tagHumor & SatireLynn and Bobby Ch. 04

Lynn and Bobby Ch. 04


Chapter 4

Princess Brings a Surprise

It had been an energetic weekend. Sandy had almost worn me out. After resting Sunday night and Monday I had still not recovered, so when Princess called Tuesday night to say she had a surprise, I was less than enthusiastic. I wasn't sure I could handle her. My wife was still at her mother's house back East and not due to return for another week. I had not had a chance to tell my wife about Sandy and her cuckold husband who had worn me out me last weekend. I knew the story would amuse her. Princess was close enough to my wife that our threesomes were a staple part of my sexual experience. She was very well endowed for thirty-five, which is what attracted her wealthy petroleum engineer husband, who was thirty years older than she. He was off on another of his overseas trips. When he was away, Princess visited us regularly, and my wife's absence was no cause for her to break her habits.

When I answered the doorbell that evening, Princess was standing there and said, "Cover you eyes. Cover them. Don't peak!"

I did as she directed and she brought another person into the room and said, "Who is the last person you expected to see tonight?"

"You're going to tell me."

"Open your eyes and see who I brought you."

She was right. It was the last person I expected to see. When I looked, standing there before me was a smiling Sandy, dressed as sexy as when I saw her last Saturday.

"Jesus!" was all I could say. "How the hell did you ..."

Princess said, "Mix the drinks. Let's go out to the patio. Do I have a story for you! You won't believe it. Then let's do the hot tub."

Sitting on the patio and sipping our Glenlivet, Princess began her story. The one I wouldn't believe, but knew I would.

"I was doing lunch with my old and dear friend Sandy, when she tells me that she has just found the best fuck in the county. She proceeds to describe in graphic detail her weekend with this guy that she met at her golf club who did a threesome with her and her husband. She described how the guy knew what she wanted before she did, and how skillfully he provided it. And especially how he handled her when she was playing dominatrix with her husband the next morning. The way she described that weekend, the only guy I could think of who measured up to her description was you."

"So, I said to her, 'Was his name Bobby?' and she almost fainted dead away."

"How the hell do you know Sandy?" I asked.

"Our husbands both do petroleum."

"Shit! I'm sitting here trying to recover from a weekend of exhausting sex and suddenly in walk the second and third sexiest broads in my life and tell me they want to strip me down and get me in the hot tub."

Princess turned to Sandy. "Number one in the sexy broad category is his wife Lynn, who fortunately for us is out of town and who, for very good reasons I won't go into, places no restrictions on Bobby's sex life." Turning back to me she said, "And yes, stripping you down and getting you into the hot tub is at the top of our list."

"Can I finish my drink first?" I asked weakly.

"Sure. But we have a question for you. Neither of us can understand the way you treated her Sunday morning. Sandy said it was the best fuck she ever had, but ... Well, you tell him Sandy."

"I can't understand how you knew what I needed that morning. You'd seen me humiliate Dave the night before. Making him get you ready to fuck me, and then making him put your dick into me. Then, when we were alone, you fucked me all night so nice and sweet, while he was listening to us fuck from the guest bedroom on the other side of the wall. Then Sunday morning I was humiliating him just the way he likes. I was being the dominatrix and that always turns him on. I was laughing at him because he couldn't get it up when I offered to fuck him. Then suddenly you ... well you hit me and threw me down and raped me. Why?"

"In the first place Sandy, I did not hit you. I don't hit women. And in the second place, women who are getting raped don't have a dripping pussy that humps."

"Well, it seemed like you hit me. Your voice was so harsh and your hands were so rough. You just took charge of me. God! It turned me on instantly. It was exactly what I needed. But, how the hell did you know?"

"Your voice. Your attitude. What you were doing and saying. All those things told me what you needed. Maybe you didn't realize it yourself, but you really needed to be mastered at that moment. You were playing dominatrix. You might have dominated Dave, but you knew you couldn't dominate me – and you really didn't want me to let you. What you wanted and what you needed was to be mastered. Remember what you said after I fucked you?"

Sandy turned to Princess. "I told him there wasn't a bitch alive who could dominate him. God! I needed to be fucked just the way he did it. Maybe he didn't hit me or rape me, but it felt like it. I felt like there was nothing I could do to stop him and I certainly didn't want to stop him."

Princess laughed. "He's good. He reads me like a book."

Sandy continued. "And Dave almost went into orbit. He'd been jacking off all night watching and listening to us fuck. Now this strong woman is humiliating him. And then suddenly this strong woman is told to just shut up and spread her legs. And she does what she's told. Then Dave watches her get fucked hard and rough and he sees that she likes it – that she needs it. That's the most erotic thing a cuckold can see. He stands there, beatin' his meat, and knows he can't fuck his wife like that. Then he pumps what is probably his seventh or eighth load. I was getting' exactly what I needed and so was Dave. Princess, you have no idea what that morning did for both Dave and me. He's been talking about Bobby ever since."

"When you said he was the best fuck in the county there was only one guy I could think of. It had to be Bobby."

A couple more drinks and a little grass and we headed for the hot tub. I got there first because I wanted to watch these two beautiful women strip. Both were very well built for mid-thirties with large and luscious breasts that showed the slight sexy sag of maturity that I loved. Lynn was ten years younger and had a tight beautiful body that I also loved, but these mature women turned me on too. I watched those beautiful creamy white breasts sway gently as they pulled down their panties and kicked them off to the side. Each had a nice belly, sun tanned down to her beaver, and a narrow strip of milky white, sun protected skin around to a luscious triangle of smooth white skin on each shapely cheek of her butt . Their beavers were different though. Princess's beaver was sparse but Sandy had the kind of thick, curly-haired beaver that turned me on. It looked good enough to eat, and that's exactly what I planned to do. I hadn't eaten her pussy last weekend so it seemed the best way to start.

They joined me in the tub and it was good to feel both of them close to me. We had another drink playing in the water and I held both of them close and played with their tits. My only problem was that I couldn't play with two sets of tits and hold a glass of Glenlivet at the same time. Their bodies were almost like twin sisters. Mature and soft in my hands as I stroked their naked flesh.

"Visitors first," said Princess. "Sandy, you are about to experience something that is better than any fantasy you have ever had. If you thought fucking him was good, you are about to feel something better."

Sandy climbed out of the water and lay on the padded mat by the hot tub. I joined her. I kissed and caressed her as we moved from the laughing and joking in the tub to the silent seriousness of sex. She settled down as I kissed her breasts and moved my lips down to her tight belly, keeping my hands gentle on her breasts. She spread her legs and I moved between them, my face was now in that thick curly haired beaver and my hands were caressing her body from breasts to belly to ass and back again. Princess moved over to the edge of the hot tub just inches from Sandy's face and took Sandy's hand in her own, giving quiet support.

My tongue found the top of her hard clit and I worked down, first one side then the other, searching for her sweet spot. Every woman I have ever known has a slightly different sweet spot. It's a man's job to find it. She moaned softly and her hips moved rhythmically lifting her beaver up to my face as my tongue probed that juicy pussy. I waited for her body to tell me the best spot for my tongue. It took several minutes but I found exactly the right place to stimulate her. She was so sensitive there, that I could have brought her off in a couple of minutes, but I wanted to enjoy myself a bit and I wanted to hear her beg for it.

Her pussy was hot, dripping, eager. So I moved my mouth down to her inner lips and, spreading them gently with my tongue, I sucked each lip, gradually moving down. As she got more aroused her pussy lips became engorged and thick and started to spread apart in anticipation. My lips tickled that sensitive ridge of curly hair extending down from her thick beaver and surrounding her pussy. I held one lip of her pussy between my lips, tickled it with my tongue, and slowly worked all the way down and then started back up the other lip till I got back to her clit again. Then I teased her sweet spot, feeling her body tremble each time my tongue touched it. Her pussy was almost throbbing now and she was humping gently.

It was time to begin the serious work of teasing her sweet spot at the base of her clit on the left. I tongued it for just a few seconds, then moved to another place. She moaned and moved her body, trying to keep my tongue where it felt the best, but I wouldn't let her come that quickly. She was humping and moaning and finally reached down with both hands and grabbed by head. She tried to hold me where she wanted to be stimulated but I didn't let her keep my tongue exactly where she wanted it long enough to make her come. I just let her get my tongue close, then I moved it away. Finally she could stand it no longer.

"Oh my God! Please! Please! Do it! Do it! Please! Now! Please!" That's what I wanted to hear. I spent a little longer each time with my tongue on her sweet spot, as she continued to beg, more loudly now. Then when her body told me she couldn't take it another second I put my lips around her most sensitive area near the head of her clit and moved my tongue as rapidly as I could, stimulating it until her body started to tremble. I felt her pussy begin the strong contractions I wanted to feel and I shoved my fingers deep inside of her to give her something to contract on. Her juices were gushing out around my fingers. She was grunting and panting as her contractions escalated in intensity and her body began to make jerking motions. It was a long orgasm and I kept her going as long as I could.

She lay quietly as she recovered from her fantasy and I moved up to embrace her. She looked over at Princess and smiled weakly. She was completely spent. "You said he was good, but God, I had no idea! I've never felt it like that before. Nobody ever made me beg for it before. I never begged anybody."

Princess laughed. "He can make you beg for it any time he wants to, honey. Beg as long as he wants to tease you. He can drive you crazy. He can keep you going and he won't let you come till he's ready. It feels better when he makes you wait because the orgasm is so damn big and explosive, but I almost go crazy when he does me that way. You haven't heard serious begging till you hear me beg Bobby. He just teased you a little. Sometimes he teases me till my pussy hurts."

I got back in the tub. I had worked up a sweat. I sipped some more of my drink and then in a few minutes I said, "Okay Princess, are you ready?"

She climbed out of the tub laughing. "I'm ready, baby. You know how I like it. But, please Bobby, don't make me beg. Please don't. I just need it soft and nice and relaxing tonight."

I knew Princess's pussy like the back of my hand and I gave her a slow and relaxed tongue job. She always wanted things – whether fucking or getting eaten out – very gentle, not physical like some gals. So I was very gentle with her. Her pussy started to drip as my tongue worked on her clit, which was rock hard in anticipation. Her pussy lips were engorged and hanging down and I worked my way down one side and back up the other, very gently, the way she liked. She held my head in her hands, moaning softly, and began those soft, slow Princess pumps that told me she was moving gradually toward orgasm. Her most sensitive spot was just above the head of her clit and I put my lips around it and began to tickle it gently with my tongue, bringing her slowly to orgasm as she moaned softly and pumped her ass gently. Her contractions were soft and slow but long lasting. Her moaning was soft and rhythmic when she came.

Sandy was standing in the tub, her face next to Princess. She looked surprised. "Did you come? You didn't hardly move or make any noise."

"He calls my moves "Princess pumps" because they're so gentle. Yes I did come. But I'm not a groaner. I just make a few soft sounds. Bobby knows exactly what I need and he gives it to me. Except when he's a bastard and teases me. Then I get loud and out of control and say dirty things. And he laughs at me afterwards."

"And," she continued, "He fucks me the same way. Most guys don't know how to fuck. Shit! I quit fucking the guys at the club because they're so damn clumsy compared to Bobby. Once you've had him between your legs, honey, nobody else comes close."

We got back in the tub and continued to drink. I still had two more obligations to perform before the night was over, but we would retire to the king-sized bed for those.

I had said it before and I said it again so softly no one heard. "I hope my dick lives through this. If he does it will be a wonderful night."


A week or so after Lynn got back from her mother's house, Princess came over for a visit. Unfortunately it was not Lynn's favorite time of the month and she had gone shopping, telling Princess, "Exercise him for me. Keep him in shape."

It happened by accident that Princess and I became – well – involved. She became Lynn's close friend and gave up her job as the club whore, much to the disappointment of several husbands at our club. We had formed a threesome that worked very well for us and the fact that Lynn was shopping did not prevent Princess and me from doing our thing.

Well, after Princess and I got into bed, I remembered how Princess had reacted to Sandy's story about rough sex and so I suggested to her that we try something new. She said okay. Princess later said she was surprised that it worked so well for her. When Lynn got home later we were sitting on the patio after a soak in the hot tub. We were wearing shorts and Princess was bra-less in a white T-shirt that showed off her anatomy quite well. Lynn noticed it.

"Trying to interest him in another round?" Lynn asked Princess.

"No, I'm beat. Worn out! I experienced something this afternoon that has never happened to me in thirty-five years."

"Let me get a drink. I need to hear about this. It ought to be good."

Lynn made herself a strong one and pulled up a chair. "Tell me about it."

"Your husband raped me."

Lynn digested this information, thinking for a moment, then said, "It's hard to know what to say. Do I ask if he needed to, or why he needed to, or do I observe that stealing your virtue requires that he find it first – a formidable task not easily accomplished?"

"He raped me. And I fought hard to preserve what little virtue I have left."

"My first question is why did you fight?"

"He promised he would grant me three wishes – anything I wanted - if I successfully resisted his forced advances."

"That's a pretty good offer. I know what my first two wishes would be. So what happened?"

"I took him up on it. I have had more than one guy try to rape me and no one ever came close. I've got experience. I figured I was sure to win, even starting out buck naked in bed, which we were. All I had to do was kick him in the balls or grab 'em and I was home free."

"I hope you didn't damage our family jewels."

"I didn't come close. He grabbed my wrists first thing and the next thing I knew I was on my back with one arm pinned down under his body and the other held tight above my head, leaving him one arm free. I started to struggle and I fought him hard, still thinking I was going to win because my legs were crossed tight."

"That must have been a new experience for you, Princess. Being in bed with a man and holding your legs together."

"It was! But I was getting no cooperation from Pussy, who was all lathered up and waiting. She couldn't understand what the hell was going on. I still knew I was going to win even without her on my side."

It always amazed me to hear Princess talk about the conversations she had with her pussy. If I tried to talk to my dick I don't think he would listen. He had a big head, but there was only one thing on his mind. Princess not only talked to her pussy but her pussy talked back – at least that's what she said.

"Anyway," Princess continued, "I struggled a while and then, as he worked to get my legs apart, I began to think I might lose. And that's when I felt it happen.

"Felt what happen?"

"Strange things started happening to my head. I started to have strange thoughts like 'This bastard's got me. I'm not gonna be able to keep my legs together. He's just gonna take whatever the hell he wants. There's nothing I can do about it. He's gonna take it. He's got me!' Then, I started to get horny. Can you believe that? He was raping me and I was gettin' horny! Shit! Then I looked down between us and I see the biggest cock I have ever seen in my life. It was thick and long and covered with big blue veins. It had a big purple head. I've seen big dicks before but this was bigger. A lot bigger. He had that monster between my legs and he was getting' ready to shove it into me. And I didn't have a chance! I wasn't sure Pussy could take it, even though she kept telling me she wanted it."

"The biggest cock you'd ever seen? I don't get it."

"I didn't get it either. Of course I didn't even think about it then. I didn't figure out it was all in my head till later. At the time it was real, very real and very big. You remember me telling you that a big cock is just in your head? Well, it was in mine and I was getting' raped with it. I couldn't hold him off any longer. That bastard was gonna get whatever the hell he wanted from me. And I was getting' hornier every minute. I didn't want to give it to him, but, I knew he was gonna to take it anyhow, and the more I fought him off the hornier I got. I looked down, and that huge throbbing cock was about to get shoved into me, whether I wanted it or not. He'd spread my legs wide and got between 'em.

Pussy was no help – she was still rooting for him. And then my ass turned traitor and started to lift up to meet him. That big thing just slipped in. It just disappeared inside of me and I swear – I swear to God it felt as big as it looked – like it was stretchin' me wide. And it was real! I fought him off with my hands for another minute, but when I couldn't fight any more I just let go and fell back and when I did, I felt the biggest damned orgasm I ever had in my life – Pussy just exploded – she grabbed on to that big thing and held it like a vice and I was moaning and groaning and twisting around worse than any porn queen – only it was real."

"You had a porn queen orgasm? I don't believe it!"

"Afterwards, I was layin' there sweating, and pantin', and trying to recover, surprised as hell, and I looked up, and that bastard was grinnin' down at me – he'd already pumped his load and I didn't even feel it – and I yelled at him, 'You bastard! You son-of-a-bitch! You raped me!'"

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