tagSci-Fi & FantasyLust is Life Ch. 04

Lust is Life Ch. 04


Chapter 4: Victoria Milks the Generals

"Why are military based always so drab," Victoria wondered aloud as she arranged the vodka spiked carafes of ice water around the conference table. "Military bases are always so dark and gloomy. Maybe if these places weren't so deathly dull, generals and majors wouldn't always be making such stupid decisions."

Victoria sighed and looked around the room. Dull dark wood conference table. Dull black leather chairs. Drab recessed lighting and a big video display screen that wouldn't be showing anything fun. Victoria scanned her data banks wondering why she wound up spying on the generals. According to her personnel file, she was a civilian military intelligence consultant. "Military intelligence isn't what it used to be," Victoria sang remembering a song from somewhere long ago, "So what! Human intelligence isn't what it used to be either!"

Intelligence had nothing to do with getting inside this bunker. The generals were only too happy to believe that Victoria had a few circuits blown. She was here as eye candy, a glorified waitress and a fuck toy. For some reason, the generals like to talk strategy with their dicks.

The generals drifted in at late. Since they're the big brass, they can be as late as they want. If their aids were late like they are, they'd be sent to Ice Station Zebra. Victoria was used to this kind of behavior. A little shock ran through her circuits as she realized she'd been dealing with these sorts of people for several human lifetimes.

General Graff stood at the head of the table scowling at the two other generals when they finally took their places. He did a double take when he noticed Victoria in her usual place, standing in the shadows in the corner. Graff cleared his throat and began, "Admiral Maxwell will not be joining us today." The general stared at Victoria as he continued. "He is on an inspection tour of Micronesian submarine bases after his, excessive behavior at our last meeting. After that meeting, Miss V, we weren't really expecting you to be back."

The circuits in Victoria's head flashed with images of from the last time she had been in this room. Actually, it had been the last time the previous Victoria had been in this room. Admiral Maxwell got rough with her. Images of a belt wrapped around her neck flashed across her circuits. Degraded images flashed of the other generals pulling the admiral off her. The admiral triggered a reset, she realized. In human terms, the admiral had killed her.

Victoria bowed her head and adjusted her vocal timber for a hoarse, scratchy tone. "It seemed a lot worse that it really was, Sir. Begging the general's pardon, but I am relieved that the admiral is not here today."

"Understood, Miss V," the general said. "Are you ready to resume your duties?"

"Yes Sir," Victoria whispered.

"Very good," General Graff said. "Assume your post."

Victoria slipped out of her business suit. The generals discarded their uniforms. Victoria took her place on the conference table. General Graff slid his cock into her mouth. General Hood got between her legs and started licking her pussy. With her right hand, she stroked General Reems cock while he played with her titties.

"Let me get right to the point," General Graff said as he slowly face fucked Victoria. "The dweebs in the science unit have their generator doohickeys ready for testing. They're going to feed the public that trash about unlimited cheap energy."

"Which is a total crock," General Hood muttered with his tongue shoved up Victoria's asshole.

"Of course it's a crock!" Graff grunted as his balls draped across Victoria's nose. He pulled his dick out of her mouth so she could gasp some air, then shoved it all the way down her throat again.. "Why would we let anyone hurt our friends in the methane business? If we tell people what we really want, they won't give us the money for projects like this."

"Those science geeks are such a lot of weenies," General Reems added straddling Victoria and sliding his cock between her big tits. "They'd get all righteous if they thought they were developing weapons."

"Right!" Hood exclaimed with a grunt as he shoved his cock up Victoria's ass. "Let them delude themselves with all their peace and love shit. We'll make sure it fucks up.

"Switch!" General Graff commands. The generals move around the table. Victoria gets up on all fours as Reems slides under her. Hood moves around to the head of the table while Graff moves to the end.

"As you were." Graff commands as he slides his dick up Victoria's ass. He grunts as his cock rubs against Reems dick through the membrane separating the cunt from the rectum. The generals fall into an alternating rhythm double fucking Victoria. Hood jams his ass flavored prick down Victoria's throat.

"So we let them launch their microwave generators," Hood pants.

"We even let them work as designed for awhile," Reems grunts.

"Then we let the accident happen," Graff grunts. Victoria gasps around the cock filling her mouth as she realizes that Graff has shoved his dick in her pussy with Reems. The two cocks stretch her pussy out. She shivers as the two dongs thrust into her in unison. "Ohhhh," she groans as she's being stuffed with dick. "Like that!" Graff chuckles. "We'll fuck those pointy head types with their own toys."

"Zap," Hood laughed slapping Victoria's face with his cock.

"Poof," Reems mutters into Victoria's shoulder. "A slight trajectory error and University Hill is incinerated!"

"Eliminating a lot of the bleeding hearts who would oppose space based weapons and demonstrating the effectiveness of the microwave cannon at the same time!" Graff groans.

"Then before they know what we're up to," Hood says as he walks around the table. "We use the thing to incinerate Rykso and Beimin and show everyone who's boss!" he continued slamming his dick back up Victoria's ass.

"Aghh" Victoria screams imagining that she's being torn apart. She groans loudly now that she has two cocks in her pussy and one up her ass. Word fails as the quartet lose higher functions. The primal rutting instincts take over as the generals pound Victoria's cunt and ass. Reems and Graff alternate their strokes, fucking her pussy like two massive meat pistons. Hood makes quick, deep thrusts shoving his dick balls deep. Victoria feels a perverse pride as pleasure and pain impulses race through her nerves and circuits.

She gasps again as Hood's prick pops out of her slick asshole. She feels cum and slime leaking from her butthole. Hood tires to stab his prick back up her butt, but his cock slides on the slime and jams its way into Victoria's overstuffed pussy. Victoria's body goes into convulsions as the three cocks slowly force their way deeper into her cunt. She feels them slide out as her muscles contract around them. Then the dicks push their way in again. Reems cries out in pain as Victoria digs her nails into his shoulders. She emits a long, bestial growl as her body convulses. When the orgasm breaks through her circuits, she screams and shoves back, driving all three dicks as far up her cunt as they can possibly go.

Victoria collapses onto the conference table gasping for air. She is in a post orgasmic stupor with her head hanging over the edge of the table. He eyes are unfocused but she smells the sex close to her face. She hears Graff grunt, "It's really all very simple." She feels something hot and wet splash across her lips and chin. She tastes the salty slime and knows the generals are shooting her.

"Really simple," Reems agrees spraying seed across Victoria's nose. The thick goo slides down into her eyes and across her forehead. "The geeks design the perfect weapon."

Victoria feels another load splatter across her neck and chin. "Then we use it to take out the geeks," she hears Hood bark.

Victoria lay on the table blinded by the load of jizz in her eyes. She feels the sweat and cum covering her body. She feels her pussy and ass leaking on the table. The generals ignore her as they talk about how commanding space will give them ultimate power as they dress. Their talk turns to diner reservations and golf scores as Victoria sits up and wipes cum out of her eyes.

As the Generals leave the conference room, Graff hesitates, then calls back, "make sure you clean up after yourself Miss V. You made a big mess on our conference table."

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