tagInterracial LoveLynn and Leif Forevermore Ch. 28

Lynn and Leif Forevermore Ch. 28



Lynne loved the feeling of being nestled in his arms. The smell of him, and the heft of his hand on the back of her head, mashing her between his pecks, keeping her safe and secure. She'd slept so well, for like four hours, but then she awoke in the middle of the night with this warm fuzzy feeling in her stomach that fanned all the way down to her pussy.

She thought about the way he'd loved her. Oh those firm tender strokes! And the way he'd caressed her clit so gently with those husky fingertips between their bodies. How thick and amazing his dick felt stretching her out. That part of him belonged to her now. She would be his wife soon. She thought of the proposal. How sweet and lovely he'd planned everything. He just did the little things he knew would make her smile. He wanted to make her happy, treated her like a princess. That was new to her. Even though her family life was so screwed up, it hadn't scared him at all. It seemed to have made their bond even tighter, even stronger. She didn't worry about what she was losing with her family, she could only feel the beautiful love that she gained with Leif.

He was just so sweet, and so sexy and she wanted him again. Wanted to feel that hard, warm length stretching her again, the way he stroked inside of her felt like a big gentle tickle at first, then she started to feel searing hot pleasure as his strokes got firmer. God, it was lovely! She still loved foreplay, still liked his tongue, and his fingers, could still see where her sex toys might come in handy if he had to be away from her side for a while, but his maleness, coming from being stroked lovingly on the insides by his hot meat, feeling that slippery goodness and the friction too, and the sensation of being filled up so tight she thought she might burst, now that was another yummy sensation altogether. Different than toys, kisses to her pussy, and rubbing with fingers. She still loved that stuff too, but, oh god, oh god, that part of him felt marvelous inside her. She loved Leif, but she also thought she might love his dick too. She loved it when she sucked it, but now she loved it inside of her. It gave her so much joy and pleasure.

She reached between their bodies and grabbed his soft penis. He groaned even in his sleep.

She moved his hands from off of her head and neck and started kissing down his torso.

She licked his cock and he groaned loudly. It tasted sexy. She could taste her juices and his juices and how they mingled together.

"Oh baby, what a way to wake up! I love you Lynney," cried Leif with a husky drowsy chuckle.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help it, I didn't mean to wake you up...I guess I did...I just can't help it...I loved it inside me so much, I can't stop thinking about it, I'm sorry," she moaned between tender kisses to his cock as it sprang alive.

"Don't ever be sorry for that sugar. Never, ever be sorry for wanting to be sexual with me. You're going to be my wife, and we should be having plenty of sex. I'm glad you like sex now sweetheart. You want to ride your husband to be," he asked sweetly stroking her hair.

Lynne had never been on top before. Her stomach swarmed with butterflies.

She giggled and said,

"I feel nervous...I don't know what to do on top," she said giggling like a schoolgirl.

"Why are you nervous? You have a need. Wanted to wake me up. You need my loving cock inside you. Fill you up. Make you feel nice and warm, and then hot until you come, and can go back to sleep. Your little pussy must be aching badly. You needed to scratch that little itch so bad you couldn't sleep, and you woke up your man. So cute! Why don't you sit on my hips, and go on a nice ride. Besides, I'm too sleepy to be on top this time," he teased swatting her butt.

At his encouragement, she straddled him.

"It's just like...it's just like riding that mechanical bull in the bar that you like sweetheart," he added tickling her chin dimple gently.

Her stomach and the core of her ached with tingles.

"You want to get started by riding my face first? I miss your sweet juices anyway," he said with a chuckle, swatting her juicy ass.

"Oh Leify, I need, I need your dick!" she moaned.

He grabbed her hips gently, and she started sliding her slick lips over his naked cock.

Just the feeling of his ramrod hard shaft, teasing her lips, tickling her with his length.

He started to gently grind against her outer lips below her.

She moaned-

"Oh god," at the way he teased her.

She started grinding her hips too. She grimaced with pleasure, and she knew it was such an ugly face she was glad it was pitch black in the room and he couldn't see.

"Feels good doesn't it sugar. It'd feel even better if you take me inside you," he teased.

Husky fingers very gently traced her breasts. He touched her as though she was soft, precious and beautiful. So Lovely!

She couldn't help tears of pleasure. And then she wanted it, his dick, her husband's dick! Or he was almost her husband anyway. She rocked her hips slowly over his cock head.

Then that sweet, cloying pleasure of his fat, slippery head tickling her insides.

"That's, right sweetheart, that feels so good to me sweetheart," he groaned tenderly, stroking his fingers through her hair.

He made her feel so reassured. Proud and reassured as she explored with him sexually. She felt so stupid that she couldn't control her tears when they had sex! But sex had always been such a negative experience and fraught with pain, shame and confusion. Now it was beautiful, and sensual and made her feel even closer to that beautiful man that would soon be her husband. She loved him so much it all came pouring out in these hot torrid emotions.

The tears just flowed, tears of sheer ecstasy and joy.

But Leif never acted like he minded the tears. He stroked them gently as they fell from her eyelids.

"I love you Lynne," he moaned sweetly.

She rolled her head backwards and groaned deeply as she took more of his hot thickness into her aching core.

"Oh it's so good!" she moaned loudly.

It was good, this delightful sensation of parting the waters, and filling it with thick, hot, tickly pleasure, the feeling of awaking her insides. Hot pressure! Girth! And he wasn't even all the way inside her yet, just partially inside.

She couldn't get it in any deeper as she rocked back on her haunches.

"Use it like a toy Lynne, use my body to pleasure yourself, it's okay baby. Your man wants to be your love toy," he encouraged.

She nibbled her lips.

She leaned backwards and grabbed the part of his shaft, the part of his shaft that wasn't inside of her.

He was so thick and so beautiful. And he'd told her, use it however she wanted. She just reached down and started wriggling his dick in gentle circles inside herself, while she rocked back on her haunches, taking him deeper within herself.

"Mmm, oh baby I love how thick it is inside me," she cried.

"Now I know what my baby likes," moaned Leif.

He gently grabbed her hips. He swayed below her and made these slow, lovely figure eight circles and she leaned backwards as far as she could, as though she was riding that mechanical bull, in the bar.

Oh God, his hot, throbbing thickness teasing her in those gentle circles. He wasn't in her as deep as he had been earlier, but his head tickled over that sweet spongy spot inside of her.

She clutched and twisted the sheets in her fingertips.

"Oh no it feels too good inside me!" she screamed.

She was coming so fast she felt embarrassed! That sweet, hot ache grew into a steamy throb of sweet joy, the head of her mans cock pushing and grinding perfectly against that magical spongy spot on her insides.

The steamy throb of joy made the hot strains of pleasure fan through her core, and radiate from her head to her toes.

"Oh you make my pussy come so good Leify, I love you so much!" she cried.

Her innards just clutched, clutched, clutched with joy, her femininity, even her anus.

"Oh I've been holding it back baby! I can come now," he moaned.

He grabbed her hips gently, held her to him firmly.

He made a few very deep, yet tender thrusts into her insides. She loved the feeling of him stretching her out, it felt so intense she could almost feel him at the neck of her womb.

"Oh baby, I'm gonna give you all my hot come," groaned Leif.

Since he'd just come four hours ago, she hadn't expected that he'd be able to give her feminine insides another warm bath with his sticky come, but she felt his hot come splattering around her insides after he groaned.

"Oh your hot come feels so good inside me baby," she purred softly.

She loved the feeling of his hot, sticky semen running in her pussy. It felt so intense, warm, intimate, and pleasurable. She wished he had even more hot love juice to give her.

"Oh sweetie, I love the way you make my body feel baby," murmured Leif.

She gently released her grip on his penis, but she felt sad when she felt the little pop, indicating that he was no longer inside of her.

"I wish you could stay inside me like that, forever. I want you snug in me like that every minute," she panted, rolling off of his hips.

"I would stay in you like that forever if I could. But with men, after we come, it's hard to stay inside. But, I tell you what, we can keep doing that again and again, as much as you want so there's no need to be sad when I leave your body, even though I feel a little sad when it's over, too," he said.

Lynne yawned.

"Mmm, somebody's satisfied. You're such a cute little woman Lynne. You get all sleepy like a little girl as soon as you come. Then you sleep so good after you're pleasured. Like a little log. Come to your man baby, nighty night," said Leif, rolling onto his back, urging her into his arms.

It took no convincing for her to crawl back into his arms and fall asleep quickly, his hands in her hair while she slept so hard on his chest, that she snored.


Lynne woke up first. She got busy in the kitchen. Fixing breakfast for her beautiful man. She'd tired him out, and she felt embarrassed but delighted at the same time. And, as she was frying up omelets, mixing up biscuits, finding jelly that she'd canned from last year, she felt that sweet ache again. That fever.

The same fever she felt for him to suck her pussy, or that she got to suck his dick. She just wanted sex, she didn't care how, or when, or what he wanted to do to her, with his lips his fingers, his tongue, or that thick meaty part of him.

She felt like a hormone addled teenager and all she could think about was lovemaking and sex. But the cooking, soon took her mind off of her lust, and she was grateful for a clearheaded time to concentrate on something that didn't involve sweet pleasurable orgasms with Leif. After she fixed breakfast, she collected the paper from the front door, squeezed him some fresh OJ and brought it all to him on a platter.

He'd just gotten up and was rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"All this for me? I should be making you breakfast after you shared your lovely body with me last night sweetheart...you're so sweet Lynne" said Leif, kissing her forehead.

"Oh come on, you shared your body with me too! And I love feeding you, and cooking for my man. And besides, you can't boil water," she teased.

They fed each other breakfast.

Lynne cleaned up the dishes.

Then she returned to the bedroom where he sat, reading the paper.

"Come back to bed. Let your husband to be teach you some more about the birds and the bees," he teased grabbing at her waist as she sat on the foot of the bed.

She chuckled.

"Not right now Leify. I wanna show Janelle the ring you gave me. You know she's right up the block right," said Lynne.

"What, now? You've got to be joking. Baby I'm hard again, I need it," he whined softly.

She wanted it again too! But she needed to surprise him and do something sweet for him. She would show Janelle the ring, but it was an excuse to get out of the house.

"Are you hard again. If you're a good boy I'll make it go down again when I get back," she teased.

"Mmm, I might punish you for misbehavior," he teased swatting her thigh with the newspaper.

"I'm not doing anything bad Leify, I just wanna show her the ring this morning, especially after all you put her through to surprise me," said Lynne.

"I understand. And I guess I can share you this morning, even though this is our first morning after making love for the very first time, and even though you fixed that fabulous breakfast and I want to put my fuel to good use," teased Leif, nibbling at her ear.

Lynne chuckled.

"If you can store your fuel, I'll make it so worth your while later. Oh Leify, I don't wanna leave you sweetheart, but it's going to be Christmas in a week, and we gotta pack to go to your mothers, and there's just some last minute girlie stuff I need to do," said Lynne.

"Oh Alright. I guess if I can't convince you to sleep in with me, I'm going to start packing, fiddle with my guitar," he said.

"You look so sad! Stop it. Last night was amazing Leif. I'm almost scared if I don't leave soon I won't get anything done today. Remember, we've got one week until we fly to California," said Lynne.

"I know baby. I'm so excited for you to meet your new family," he said lovingly.

He gently kissed the palm of her hand.

"I feel excited too. I gotta get your family some presents. I gotta get you your present. So much has been going on. But I'm so excited. It's my first real Christmas," she added brightly.

He squeezed her close. She kissed his forehead this time, and left him lying naked in the bed, looking dreamy and contented with their lovemaking.


She knocked on Janelle's door. Janelle was so excited to see Lynne, and wasn't even mad that it was still pretty early and she had her face mask on and hair curlers in her hair. Janelle loved to sleep late on Saturdays, much later than Lynne who was often up early and writing songs, or piddling around the house lately, cooking for Leif.

"Look!" screamed Lynne.

And Janelle took her in her arms, squeezing her like a big sister.

"That boy proposed to you in three months! That's gotta be a world record," teased Janelle.

Lynne laughed.

"You were in on it all along! You were helping me pick out my engagement ring and I didn't even know, you two are sneaky," she said giggling.

"Hey, it was all done in love. That boy loves you. You should have seen how he was looking, asking me to get in on this scheme, so he could find out your ring size, and what the kind of ring you would like. He looked like a happy little boy about to get a Lego block. He loves you, and I know you love him too. It might be quick with you two, but a lot of people wait years to find that kind of love. Hold on to it," said Janelle.

"I'm holding on tight to him now, and I'm never letting my sweet, sexy man go. But look, now I've gotta get in on something with you. It's Christmas. My first real one that I can celebrate in the open anyway. And...Leif bought this new guitar while we were split up, and I think he used that money to get my engagement ring. It was such a nice guitar. I want to get him that guitar back," said Lynne.

"Lynne what the hell girl, I'm not even up yet, I'm still in my curlers and shit," said Janelle with her arms folded.

"You know you're going to be my maid of honor. Think of it as something you have to do for the wedding," teased Lynne.

"You better fix me some damn breakfast girl. Whip something up. Toast and omelets while I get ready,"

So Lynne was cooking in the kitchen for Janelle, her second time in the kitchen that day.


Four hours later, they finally got the guitar. It started off at the Pawnshop, who told them that Leif hadn't sold the guitar, but to check with the Lead Singer, who also hung around the pawn shop playing with that guitar. Lynne didn't know where he lived, so she had to sneakily go into the bar where Duce Dutchie's played and ask around to figure out where Matthew lived.

Then, naturally Matthew did not want to sell her the guitar.

"Come on! It's for Christmas. Leif loved that guitar. He sold it so he'd have enough money to buy my engagement ring. Well I want him to have his girl, and his Axe, so I'm buying it back from you. And you know you are going to be the Best Man! Think of it as your best man duties," she said, using the same line she'd used on Janelle earlier.

He did sell her the guitar, but it cost a little more than the thousand bucks cash that she had on her, so she had to go to the ATM and get out two hundred more dollars.

Matthew seemed satisfied with the twelve hundred dollars. He handed her the guitar.

"It's a little bit less than what Leif sold it to me for. Think of it as a wedding present. Look, I'm not big on the marriage shit, but you two are a really nice couple. Leif's a lucky man, and you're a lucky lady too. Don't go screwing up your shit anymore like you two did earlier, don't tell him I said it, but he's fucking lost without you. And you, what I saw of you, was pretty sad too. Better stay together," he said with a chuckle.

After she got the guitar, they went back to Janelle's house to wrap the thing, and Janelle agreed to keep it at her home, so that her sweet, curious Leif wouldn't be nosey to see what was in the package.


Lynne and Leif were packing up her things to load them up for the flight to California. They still had these two apartments temporarily, but Lynne had given her thirty days notice, so as soon as they got back from California, they'd need to start moving all of Lynne's stuff into his apartment. Then it would be their apartment together. In the meantime, Leif regularly checked the classifieds, Craig's List, and the community bulletin boards, looking for a two bedroom apartment in their trendy little borough. Some place where he and Lynne could have a little more space, and have a shared second bedroom for their music and other equipment.

"Don't you have all your stuff baby, I mean, we're just going to stay for like two weeks. Baby you've got so much shit, it's like you are Beyonce packing for your world tour or some shit," he teased.

"Boy, be quiet. I'm not a man, and I need to have the right clothes for different occasions. I'm not even really a clotheshorse. If you think I'm bad, you should see some of the girls I went to high school or college with. I just want to look cute and have options, especially if I can find an open Mic night," said Lynne with a smile.

"You love the stage don't you baby? You live for it. We'll find you an open Mic cutie, and I can find you plenty of other things to do with your sweet little extra energy," he said playfully.

There were clothes strewn all over the bed, and she was carefully folding and rolling up things.

"I almost got everything in this damn suitcase. I think I'm going to have to sit on it and mash this shit down though," said Lynne wiping the sweat from her brow.

"Are you sure you have everything. I don't want you to leave anything, because I do not want to have to help you close this fucking suitcase again. I love you baby, but that's so much shit. Linda's gonna think you're moving in. Of course, she loves you so much she won't care, she might send me home and keep you there," he said with a chuckle.

"Don't be jealous Leif, with all the shit going on with my family, I need all the family I can get, even yours, Janelle's, I'll take a little piece of everyone's family," said Lynne with a chuckle.

"Well, we're gonna stop this my family business. It's our family. I can't wait to tell Linda at the airport," said Leif.

"Okay, our family," said Lynne.

"Sit your juicy little ass on the suitcase sweetie, so I can close it" he said playfully roughhousing her by the arm.

She sat on the suitcase.

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