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Lusty Lady & the Lad


I was at a dance with family friends that I had grown up with, we all have Greek parents, and we would go to these Greek Society dances for the whole family that took place at the banquet hall under a Ukrainian church. As usual most of the 18 year old guys were hanging out in the lobby, away from all the family and girls and arm wrestling one another. I noticed them as I went to the ladies room and couldn’t resist watching their macho bragging and posturing; they were so cute and hot.

One boy in particular was doing very well (in the arm wrestling); beating guys twice his size and he was oh so good looking, he made my little married twat twingle. So he was doing a little bragging...and everyone wanted to challenge him. After about 8 matches his arm started getting sore and he sat down on a couch with his buddy off to the side of the room.

I couldn’t resist, this kid was making me hot just looking at him and I went over to him and from behind started rubbing his shoulders. The first thing he saw was my long red manicured nails on his black sweater, he turned around and he was hot! Great body, wavy black hair he looked like a Botticelli angel. A stroke of heat enveloped me instantly.

I said to him

“Baby boy let me rub your shoulders, I’ll make them feel all better.”

His buddy gave me a wink and went off on his own. So we're alone now in the lobby and I'm thinking,

"This is so weird! But I don’t really care this kid is making my pussy ache. But what if a relative comes in here?"

I was a little nervous; oh hell I was lot nervous I had never done anything like this before. I had met my husband when I was 15 and never ever been with anyone else. I asked him his name and I told him mine. I can't believe I don't remember it, it was long ago and it was so memorable. I was visiting from Pennsylvania and was just up in Toronto for the weekend and my hubby was back home. We continued with the small talk for a while and then I had to ask if he thought I was attractive.

He answered immediately and said

"Oh yes!" kind of breathlessly.

By this point I could see he had a hard on and it was so huge I though it was going to rip out of his pants. Nothing is quite like the raging hard on of a teenage boy. I couldn’t resist. I could feel lust raging in my own body.

I wasn't really thinking about doing anything, I was shy and older and married, still, and I really needed to be with this gorgeous boy. I took a deep breath and asked him if he wanted to go out for a walk. It was the middle of winter and it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out I wanted something from him. I told him to wait in the lobby while I got my purse.

While I was gone to fetch it, I started to get nervous, what if he starts telling his buddies, that sort of thing, but when I got back to the lobby and saw him standing there so handsome and so young I didn’t care. I had to have him. I had no coat on but we went outside anyway and up to the side of the building and on impulse I reached up to his face and bring it closer to mine and I kissed him.

I beckoned to him to follow me and I took him over to my sister's van where we climbed inside and started to make out. Do you remember what it was like to make out as a teenager? It was all coming back to me and the heat in my panties was building. I could tell he was inexperienced and nervous and that was fine. His naiveté was showing primarily in the way that he was holding me.

I told him to work his hands gently, smoothly up and down my back, to explore me, but respectfully. I was wearing a really short black skirt, which showed my long legs very well and he kept looking at them and gently stoking my thigh. He was a natural I was sooo wet I climbed onto his lap straddling him; I was rocking back and forth on hard crotch. I felt my pussy getting wetter and wetter. I knew I was leaking through onto his trousers.

I apologized and suggested it would be better if he took off his pants. Which he immediately did, oh God he had a beautiful body. There I am, 30 years old with a suspected virgin male, a hot, young virgin male in his underwear and me rubbing my crotch up and down on his cock through his tighty whities. I had dreamt of moments like this and played with myself thinking about it but never did I imagine that it would really happen.

I told him it would feel better if we pulled our undies away to the side or off so we could rub closer but I had to warn him, very clearly, not to put his huge beautiful cock inside me and then I rubbed my wetness all over his eager cock.

Rocking back and forth just that contact and the kissing I had at least 2 orgasms. I would rub, explode, calm down, and make out then he would fondle and suckle at my now bared breasts and we would start up again

I was so nervous. I was shaking with excitement and then I started to play with his cock in earnest. Rubbing his big shaft, licking it, I didn’t put the head in my mouth but I did lick the pole and his balls over and over. I don’t know why I didn’t give him a proper blowjob, to this day I don’t know why. So I continued to stroke and lick. I could tell it felt sooo good and he was rock hard that I thought he would burst all over my face. Still he didn’t cum.

I said to him, breathless to show me how he did it when he was alone and I would show him how I took care of myself. We were on the van seats soaking from our sex looking into each other's eyes, he with an almost maniacal look, me with my hands furiously rubbing my pussy and clit, gyrating on my own hand. We were masturbating, and kissing each other, long wet sloppy kisses, I asked him to tell me when he was ready to cum. Oh I was going wild watching this hot young stud jerk his cock right in front of my eyes.

When he did finally cum it was like a waterfall and I cupped her hands over the head of his beautiful cock as he drained his balls. There was so much and he shot so hard, I couldn't keep it all in my hands; he groaned, some shot through onto the window, he groaned again and the rest just spilled out. He was growling like an animal.

After when had to go back into the hall I could barely walk my legs were shaking so hard and he seemed to be in much the same condition. His buddy gave me a knowing look, more like a leer in retrospect, when we walked back into the still (thank goodness) empty lobby.

I never saw him again but I still think back on that night, the night I got to share with a young beautiful man. I still get hot thinking about him, and wish I’d had the nerve to fuck him. Maybe someday there will be another dance and he will be there, and maybe he’ll remember me, I won’t hold back this time if I get a second chance.

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