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Lustful Hatred


Every Friday me and my friend Marie would meet at the bar downtown after work. I had been there for 20 minutes before I got a call.

"Hey Kim, it's Marie. I won't be able to make it, car trouble, sorry. Next week?"

"Sure. Next week."

I looked down at my table disappointed.

When I first met Jerry in High School I knew there was something different about him. We talked for hours and I felt so comfortable around him. He had such great humor! It was no surprise we got married right after graduation. Married life was fun and sex was satisfying. After a while though I found he wasn't paying as much attention to

me anymore. Perhaps he felt nothing needed to be said, that everything was being implicitly stated. I didn't feel the same way... I couldn't find an easy way to express this though and I often felt that maybe I was just being needy. Jerry and I had been trying to have a baby and had been having sex virtually every night but had failed so far. I knew that Jerry, despite how much I loved him, was lacking in his fertility.

As I sat at the table ruminating a man walked up to me and introduced himself as James. He was beautiful and towered over me. We talked for a while and before I knew it we were on our way to his house. Innocently, I thought we would just talk. Inside I knew this was a lie...

I laid in bed, butterflies in my stomach, waiting for James to enter the room. The anticipation was incredible and

just the thought of being with him sent incredible sensations rushing through my body. The door opened and James entered and looked right at me with such desire.

He was totally naked, his body was incredible. The beautiful hair on his body showed that he was a man. I felt bad making the comparison between him and Jerry who had a somewhat androgynous body. My searching eyes moved downward and froze. His penis defied expectation. It hung completely flaccid midway down his long thighs with an incredible thickness. Laying on top of a pair of kiwi sized balls it began to engorge and grow before my eyes. I could see the large prominent veins pumping his manhood to it's fullest size. It absolutely dwarfed what Jerry had. The sight of it sent electric shocks through me.

He reached the end of the bed and pulled me towards him. There had been foreplay enough on the ride over here. My vagina glistened eagerly and felt hot to the touch.

He put his huge hands around my waist and positioned his massive sex organ at my entrance. A clear fluid drooled copiously from the opening of his dick and I was so wet by now I could feel an even greater flow begin to soak the sheets beneath. He began to slowly push the tip in and I let out an involuntary gasp. "I'll go easy" he whispered. It went deeper and deeper and it stretched the muscles of my vagina further than they've ever been. It burned and the pain was incredible yet at the same time there was a rush of pleasure. It finally hit my cervix which gave a quick sting. I looked down and was shocked to see almost half of his penis was still exposed.

He began to move slowly in and out. Each thrust even deeper than before as I felt my vagina expanding to accommodate his penis. This lasted for nearly 10 minutes as the pain began to subside. My eyes were fixated on the scene and as he pushed against my cervix again I could see that he was almost to the hilt. I was amazed at the sight, I could see his cock producing a bulge in my stomach as it moved in and out. Slowly he began to increase speed and I felt a pang of anxiety as I realized I was entering uncharted waters. I had only ever had sex with Jerry and was unsure of what a penis of this magnitude would do to me.

He went faster and faster and I began to feel an exhilaration. I felt a strange warmth throughout my entire body and then huge waves of pleasure began to wash over me. I was drowning in ecstasy. I realized that this was an orgasm, a real one. I had imagined that what I felt with Jerry was orgasmic but I knew now how wrong I was. I started having trouble thinking straight, there was nothing but primal lust as I felt a huge pressure building. I let loose not knowing what would happen and a mind-bending rush of pure bliss exploded through me. I let out ecstatic cries of joy as my body curled up and I couldn't help but twitch back and forth.

It was practically overwhelming, it felt like I was going to die from the power of it. I began to ask him to give me a break when he quickly flipped me over and began to plunge into me from behind even faster and deeper than before. Now I was absolutely overwhelmed and I began to practically scream in a confused state of pure pleasure. I realized that tears were streaming down my face as I could feel his gargantuan penis pushing deeper and the pressure as my stomach bulged out with each thrust. I couldn't think, wasn't thinking, I don't think I could see anymore and had no control. My mind and body were overloaded. I felt like I had passed out but I knew that I hadn't.

Suddenly, he stopped thrusting and pushed in as deeply as possible. I felt his huge fertile balls resting on my soaked pussy as I realized that the entirety of his organ was now inside of me, a feat I thought impossible.

His penis stayed in place as he continued to push deeper, practically crushing my cervix as I almost thought it would push into my chest. His penis expanded greatly and I could feel it's incredible pulse as he started to cum inside of me. There was a surge of awesome warmth as I felt my pussy overflow and his seed began to run down my deeply angled body and drip from my engorged breasts. He pulled out of me and I began to feel empty.

I immediately collapsed onto the bed, shaking, and he held me with his powerful arms as I melted into his embrace.

Weeks later I found that I was pregnant. I shared the news with Jerry and he was ecstatic and proud of what we achieved. Every Friday since I met James I had been forgoing my bar meetings with Marie and been seeing James for as long as possible. I was addicted to him when I realized the mind-shattering pleasure he could give me.

One Saturday I was eating breakfast with Jerry as we talked about the baby. He was still elated by the news and spoke proudly of the conception as we had been attempting for almost three years. By now my experiences with James began to spill over into the rest of my life as I found myself day-dreaming about our next meeting almost constantly.

I zoned out while Jerry had been talking about the baby and when I came back to reality I found myself annoyed. This baby wasn't Jerry's. He had no right to be proud. He made me angry as I realized how much I had been deprived of in my singular devotion to him. I realized that what I thought was love back in High School was actually just friendship. I had made a mistake. Jerry was nice, but he was not a real man. He couldn't provide me with the incredible pleasures and fulfillment that James could. I wanted to wipe the smug look off of Jerry's face and make him realize how weak and inadequate he is. I told him of my infidelity, of how good it felt, and of how the baby wasn't his. I belittled him by telling him that after three years of trying to have a baby it took only two hours of sex with James to do the trick.

Admitting this I felt a rush of pleasure, of power and adrenaline. I could actually feel my vagina becoming engorged and I felt flush with the power of humiliating Jerry. I hated Jerry now , the idea of making him suffer sent a tingle down my spine. Jerry didn't even put up a fight, he just resignedly leaned back. I walked out of the room swaying my hips seductively making him lust after what was no longer his. In my mind I was James's.

I went to the bedroom and called James asking him to come over.

A mere 20 minutes later James was at the door, Jerry still sat in the kitchen staring at the table. I called him into the living room where James sat and told Jerry to take his clothes off. I told him that he would have a chance at redemption if he did what I told him to do.

Jerry meekly followed my orders as James stood up and undressed as well. A look of consternation drew across Jerry's face and he tried to back out of the room. James quickly grabbed him and threw him onto the couch with one powerful arm.

I told Jerry to get on his knees and pleasure James. I told him that James was superior and that Jerry's place was subservience. Jerry reluctantly placed a hand on James now erect mega-phallus and found he couldn't even fit it all the way around. I looked with disgust at Jerry's feminine physique and juvenile penis in comparison to the incredibly masculine and Adonis-like James. Precum streamed from James which Jerry began to lick off the tip of his penis. James then placed one hand on the back of Jerry's head and pushed his enormous penis into his throat. Jerry quickly began to cough and gag but Jerry just pushed deeper. It appeared that Jerry's body tried to vomit but simply couldn't. I watched in amazement as Jerry's throat bulged with the girth of James cock. Jerry tried to pull away but I quickly held him in place, overpowering his frailty with my meager female strength.

Jerry's face was beat red and tears poured out of his eyes. James had a look of deserved superiority on his face and I felt a wave of sadistic bliss. James then pulled out and Jerry went into a hysterical coughing fit. James flipped Jerry over and held him in place with a single massively powerful arm. With his other hand he steadied his equine penis and I eagerly slipped a very large specialty condom over it and generously lubed the length of it.

I took a second to admire his sex organs. His penis was at least the length of my arm with smooth supple skin and huge powerful veins. Thicker at the base but still well beyond wrist thick at the tip I ran my gaze from tip to base and looked in awe at the huge bulging muscles wrapping around the base of his penis. His balls were huge and beautiful, I held one in the palm of my hand and took solace in the substantial weight.

Sarcastically I quipped "Sorry Jerry" as James began to plunge into Jerry. Jerry pushed his face into the couch and began to scream. He couldn't escape James's plundering cock as he was held down and conquered. James fucked Jerry with savage abandon as I looked in awe at the bulging of Jerry's stomach, I thought it would burst right through. Every scream of pain Jerry emitted felt like an orgasm to me. James moved at a furious pace and the sound of his balls slamming against Jerry told me just how deep he was. James quickly pulled out and threw Jerry onto the ground where Jerry collapsed into a mess. James left the room to clean up and quickly came back still erect.

If Jerry died of internal damage it would only amplify the pleasure that I felt a million times over and confirm the utter power that I attributed to James. I looked up in complete awe at James viewing him as an ultra masculine god and hoped, prayed that James's total domination of Jerry would end up killing him.

I hovered over Jerry and pushed my breasts into his delirious gaze, taunting him. I smiled at Jerry and told him how much I loathed his inadequacies. I grabbed his useless genitals and crushed his testicles in my hand. I laughed as he writhed in pain and felt torrents of pleasure flooding over me. Jerry teared uncontrollably and told me weakly that he loved me. James grabbed my perfect ass and lifted me up to his waist level as I said dismissively "I know Jerry."

James comfortably slid his awesome phallus into my utterly engorged and dripping wet pussy. I let out a squeal of pleasure as I began to orgasm on contact from the incredible arousal. James stood tall and lifted me up and down, thrusting into me and easily supporting me with his massive thighs. Each thrust bringing involuntary vaginal contractions as I helplessly creamed on James's monstrous organ. My juices rained down on Jerry who, defeated, continued to cry pathetically. I rolled my head back and smiled, ignoring Jerry completely.

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