tagInterracial LoveLynn and Leif Forevermore Ch. 32

Lynn and Leif Forevermore Ch. 32



Lynne was the first to wake up snuggled up into Leif's chest. She could barely remember the drowsy sex of the night before, or the two luscious orgasms he'd given her, one clitoral orgasm to warm her up and prepare her for his entry, and a luscious g-spot orgasm she hadn't even been expecting. She looked at him adoringly. He looked so satisfied and it left her happy and proud. It was wonderful that he felt safe enough to confide his private needs. And, she was beginning to feel the space to feel safe enough to do this with her own needs with Leif as well.

What happened in the truck had been the confession of a need, deep, tender and private. A longing deep inside to make love anywhere else but plain white sheets, tucked away in bed, but she'd been much too shy to confess this longing to Leif. She'd always thought she was dirty for being kinky and wanting, even longing to do sexual things in public with Leif until it just happened. Until he brought her those good feelings in the truck, and made it safe for her to have those longings, by telling her she could have whatever she wanted. And boy did she want to do raunchy things in public with him. There were times when he rode beside her on the subway, and the color flushed to her cheeks, wishing there was a blanket in her lap and he could secretly fondle her.

And, she'd be remiss if she said she didn't enjoy the spoiling and doting she got from him. He was sweet and loving towards her in ways she'd never experienced before. Even her own family never cared for her, and pampered her the way Leif did! Running her all around to little boutiques so she could go antiquing. Making sure she got to participate in all of the fun activities for her first Christmas. Stopping her for ice-cream just because her eyes lit up when she saw the sign. He noticed, and she didn't have to ask.

For a woman who'd been equal parts forced to grow up and adhere to strict rules far before her time, and restricted from being able to experience a full technicolor life, getting to enjoy life out in the open with Leif, without fear of reprisals was beautiful. And he knew she craved affection, and he was always cuddling her and tousling her hair, feeding that deep seated longing that she had for attention. It was almost like he knew already that she had some broken spots that were love starved, and he didn't mind feeding her full.

And now she knew how much he craved her own affection, when he'd wanted to cuddle his flaccid cock between her ass. She thought that it was sweet and adorable that he found her ass so cuddly and he could do that whenever she wanted to with her body that he enjoyed. She would never judge him.

She was learning so much about love, and that loving acceptance was part of it. Freedom to express secret longings or things they enjoyed or needed without fear of reprisal. And it was a beautiful thing.

Lynne loved the picturesque farm. She was a nature lover, but there were not that many opportunities for her to explore nature in New York City. So, she had her garden, and she took time to explore in the park, but being in the middle of nature like this was heavenly. The last time, was when she was on the Bayou, visiting her Creole Granny as a young girl. And Lynne remembered being all set to run out in the fields behind her grandmother, barefooted, just a young girl, and her father pulled her back inside the house, sharply by her shoulder, informing her that young ladies did not walk barefoot on the grass. That had been her big opportunity to walk outside barefooted, because she certainly would never try that shit in dirty ass New York City.

But here, on the farm with Leif there was an opportunity to run around barefoot. She bet Leif took all this stuff for granted, being in the center of nature, because he was raised around this his whole life. But she cherished this opportunity. She couldn't wait to get outside, and see the beautiful sunrise. The open fields and gardens promised great iPhone pictures.

Although they were in California, it was still winter, so mornings were still chilly out. She rifled through her suitcase to find a suitable jacket. She didn't find anything in her own clothes warm enough to wear, so she then went through Leif's luggage until she found a warm looking yellow, fleece, old Navy Parka.

She pulled it out of his stuff, and as soon as she smelled it, she started to feel all warm and fuzzy in her pussy, and the pit of her stomach, because he hadn't washed it before his journey, and it smelled like Leif, like cinnamon, and the minty dreadlock grooming products he used, and even Leif's skin. Just to smell him sent shivers through her.

He held so much loving, erotic power over her, she prayed he never abused the strong hold he had on her heart. But, looking over at him, he was such an angel, she couldn't even conceive the thought.

He was stirring, so she arranged the pillows and blankets around his body so that he would not notice she'd gone, and taken her warm body, and apparently her cuddly ass crack, and went outside barefoot to catch the sunrise.

Lynne shivered with pleasure feeling the cool grass and the dew beneath her feet. It felt raw, earthy, beautiful, and as a pleasure so long denied, even sensual. She imagined throwing Leif onto the grass, straddling him and sexing him like a wild woman, rolling around in the fresh earth. One day she'd tell him when she was less shy. Because getting dirty was forbidden growing up, imagining rolling around in the mud and getting filthy while he sexed her was a deep fantasy, and one she'd used to get off back before he was her man and she could only dream about him.

But each day she spent with Leif conjured up more fantasies than she could ever dream of.


He noticed Lynne was gone within five minutes. She'd taken her warmth with her, the sweet furrow of her ass, her lovely scent, and that sweet, soft, tender skin. So it didn't take him long to figure out she'd cuddled him up with the blankets, though he did chuckle at her ingenuity.

He wondered where the rascal was hiding, when he looked around the cottage and didn't see her, but then he opened up the mini blinds and he found her outside, swallowed up in his big yellow parka, looking adorable. Her hair pulled back in a messy ponytail, and it looked like she was out running around barefoot. She could be so sexy and cute at the same time. He liked that she was earthy and raw like that, and that she was trying to get in tune to nature even though she was a big "city girl" as he liked to tease her.

It looked like she was standing in the field taking pictures of the sky. She'd gotten up so early to get her pictures of the morning sky, and their gardens that she hadn't wanted to disturb him. But he missed her so much.

His little cutie had taken his warmest shirt for herself, but that was okay. Lynney was more delicate than him, so she could have his shirt. He threw on a white t-shirt to go over his black sweatpants in case the air was chilly, and walked outside barefoot to meet her, the dew still rolling over the grass.

"Well there you are. You took all your warmth and cuddly softness with you, and left me in the bed, cold and alone," he teased.

Lynne giggled. A sweet and happy giggle.

"I wasn't trying to leave you all alone. I just knew I wanted to get up early. I couldn't rest until I got outside, and explored around here. It's damn beautiful, and I didn't think you'd be appreciating this shit, because you're a country boy. You're used to it," said Lynne.

He saw her inhale a huge breath into her lungs as though she was savoring the smell of the morning dew, and fresh, unpolluted air.

"You're wrong. I like it out here. I really appreciate nature's beauty. But you are right that I appreciate it more now that home is New York," he added with a grin.

He stood beside her and put his arm possessively around her waist.

She leaned into him, putting her weight on him, cuddling him from the side. Leif loved how they couldn't stand to be close to each other without being affectionate. It was what he was dreaming of when he asked her, when he was at her house saving her from the mouse, to teach him about love. He was her ardent pupil, and she was a great teacher, just with her sweet softness, innocence and delicate warmth.

He tickled her smaller toes with his own dirty toes.

She giggled.

"Cute, dirty ass toes. I'll wash them later," he teased.

"Your toes are just as dirty as mine. They're dirtier. Because they have all the grime and mold on them from before you even started walking outside," said Lynne.

Leif chuckled.

And he pinched her ass.

"Is that why you never suck my toes? Because they aren't clean?" teased Leif wiggling his eyebrows at her.

Lynne howled with sweet laughter.

He loved their play.

She looked at him, deadpan serious and retorted.

"I'll suck any damn part of you that you want boy! I love you so much I'll put my mouth on you anywhere that you say. I just didn't think you'd want me to suck your toes...some guys seem squeamish about that type of thing, but I'll suck them after you get the outside dirt off of them," she said, tickling his toes with her own toes in the grass.

"Hmm....maybe I'll get a rain check on that. You don't have to suck them baby. I was teasing you. Wanted to see if you'd do it," he said playfully.

"Teasing is not very nice," she said, and she pinched his butt.

Then they were running in circles playfully, trying to pinch each other's butts like children.

At some point Lynne looked up at him, and stopped her eyes filled with water.

"I just....I just love being free with you. Being able to be barefooted and stuff. Because...I mean, I don't know, growing up I could never do that type of shit and all...ladies don't run barefooted. And being able to play with you and tease like this. I feel so free, and I just hope it doesn't ever stop even after we're old and married," cried Lynne.

"It...It won't ever stop. I know that you need to play. It's been a pleasure long denied my sweet Lynne, but you'll get many opportunities to play in all sorts of ways with a husband who cherishes you. Oh Lynne, I love you. I'm sorry that you couldn't be barefoot before, but it's fine with me," he added.

He dotingly patted her rear. The grin she gave him melted his heart. And that feeling traveled straight to his dick. Caring for her with tenderness aroused him. It made him feel like a manly hero that had the keys to satisfy his darling woman.

Leif took her on a tour of the grounds. And he was very patient because she painstakingly snapped photos of each damn plant, and all sorts of things. She had such fun he didn't have the heart to interrupt the sweet creature and tell her that she'd be his wife in a few short months, and this was just the first trip of many where she could enjoy the farm. Then he saw she was loading the photos in a gardening app on her phone. She was really nerdy and smart when it came to gardening, and she'd been identifying how to care for those plants and other items of interest, unbeknownst to him as she'd snapped the photographs. Fuck, if Linda saw her, she'd want them to move back to LA and help tend to this farm! He smiled to himself.

After she was through, he grabbed her hand, and carried her into the woodshed, where they kept all their jellies, jams, and canned fruits and vegetables. His father Garret did all the canned fruits and vegetables, and his mother did all the jellies.

He knew that Lynne also would can things that she grew in her garden back in New York, like tomatoes, and other treats to use in the wintertime. So her eyes were fascinated as he spoke. He talked about the canning process a little bit, remembering the spiel from when he sometimes had to help give tours.

She looked at every single jar, turning them all around. He could see the curiosity and want burning through her fingers.

"Baby if I could, I'd give you every fucking jar on this shelf for you to take home with you and stuff yourself full. I can't do that, because all that shit wouldn't make it back on the flight home, but you can have a lot of whatever you like baby, we'll take tons of all your favorite treats home," he added.

His nose was in the crown of her hair, smelling her sweet scented apple shampoo lovingly. Damn he loved that shit, she smelled good enough to eat.

Lynne was still shy.

One way or another, she would learn the loving lesson that, now that she was his woman she could have whatever she wanted.

"You love jam Lynney. You can have as many flavors of jam as you want. There's a ton here," he added with a sweet smile into her hair.

"No, that's okay, that's your mother's business, it's how she makes her money, baby it's cool, I'll get some jelly when we go inside for breakfast," added Lynne.

"You're her daughter in law. Did you see all that shit she loaded you up with when you were sick? She'll want you to have it. She knows you're going to be my spoiled rotten wife. You love jelly baby, and damn it, you're gonna leave with at least a few that you like to taste, and you can start sampling them for breakfast," he said.

He wanted to lay it all out on the line and let her know how much he planned to spoil her for the rest of their lives, but he just didn't feel like he could make it through without his eyes watering up. So he stalled on that, pretending to be gruff, and trying to help settle his woman, who couldn't make up her mind. But his throat was thick with a lump.

No more fucking deprivation for his Lynney. This was a woman who had no birthdays, no Christmases, and whose parents were throwing her out on her ass for daring to fall in love with someone out of her religion. She was going to have jelly and anything else made her exotic brown eyes twinkle. He simply adored her and loved when she was happy beyond anything else he'd ever imagined.

"Here's strawberry jam. Why don't you take a taste," he said.

He opened the jar.

He stuck his finger inside the jar and loaded his finger up with it. She turned around in his arms, and he sweetly guided his proffered finger into her mouth.

She moaned with pleasure on his finger, before she began giving his finger a sweet suck, and then started licking in circles cleaning off the last of the jelly.

Damn, the motions of her tongue reminded him of the sweet, sexy way she sucked his cock, and tried to tease from every angle, sucking him hard. Damn it, she may have only been practicing on him, but she gave the most amazing blow jobs! His groin started to tingle, and soon his erection was standing out proudly between him.

But, she kept his finger firm in her mouth long after the jelly was gone, looking up at him with these sweet, angelic, innocent doe eyes, and then she finally released his finger. She was sexy as hell. She could even make tasting jelly erotic.

"You can have as much as you like," he added, getting another healthy scoop on his finger.

He placed the pad of his finger gently in her mouth, even taking the time to playfully rub the jam on her tongue.

When he tickled her tongue gently with his finger like that, she whimpered into his own mouth. Her eyes lit up again and she traced his tongue in sweet sexy circles, over, and over, and over again, and then, the jelly was through but she still had his finger in her mouth, sucking erotically.

It was so sexy seeing her lips wrapped around his finger like that. She sucked his finger harder and deeper clear up to his knuckle. It must have been arousing to her as well, because along with giving him the doe eyes, she was moaning with pleasure.

"Would you like to try another flavor sweetheart," he asked dotingly.

She nodded eagerly and now he opened blackberry jam.

Same as before he scoped out a healthy amount on his finger.

This time she wanted his finger so much she pulled it out of the jar and took his fingers eagerly into her mouth.

He'd been sloppy this time, and the jam was on both of his fingers. His balls ached the way she sucked his fingers clean, then licked between his fingers. Damn he wanted her mouth on his cock so bad!

Then, then jelly long since through, she held his index finger in the pad of her mouth sucking and bobbing her mouth up and down on his finger sensually as though she was sucking his cock.

He pushed his erection up against her stomach, so she could feel what her sweet, sexy sucking did to him. How she held him putty in her loving hands.

Her eyes glimmered with a special kind of love and fire right now. She seemed consumed with pleasure at the art of sucking his index finger just like she loved to suck his dick. Goddamn it he was so lucky she was his!

Finally she looked embarrassed. They both knew the jelly was long gone, and she was now just enjoying the taste, and feel of his fingers in her mouth for the sensual gratification.

"Baby, if you like to suck my fingers, you can suck them when you want, even if I'm not covering them with jam," he added kissing her forehead sweetly.

The love he felt for her, made it possible to be tender, even though he really wanted to grab her by her hair, and pull her down to his cock, and beg her to put out this fire she had unleashed in him, when she teased his fingers with her hot, wet mouth and soft tongue just like it was a dick.

Sweet, sensual, dirty little goddess!

She looked at him angelically, as though he'd found some pieces inside of her that were broken, and he'd found the correct fit for those pieces in his own soul.

"Is it...do you think it makes me perverted if I like sucking your fingers. I find it really sexy. But...but I also find it very soothing and comforting in a weird way," she added softly.

"Nothing, nothing we ever do together is perverted Lynney. All you have to do is tell me what your needs are, what your fantasies are baby, and I'll try like hell to make them come true. It's not...there's nothing weird, or strange, or perverted about liking to suck my fingers sexually, or even if it makes you feel comforted. It's a private pleasure you don't have to explain, like when I like to put my limp dick between your ass cheeks to sleep. Damn it, that shit feels good like you're a cuddle toy come to life with a juicy ass I can snuggle with. It's private between us, but I enjoy it. It makes me feel warm and safe. I want to do the same for you. We can make each other feel so safe, always. That's what a damn marriage is about Lynney. Apricot Jam," he said gruffly, stuffing the jelly between her lips with a gentle finger.

The gruffness was there to camouflage the sweet mushy part of his soul that she was igniting right now.

Hell, if she liked sucking and licking fingers, and it got her off sexually, and it was emotionally satisfying, he was happy to give this to her. If she only felt comfortable doing it in the context of actually sucking things off his digits right now, then he'd fill her up with jelly until she was sick. It was quite obvious to him that she enjoyed finger sucking. And it wasn't hard to figure out why.

She enjoyed being spoiled and getting to sample all the jams and jellies, it was the opposite of the deprivation she'd had growing up. It didn't take much to make her happy, and that made him want to pamper her even more. And, he could have just given it to her in a spoon, or letting her put her own finger in the jar. But, giving it to her in her mouth on his finger sent a loud and clear message to her, that she was special to him, and he wanted to feed and care for her physically, that she was his princess. And that was the way he wanted to care for her soul. So if it made her feel good, her stomach would be sick by this afternoon, because he sure as hell wasn't stopping unless his aching dick forced his hand because he ended up needing to fuck the living daylights out of his little woman, because the feel of her mouth on his fingers was so sexy.

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