular black body. It was difficult to keep her mind off Jameraka and his humongous black cock.

What was wrong with her?

She'd taken Josef again, half an hour later, once he'd recovered. And yet she had still needed more.

She had hurried back down to the river to bathe again in readiness the feast that the Chief was providing tonight. But in reality she had been hoping to find Jameraka there again. Disappointingly, he hadn't been there and she'd had to masturbate under the waterfall.

Perhaps it was just as well that she hadn't found him. She would have given herself completely to him this time.

Yet ... his words still troubled her. You belong to the tribe now. What did that mean?

She and Josef would be leaving as soon as the roads were passable, perhaps even tomorrow. What had happened on the safari would only be memories when they returned home... sexy memories, perhaps, but memories all the same.

Her mind had gone into overdrive as she'd thought back over their short time in the village and she'd begun to masturbate again as the recollections grew ever more vivid.

Her sexual fantasies had been awakened when she'd found Jameraka openly masturbating in front of her while she was fucking Josef in their hut. Then there had been the transfixed way she had openly soaped her tits infront of the men of the tribe while bathing. Next had been the Chief's insistence that they dress the same as all the tribe members. Despite her initial reluctance, she had soon discovered that cavorting topless around the village while the tribesmen watched her was immensely stimulating

And then she had given Jameraka a blow job in the river...

The heat inside her body grew even further. Her breath quickened. Gawd, she so needed to be fucked! She'd hurried back to the hut, ready to pounce on Mark again, when Jameraka had called for them.

It was time for the feast.

She'd sent him an embarrassed glance when they'd left the hut and when he returned her gaze she'd felt her nipples instantly harden. The knowing look he gave her—the look one lover gave another—made her pussy tingle.

But they weren't lovers. Not quite. Not yet.


The silence was deafening as Jameraka escorted them across the village. The darkness that was closing in made the small fires spread around them look even more spectacular.

Michelle found it difficult to place one foot in front of the other. The sexual tension inside her body was tearing her apart. It was as if, by crossing the line with the black guide, a need had been awoken in her that would remain until it was fully satisfied.

It was a dangerous need.

Was that why she had deliberately gone without her thong, she asked herself. She had almost—but not quite—convinced herself the sole reason was that it was such a warm night. Whatever the truth, her state of semi-nakedness felt exhilarating. Her nipples were hard, her sex was moist, and she was ready for any eventuality.

It took a couple of minutes to reach the large space outside the Chief's hut. A small table had been erected in the middle of the space and there were perhaps a dozen seats in total. Those on either end were already occupied, as was the seat in the centre of the table.

The old Chief sat there patiently, as if he was waiting for them. His hair fell down onto his shoulders rather than the usual pony tail and his nose ring looked bigger than ever.

Jameraka murmured to them that Josef would sit on the Chief's right and Michelle would take the position on his immediate left and then whispered one final instruction to them.

"You must do exactly as Jameraka guides you tonight."

His firm tone brooked no discussion.

Michelle took her place on the left of the Chief, as instructed, and nervously watched as Josef positioned himself on the right. She waited for Jameraka's instruction to sit down. He had already told them that the feast was in their honour. The last thing she wanted to do was for either of them to fuck things up by making the wrong move at the wrong time.

Kara, the dark haired young girl they'd met yesterday suddenly appeared. Josef's eyes nearly popped out as his gaze was drawn to her stunning breasts. Who could blame him? They even made Michelle's mouth water.

Jameraka had told them she had been chosen to 'serve' the Chief when she had reached the age of eighteen. An image of the girl fucking the Chief appeared in Michelle's mind and she shivered in distaste. How could someone so young and beautiful fuck someone with such a repulsive pot belly?

The thought disappeared as quickly as it had arrived when Jameraka signalled with a single nod of his head that they should all take their seats.

The Chief nodded at Michelle and Josef in turn and then clapped his hands. When he had silence, he rose to his feet and began to address the table in his native tongue.

Jameraka leant into Michelle as he began to translate.

"The Chief welcomes you both and offers his gratitude to you for observing the tribe's customs."

She glanced at him, listening to the words but becoming more preoccupied with his closeness. Her eyes flickered to his loin cloth and what lay beneath. If she wasn't mistaken, he was aroused, too.

She sent a guilty glance towards her husband but he was too preoccupied with Kara's tits to pay too much attention to her, or the speech. And it seemed his interest was welcomed by the dark-haired beauty. If Michelle wasn't mistaken, she was batting her young eyelashes at him.

"He says that you have been sent to us by the Gods," Jameraka went on, drawing her attention back to the Chief. "He believes you will bring great fortune to the village."

"Why would Josef and I bring—"

Jameraka instantly cut her off with a wave of his hand.

"Not your man," he told her. "He means nothing to the Chief or the tribe. You are the favoured one."

He raised his coconut shell and drank the contents in one long gulp.

"To Missy," he told her, nodding at her drink.

Michelle hesitantly followed his lead, draining the contents in three short gulps. Instantly, Jameraka refilled the shell from the large stone pitcher beside them.

The Chief pointed at her now, raising his voice a little to make whatever point he was making, and then sat down. The speech, such as it was, was at an end.

"He says that tonight he will bless you," Jameraka went on, and then explained. "It is the traditional way of welcoming a new woman into the tribe."

Michelle stared at him, wide-eyed. Into the tribe? What did he mean, Into the tribe?

"I don't understand," she whispered. "I'm only here for another day or so."

Jameraka smiled at her but said nothing.

"What do you mean, bless me?" she tried again.

"Tell me this," he asked, "You and Jameraka at the river. You like Jameraka's va-va?"

She felt herself instantly colour and took another long drink. Jameraka instantly refilled the shell.

"Va-va?" she managed to ask, playing dumb. She already knew the answer.

In response, he took her hand in his and pulled it below the table. She could feel the outline of his long thickness underneath the material as he rested it on his loin cloth. A surge of heat invaded her body.

"Va-va," he emphasised. "Missy like va-va."

To emphasise the point, he pulled her hand beneath his loin cloth. His monster was hard and warm under her gripping fingers and she could feel him growing in her palm. She glanced around to make sure that no-one else could see but everyone seemed preoccupied. When he removed his hand, she kept hers in place, gripping him more tightly. It was throbbing under her stroking fingers.

Yes, she liked va-va. She loved va-va.

Had they been alone, she would have dipped her head and taken his thickness into her mouth again. With a wary glance at Josef, she promised herself that she'd get Jameraka alone after the meal. That pleasure would be all hers then...

The sudden sound of drums made her jump and she pulled her hand away in fear of being discovered. She needn't have worried. It was the signal for half a dozen young women and men to bring plates of food to the table. It appeared to be rice on each plate but she didn't dare ask.

Once they were all served, the three men and three women nodded to the Chief and then began to dance in front of the table to the beat of the music. This wasn't any ordinary dance. It was more like a mating ceremony, Michelle thought.

The women's breasts bounced as they gyrated to the beat and she could clearly see the men's dicks swinging back and forward under their loin cloths. She glanced at Jameraka and he smiled knowingly at her.

"Eat," he reassuringly told her. "Drink. Enjoy the dancing. Everything is arranged in your honour tonight, Missy..."


An hour into the evening and Michelle's body was palpitating with need. Arousal was seeping through her veins.

The dancing had become more sexual as the beat of the drums had increased. Loincloths had soon disappeared and the dancers had entwined so closely together that they might as well have been fucking. That was probably what they had done as soon as their performance had finished. All of the men were sporting erections when they eventually left the scene and the women's perspiration covered bodies were alive with need.

Lucky bastards...

She glanced at Jameraka again and wondered if she dare reach under the table for his cock again. Dammit, she'd had far too much of that kekpa to drink and it just seemed to make her hornier. Before she returned to her hut with Josef, she would find an opportunity to be alone with him again.

The thought of taking that humungous black dick in her mouth again was mouth watering. How many more chances would she have before leaving the village? And she'd make it up to Josef by fucking his brains out all night.

She glanced at her husband across the table. His hands were continually touching Kara's young body as he chatted to her with all the enthusiasm of a drunk on the pull. He was so far gone he'd forgotten she couldn't speak a word of English. That was so typical of him. He never could hold his alcohol.

She was just hoping that he wasn't going to make a fool of himself when he suddenly keeled over and fell from his seat.

She half rose to attend to him, but Jameraka tugged her back into her seat and quickly made his way across to him. Their black guide checked his pulse, exchanged a couple of words with Kara, and then turned and spoke to the Chief.

"Your husband has passed out," he told Michelle as he returned to her. "He has drunk too much and needs sleep. I will carry him back to your hut."

"I'll come with you," she quickly told him.

This could be exactly the opportunity she was looking for. With Josef passed out, she and Jameraka could—

"No," he harshly interrupted her. "To leave without the Chief's blessing would be an insult."

He waved across to Kara, who came hurrying over to them.

"Kara will help prepare you," he explained. "Then she will return you to your hut. Do you understand?"

Michelle bit back her response. Jameraka's dark eyes were glaring at her and his tone left no room for argument. Reluctantly, she nodded. If the blessing, whatever it was, was over with quickly then she still had the chance to see Jameraka afterwards.

She watched as Jameraka strode across to Josef and threw him over his shoulder as easily as if he had been a bag of feathers. When he headed in the direction of Michelle's hut, Kara took her hand and pulled her to her feet.

Until that moment, she hadn't realised just how much her own drink had affected her. Her head felt woozy and her legs were weak. Kara snaked an arm around her waist to steady her as the she guided them to the Chief's hut.

It didn't even occur to Michelle to ask what she was doing there. Her head was so fuzzy that just sitting down was a relief. The hut was bigger than hers, with a much larger bed, a couple of makeshift chairs, and a few coconut cups and two stone jugs on top of the small wooden table in the corner.

Kara stood in front of her for a moment, watching her closely. Up close, she was even more attractive. She was built like a tigress, with a tight, fit body and breasts that Michelle would die for. She found herself staring at the girl's firm ass as she turned away and poured some drink from one of the jugs into a shell.

Bringing it back to the bed, she knelt infront of Michelle.

"Kekpa," she said.

Her voice was warm and soft. It was the first time that Michelle had heard her speak.

She was just about to explain that she couldn't face any more drink when Kara surprised her by dipping two fingers into the shell. Without warning, she reached out and began to smear the liquid across Michelle's right nipple and then her left.

Michelle closed her eyes and bit down on her lower lip to contain herself. The touch was intimate, but she was rapidly learning that what seemed strange to her was perfectly normal in the village. Besides, if she objected, it could be seen as an insult to the Chief. Not that she wanted to object.

Her nipples had already begun to tingle and were crying out for more obvious attention. If Kara had leaned closer and begun to suck on them, she wouldn't have pulled away...

The young woman used the same two fingers to dip into the kekpa again but this time when she withdrew them from the shell, she slid them between Michelle's spread-eagled thighs.

Michelle gasped.

It was as if a thousand volts of electricity were being pumped through her. As Kara began to coat her labial lips, she fell back helplessly onto her elbows as felt a powerful wave of pleasure consume her. In the furthest part of her mind she was aware that the situation had quickly developed beyond the bounds of acceptability, but the instantaneous orgasm bubbling inside her wasn't going to be denied.

When the girl's pleasuring fingers found her clitoris there was no holding back.

Her climax spread through her body like a wildfire in a forest and she realised that the screams of pleasure in her ears where her own. The first orgasm turned into a second, and the whole of her body was shuddering.

It was only when she eventually began to recover, and clarity started to return, that she realised they were no longer alone.


The pot-bellied Chief stood in the doorway, watching the two women with a satisfied smirk as Michelle climaxed in front of him.

The shock was every bit as much as the time she'd discovered Jameraka watching her while she was fucking Josef. An upsurge of embarrassment covered her body and she glanced around in a vain attempt to find something to cover herself.

Kara smiled at her reassuringly as she rose to her feet. She deferentially approached the old Chief and unfastened the clasp that held his loincloth in place.

When it dropped to the ground, Michelle felt her body react. This man was old, unattractive, and had no virtues to recommend him other than being Chief of the tribe. Except for his cock...

It was every bit as big as Jameraka's.

Kara reached for the shell and poured some of the kekpa she had used on Michelle over his manhood. When she began to rub it in with both hands, it rose majestically like a giant tower. Michelle's breath caught in her throat. Despite all his other unattractive physical attributes, his cock was magnificent.

It was at that moment that realisation suddenly dawned. It took a moment for her to process the thought in her mind but once she had, it became clearer. This was what Jameraka had meant by the Chief blessing her.

He was going to fuck her...

She couldn't let him, of course, but even as she began to shake her head, there was no denying the sexual heat that was unexpectedly emanating from between her thighs.

The Chief strutted across the hut towards her, his glistening manhood bouncing infront of him underneath that huge stomach. When he reached the bed, he simply grabbed her ankles and pulled her so that she fell backwards.

It was apparent that he didn't believe in foreplay. Not that it mattered. Michelle was so wet she was practically dripping.

She should have resisted. She should have called out for Josef, not that it would have done her any good in the state he was in. But at least it would have been some attempt to salvage her self-respect. She should have attempted to push the Chief away as he mounted her. But not only did she make no effort to resist, she found herself raising her hips to provide a better angle as he pushed that huge black dick against her opening.

Her hands found his hips and pulled him to her. Despite his size, his monster slid inside her with an amazing ease.

Her rational brain, what was left of it, attempted to return her to reality but every logical thought was swept away by the needs of her body. Her pussy was on fire and she needed his huge black cock—any black cock—to help put out the flames.

She hooked her legs around his plump black body. When she dug the soles of her feet into the top of his ass, it forced the old Chief's rock hard cock even more deeply inside her.

He hadn't even started to fuck her, and yet it was her hips that were already rising and falling. She was growling out her need as she thrust upwards, fucking him, while the wily old Chief simply held himself in position, staring down into her eyes, letting her use his cock as her masturbatory tool.

She came twice—screaming out her orgasms—before he started to move inside her. The friction was unbelievable. It felt as if he was going to split her apart.

He took her slowly at first, letting her get used to his size and girth, and when she adjusted it was hear her voice she could hear, begging him to fuck her faster. When he obliged, she found herself screaming again. He might be old and ridiculous looking, with that pot-belly, nose-ring and pony tail, but was hitting places deep inside her that Josef never touched.

He had the stamina of an ox, too. How long had he been fucking her? She was whimpering with every deep thrust. She'd cum again—how many times?—before the Chief eventually succumbed to the inevitable and reached his climax.

When he came, the feeling of his seed spurting inside her caused another orgasm to run through her body. Thank God she couldn't have children.

His cock left her and when she lay back exhausted, there was an awful feeling of emptiness inside her pussy.

Someone was feeding her a drink, more kekpa, and as she forced her narrowed eyes open she realised it was Kara. Her eyes widened at the thought that the younger woman had remained in the hut to watch her being fucked.

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