tagNonHumanLustful Summoning Ch. 05

Lustful Summoning Ch. 05


The beginning of the following story is more rough and violent than the previous editions in this chain of events. The language is a lot more vulgar due to the fact that it is from the perspective of a different person than Jason. I’m keeping it in the non-human section because of the succubi that are involved. If you are squeamish about beatings, assaults, gushing blood, or just being screwed to death before going to Hell, then you might not want to read this portion of the story. If not, then I hope you really do enjoy it.

Mac-C didn’t have a very nice outlook toward women. They were put on this earth to do nothing more than serve men. Even his mother, that crack-whore bitch, wasn’t any better. She gave him life and that’s all he knew about her. That was all he wanted to know.

More than twenty-six years since that time, other sluts had been the cause of him serving time in the system. There was that old craggy cunt of a social worker that kept putting him in homes. Then it was slut who went running to the teachers because she didn’t want to put out after cock teasing him all those years in high school.

That girl caused him to spend six months in juvie. After that, you had all the other pussies that kept telling the cops he was beating them. But he had finally beat those bitches at their own game, especially that last ho that caused him to seven months in the state penn.

It’ll be years before they find her dry cunt, and even then, there won’t be any chance of proving it was him. But now he had figured out how to beat all these bitches at their own game.

More than forty whores in the city were his and only two of them had tried to quit his business. They won’t be found anytime soon, either. They weren’t even missed when they went missing. But for Vamp to go missing was shocking. No one took his ho’s, no one.

He couldn’t believe that bitch left her job. She was one of those few that really liked her job, even if she did attract the freaks. He wouldn’t be surprised if one of those fucking freak Johns had done something to her, but he wasn’t going to let them get away with it. If they did, his other paying pussies would get the idea that he wouldn’t protect them, and that couldn’t happen.

“Get G to call the police and file a missing person’s on that bitch,” Mac-C told the ho that was shooting up next to him. “And don’t spill any of your fucking blood on my carpet, bitch. You know what I’ll do to you if you do, don’t ya, bitch.”

Mac-C mocked holding a gun in his hand, pointing at the cunt, and curled his trigger finger all the way in. The whore quickly pushed the juice into her vein and jerked the needle out. Just as quickly, she put her hand over the already red infected wound and pressed on it.

“She’s just trying to keep the fix in her and ain’t worrying about the blood that she’s about to get all over my place,” Mac-C thought with anger. He’ll just slap her around later for being a bitch. She likes it that way.

“And get out to all the cunts and tell them to help the police if they ask about her,” he yelled at the needle scarred woman. “If I find out that they don’t, then there won’t be a missing person’s report, let alone a search. Plus no one will find them if there was a search.”

Several hours later, G called back and spoke to Mac-C.

“What?” Mac-C answered the phone.

“It’s me, G,” G said. “I’ve filed the report and they are on the streets asking the girls. They don’t think they are going to find her, though.”

“They better, or else there is going to be some serious Hell to pay,” said Mac-C. He slammed the phone down and rolled back over in his bed.

He looked over his newest pussy for the Johns out there. She was on her back, tied to the bedpost. She was just as kinky as Vamp had been. She liked to be slapped around even more than the other cunts that’s been in his bed.

He knew this because any woman that had a tattoo liked that shit, and she had a large ink job on her back that resembled a spider web. There was also the red hourglass shape on her tight little stomach. If this bitch liked that kind of pain, she will love the pain he had in store for him.

Mac-C rolled over on top of her sleeping form and started banging the bitch before she opened her eyes. She woke up and started to scream before he covered her mouth with his hand. Her eyes opened wide, staring at him, but he didn’t care. He liked his women silent when he fucks them. None of that fake orgasm shit.

“You like it this way, don’t you, bitch?” Mac-C said. He didn’t give her a chance to answer by keeping his hand over her mouth. “You’re going to love my cock slamming into your pussy any night that I can give it to you. You’ll be my ho like all the others, won’t you?”

The girl kept staring at him, nodding her head rapidly. The tears that were streaming down the sides of her face shocked him.

“Stop that shit, you bitch!” Mac-C yelled. He took his hand from her mouth and slapped her face with the back of it. “Don’t even try to cry in front of me. I’ll beat you harder, you cunt.”

Mac-C slapped her again, and then put his hand over her mouth, also coving her nose at the same time.

“If you don’t play your cards right, cunt, then you will find that I can be very uncaring,” he said. “I’ll take you out without a second thought.”

The girl’s body kept rocking while he continued to slam his hips into her. Her eyes began to roll up into her head and Mac-C finally allowed her to breath by moving his fingers off of her nose.

He quickly pulled out of her gaping pussy and stood up on the bed, straddling her prone body. He jerked himself to cumming and watched it fall on her face. All women liked that sort of thing. They wouldn’t show it in the movies if it wasn’t true.

Mac-C then jumped off the bed and headed for the bathroom. He hated the way pussy smelled, especially after a woman has cum. It was the worse smell in the world, even worse than a damn skunk.

Mac-C took a long hot shower, especially lathering up his crotch and washing away the stench of the ho’s cunt. He heard the phone ringing when he stepped out of the shower and ran back to his bedroom to answer it. When he picked up the receiver, the person on the other end had already hung up.

“You fucking bitch!” Mac-C yelled at the girl that was tied up on his bed. “Why didn’t you come and get me or answer the fucking phone? What the fuck is wrong with you, you bitch?”

Mac-C quickly jumped on top of the girl, straddling her body. His hands flew across her face, bitch-slapping the girl as quickly as he could.

“I…I…I couldn’t answer it, you left me tied up,” she yelled at him between the striking hands. “You didn’t untie me, God damn it!”

Mac-C pulled his arm back and punched the girl in her stomach.

“Don’t you dare use God’s name in vain, you bitch!” he yelled at the girl. “You aren’t even worth having his name cross your lips, let alone cursing. You fucking bitch!”

Mac-C then punched the girl again, this time across her face. The girls nose spurted blood which pissed him off even more.

“Now you want to fucking spit your nasty ass fucking blood on me?” Mac-C yelled. His hands went back the girls face, this time covering her mouth and nose again. “I’ll teach you to spit your fucking blood on me.”

Mac-C watch with joy as her struggled to breathe, but he didn’t care. He was going to let this bitch see what happened to women that went against his wishes, especially if they tried to fight back.

The girl was saved for the moment when the phone next to the bed rang again.

“You let out a single sound, then I am going to cause you so much pain, that you will beg me to kill you,” Mac-C said. He pulled his hand off her mouth and snatched up the phone.

“What?” he yelled into the receiver.

“Where were you a minute ago, Mac,” G’s voice said. “I tried calling, but you didn’t answer?”

“I was in the shower and the bitch here didn’t answer the fucking phone,” Mac-C said. “What did you get on Vamp?”

“She ain’t dead,” G told him. “That bitch is holed up at the John’s house that took her home last night. The blue boy’s said that she had no intention of coming back to you and wasn’t going to go back on the street.”

“That fucking cunt,” Mac-C said. “Get over here and pick that crack ho I had call you this morning. We got us a trip to make and some lessons to teach to these bitches. I’ll be ready when you get here.”

Mac-C hung up the phone and looked at the girl still tied to the bed. She was trying to keep the blood free flowing from her nose from running down on the bed. This bitch was learning quickly, but she still needed to learn that no one crossed him.

“Come on, bitch,” Mac-C said. He moved to the foot of the bed and unbound her feet. “You’ve got a lesson to learn about how I take care of my ho’s, especially when they try leave and I ain’t ready for them go.”

Less than an hour later, G was driving down the road with that track-marked bitch riding next to him. Mac-C sat behind her and the new girl was next to him. Mac-C kept checking his piece, making sure that it was loaded and ready to go. He was nervous because he didn’t know if the John would have any weapons or if this whole thing was a trap.

G turned off the main road onto a fucking dirt road. Damn, this fucker lived out in the sticks. There was nothing worse than dealing with a dumb-ass redneck. At least no one will hear them cutting this asshole into tiny little pieces.

G killed the lights and let the moonlight show where the dirt road led. They rumbled along it until the house could be seen coming up fast. Mac-C was pleased with the looks of it. Anyone could sneak into this place and no one would ever know unless they looked hard enough.

The car turned hard into the drive of the house, effectively blocking the other car that was parked there.

G looked back at Mac-C, the latter nodding back at him. G then reached into the glove box and pulled a small pistol out and handed it to that sick bitch in the front seat.

“Use this if that bastard in there has any guns, you got that?” he told her. That skinny bitch just nodded her head. She looked like she was going to get sick. Mac-C knew how to handle this bitch’s loss of nerves.

“I’ll give you all the shit you need when this is over, bitch,” Mac-C promised. “You won’t have to buy anymore, I promise.”

That cunt’s eyes brightened at that. He knew she would fall for it.

They all piled out of the car, the new girl stood up and looked over the roof at Mac-C.

“What about me?” she whined. “Don’t I get anything?”

“You’re just hear to watch, bitch, so shut the fuck up,” Mac-C replied, pointing his finger at her, making sure she got the point. “If you ask another question, I’m going to give you something else besides a bloody nose, you got it?”

“Yeah, I got it,” she pouted. This bitch was going to piss Mac-C off to no end.

They quietly moved up the steps and up next to the door. It wasn’t until Mac-C put his ear next to the door that he finally heard something or someone inside the house. He recognized that noise from earlier that day. It was the muffled sound of some being fucked, and fucked hard, at that.

Mac-C raised his fist and beat the side of it several times on the door. There was no way this John was going to get all that fun for free. It was time to pay the man. And that bitch was going to get what she had coming to her, too.

“Open this door, you stupid fucking bitch!” Mac-C yelled. “If I have to break it down, you and your new boyfriend are going to be in deep shit! Open up, god damn it, or I’ll kill you both!”


She watched her newest offspring untangle her legs from their master. The succubus lifted her hips and removed her pussy from his mouth while leaning forward. Her lips connected with the blonde’s and she enticed the woman’s new forked tongue into her mouth.

She sucked some of the energy that the blonde had pulled from their master back into herself before breaking the lustful kiss. Another loud banging came from front door at that point.

“Didn’t you hear me, cunt?” yelled the pimp. “There ain’t no people around here that will hear me if I blow a hole in this fucking door. Now let me in or I’ll put a hole in you too.”

The succubus stood next to the bed, feeling her wings melt into her back and her tail shorten into her spine. She didn’t want to scare her prey away. She sauntered out of the bedroom and sent a mental message to her offspring to close and lock the bedroom. No harm was to come to the master. She knew that he was the key to her remaining in this world.

She reached the end of the hallway and turned up the charm. Her erotic scent began to fill the room as she crossed it, her hand outstretched for the doorknob. She didn’t falter when there was another set of beatings from the other side of the door. She grasped the handle and turned it.

Her completely nude form stood before the two men and women on the front porch. She saw their look of first shock and then surprise cross their faces. Another look attached it self to their faces, one of pure lust. All of them wanted a piece of the sensual flesh that stood before them.

“Please,” she said, in a very sultry voice. “Come in.”

The four people quickly moved into the living room and further into the trap that the succubus had set for them.

“Have a seat and make yourselves comfortable,” she told them. “I believe the person you are looking for will be joining us in a moment.”

Mac-C took a seat in the recliner that was facing the sofa while G sat in its center with the girls on each side.

“Where is that fucking bitch?” Mac-C asked, actually wanting to ask if he could fuck this gorgeous ho that was standing before him.

The succubus turned her sumptuous ass toward the group and looked toward the hallway.

“Julie, will you come out here and help me entertain our guests,” she called toward the hallway.

The blonde moved into the living room, her body swaying a little as if she were walking with legs made of rubber. The succubus knew the truth behind her movements. All of her bones had been changed; giving her legs and arms multiple joints.

Her canine implants, which were originally made for the vampire look, were now a permanent part of her body and attached to venom sacks. The fluid in those sacks were not poisonous, but had the effect of a potent aphrodisiac. Any person that received the smallest drop, whether bitten or poured into their mouth would be instantly aroused.

Tonight’s prey would be lucky, thought the succubus. They won’t feel the fangs piercing their skin, but Julie will still help keep the men subdued while she took care of the women.

Julie walked in front of Mac-C and stood before him. The succubus could tell his senses were focused on pleasure now and no longer wanting to punish the woman standing nude before him. This was a very noticeable, huge bulge in his pants other than the scent of lust that the succubus could pick up with her senses.

Julie’s breast stood up in the perkiest way and her thighs looked more muscular than Mac-C could remember, but he didn’t care. His cock just wanted to be released from the coarse confinement of his clothes and become imprisoned in the hot, silky folds of the pussy in front of him.

Her body swayed back and forth on the multi-jointed legs, which were gaining the full attention of Mac-C’s eyes. His hands reached up and began stroking the outer thighs, caressing them with a strong need to be entwined in them.

The succubus watched these movements and stepped toward the large man sitting on the couch. His eyes were open wide; staring at the firm ass and his friends wandering hands on her smooth, supple legs. The man had already pulled his cock out through his zipper and was giving the hard-on slow deliberate strokes.

The succubus leaned over the woman with needle marks, toward the big man. She could smell the wretched stench of drugs and near death on this woman, but her marks would help with the succubus’ plans for her transformation. She reached down and wrapped her long fingers around his cock.

By now, Mac-C had pulled Julie onto his lap, straddling him. Julie had reached between their bodies and pulled his dick out through his zipper and boxers. Her fingers gently touched and tickled his cock while she stretched her neck down to Mac-C’s mouth. Her other hand pulled his head toward her and their lips opened to allow their tongues to connect.

Julie’s tongue quickly reached into Mac-C’s mouth and threw its coils around his tongue, sealing their mouths together just like his fate. Julie let some of her venom seep out of her fangs and slide along her tongue into Mac-C’s mouth. Mac-C showed the effects of the venom by gripping her body tight to his, wanting to impale her on his cock; but Julie’s strength had grown as well and she kept herself from falling on his cock.

The succubus led G by his cock to a position behind the chair and moved behind him. The arm connected to the hand that was holding his cock was able to wrap around his side. Her other hand slid around the other side, slowly caressing the man’s body. Her breasts pressed against his back as she pressed against him.

Julie pulled herself from the lip-lock Mac-C was intent on keeping and leaned forward, pushing her breasts into Mac-C’s face and raising her pussy over his cock. Her hands reached behind Mac-C’s head and her fingers reached toward G’s stiff cock. When her fingers touched it, the succubus released it so Julie could take over.

Julie let out a breath filled moan as Mac-C took one of her breasts in his mouth and she impaled herself on his cock. Her forked tongue snaked out of her mouth and coiled around G’s cock. Her saliva caused her tongue to glisten in the room’s light as it continued to wrap and tighten around G’s cock. Julie moved her head forward as her tongue, four coils of it wrapped around the cock, pulled it toward the opening.

The succubus moved around to the side of the threesome, watching both men succumbing to her offspring. She reminded Julie, through her thoughts, that they were needed for the next offspring and she shouldn’t drain the prey completely this time.

Julie moaned in displeasure of this thought, but knew better than to disagree with her creator.

The succubus now moved over to the couch and stood between both of the women, watching them stare at the ménage à trois that was happening before them. Moaning was echoing through the room as the men continued to be pushed closer to their edge but only to be held there.

The succubus reached forward with both her hands and offered them to the women sitting on the couch.

“You have both been abused by these men and many others. I will help you escape from their hold on you,” she told them. “All you have to do is take my hand and follow me. I will show you how to control men and take their strength from them.”

The two women took the hands that were offered them and felt a stronger pull on their already wet pussies than the hands that were helping them off the couch. The women didn’t care where the sultry black haired woman took them. They only knew that she was offering them a release from the much-needed orgasm they wanted.

As the succubus stood, the two women rose in front of her. She let go of their hands, turned around, and began walking toward the hall. The women followed her, enjoying the vision of her swaying naked ass leading the way. Both of them noticed, but didn’t give a damn about, the slight protrusion at the base of the woman’s spine.

Another difference the two women failed to notice was that the succubus’ shoulder blades seemed to stick out further than usual. Both women followed the swaying ass cheeks without looking up, and didn’t even notice that they had walked into a room painted all black with hundred’s of candles around it.

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