tagIncest/TabooLusting for Eva

Lusting for Eva


It was an unusually warm October day, and the New Jersey beach was just about deserted except for us. We were by the water’s edge getting splashed by the waves and the kids. Eva, my sister-in-law, had gotten her clothes wet, and she had a bathing suit, but there was no place to change except the rest rooms, which, according to my wife, were "smelly" with weird looking people hanging out there.

I was a little shocked when my wife suggested that we should hold our blankets in a circle around Eva while she changed right there on the beach. My wife said it looked safe because there was no one nearby, and Eva, who usually seemed modest, surprisingly agreed to it. Being a typical man, I became consumed with the thought of standing close to my sister-in-law while she stripped off her clothes. The fact that this was my wife’s idea helped me feel less guilty about the excitement of seeing her sister nude, and the curiosity of which of her delicate private parts I’d see. Of course, they both told me I was not allowed to look.

My wife is a little younger than her sister, and they are like two playful friends. I like to see them together, with their similar characteristics - large, sultry eyes on soft faces with slender bodies, rounded nicely in the right places. My wife is 5’4” and her sister is a little taller. My wife's prominent feature is her nicely shaped breasts, and with Eva, it’s definitely her long legs.

Through most of the day on the beach I was content to steal occasional glimpses of them, as their activities and movements caused some brief innocent exposures. I had already determined that they were braless, with partial thanks to the sea breeze, which pressed the fabric of Eva’s short cotton top against her hardened nipples, while she stood facing the surf, gazing out into the ocean while my gaze was fixed on her.

Earlier I had stolen glances into the wide armholes of my wife’s soft linen blouse while she stooped to smooth sunscreen onto the kids, revealing the bottom fold of her breast and it's large soft nipple against her delicate rib cage. Even though I had seen her breasts many times, there was something fascinating about the fact that out here on this public beach my lovely wife was unknowingly exposed. Anyone with a little patience could enjoy her erotic performance, and she'd be unaware of the lust being generated.

Another shift in the breeze opened the bottom of my wife’s shorts, inches from my face as I sat reading. She had earlier changed in the car, and I now realized she hadn’t bothered with panties. The sunlight had managed to peek its way into the exposed area, highlighting a creased layer of moist pink skin and wisps of soft pubic hair. Women's summer fashions never cease to amaze me.

When I noticed my sister-in-law on hands and knees assisting the kids with a castle, I moved closer, putting myself in optimal position to watch while she dug into the sand. The fluid back and forth motion of her milky breasts almost hypnotized me, and even though I didn’t get to see them totally, the erection in my shorts prevented me from standing for a while.

We followed through with my wife’s plan. The kids squealed in laughter as we held up the blankets. I stuck to my promise, mostly because I could see that Eva was scared, and also because my wife was watching me closely, making me think she was going to hold me to my promise. At one point Eva turned her back to me, and my wife apparently wasn’t concerned about me seeing her sister's naked behind because she allowed herself to be distracted by one of the kids. I took the chance to look at Eva. Her ass was as fine as I had imagined, and it’s pale flesh contrasted with the darker tan of her legs and back. She had a small birthmark on her left cheek, very close to the middle of her nicely shaped crevice, and she had no visible hair, although I couldn’t see the area where her thighs and ass came together. When she bent forward slightly, I could see the outline of her right breast and pointed nipple, which seemed to be large, just like my wife’s. I enjoyed noticing the way her breast hung a little lower than usual without clothing to support it, and of course toward the front it was as white as the flesh on her ass.

It was a sweet vision, standing only inches away from her, looking down the length of her bare, tan back. The pale top of the cheeks of her ass, the tanned upper sections of her smooth calves, her discarded shorts and panties lying next to her sandy, red-polished toenails are what I remember most. I diverted my gaze just as my wife returned her attention to me. I think she knew I had been looking, but I also think she considers seeing someone from behind less sexual than frontal nudity, probably from back in our teenage days when, on hot summer nights, we’d “moon” passing cars from a hillside hangout along Route 9. Anyway, she didn’t say anything about it. By now my penis was as hard as ever, but being mostly hidden by the blanket, I was able to push it to the side of my shorts without anyone noticing. Eva’s unknowingly erotic performance for me was over, but the vivid memory would never go away. Later, on the drive home, I wondered if I could have gotten away with openly looking at her front by turning it into a joke for everyone. Eva probably would have been embarrassed, but I think she would have gotten over it pretty quickly. But my wife, who occasionally gets a little jealous, might have been hurt.

As time went on I got to know Eva better, and we became closer, in the appropriate brother-sister-in-law way. But I often thought of the arousing sight of her nude behind, and she always looked sexually attractive every time I saw her since then. Visits with Eva always began and ended with a short kiss on the lips, something I didn’t share with the other female in-laws who only got kissed on the cheeks, but Eva was closer to us. She was not just my wife’s sister, she was my wife’s best friend, and my wife seemed to enjoy the fact that I liked Eva. She actually encouraged me to spend time with her, I think mostly because she didn’t like Eva’s husband, and she knew that Eva always had fun with me. On many visits Eva and I played card games with the kids and anyone else who happened to be around. This worked well with my wife, because she wasn’t a game player, while Eva actually liked to be competitive.

Over the years, the love between my wife and me grew, and I learned that I could stimulate her easily during our private moments by telling sexual stories. I described various erotic situations and partners, and of course I always reminded her afterward that she was the only true love for me. I don’t know if she believed me, but I would never mention a real name because sooner or later she might forget that it was fantasy, and I would never want to hurt her.

Once, out of the blue my wife asked me if I ever thought about fucking her sister. At the time, I was lying close behind her, with my hard penis in my hand, using it to draw circles around the outside of her vagina. It was warm and wet from earlier, when I had I delicately licked the soft outer folds of skin, gradually intensifying the rigidity of my tongue, using its firmness to leverage along the inside walls of her opening as though its job was to make her tasty hole wider, and as she peaked into orgasm I ferociously sucked and devoured her sweet juices.

When I asked what made her think of Eva she said that I was always hot for her sister, especially since the day I watched her change clothes on the beach. Once again I was reminded that my wife is not only pretty and sexy, she’s also smart. I decided that this time it wouldn’t hurt to be totally honest. I let go of the grip on my cock and slowly inserted it into her as I described my vision of Eva’s naked body inside the wall of blankets. Then, I lied there on my side, remaining straight and motionless. My thought was to let her hear my story while my hard shaft was deeply inside her. She writhed back and forth, occasionally twisting to one side or the other, allowing the pleasure to spread inside her. She had become so dripping wet that as I described her sister’s ass I easily poked my thumb into my wife’s own very moist ass. I played with the fleshy opening, while her anal muscles twitched each time my thumb changed directions.

When I mentioned the routine of greeting Eva with slightly open kisses on the lips my wife’s moans drowned out my whispers. She didn’t always orgasm so intensely, and amazingly all the while I stayed firmly still. I was in an ecstasy possibly greater than my wife’s, lying there while she slowly glided back and forth on my shaft, forcing a slick steady pressure along the top of her warm canal, working me into a swollen hardness that felt like it extended from my penis into the muscles of my legs and abdomen. She seemed only to need from me a solid, stationary base of support for her slippery vagina to perform its slow dance-like movements. Then, she started to tremble breathlessly, and with my head spinning she pressed her pelvis even harder and my load shot quickly into her womb.

The occasional visits with Eva’s family continued, and became more frequent as the kids became teenagers. She had more free time, and she came without her husband more often than not. She called once around the holidays, and told me about her and my wife’s plans for New Year’s Eve at my house. We talked about refreshments and wine, and she mentioned a few of the usual games, and she also mentioned Twister, which surprised me a little because we had never played it before. I became a little suspicious that my wife had told Eva about our sexual fantasies, particularly the one that included Eva. I liked the idea of my sister-in-law knowing I fantasized about her, but I had no way of being certain that she knew.

Somehow, New Year’s Eve passed fairly uneventfully. Eva had come up to spend the night, but we never had an actual party because my wife was sick, and we ended up getting tired early and going to bed. There were no games played that night, and Twister wasn’t even mentioned. The kids stayed up late though, and when I walked into the kitchen early the next morning, I was happy to see that Eva was awake. She sat there beautifully in her long sleeve nightgown while I stood shirtless in flannel pajama pants, making coffee and eggs while we talked. It was fun talking to Eva, and after all the years, we were at a very comfortable level with each other. When I sat down at the table I noticed the top of her gown was gaping open because of an undone button. She nonchalantly continued talking as though there was nothing unusual, but from my position I had a view of her complete breast, with its large round nipple, which I was now seeing fully for the first time, unlike the partial view I had at the beach years ago. After a few minutes of trying not to obviously stare, the thought that it was the same breast and nipple as before actually made me laugh slightly.

When Eva asked me what was so humorous, I pointed at the opening and told her that the view into her gown was too beautiful to ignore. She looked down a little surprised but didn’t make a move to cover herself, seeming to enjoy the fact that I was fixated with her breast. She jokingly said that I was perverted, and surprisingly thanked me for the compliment. The fact that she still did nothing to obstruct my view made me totally aroused, and my erection felt nice against the soft flannel. Acting as though there was nothing wrong, she reached to the table for her coffee cup, letting me watch as the opening swayed wider, allowing me to view the same fluid motion I had witnessed years ago, but now I could see so much more, with the soft round nipple dangling freely, as if begging to be suckled by a loving mouth.

Out of nervousness I again apologized, for what I’m not exactly sure. She looked down, lifted her hand, and instead of covering herself, she reached inside, cupping her breast as if presenting it for us to view. The pressure of her hand underneath made the nipple stretch wider, and gave me a moment to savor the porous tip which looked more luscious than any of the food I’d ever eaten in that kitchen. “I really don’t understand everyone’s fascination with these things. It’s just a hunk of flesh”, she said with a smile as she closed her gown.

There was a quiet pause, and I could almost see the wheels turning inside her head.

“You just sat here for the last five minutes looking at my breast,” she said in that competitive voice that I was used to hearing during a card game. “You should have told me what you were looking at. That wasn’t fair.” She gave me one of her friendly frowns, knowing that she now had the upper hand in this situation. Not being one to let me off the hook easily, Eva continued, “I think you should give me a turn. I’d like to see something. How about those snaps on your flannels? Let me see how they open.”

I told her it would be more fun if she kept her gown open. “Oh no, you looked inside my gown for the last five minutes,” she said, smiling, knowing I would cooperate, “and I haven’t seen anything yet.” My nervous fingers shook a little as I opened the first two snaps, revealing the head of my very hard penis, which was pointed straight up. “Keep going,” she softly commanded, in an assuming tone that didn’t leave any option. When I opened the third and fourth snap my penis let loose from the constraint, pointing out to give her a full view.

Eva’s giggling reminded me of the times I watched her and my wife together, but now it was me and Eva, and here we were spontaneously drawing ourselves into the beginning of the most exciting game I could imagine playing with her. The thought of my wife walking in on us didn’t worry me. I felt pretty confident that she wouldn’t mind me giving her sister the kind of amusement that we normally only shared with each other. Even though we risked getting caught, we were fairly safe because anyone who walked into the kitchen would only see Eva from behind. She was facing away from the entrance, and even though I was facing the door, the kitchen table would block anyone’s view from my waist down. I was willing to play, and apparently Eva was not afraid that she also could quickly recover, and also apparently without any concern about the nature of our fun. The game became very simple with one rule: we each had to obey the other person’s request, and we had only one minute to enjoy it before we changed turns.

When it was my turn I snapped my pajamas closed and then asked Eva to cross her legs, which gave me a nice view of her crotch through her sheer white panties. I detected a small patch of hair, which she obviously kept trimmed. When I told her I wanted to see more she slid her hand up her thigh, hooking a finger under the elastic seam of her crotch, and pulled it across to the other side, allowing me a view of her open vagina, with it’s pink moist layers and soft brown pubic hair above.

All the while Eva innocently smiled right at me with the familiar playful look that she usually exhibited with my wife and the kids. This relaxed, nonchalant attitude of my sister-in-law who willingly sat in my kitchen with her beautiful pussy exposed solely for my pleasure was excitement I never imagined. The minute seemed to end too soon, but she covered herself promptly (we actually used the second hand on the kitchen clock as our timer).

On her next turn she made me open my flannels wider and asked me to lift my balls with my hand so that she could look at them. She leaned close, only a few inches from my hard dick, which was pointed at her face. She paid little attention to it, focusing her interest on the inspection of my testicles as they were cupped in my palm. She reached out with extended fingers and gently squeezed one, maneuvering it softly inside it’s pliable skin casing. After she let go, she stroked the underside of my sack with her fingernails, watching my somewhat violated testicle fade back to its normal position.

Next, I asked my sister-in-law to dip two fingers inside her vagina to make them wet and then pinch one of her nipples with them. As she rolled the pink areola back and forth the point grew larger. With her eyes nearly shut from her own self pleasure, I picked up the fork from my plate, and she jumped slightly as I touched the outer lips of her vagina with its steel handle. Pressing a little, I separated the outer lips and then slowly inserted it carefully, as far as it could reach. I held it by the forked end, and could feel her vaginal muscles softly working, as the fork tips dug lightly into my fingers.

If the minute hadn’t ended just then I probably would have ejaculated. I wouldn’t have needed any stimulation other than the wonderful sight in front of me. When it was Eva’s turn I reopened my flannels at her request, a little embarrassed when I realized she was looking at moist drops that had formed at the tip of my shaft. She asked me to hold it for her.

My hand trembled, and she grabbed my wrist to slide my grip lower to the base, so that most of my stiff shaft was exposed. I loved watching my sister-in-law with her hands placed gently on my lap, gazing at my fully exposed, very erect penis. Methodically, she used the tip of her index finger to smooth the drops over my helmet as though she were icing a cake. The sensation made me throb every few seconds as she teasingly continued with mock expressions like a mother cooing at a baby.

Ignoring the fact that she was past the one-minute limit, she lowered her strokes just below the head’s perimeter, delicately gliding the smooth firm skin of her inside knuckle against the thin tight layer that covers the most sensitive part of my penis. Sliding, lifting, and gently dabbing at my pulsating cock, the sensation of eruption was beginning, and in my trancelike condition I didn’t give a damn about where my semen would spurt or on what part of the kitchen it would land.

At that precise moment, the lovely Eva, my sweet, nurturing sister-in-law lowered her head with open lips, the playful smile now replaced with a lustful look of hunger, and as the first wave of fluid shot from me, her mouth surrounded it’s projection, catching all of it. She continued down, encapsulating as much of my dick as could fit into her hot wet throat. Her mouth hung on me as I nearly lurched out of my chair. She suctioned my heaving waves, swallowing each of the seemingly unending spurts from my hardened groin, her flexed tongue massaged and clamped my shaft to her palette, and the spurts continued again and again.

As I started to feel totally drained, she circled her hand around mine at the base of my shaft, releasing my throbbing cock from her mouth, and then she kissed alongside it, lightly sucking and grazing me with her teeth. I put my hand on the side of her face and stroked the golden hair back across her temple. Her warm cheeks were flushed red, and the playful smile had returned.

“I wouldn’t have done this without her permission,” she said.

“I was counting on that. You are sweet and sneaky, just like her,” I said as I looked down at the sister of my wife.

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by Anonymous11/14/17

Nice start

Hopefully there's a sequel involving the wife for a hot threesome. Or maybe just the two sisters while the husband watches.

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by Anonymous07/28/17

Nice, but...

Where was the incest? Incest is between blood relatives, not 'In-laws', which is just a term of reference, not an actual familial relationship. This was hot, but in the wrong category.

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