tagInterracial LoveLynn and Leif Forevermore Ch. 27

Lynn and Leif Forevermore Ch. 27



Leif had played this thing like a fiddle. He'd fooled Lynne and figured out exactly what kind of ring his little cutie wanted. It was almost too easy, because Lynne had no idea what was up his sleeve. How could she guess, that after three months he would propose. Hell, he hadn't imagined that he would, but he loved her so much he couldn't imagine life without her. And he wanted to give her his last name. He knew how his folks had felt about marriage, but the love he felt for Lynne made the reason that people got married shift into crystal clear focus.

Leif cornered Janelle alone after one of Lynne's shows. He had to let Janelle in on his plan to figure out what kind of rings that Lynne would like.

Besides, he felt like he needed to ask permission from someone who really cared about Lynne, to ask for her hand in marriage. He actually told Janelle this, he felt badly for how it had turned out with her parents, and wanted someone else's approval. He knew he wouldn't be getting it from her parents, because he was not involved in that religion. Janelle told him that she certainly had his permission to marry Lynne, and she was glad they were so happy and in love. But she also told him that she was mad with him for making her keep such a big important secret from her best friend. Leif had assured her that it would only be for a few days.

Next, he told her that he wanted her to cook up an elaborate scheme so that the girls would go ring shopping, but Lynne wouldn't know that the ring was for her. He had Janelle and her cousin go ring shopping, and just offhandedly invite Lynne along.

The cousin, who Lynne didn't know at all, pretended to be looking around at engagement rings, because her boyfriend was getting serious and wanted to know what her taste in rings was. This got Lynne and Janelle involved in looking at rings inadvertently. And then, Janelle teased her, and asked her, what kind of ring she'd want Leif to give her, if he asked her to marry him.

Janelle said later that she said,

"Damn, if he wants to marry me, he could just tie a blade of grass around my finger and I'd say yes...that's some hippie shit that he would do too,"

Leif, and Janelle had laughed. But it touched him, with her sweetness. He'd do better than a blade of grass though. She'd shown Janelle a couple of picks. Janelle was even able to convince Lynne to try on the rings, just to see what they looked like. Leif couldn't believe he'd gotten that close, and gotten all that information by cooking up this scheme with Janelle, and Lynne was not the wiser.


Lynne loved the Mother Pearl Sushi restaurant. She was excited that Leif was taking her to this place. It was expensive, but the Sushi was wonderful. She did not want him spending so much money on her, and she'd told him that he should be saving their money, especially since he just pawned his guitar. She said he could treat her to the happy family place up the block, since they could get all you could eat sushi for like ten bucks per person.

Leif then told her that he'd never taken her any place really nice since they'd been dating, and he wanted to treat her, especially since she was going through a hard time with her family. He'd told her that he knew what he could afford to do, and to hush up, and spanked her ass a good five or six times. She liked it when he bossed her around when he was being playful. That was the only time where Leif was very assertive. His kindhearted tender ways made her swoon, but she did enjoy, when he told her to hush up and swatted her ass like she was a misbehaving little schoolgirl, in jest. When they were serious, he cared about her thoughts and feelings more than any other man she ever knew. He relished a spirited debate, or a friendly discussion with her.

So, here she was, getting ready for their fancy date out on the town. She wanted to look beautiful to him, scrumptious. She was so ready for him to make love to her. She ached for it now. Every time they had foreplay now, and they were making out, she begged, and begged him to make love to her, and he kept saying, wait a little bit, I have something special to tell you.

She didn't know what this special thing was, but quite frankly, she was getting tired of waiting! When they'd broken up, she'd felt sick inside that she hadn't had the chance to share her body fully with him. And while she now felt that their love was growing stronger, and she'd shared the last of her deep dark secrets with him, and he knew enough that they could weather any storm, to her, it underscored how she never could tell what the future would bring. If anything happened to him or their love, and she hadn't got to feel his hot hardness throbbing inside of her, she'd never get over it.

When she sucked his dick, she imagined him stroking inside of her. When she kissed his dick, she imagined what his body would feel like fitting to her contours deep in the secret places of her vagina. When he licked her erotically and pushed his tongue in her hot femininity, sliding in as deep as he could, and tickling her with joy where he should enter her, she was flat on her back in her mind's eye, her lower lips kissing him, sucking him engulfed with the joy of him. Everything about the sexuality with him was so beautiful, the way she could be free with him, say those secret, dirty arousing words. Dick. Pussy. Words that were forbidden and made her embarrassed before, but they were beautiful, and sensual, and nasty, and natural between the two of them.

Leif's dick deep inside her aching pussy, rocking gently until they both came. Mercy!

She could hardly stand her arousal for Leif. She made sure the door was closed. She opened and closed her lips slightly the way he liked to do when he teased her. She rubbed herself in a very slow, teasing circle. It didn't feel like his husky fingers though, not nearly as good. She sucked her own finger for lubrication and pressed it inside. She tried to curl it in a come hither motion the way Leif did, but her fingers weren't long enough to press on that sweet, spongy part inside. Oh Leif's long, gentle, husky fingers felt good, good, good on pushing on that part deep inside her. Oh she prayed that his thick dick could hit the same spot inside of her. And she prayed that he would be gentle. As horny as she was, she was still frightened by sex. It had always hurt before. It had never, ever, ever felt good for Lynne. But, Leif's fingers had felt good, and that had been painful before, so she thought it might be the same with his penis. In any case she couldn't wait to find out.

She stopped masturbating, because she didn't want to come and spoil the evening with Leif. She prayed that tonight would be the night where they would become one, in a literal and metaphorical sense. Next, she took out her huge, green, plastic rollers. Leif loved her hair curlers, and her beauty treatments. He thought it was cute to get a window into what women did while getting ready. He also told her he thought such preparations were very silly, because he thought she was the cutest when she'd just rolled out of bed or jumped out of the shower. He adored her...she'd have waited ten lifetimes to find a perfect love like his, and whatever price she paid, even her family, was worth it.

"What are you doing in there babe, I need to get ready too," he called.

"Oh hush! Go play your new ass games!" she chided.

She peeled off her robe.

She wasn't planning on wearing a bra, so she simply slipped on a pair of black and blue thong panties. The thong panties were important so that her panty line didn't show. Her dress was a black and blue tight cotton dress, and she had a plunging neckline that was sexy, yet tasteful. She thought her breasts were small, and her ass and legs were her best features, although Leif seemed to like them just fine. This dress showed off a little bit of her breasts, just a bit of the bare skin of her braless sight cleavage, with it's plunging neckline. It made her small breasts look bigger. It also gave the illusion that Leif could pull the dress roughly to one of the sides, and expose her naked breasts for his pleasure.

God, she was getting so wet dreaming of him doing these wonderfully delicious things to her, and she wondered if the choice in a thong panty was enough to hide any vaginal lubrication.

She un-rolled her hair and pinned it up into an elaborate, and elegant chiffon.

Finally she exited the bathroom.

Her eyes caught Leif's as she walked into the bedroom to put on just a little bit of lipstick, Lynne never fooled around with too much makeup, besides lipstick, mascara, and eye shadow. And often, she only chose one of the three.

"You look so damn beautiful honey. I know it sounds cheesy, but you take my breath away," he added sweetly.

"That doesn't sound cheesy at all Leif, it sounds sweet, thank you," she added blushing.

He kissed her forehead.

"And you look so good you make it all damn worth it. I know the bathroom is steamed, you left me no hot water, and probably there are rollers and wrapping paper all over the sink," he teased.

She threw one of his black socks at him and giggled.

He made her laugh, just as much as he made her aroused, and hungry for him. She was a lucky woman.


Leif had hailed a taxi for Lynne. She was wearing these beautiful high platform shoes, and dressed to kill. Mother Pearl was a bit far away, too far to walk, but she was too damn beautiful to be sitting on some subway or bus.

He felt like the proudest man in the world when they exited the taxi, and he escorted Lynne, demurely covered up in a smart looking black wool peacoat. It was too cold outside for her to show that gorgeous plunging neckline until they were in the restaurant.

She had such knack for choosing clothes, and even a stage persona that was smoking hot but not slutty. Oh she walked that line so well his cock ached. Seeing the yummy little curves of her breasts with that plunging v-neckline, almost, but not quite enough to hint at those dusky nipples.

The tight knit fabric of the dress, and how it showcased her fabulous ass. But it was modest in length. It left a little to the imagination, which was always sexy to him. The tight little dress stopped at a three quarter length, midway between her knee and her calves. Then, she completed the look with these tall, sexy, outrageous platform shoes, which were black, with a punk rock blue heel. He liked her funky style. She dressed like anything from a hipster, to a goth chick, to an r&b diva on any given week. She was a chameleon in her closet. He enjoyed seeing her switch up the looks. It matched her eclectic stage persona. And the wonderful, quirky little lady that he knew off of the stage.

And, she was dressed in a fitting fashion to be asked the most important question of their lives. He had Lynne's coat checked. He bribed the wait staff into getting a nice table with a view of New York.

"Leif, this thing is getting expensive babe. You gave that dude fifty dollars for this table. But damn, that New York skyline is so beautiful with all those lights. At least let me tip when it's over," whispered Lynne after they were presented with menus.

"No, a man only gets a chance like this once," said Leif softly, dreamily staring at her.

He was floating on a cloud with both happiness and nervousness, and he could hardly listen and hear what she was saying. He couldn't wait to surprise his sweetie and pop the question.

"Leif, there are so many good Sushi restaurants in town. Now I love this one, but it's expensive as hell- I've come here a few times when I get a really lucrative gig or something. But this weekend I'm going to show you another sushi place, and no, not that happy sushi, there's another one that's really good and cheap. Hell, I think I'm going to learn to make some Nigiri rolls. You can get them a kit to make them at the international supermarket," said Lynne.

"You're so adorable when you are being a little motor mouth sometimes. I wanted to take you this restaurant, because I asked you what your favorite restaurant was, and you said this one. Now, do you want some Sake," he asked stroking her nose with his finger.

"What do you know about Sake," giggled Lynne.

"Plenty," said Leif playfully nudging her foot under the table with his dress shoe.

"Okay handsome. I see you. Leif you look very, very nice tonight. I've never seen you so dressed up and you look really, really sexy. You can't wear that on stage boy, those thirsty broads will be just all over you, even with your back to the stage," said Lynne.

He was wearing a nice blue suit, with a silk shirt, no tie, and wingtip shoes.

"I thought I should dress nicely, taking you to such a nice restaurant, and looking at how you were dressed and all that. But you know that the Duce's would never let me wear this shit on stage, even if I wanted to. This shit looks like Harry Connick Jr.," said Leif.

Lynne laughed so hard she snorted. Then she replied.

"He wishes he looked as sexy as you do tonight," she said.

Her voice was soft, and husky and she leaned over and gave him a tender, sweet, wet peck on the lips.

"Do you know what you want," asked Leif when the waiter returned.

"I want the volcano roll, and the spicy tuna roll. I want the crabsticks too. And this thing with the mango," said Lynne.

She was damn adorable. Like a little girl at Christmas. If only she knew, it wasn't even the best part of the surprise.

"Someone likes this place. Someone is a little greedy. I don't think I need to order with all that food on the plate. You sharing Lynney," teased Leif stroking the pad of her lip.

The he pulled back a little bit because even the waiter looked disgusted. Sometimes they got carried away in their affections, in their own little world. But he loved it!

"Of course I'm sharing Leify, I wanna share everything with you tonight boy," added Lynne huskily.

He spent a few seconds staring into those pretty exotic brown eyes, contemplating her statement. She certainly would be sharing everything with him tonight. But then, he knew he had to put the next part in his surprise plot together.

Leif pretended to go to the bathroom so Lynne wouldn't suspect anything, but he really went to see the head chef.

Then, all the wheels were in motion for his surprise.

They sipped their Sake and played footsies under the table while Lynne admired the Brooklyn skyline. Even though Lynne had lived here her whole life, she still loved to look at that skyline with wonder. He saw the wonder in her eyes. He couldn't wait to see the wonder in her eyes when she saw her surprise. Just a sweet, wonderful, beautiful woman she was.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity the waiter brought out the huge, beautiful serving platter of Sushi.

"Yeah! Oh wow, this looks yummy," said Lynne.

She clapped her hands together with glee like a little girl. She had cute precious ways to him sometimes. Leif wanted to see how long it would take her to see her surprise.

"Man, I want to try the Mango ones first. It's mango and raw tuna. Supposed to be really good," she said, stuffing her mouth full of the sushi.

"The sweet and savory together is really good," she said.

She turned the platter a little bit, and quickly popped one of the spicy tuna rolls into her mouth.

Lynne still had no clue about the surprise, and Leif started to tease her a little bit.

"You are just a greedy little sushi eating monster. You love this stuff, I've never seen you eat so fast before," he chuckled as she plopped the third roll into her mouth.

He started to simply point out her surprise to her, but then, suddenly he heard her cry out-

"Oh my God! What is that, what is that one in the middle! That doesn't look like a roll to me,"

She put her hand up to her mouth and started waving her other hand all around.

Then she was screaming behind the hand she was covering her mouth with.

Leif had prepared a lot of ways that he imagined Lynne would react to his surprise playfully in his mind, but he couldn't have even dreamed of this hyper, crazy, adorable reaction, even from Lynne.

It seemed to have also alarmed some of the other patrons who were getting up from their tables and looking around.

"Is there a mouse," asked the couple at the table next to them. Leif chuckled.

"A half carat mouse. It's an engagement ring," said Leif.

The couple chuckled, and they both started clapping.

"Oh my God, Oh my god, I can't believe it!" said Lynne.

She started crying.

Then she pushed out her chair and impulsively sat in his lap and started kissing him on his lips tenderly.

"Mmm, baby, that feels good, but you have to get up, and let me do this the right way. Sit back over there. I have to get on one knee. And you have to answer this special question. I've been planning this for almost a month," he added lovingly.

He picked up the ring, which had been sitting in the middle of the artfully decorated Sushi platter.

He got down on one knee.

"Lynne, I know it's been three short months, but you make me happier than I have ever been in my life. My life is so much richer having you in it, and I want to build a life with you, and be a family with you. I want you to know how special you are to me, and that I cherish you, and that I want to spend the rest of my life loving you, nothing to come between us, ever. Will you marry me," he asked sweetly.

"Oh Leif, I love you!" she cried and she threw her arms around his neck and chuckled with happiness.

"You are such a hardheaded little rascal," he said laughing into her pretty little hair.

"What? Why am I hard headed," said Lynne, through her laugher and tears.

"Baby, I just asked you to marry me, and you said I love you...yes or no on the marriage thing," said Leif

Lynne chuckled.

"Oh, I was nervous, I didn't mean to say I love you. I mean. That didn't come out right...I do love you but...Yes, Yes, Yes!" she said.

He got off his knee, signaled for her to get up from her chair, picked her up, and spun her around in his arms. He didn't care who saw them. He just knew that he loved her, and wanted everyone to see, the girl that he loved, the woman that he cherished, she'd said yes.

"Leif, this ring is so beautiful. It fits perfectly and everything. It's kinda funny too- I went ring shopping for Janelle's cousin, and she asked me what kind of ring would I want if I was getting engaged and I said I...hey wait a minute buster, you tricked me!" she screeched.

"I sure did. Played you like a fucking fiddle. And you had no idea. It was kinda funny watching you, dragging your arms, because you didn't want to go ring shopping with your friend's cousin, who you didn't even know. That girl is not even your friend's cousin, just some nice girl she knew from that paper who agreed to be in on the little scheme. I felt so bad for your best friend though. She really wanted to tell you...because that's the sort of thing women like to tell each other, especially two who are close like blood sisters, like you two. But I had no choice honey, I had to know just what kind of ring you wanted, and what size your little finger was. Glad she could keep a lid on it," added Leif with a smile.


"Oh Leif that was beautiful baby," said Lynne in the taxi on the way home.

She had tears in her eyes.

"No, what's going to be beautiful is the rest of our lives. You're going to be my wife now," said Leif.

"Yeah. I can't wait to be Mrs. Leif Peterson," said Lynne.

"Well, we need to set a date. The time line is up to you. The wedding stuff is for women, to make women happy. I don't care a thing about the wedding, I care about all the days after the wedding. Having you with my last name, and eventually having some pretty babies with you. But I don't care what happens with the wedding. Do whatever you want. I'd marry you tomorrow in my boxer shorts and black dress socks from his evening if you'd approve," said Leif.

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