tagNonHumanLustful Summoning Ch. 11

Lustful Summoning Ch. 11


Jason knew where he was as soon as he opened his eyes. He had died again in the hands of a demonic creature and once again was brought back to this hotel room in Hell. He wondered now if there was any way of escape.

He looked at the room for just a second before he felt the erotic touch of a hand sliding around his hip. Tempted by the memories of his last time in the hands of the vampiress that he knew must be touching him right now, Jason fought his lust and stepped away from the caressing hand.

He turned around to look at the vampiress as he continued to move away from the couch she was standing hear. Her body was like a siren's call to him and his groin was responding to her stare and promising look of pleasure. Just when he decided there was no use to try and escape. Jason's heel hit something on the floor, causing him to stumble backward.

He waved his arms in a windmill motion to try and keep his balance, as his feet kept taking steps backward to get a better purchase on the floor, to keep him from falling on his ass. Gravity finally won out and Jason turned his head, looking over his shoulder, to see where he was going to land.

His entire vision was filled with a white mesh and Jason thought he was going to land on the wicker chair he had seen earlier. To his surprise, the chair was only an illusion.

Jason had landed in some type of netting of very fine fibers. The angle's he had seen this netting had made it look like a large wicker chair. When he landed on the netting, he found that it didn't sit like a chair, but had a more slanted angle to it. He was now laying at about a forty-five degree angle with the floor.

Laying still for a moment, he let out a sigh of relief that he hadn't broken thru the netting or caused it to crash to the floor instead. He was also pleased that it wasn't a chair after all; because he was sure it would have buckled underneath his weight and broken in several pieces.

When he had got his breath, Jason remembered the vampiress that was at the couch earlier and tried to scramble up and see how close she was to where he had landed. That's when he became away of the danger he was in. The netting was stuck to the areas of him that were touching it, and when he put his hands on it to push up, they too became stuck in the material.

Raising his head as far as he could, he looked toward the couch and saw the vampiress staring at him.

"Just when I had you again, you had to go to another," she seemed to pout.

"What are you talking about?" he asked her. "If you help me out of this, I'll be yours again."

"Oh no, I know the rules, once trapped, you must get yourself out of it. That is, if you desire to escape."

Jason was trying to understand what she was saying and get out of the sticky situation he was in. Every move he made seemed to get him stuck even more in the material, some of it already wrapped around his fingers and hands. His feet were fully covered by the stuff, and his legs were nearly covered from the sides all the way to the back of it.

"I guess the more I struggle, the more I'm going to get stuck in this," Jason thought to himself. He decided to hold still and think about a way to get out of it.

A movement above his head on the material grabbed his attention just as he had that thought. Tilting his head up, he looked toward the top of the netting and recognized what it was immediately.

The webbing led to something like a hole in the corner of the ceiling and two walls. It was large enough for a person to squeeze thru. The webbing continued past and around the hole, onto the ceiling and into the edges where the walls and ceiling met. All of the webbing spiraled into the hole above him, where Jason noticed the strands he was lying on were being tugged and released by something inside the hole.

"Oh, no. Please. Anything but that," Jason begged to no one in particular. "That looks just like a funnel web. Please, tell me there isn't an actual spider in there."

Jason lifted his head to see if the vampiress was going to answer him, but found that tilting it up like he had earlier caused it to stick in the webbing; and he couldn't lower it back down again. He was now stuck looking into the gaping darkness that most likely contained his fate.

"She may not look like a spider, lover, but you will find out the truth soon enough," the vampiress voice said from the direction of the couch.

Jason began to struggle even more and harder in the webbing to get loose before some eight-legged creature came out of the hole and injected its digesting juices into this body. He had no intentions of feeling the acids shooting thru his body and dissolving his internal organs in excruciating pain.

Ignoring what he knew that his struggles must be doing, he continued to thrash around in the webbing, trapping himself even more with it. The tugging from the hole had now stopped and the lack of movement from that direction was making Jason even more nervous. His fear caused him to continue to struggle in his tightening bonds, ignoring his own screaming mind for him to stop thrashing around and tangling himself even more.

"What tasty little insect has entered my web," a feminine voice said from the hole.

At the sound of it, Jason froze. He quickly knew that this creature wasn't going to be as much of a shock as he thought it would be. He remembered the redheaded woman that had taken care of the bouncer at the club. He thought about the pleasure on the man's face, causing Jason's dick to try and rise.

As it struggled against the webbing during its growth, he felt some pain from the pulling the webbing was giving him. The pain helped Jason to remember the last time he saw the bouncer. He was nothing more than a lifeless husk stuck against a building, drained of all his internal organs.

Jason started wriggling again in an attempt to escape this trap. To his surprise, the pulling on his dick from the webbing wasn't as unpleasant as it felt earlier. It felt like his cock was being sheathed in a silk cocoon. It was arousing and his shaft was again trying to rise to the pleasure.

Jason closed his eyes, and stopped moving again, focusing his mind on his dick to try and keep it from growing harder.

"Welcome to my parlor, my tasty looking morsel," said the female voice above Jason. "It looks like you're just about ready for dinner."

Jason resisted the urge to open his eyes and look at the creature above him. He could feel its movements on the webbing. He tried to move his head again and when it wouldn't raise off the web, he tried to turn it side to side to loosen it. In return for his movements, Jason could feel the sticky substance sticking to both sides of his face.

"Oh, it's frightened," said the woman's voice above him again, much closer this time. "Don't fret, my supper. You won't suffer much."

A soft hand touched and started to caress Jason's cheek. He attempted to fight back against this creature with everything he had in him. He turned his head as far as he could toward the hand touching his face with his mouth open and his teeth showing. He had all intentions to bite off any appendages he caught between them.

"You are a feisty meal," the woman's voice said again, now directly over his face. "If you don't calm down, you're going to be too tough for me to eat, and I'll have to let you stay there until you grow too tired to fight back."

As she spoke, Jason felt her moving herself around the web so that there was pressure on it all along his left side. Her voice never moved from near his head, and he figured she was moving her body along the same lines as his was. When he felt its body touch his naked leg, he began thrashing in the web again to shake it off.

"Either that, or I can do this," she said, her voice directly next to his ear now.

Jason tensed with the thought that she had gotten that close to his head without him knowing. He also thought about all the bugs he had tossed as a child into spider webs to watch them eat. He knew what spider's did to their prey when it fought back and knew she was about to do the same to him.

Those thoughts shot thru his mind as quickly as she struck; and Jason felt her fangs pierce his shoulder. He screamed at the pain he suddenly felt and his eyelids flew open. He didn't know how long it would be, but he knew that the battle was over as he felt the poison course thru his body.

A burning sensation rushed thru him as the venom flashed thru his system. Every muscle tensed with the shock of the assault as the poison reached each one individually; and then it would completely relax as the paralysis began. Jason stopped screaming as his muscles relaxed all over his legs and arms.

While he could still move his head, he looked toward the creature lying on the web beside him and was surprised.

"You're the woman that was with me at the club," Jason said. "I thought I was your master. Why are you doing this to me?"

"If you are who I think you say you are, then do not worry yourself about what I'm doing to you now. Here, I have no master. I am the master of my home and feed on all the prey that I catch in my web."

Her body moved on the web with no trouble of even sticking to it. She was still devoid of hair, except for the short cropped red hair on her head. She now crawled over the top of his body, bringing her extremely thin waist and flat stomach over Jason's face. He was just barely able to notice the red hourglass shape on her stomach before she spoke again.

"Now to just make sure you don't try and get away again," she said as a spray of silky threads shot from her navel area.

Jason closed his eyes before the webbing would touch his eyeballs. When he felt the webbing now moving further down his chest, he opened his eyes and saw a world of grey all around him. He was able to breath thru the cocoon she was putting him in, but he couldn't see thru it.

As her body moved down his, spraying her webbing further down his body, he could feel her breast pressing against the webbing over his face. As they moved further down to his shoulders and chest, he felt her hands moving his arms to his sides, pressing them in so they could be trapped as well.

As her hands were working on pressing the webbing tight along his upper body, her legs wrapped around his legs and pressed them together, also. He knew that this had to be tearing the web that he had been stuck in, but there was no way he would be able to escape now with his body paralyzed. He was now completely at her mercy; and Jason didn't hold any notion that she had any.

She continued down his body, spraying the web along his groin, thighs and calves. As her spray was coating his lower legs, her hands were rubbing and smoothing the webbing along his legs, caressing the area of his groin in the process. The cocoon texture felt like silk being rubbed against his dick, and it responded to the gentle touches.

"Soon, my little feeding tube," she spoke to his cock. "Soon I will use you for your greatest purpose."

Jason felt her hands continue down his legs pressing the sticky material tight around his body. After some time, he knew he must look like a mummy to anyone that could see him now. The only difference was that his hands were to his sides instead of across his chest.

"Well, that does take a lot out of you," she said to no one in particular. "I think I'll have just a taste before I move you to my chambers."

Jason could still feel his feet trapped between her thighs since she was lying on his legs. Her hands began caressing his dick thru the silk web again and brought him to a full erection that was stuck to the side of his thigh. The pain was unbearable with his dick being forced the wrong direction for such an aroused state.

Her hands now began to pull the web apart where his dick was and it sprang for the freedom that Jason wished he could get from his bindings.

"Ooo," she exclaimed. "Such a willing meal you are. I just may decide to eat you here since you're in such a rush."

Jason's dick was suddenly engulfed in the moist interior of the spider's mouth. She was relentless in her ministrations with her tongue and lips. Every so often, he could feel her fangs graze across the flesh of his dick, along with the soft palate of her mouth. At first, he wondered why he couldn't feel the rest of her teeth, but then remembered that spider's drank their prey's insides from the soup their poison's created. She didn't need any teeth.

Then he remembered the poison that was already in his body and wondered why he wasn't already feeling the pain of its dissolving effect. But his thoughts stopped there as he focused on the pleasures he was already feeling from her mouth.

Jason tried to fight her grasp, but couldn't move his body since his muscles were now completely relaxed from the venom; but the more he resisted in his mind, the more he desired what she was doing to him. Her mouth was giving him pleasure like he had felt already in this room before, each time just before he died.

It was near perfect bliss, the way her tongue would caress the underside of his dick, while the tip would slide up and down the sides. The fangs grazing the edges enticed him with a touch of fear of what kind of danger he was in, making the pleasure more intense.

Her arms were now wrapped around his hips and held him tight to her face as she sucked him as deep as he could possibly go. Her legs squeezed tightly around his calves, holding his legs trapped between them. He thought he could feel her grinding her pussy on one of his shins. She was getting as aroused at sucking him off as he was.

Jason tried to speak again, to ask her to stop...or to beg for her to never stop; but all that escaped his mouth was a groan of pleasure. He could not get his vocal cords to form words for him and the best he could do was moan with each thrust she made upon his manhood.

Jason neared the breaking point, but he was unable to follow the wave of lust over the crest into the crashing orgasm that waited. He tried to beg for her to let him to cum, because he knew it was her doing to keep him at the brink of this painful pleasure. Again, all that escaped him was a groan/moan of both feelings.

Her arms began to tense and relax, pushing and pulling his hips forward and backward, giving Jason the sensation of thrusting into her mouth. Each thrust into her mouth, he could feel the head of his cock touch the back of her throat, and something sharp in it would just barely touch the head of his dick. He thought that this must be the set of fangs that would inject the final dose of poison to begin digesting his body for her to drink.

Jason didn't care. He just had to cum and he was trying to move his own hips so that he could drive deeper into her mouth so he could get the release she was denying him. Then she proved she was going to deny him such a release now when he was just about to go over the edge. She lifted her mouth off his dick and he felt her body rise up off of him.

Tears ran from his eyes and down the side of his face. He was so close; it hurt his entire body to be that close and denied at the end.

"I can't wait to drag you into my lair," she spoke, her voice husky and filled with a hunger that Jason couldn't tell was more for sex or food. "I'm going to devour you here and now."

The pressure of her body slid up the silky confines of the cocoon Jason was trapped in. He could feel her completely pressed against his chest now. Her legs were spread around his hips, and moisture was dripping from her pussy onto his dick. Her hands pressed into his chest as she sat on his groin.

This pressed Jason's dick to the sticky webbing on his stomach, her pussy's lips wrapping around the underside of it. She ground her hips and slid back and forth while her hands glided along the outside of the cocoon wrapping up Jason's face. He felt her fingers touch where his eyes were and he closed them to make sure she didn't press the sticky substance into the eyeballs.

"Open your eyes and look at me," she said.

Jason obeyed and saw that he could see outside the webbing. He was looking up at the beautiful redhead above him. Her face was filled with a lustful hunger he had seen in every face he had seen in this room. As he stared into her face, he felt her pussy start sucking on his cock and pull it into her.

There was a slight bit of pain as the hard as iron cock bent to make its way into her confines; but as soon as he was inside her, there was nothing except pleasure. His need to cum had dwindled some before he was pulled back into her, but it was now back in full force.

"Do you wish to feed me?" the beautiful redhead asked him. "I think you need to feed me or you will go mad with desire of never knowing the pleasure of feeding my kind."

As she spoke, her body rocked back and forth, sliding him in and out of her. He could tell she wasn't taking him completely inside her, and he wondered why. But as her slow thrust down on his cock took him just a little deeper, he could feel the same sharp feeling in the depths of her pussy. Once again, he knew that this must be another way she devoured her prey. Just a little deeper and he would be her lunch.

Again, Jason did not care. He was again riding the crest of a wave of pure lust; and he didn't think there was anyway of getting off, except inside her. He needed the release that her body promised and he tried as best as he could to drive himself even deeper into her body.

He was denied this pleasure from the paralysis and he grew more and more frustrated to be so close and refused the pleasure that his body demanded him to seek. Tears started to form in his eyes again and started to run down the side of his face again.

"I think you want me to swallow you whole," she said again, still rocking only so far on him, keeping his orgasm at bay. "Give me a sign you wish for me to take you."

Jason groaned in frustration as she pulled up off of him and moaned as she lowered herself back down. He did it two more times as she moved on him, her eyes filled with joy along with the hunger that was there. She pulled nearly completely off of him, causing him to groan as loud as he possibly could and tears to run faster from his eyes with the pain of his frustrations.

"I'll take that as a yes, then," she said. Then she struck.

The creature drove herself hard onto Jason's cock, taking it in to the hilt. Jason felt the sudden pleasure of her tight, caressing pussy's inner walls sliding fully along his shaft. Then there was the sudden sharp pain as something pierced all around the sides of his shaft.

Jason's moans of pleasure ripped from him and changed to a groan of excruciating pain. He then felt the sensations of the pussy's walls milking his dick for all it was worth. The slippery motions of the internal walls and suction that was coming from inside her pussy drowned out the pain he had felt just a second before.

Jason felt his cum explode out of his cock's head. It spurted several times before it just became a steady stream. He thought the pleasure would end soon, but it continued as the suction did. Suddenly, he felt his scrotum sack seem to slacken its pressure on his thighs; and Jason knew then that he would not feel anything before too much longer.

He looked up at the woman's eyes and focused on them with both a question of why and a statement of thanks for giving him this pleasure. She smiled back at him, her eyelids closed halfway as she enjoyed her meal.

Jason felt the slight tingle of his organs beginning to melt in the acidic poison she had injected into him thru his dick, but his cock was still giving out so much pleasure, he didn't care anymore. Jason's mind focused on the woman above him as his mind started to fall into the abyss of death.

He tried to ask her with his eyes why he was trapped in this room. He wanted to know why he kept dying here only to come back to life in this room again. He had to get an understanding as to why...

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