tagLoving WivesLynn and Bobby Ch. 11

Lynn and Bobby Ch. 11


Have you ever been impotent? I don't mean just not able to get it up when you've been drinking or smoking pot. I mean can't get it up at all -- anytime -- for almost a year? You think that's bad? Well, add one more thing. Your wife laughs at your floppy dick when you try to get a hard on. Have I got your attention yet? Well it really happened to me a couple of years ago. I got over it, but now it might be happening again and I'm scared as hell. My wife Lynn called her best friend Princess last night when it happened and she's coming over this morning to help.

I'd married Lynn several years ago, fresh out of college. We settled in San Diego. Our marriage had been sound until Lynn had a brief and very unpleasant affair. That's when I got impotent. It lasted almost a year. I finally got over it and our marriage got back to normal somehow. Lynn's friend, Princess was very supportive. Princess is a lovely thirty-something blond with a fabulous figure. She's the trophy wife of a wealthy oil engineer, thirty years her senior. When her husband, Gene, is out of town she joins Lynn and me for an enjoyable threesome. It's a very complicated story, but with a little time you'll figure it out.

It was 10 AM when Princess arrived to help.

"Okay, tell me what happened."

Lynn and I looked at each other waiting for one of us to speak. "You tell her about it," I said.

We sat down in the living room and Lynn began. "You know about the foursome we planned for last night?"

Princess nodded.

"Well," Lynn continued, "Marc and Mrs. Robinson and Bobby and me got in the hot tub after some grass and a couple of drinks. Marc starts to kiss me and we get out of the tub and on the mat next to Bobby and Mrs. Robinson. Bobby starts to fuck Mrs. Robinson -- he got it up and in okay. Then Marc starts to fuck me."

I interrupted. "Tell her how."

Lynn dropped her head looking at her lap. "Yeah, that's important."

Still staring at her lap she said, "I begged him to fuck me hard. That was the way Bill always fucked me. And well, ... I had an orgasm and ... "

I interrupted again. "Tell her what kind."

"Yeah," Lynn said still looking at her lap. "It was a big one -- like I used to have with Bill. So Marc kept on fucking me and when he finished ... "

I interrupted once more. "Tell her how many orgasms you had."

Lynn kept staring at her lap.

Princess turned to me. "You'd better tell it."

"Okay, but I'm as scared as she is," I said. "Marc had a cock as big as Bill's and when Lynn fondled it she just went crazy over it. When Marc started to fuck her he was very gentle but Lynn begged him to fuck her hard. She kept yelling 'Fuck me harder' the whole time. She had a big orgasm two minutes after they started fucking, a second orgasm after another two or three minutes and a third several minutes after that. The whole time she was begging him to fuck her harder and lifting up her ass to get the deepest penetration of that ten-inch cock. She had her fourth orgasm just as he pumped his load."

Princess was aghast. "Oh my God! What about you?"

"I had a hard on when I started fucking Mrs. Robinson, but I lost it about the time I saw Lynn put her feet on the floor to get better leverage so she could pump her ass higher and get Marc's cock in deeper. I watched them till he was finished with her and then we switched partners and Lynn tried to get me hard. She couldn't and both of us got scared."

Lynn said, "After they left, Bobby and I talked and I told him we needed you to come over and see if you could get him up."

Princess threw her head back, laughing, and shook her lovely blond hair. "It's ten o'clock in the morning honey! It's way too early to fuck!"

"Don't laugh! I gotta find out if I did it to him again! His dick is floppy just like before."

Lynn was almost frantic. She was remembering my impotence that developed during her affair with Bill. Last night after we went to bed we had tried again and I was impotent and she became almost hysterical with the fear she had done that to me again. She had a fetish for big cocks -- which is what drove her need for Bill. We both thought she'd beat it -- could control it. But, Marc had a cock as big as Bill's and she'd gone wild over it last night.

"Calm down honey." Princess said. "If I can't get him up now it might make things worse later. I'm not a magician you know. Why don't we try tomorrow evening - a couple of drinks, soft music, and grass? Gene is leaving town tomorrow and I can stay all night."

Lynn got angry and began shouting. "You're not trying to seduce some dumb broad. You're trying to fuck a stud. Studs don't care what time it is and they don't hear soft music. I gotta know damn it -- I gotta know now. Did I do it to him again! This is driving me crazy!"

Princess chuckled shaking her head. "Okay. Calm down. You go shopping and I'll ... "

Lynn interrupted loudly, "I'm not going shopping! What the hell would I buy? I'm scared shitless that I did it to him again. The first time it lasted almost a year and it was my fault. If I did it last night I'll never swing again! Please Princess. Please. Help me."

"Okay, okay, calm down Lynn," Princess said. "Bobby go in the bedroom, strip down, and get in bed. Lynn if this works you're gonna owe me, big time."

"Anything you ask for. I'll give you anything you ask for," said Lynn. "Please help me."

Princess came into the room and closed the door. I was laying under a sheet in bed, which hadn't even been made up yet. She sat down on the side of the bed.

"What were you thinking when you watched her fuck him?"

"I was afraid she'd get hooked again, like with Bill. You remember what Bill told you about how she had to have him. Lynn said it was like he had her in a cage. I was scared it might happen again."

"Is she hooked again?"

"No, I don't think so," I said. "She's got none of those feelings she had with Bill."

"Were you jealous when you watched her fuck him?"

"You know Princess, that's the strangest part of all. I was afraid I might be but I wasn't. I was even glad she was having a good time. She did the same things she had done with Bill but I felt no jealousy at all. When she fucked Bill my jealousy just drove me crazy. He was ugly and she couldn't leave him alone. But with Marc my only emotion was fear that she would get hooked again. And that fear got worse the more fun she had. That's when my dick got soft."

"You wanna fuck me?" Said Princess.

"Not especially," I said. "I'm kinda upset now. No offence intended."

"None taken, But we gotta fuck to make your wife happy. She promised me anything I wanted if I fucked you. And I already know what my anything is."

Princess started laughing. "Wanna know what my anything is?"

What the hell was in this horny broad's head I wondered. "Yeah, tell me," I said with a chuckle.

"Gene's heading out tomorrow for Saudi. He's gonna be gone a week. I'm gonna tell Lynn that you gotta move in with me for a week, just to make sure that damn thing's still working right."

As she said it she reached over and squeezed my pecker. It felt good. I laughed.

"Lynn will be pissed if I move in with you."

"I know she will, but she said I could have anything I wanted and I want you for a week."

She was taking her clothes off as she said it. She undressed slowly. She gave me views of those wonderful, big, creamy white breasts, with that sexy sag of maturity she knew I liked. I looked at the lovely white triangles on her ass and the rich bronze tan of her belly and legs. She left her shoes on till last and did a little turn to show off her legs when she was naked. She had really great legs. My dick noticed.

Princess laid down next to me snuggling her warm soft body close. "You remember the first time you fucked me?"

"I remember. You faked your orgasm."

We both laughed.

"That's because the guys I'd been fuckin from the club expected porn queen orgasms."

"You remember telling Lynn about my blowjobs?" Princess asked.

"I do and she was pissed that I liked the way you sucked me off. I told her you didn't give head -- it was more like you gave tongue."

Princess laughed again. "Lynn and I talked about that. She said you kidded her about practicing on a bratwurst so she could learn to give BJs as good as me."

"Yeah, Princess I remember. Those were great times."

"You remember the first time you made me come?"

"I sure as hell do! I worked my ass off trying to understand how you liked to get fucked. That was not easy to do."

"Well that was my fault, you know," she said. "I'd been faking it so much with those guys at the club that it was hard to fuck lovingly. But when you fucked me so gentle you had me hooked. God you were good!"

"So were you Princess."

"Remember what Lynn said when I told her I knew how she liked to fuck?" Princess asked.

"Yeah. That was funny. She asked if I had told you how and when you said no, she couldn't figure out how you knew," I said laughing.

"Remember you told her you were fucking me and thinking about her and she got pissed?" Princess asked.

She had me laughing now. Then Princess imitated my voice. "Would you rather I was fucking you and thinking about her?"

We both laughed together and I felt Princess stroking my cock. I was getting hard. She spread those lovely legs, pulled me between them, and slipped my cock into a very wet pussy.

"You know how I like it baby. Do me gentle like you always do to bring me off."

I did her gentle. We had fucked so much and in so many different ways that I knew exactly what she wanted when she said 'Do me gentle.' She had fucked a lot of guys at the club and they were very rough with her and she never had an orgasm with them. When Lynn and I developed our threesome with Princess, she quit fucking the club guys and I fucked her regularly. Usually she came to our house and had a threesome with Lynn and me. When Lynn was at her mother's she would stay with me if Gene were out of town, which he often was.

I fucked her now like I always did and she started those soft "Princess pumps" and after several minutes she had her usual gentle orgasm, almost silently. Then I started to think of Lynn, remembering her animal grunting and I fucked Princess hard the way Lynn liked it. After I pumped my load we lay there caressing each other for several minutes.

"Pussy says thank you. She always likes to grab on to that thing of yours. She never remembers your name but she always remembers your dick."

Princess was the only woman I had ever met who held conversations with her pussy. When she told me that, I remember thinking that I never had conversations with my dick because he had a one-track mind.

"Do you want to tell Lynn now," I asked.

"I do not. I want to rest and talk and play around for a few minutes and then get on top and fuck you so you can play with my tits. It's been a month since we fucked like that and I'm horny. Let Lynn wait a little bit. She'll appreciate you more."

When Princess crawled on top of me I was relaxed and horny. I guess my visual experiences of the night before had built up a load, that I hadn't unloaded yet. It was a relaxed and enjoyable fuck and there is nothing to compare to her big tits swinging right over my face where I could play or look or both.

Laying there resting I looked at my watch. Jesus! We'd been in here over an hour. Lynn must be frantic. We got up and I put on a robe and handed one of Lynn's to Princess. I opened the door and we went into the living room and sat down on the couch.

Lynn was sitting in the chair. Her eyes were red. She had been crying. She had no make up on and she was scared. She looked at us anxiously, like she was afraid to ask the question she had been worrying about.

Princess smiled at her. "You said I could have anything I wanted, I believe?"

"He's okay?" Lynn almost shouted and jumped out of her chair and ran over and kissed me and sat on my lap.

"Yeah, we had that thing working after about ten minutes. And it worked perfectly. But I thought I had better test it again to be sure it worked in different positions, so we rested and had a nice slow fuck with me on top. His dick worked well in both positions."

Lynn jumped up out of my lap and confronted Princess. "You fucked him twice and played around in between - with me out here scared and waiting and worrying?"

"Honey, I've told you over and over that your husband is the best fuck I know. I wanted to enjoy him while I had the chance. I ain't been fucked in over three weeks. Aren't you gonna say 'Thank you Princess for fuckin my husband.'"

"You horny bitch!" Lynn screamed.

"That's exactly what I was an hour ago! But Bobby just took care of that. Aren't you grateful?"

Lynn sputtered. "Well yes ... thank you ... but you could have told me sooner."

Princess pursed her lips in thought. "Now, let's see. I think you said 'anything' - you'd do anything if I got him fucking again?"

"Well ... yes ... I guess I said that ... but ... what do you want?"

"You agree?"

"Of course I agree. Anything you want."

Princess nodded. "Gene's headed for Saudi tomorrow and will be gone for a week. I want Bobby to move over to my place while Gene's gone to keep me company."

I thought Lynn was going to have a stroke. "You want my husband for a week?"

"Could be a couple days longer if Gene gets delayed," Princess said.

Lynn was still sputtering. "Delayed? What the hell! You mean I have to go over to your house to see my own husband?"

"You can see him any time you want to, honey. Just call first -- we might be fuckin."

Lynn screamed, "You might be fucking?"

"Well of course we might be fucking. What do you think I want him for - checkers?"

Lynn walked back to her chair and sat down. "Princess, you and I are the very best of friends. I am very grateful to you for what you have done. There is no way I can possibly repay you and ... "

Princess interrupted her. "Of course there is a way to repay me, honey. Lend me your husband for a week."

Lynn sat there thinking for a moment. Then she burst out in hysterical laughter. "No one will ever believe this. But then, no one would believe half the things we've done. You're a horny bitch Princess -- but I made a promise and I'll keep it. You can have my husband for a week. And I'll call before I stop by, in case you're fucking him. But I do get to fuck him don't I?"

"Of course you can fuck him, honey, as long as he's not servicing me."

I walked over and picked Lynn up in my arms. "You know the way out Princess. I'll get my things together and be at your place tomorrow afternoon and start paying off Lynn's debt -- and mine. Thank you. Thank you very much. You are a friend. But right now I'm gonna take my wife to bed."

We made love - special love - soft and intimate and quiet. We held each other close in silence and then we talked about the night before.

"The only thing you worried about was me getting hooked again?"

"That's right."

"And you didn't feel the pain you felt with Bill?"

"None at all."

"And you enjoyed watching me have all that fun?"

"Yeah. You did have fun didn't you?"

"Oh Bobby did I have fun! It was a fantastic fuck -- I enjoyed it so damn much! And I would like to enjoy it again -- it was a very special fuck for me. But if you can love me knowing that's the truth, then I can live without it. If you ever want to let me have it again, I'll love you for it -- if not, I'll still love you, just as much. I want it but I don't need it. I need you more."

She held my head in her hands. "Bobby, I fucked my fetish cock once and didn't give you a choice. Now you have a choice. You know what that big cock does to me. I still have that damn fetish but I can control it now, and any time you give me permission I can let that damn tigress out of her cage -- but she's the one in the cage now -- not me."

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