tagMatureLusty Lord Millhaven Ch. 02

Lusty Lord Millhaven Ch. 02


Lord Anthony Millhaven of Beechwood leaned indolently against the kitchen door frame observing cook as she rolled pastry. Back and forth, back and forth, she industriously rolled and flattened the big piece of dough. What made it entertaining to him was that she faced the doorway where he stood, and, bent over and dressed only in a low cut chemise, he was treated to the highly erotic view of her huge milky white breasts rolling and swaying as she moved back and forth. They were bedewed with sweat and gleamed in the dull light. The filmy material displayed her hard thrusting nipples every time she pushed forward. Tony's cock started to lengthen down his thigh.

She straightened and wiped a floury forearm over her forehead and pushed some wisps of grey hair back under her mop cap. She spotted her master lolling indolently by the door. "Lord Millhaven!! I had no idea you were there. Breakfast, my lord?"

"Of a kind, cookie. I do believe it is some time since I paid a visit to your domain."

"It certainly is, my lord. Then again, you have plenty to keep you amused above stairs. I hear it was Abigail last night and Judith the night before that, and both Andrews sisters the night before that. I truly do wonder how you get enough sleep!"

Tony advanced into the kitchen and stood behind the broad arse of the cook. "Keep rolling the dough, my dear. I just love to see your very sexy body moving that way." She did as he asked and thrilled as he reached around her and cupped her big pendulous tits in his hands and rubbed his upright part between the cheeks of her arse.

"My lord, if I didn't know better, I'd swear you had removed the rolling pin from my hands and placed it in your trews."

"My trews, as you call them are about to be unbuttoned as I wish to place my rolling pin in that incredible oven between your legs."

"My lord, I cannot roll the dough properly, trembling as I am. Do not delay as my thighs are sticky already in anticipation. Here, let me pull my chemise down so that you may roll my titties while you are about it."

Tony hoisted the cook's voluminous skirt up over her huge buttocks and unbuttoning his breeches, slapped his burgeoning cock in the deep groove offered up to him. She bent over and rested her elbows on the table as he grabbed his stiffening prick and ran it up and down the hairy slit thus presented. She reached behind her and grabbed his red hot cunt poker and rammed the first couple of inches into her molten slot. He took firm hold of her massive baby feeders, and, hunching his knees, drove his cock into her hot heaving depths until his balls collided with her dripping hairy gash. Instantly, she clamped down hard and released a flood of slimy cunt juice that bathed his balls.

"Oh, I say, cookie, you were a bit eager for a bit of dick, my dear?"

"My lord, I haven't had any cock since you were in here last week. Oh, don't stop. Give it to me slow but hard. Old Jones the smith is no longer up to it and the only other serviceable cock is being used by that Johnston fellow. The rest of the household is full of big breasty tarts all out to have you sire children from them. Please pinch my nips hard, oh harder, please, your lordship."

Tony rode her at an almost stately pace thoroughly enjoying the almost continuous orgasms he was ringing from her stout mature body. Her tits were warm, soft but still firm, the nipples not too big but very sensitive. The oily sweat that covered them from her dough rolling exertions enabled a slippery and sensuous caressing as he stroked them from base to nipple and back again, pausing occasionally to nip and pinch the hardened tips. He sped up until in a frenzy punched his sperm deep into the neck of her womb and delighted when she clamped down and rhythmically ensured she received his full load.

"Ah, ah, my lord, there's none better than you. You reach places no one has been before." She sighed. "I wish that stupid scullery girl would get over her morning sickness. She's been absolutely useless since you impregnated her. I'd love to get you hard again for another romp but I must finish this work or nobody will eat today." Reluctantly she used her educated cuntal muscles to squeeze his detumescing prick from her slimy depths pausing as the glans exited to ensure that not a drop was left to spill on her shiny floor.

"I say, cook, you're still one of the all time great fucks it has been my pleasure to enjoy. I really must get you to bed with me one night so we can really have a romp or two. Nothing would please me more than to anoint your titties after what I am sure would be a delicious titfuck."

"My lord, I live in hope."

Tony did up the flap of his immaculate trousers, gave the cook a kiss on the cheek and wandered off to have his breakfast ready in heating dishes on the sideboard. Abigail, the downstairs maid picked up his dishes and stood stoically trying not to whimper while he ran his hand up her dress and very deliberately pinched her rampant clit. The door opened to admit the butler Johnston and she reluctantly removed herself with the plates to the scullery.

Wiping his thumb and forefinger on his napkin, Lord Millhaven scowled at his foppish butler. "Yes, Johnston, what is it?"

"Excuse me, my lord, but you have a visitor. Unannounced!" he sniffed. "It's that new laundry maid Annabelle's mother, a Mrs. Haywood. She wishes to ensure that her darling daughter is being properly employed and looked after."

"Hmmm, Annabelle. Can't say I yet had the pleasure of looking after her. I expect Mrs. Forsythe recruited her to replace Bessie. Damn shame she married the groom back at Beechwood. She had a certain charm about her."

"If you mean big tits, big thighs and a willingness to suck and fuck at the drop of a hat, or rather, the drop of your breeches flap, then yes she had the same charm that the rest of your doxies have!"

"You are just jealous, Johnston, because I won't employ more than one receptacle at a time for your perverted lust, you sad faggot," said Tony, not in the least offended. "I presume Mrs. Haywood is in the front parlour?" He got up and strolled to the door, along the passageway and into the parlour.

Mrs. Haywood stood as he entered and almost gasped out loud. He was tall, dark and extremely handsome, his noble features topped by a Byronesque halo of black hair. He smiled lazily at her, dark eyes glinting and his strong white teeth shining against his dark visage. From the breadth of his shoulders to his slim hips and long legs, he was every inch an aristocrat. She could easily discern his prominent genitals through the material of his immaculate trousers and was annoyed to feel a spasm of lust course through her.

He advanced on her with his arm outstretched and she immediately dropped into a curtsey. His eyes gleamed as he saw the deep crease of her bosom. "Mrs. Haywood, I presume? Young Annabelle's mother? I say, you look much too young to have a daughter of eighteen." He noted the crimson blush that stole up her neck from the upper slopes of breasts as he leant over and brushed his full lips over her middle knuckles.

"Ooh, my lord, she is the third of five children, three still living. And a good girl. She has been brought up correctly in the Christian way. Her instructor in needlework has endorsed her as her very best pupil." Trembling slightly, she backed away from the over powering young Lord Millhaven and gathered herself. "As a concerned mother, I am here to ensure that she is being treated fairly and not being beaten too often."

"Dear Mrs. Haywood, I can assure that no servant in my house, either here or at Beechwood has ever been cruelly punished. My housekeeper, Mrs. Forsythe, is most astute at picking staff that fit in well with the remainder of the household. I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting your daughter in person, but Mrs. Forsythe has assured me that the girl is extremely amiable as well as efficient and excellent in her work."

Mrs. Haywood beamed and allowed Lord Anthony to place her on a nearby divan. The anxious mother was becoming calmed and Tony insisted she partake of a glass of Spanish sherry while he rang for Abigail. She appeared at the door and curtseyed. He asked her to bring Annabelle to him. He sat next to Mrs. Haywood and observed her closely as he sipped his madeira. Her blondish hair was starting to grey and he was pleased to see no evidence of artifice. Her cheeks were a healthy pink and only a few lines showed on her neck. The bodice of her dress was tight enough to push her very large bosom up and in to create charming bulges of breast flesh with a deep crevice. It was clear she wore no corset and was stoutly built. She was dressed in black, a sure sign of mourning. But, it was the bulging tits that had his cock interested. It was raising its cunt sniffing head, as it always did when unexplored territory hove into view.

"Your husband has recently passed away, Mrs. Haywood?" enquired Tony, solicitously.

"Yes, my lord, nearly a year ago and he had been ill for some time. All three of my children have employment for which I have been most fortunate."

"Ah, here is Annabelle now, I believe." A younger version of her mother dropped a curtsey in front of Lord Millhaven and blushed just as charmingly as her mama had done as his appreciative eyes scrutinised her tight young figure. "Annabelle, your mother is checking to see that you are in fine fettle, and I must say, you certainly are."

"Oh mama, I'm fine, truly I am. This is a wonderful place to live and work," she gushed. "Mrs. Forsythe is most pleased with me and Lord Millhaven has placed me on his bed roster. I believe this Friday, my lord?"

Before he could answer, her mother gasped beside him. "Bed roster, my child??!!!"

"Oooh yes mama. The other girls on the roster say that Lord Tony is just the best lover. And wonderful at removing unwanted hymens, isn't that so, my lord?" the charming girl gushed.

Lord Anthony nodded while watching her mother's face. The blush was back and her impressive breasts were heaving in astonishment. "That will be all, Annabelle, and I very much look forward to Friday night." She curtseyed and almost skipped out of the room.

Mrs. Haywood almost stuttered as she turned to the devilishly handsome lord next to her. "Surely my lord, she was jesting. Please say she was."

"Of course she wasn't jesting my dear. I am a cocksman of renown and have long since lost count of the number of virgins I have put to my sword. In fact the mothers of the village of Beechwood bring their daughters to me to ensure they enjoy at least one night of pleasure before they are ridden by ill-informed, uneducated swine herds and the like. You appear stunned my dear. Have another tipple."

She was pale and nervously took a large swallow of the liquor never taking her eyes off the tall handsome and well proportioned young man whose well equipped appendage bulged in his extremely well cut trousers. She choked and coughed at his next words.

"If you've a mind, my dear Mrs. Haywood, I should enjoy ploughing your furrow. You're a handsome well built woman and judging by the length of your widowhood, you haven't had cock for ages and would probably enjoy a tumble."

"Sir, er Lord Millhaven, I'm not that sort of woman. There has only been one man in my life and that was my husband. I am a Christian woman and gently reared and not one to er, um, er spread my legs for anybody even if as well considered as you."

"Come now, my dear, it is a matter of mutual enjoyment between two adults, not the start of a long affair."

"I am sorry, my lord, but I cannot. It is against all my moral values. I can see my girl is enamoured of you but I am too old for you as I am surely old enough to be your mother."

"Just as I like them my dear. Variety is indeed the spice of life. I fear you need a demonstration." He rose and tugged the bell pull. When Abigail answered he summoned Mrs. Forsythe the housekeeper.

Of medium height, Mrs. Forsythe was built like an hour glass – expansive hips, expansive breasts. She had forbidding features and her hair was drawn back in a tight no nonsense chignon. She quickly took in the flushed features of Mrs. Haywood and bobbed a curtsey to her and to her master.

"You rang, my lord?"

"Mrs Haywood here does not wish to partake in the joys of sexual congress despite a lifetime of dull joyless poking under the covers and most probably in the dark. I wish to show her the difference, Mrs. Forsythe, with your indulgence."

"Ooh, Lord Anthony, it has been some time since you indulged me. Gladly sire, and how do you want me." She divested herself of her tight black dress and literally exploded – massive pendulous breasts settled on a rounded belly that failed to hide the curly mass of her pubic hair, hips that ballooned out, taut and firm atop thick smooth thighs and dimpled knees.

"Mrs. Forsythe, you really are a luscious dumpling. Lie back on that table and allow me to gamahuche you in readiness for my eager cock. I say, Mrs. Haywood, do come closer and observe how first I must spread her forest of hair so that I can massage her very thick outer lips. That's right, my dear – you can see clearly how her inner lips are starting to thrust their way out. Now for some licking. I am willing to bet that you have never experienced that in your entire life. Hmmmh, her juices are starting to flow and you must excuse me if I mumble a little. Do you see, my dear, do you see her bright pink nubbin jump out after just a little one suck. You have one my dear and I can't wait to see if it matches this pearl. Mrs. Forsythe rapidly comes to the boil and with a few more licks and a suck.....see, she spends. Mmmmhh, she is a juicy one, is that not so, Mrs. Forsythe?"

"Oooh my lord, you always bring me to my pinnacle so quickly. Am I to receive your mighty cock, sire? I do need it so. Perhaps Mrs. Haywood would assist in placing it in the right spot for you to penetrate."

A totally mesmerised Mrs. Haywood gasped and the glass she was holding dropped from her hand as Lord Anthony's breeches dropped and his majestic rod with its big purple dome quivered in the morning light. He clenched his arse muscles and the mighty phalanx lifted its snout like a hunting dog seeking prey. A pearly drop of issue slowly worked itself out of his large piss slit and dropped viscously to the floor. Having never seen, nor even touched a male penis in her life Mrs. Haywood reached out with a trembling hand and grabbed it mid shaft. It was hot, smooth and very solid and she could not get her hand around it. She found it difficult to force it down to horizontal so that she could align it with the dripping gash of the housekeeper. Using two hands, she managed to nudge the glowing glans into the pink lips that eagerly awaited it and watched absolutely awed that a woman's private place could take such a mighty weapon as, with a resolute push, half Lord Anthony's cock sank into the welcoming quim of his housekeeper.

"Oooooh my lord, my cunny boils for you and your lovely cock. Watch, Mrs. Haywood, as he takes it almost out and then he is going to shove it all the way in. I cannot wait, my lord, now, now.......aaaaaahhhhhhh bliss, absolute bliss. I am filled with pleasure, and with cock. He has his hands on my teats and is twisting, pulling and pinching them. Now watch as he works his cock in and out, slow, slow, fast, hard, aaaarrrrrgggghhhhh, he's done for me."

Mrs. Haywood watched intently clenching her own thighs tightly together as she witnessed milky white fluid being forced out of the widely spread vaginal lips as Mrs. Forsythe moaned and went bright red around her upper chest and neck. Mrs. Haywood noticed for the first time that Lord Tony's hands had gathered up the housekeeper's majestic breasts and was pulling the dark hard nipples. He then leant over and placed hard sucking kisses on each.

"Mrs. Haywood, I have not yet finished. Mrs. Forsythe and I have a rather special way to finish and she is most talented in that way. I'll just dislodge my cock....no, no, that love juice you see is all hers, she cums like a river. Now follow me and watch closely. Your head over the end of the table, Mrs. Forsythe, if you please. That's right. Now watch, my dear as I place my pestle in the lovely deep groove of her very large milky white tits. As you can see, as I fuck her creamy chasm, she is in fact licking my arse and alternatively sucking on my eggs. Now I am going to finish down her throat. Open wide, dear Mrs. Forsythe."

Mrs. Haywood watched in awe as the housekeeper hung her head over the end of the table, and with open mouth nearly as wide as that of Mrs. Forsythe, failed to breathe as she watched the huge organ slide into the waiting mouth and down the throat until Lord Anthony's hairy balls covered most of Mrs. Forsythe's face. Lord Anthony shoved in and out a couple of times and the housekeeper's throat convulsed. Suddenly his balls lifted and his arse cheeks clenched as he shot a torrent of his potent seed deeply into her throat and down her gullet.

"Ah, ah what a spend. Now watch as Mrs. Forsythe continues to suck the residue from my dick and clean my knob. Very pleasurable, that. Now, Mrs. Haywood, your turn I believe. Now, now, you won't get away with fainting. Mrs. Haywood, dear me......."

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