tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLynn The Reluctant Film Star

Lynn The Reluctant Film Star


This story started three months ago, Andy's wife Lynn had been made redundant at the company she worked at as P.A. to the managing director. The company had been taken over by a rival firm. Lynn tried hard to find other work and had been to lots of interviews but so far no luck finding another job.

One morning she was having some tea and scones with three of her friends. She was overheard talking about her plight by another couple named Denise and Peter who were sitting behind her.

Peter and Denise left the café and Denise went home as Peter had said something about a business meeting he had to go to. The business meeting concerned the woman he had seen in the café. He contacted two members of his team to meet him outside the café and they arrived just as Lynn was leaving to go home. They followed Lynn down the street, watching the way her hips swayed as she walked in her tight jeans and high heels and Peter looked forward to his plan coming to fruition.

Peter's two friends were both ex SAS, were experts in surveillance and over the next week they built up a profile on Lynn. They developed a plan of action which would drag Lynn into the clutches of Peter. They would all make a lot of money out of her.

One morning Andy and Lynn had just finished breakfast when there was a knock at the door. Andy opened the door and encountered two big men wearing balaclava masks. One of them hit Andy square on the jaw and as he fell back the other one grabbed him pulled a sack over his head, and they bundled him into the boot of a black B.M.W.

Two minutes later the phone rang and Lynn lifted the receiver, " Hello."

The voice at the other end said, "Don't ring the police if you want to see your husband alive."

"Ok what's this all about?" Lynn asked anxiously.

"Listen carefully. A car will pick you up at the playing field entrance in ten minutes. If you are not there, your husband dies. If we see police or anyone else nearby, your husband dies. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Lynn replied.

"Phone your husband's work and tell them he won't be in to work for a week. Tell them he is sick or something. Your phone is bugged so we will know what you tell them. Get it wrong, your husband is dead." The line went silent.

Lynn did as she was told and phoned Andy in sick then made her way to the playing field. It was a good choice, she thought. Wide open space. Whoever it was doing this would know if she had alerted anyone. She looked at her watch. Ten minutes had passed. Nothing. She began to worry.

Two minutes later, a silver Range Rover pulled up. The passenger side window slid down. "Get in the back on the floor." Lynn did as she was told.

"What's this all about?" she asked.

"Shut the fuck up if you don't want to be gagged. Put on this blindfold," the man in the front passenger seat told her.

Lynn reckoned they had driven for about an hour when the car stopped.

"Keep the blindfold on," one of the other men said as he opened her door. "Stay where you are." He cable tied her wrists behind her. Lynn was pulled out of the car and walked over to a large barn. The men took her inside and closed the door behind them.

They walked up some stairs and into a room where the blindfold was removed. Lynn blinked and strained her eyes as the light hit them.

"Cut her loose boys."

"Have you got a mobile phone?" another man asked Lynn.


"Give it here and we will look after it for you." Lynn took it out and handed it over. She appeared to be in a lounge of some sort.

"Why don't you sit down," the man facing her said. Lynn complied. "I suppose you are wondering what this is all about."

"The thought had crossed my mind," Lynn replied. "What have you done with my husband?"

"Don't worry he is okay at this moment. My name is Bill. What's yours?"


"Pleased to meet you, Lynn. Your husband Andy has been working for me for two months in his spare time doing some delivery and collections. The trouble is, the last collection he did turned out to be five grand light, which has got me into trouble with my bosses. Now I believe Andy was stitched up by this client, we are checking his story, but that still means I am five grand down and my boss wants the money within seven days or else. Do you see my problem?"

"That has nothing to do with me or Andy. I can't believe that he is involved in drugs, he hates them," Lynn said.

"Well, it doesn't really matter what you believe. I have to deal with the reality of the situation, Lynn. You see my boss won't let me sort out the client as he buys a lot of stuff from us. And he will expect me to lose Andy if the money is not paid." He drew a finger across his throat. "That is my dilemma you see."

"We haven't got five grand. I lost my job three months ago," she said through tears.

"Don't go soft on me now Lynn, I am sure we can work something out. Get her a cup of tea will you, Joe?" Joe left the room to put on the kettle. "There might be a way to get the five grand gathered up," Bill announced. "Stand up. You're a good looking girl" Lynn stood up.

"I try," Lynn replied, smiling through her flushed cheeks.

"Go to the gym?"

" I used to before I lost my job."

Bill walked around Lynn, appraising her carefully. "I have a friend named Peter who makes videos."

"Ah no chance," Lynn said as she shook her head.

"You prefer that Andy dies? That's the only way I can see that we keep the boss man happy."

"But it has nothing to do with me. Andy got himself into this mess."

"Yes I take your point, but Andy has no chance to make five grand inside a week has he?" Joe came back in with the tea. "Have a think about it while you drink your tea."

"I want to see Andy," Lynn demanded.

"Why?" Bill asked.

"I want to know that he's all right," she replied.

"Okay Lynn, look at that screen." Bill nodded to Joe. A picture came up on the screen depicting Andy sitting on a chair in a darkened room. Two men were with him. There appeared to be a bruise on his cheek but he was otherwise okay. One of the men had what looked like a gun in his hand.

"Can I please speak to him, Bill?" Lynn asked.

"Not until after the five grand has been paid," Bill replied.

"You seem pretty sure that I will work for this friend of yours."

"Your choice," Bill started. "Either you do five grand's worth of work or you don't see Andy alive again. "

"What sort of videos does your friend make?"

"Why don't we go see him, Lynn?"

"Do I have your word that you will look after Andy if I do as you ask?"

"You do indeed," Bill said with a smile. "Come with me. You will need to put the blindfold back on and lay on the floor. Don't worry it's not far."

When they arrived at the studio, Bill removed the blindfold and escorted Lynn into the building. "Peter about?" Bill asked a young girl.

"Yeah he's on set, but he's not very happy."

"Is there something wrong with you?" Peter bellowed at a tall man. "Look at her! She is fucking beautiful! You've got a cock like a fucking hamster. Fuck off and we'll get someone who can do the job, you fucking wanker!"

"Hello Bill. What brings you here?" Peter asked when he saw Bill approach.

"Hello Peter," Bill replied shaking the man's hand. "This is Lynn. She needs to make some quick money."

"You'd better come through to the office." Bill and Lynn followed Peter into the office. "So you want to be a film star do you, Lynn?" Peter asked.

"No. I just need to make some money quickly."

"Well as a favour to Bill, I'll see what I can do. Give me two minutes to get this other film going and I will give you an interview." Peter left the room.

"I don't know if I can do this," Lynn said as she glanced over at Bill.

"Well you know what's at stake, don't you?"

Lynn choked back the tears and realised she would have to go along with this if she was to see Andy again. She would do whatever it took to save him.

Peter returned to the office. "Bill, come back at six. We should be done by then. If there's any change I will give you a call." Bill winked at Lynn and left.

"Right Lynn, come with me. We film all our interviews so if there is any comeback we can show that we explained to you what we do here. You are under no pressure to stay and take part in the films. You also give us permission to sell any films you make and you are paid for your work. So I will ask the questions. You speak up nice and loud. Okay?"

"Okay," Lynn replied.

"Do you know what sort of films we make here?"

"Yes. It's porn."

"I would not say its porn. More of what we would call an adult theme. There is sex involved, but we have a story to it and it is usually one on one."

"Have you done anything like this before?"

"No, I just need to make some money."

"How many sex partners have you had?"

"Just my husband."

Peter raised his eyebrows. Fuck me that's unusual, he thought.

"When was your last period Lynn?"

"About two weeks ago."

"Are you on the pill?"


"Have you ever had a dose of the clap? HIV? Any STD's at all?"

"No!" Lynn replied, her brow furrowed in anger and confusion.

"Sorry for asking, but we have to make sure you're healthy," Peter explained.

"Do you have oral sex with your husband?"


"Do you take it up the arse?"

"Oh come on!" Lynn exclaimed.

"Look it's no problem," Peter said. "If you don't like it you can go. I don't have time to waste."

"No," Lynn replied with a defeated sigh. "I've never done it that way."

"Would you do it if it was in the script?" Peter asked. Lynn nodded.

"Good," he continued.

"You do know that agreeing to work with us will require you to be naked and having sex with other actors and actresses?"


"And you agree to that?"


"Do you bikini wax?"

"No," Lynn replied as she shifted uncomfortably in her chair.

Peter was curious to see how far he could take things with Lynn. "Strip," he ordered.

"What? Now?" Lynn asked.

"Yes. Now," Peter replied with a frown.

Lynn stood up and dropped her jeans to her ankles. She pulled the jumper over her head then just glared at Peter.

"Go on. Don't stop."

She unhooked her bra, set it down with her jumper, pulled down her bikini knickers and stood before him naked. Peter eyed Lynn approvingly. She was stunning with her perky breasts and long slim legs. There wasn't a trace of any cellulite any where. Her long dark hair reached down to her shoulders.

"Not bad, Lynn, Pull your pussy lips open for me." Lynn hesitated as she looked at Peter with confusion. "Come on." Slowly, she did as she was told. "A bit more," Peter said. "That's fine. Now turn around and bend over." Lynn turned around and bent over slightly, giving Peter a nice view of her firm ass. "Now pull your arse cheeks apart." She put her arms round behind her back, grabbed hold and parted the cheeks of her buttocks. "That's fine. You can put your clothes back on now. May will take you to wardrobe and you can get a shower, your pussy hair trimmed, then go to make up and get your hair seen to."

"Okay," Lynn replied as she dressed quickly. What had she got herself into? she wondered. She would kill Andy when this was over.

May took Lynn to the wardrobe area. "What size are you Lynn?"





"Size 7."

"Don't look so worried. I know it's your first time here. Just relax and have a nice long shower. I will see you soon."

Lynn went into the bathroom and undressed. The bathroom appeared very upscale, like that of a five-star hotel. There warm, soft white towels, all the different scented soaps, choice of shampoos. It didn't get much better than this. May returned and Lynn immediately covered herself with her arms.

"It's okay. We've all got the same parts," May chuckled. Lynn relaxed a bit. "That's better," she said as she handed Lynn a towel. "Have you ever had an enema?"

"No!" Lynn replied with shock in her voice.

"Well you need to have one now. It will be to get you all nice and clean back there." Lynn blushed. "It's okay. You'll get used to It. Come over here," May said as she pointed in the direction of the sink. "Now, bend over, open your legs and relax." Lynn tensed as the tube touched her star. "Just relax now." With a slight push, May inserted the tube. "That's it Lynn."

May eased the tube about six inches inside. "I'm going to pour in some warm soapy water okay?" Lynn just wanted to scream but she knew what would happen if she refused.

"That's it," May said. "Now, go to the toilet and pull out the pipe." Lynn did as she was instructed. It was a strange feeling. Different, but not unpleasant.

"Right. Have a nice long shower and wash your hair. Put on this dressing gown and we will get you waxed." Lynn watched as May left her to her shower. May returned when she was finished. "Okay, Lynn come with me."

She directed Lynn into a small room with a gynaecologist's chair in the middle of it. "Give me your dressing gown," May instructed. "Now, just hop up into the chair and put your feet into the stirrups. I am sure you know the drill," May said with a smile.

Another girl entered the room. "Hi. My name is Jill," she said.

"I'm Lynn," she replied, smiling shyly.

"Peter wants me to get you tidied up," Jill explained as she glanced at Lynn's crotch. "So I am going to do what we call a landing strip. Have you heard of that?"

"Is that where you just leave a narrow line of hair down each side?"

"That's exactly right! I couldn't have put it better myself. I will also leave a heart shape at the top," Jill said with a wink and a smile.

"Will it hurt much?"

"No. You wont feel a thing. I'll do most of it with a razor and just use wax at the end." Jill set about her work and prepared a large cupful of foam and spread it all over Lynn's pussy, then with a cut throat razor, she trimmed Lynn's bush.

"Just ease forward a wee bit, Lynn," Jill requested. "I just want to nick those few from round your bum. Remain perfectly still." Lynn blushed but complied with the woman's orders. "Okay, we're done. I'll just wash you off. " Jill produced a douche bottle full of warm water. Lynn flinched as Jill inserted the tube and washed her out. "I always do it this way," Jill explained when she noticed Lynn's displeasure. "You don't want any soap in there do you?"

"No. I suppose not," Lynn replied as she raised her eyebrows. She looked down between her legs and could see just a narrow strip at each side of her pussy lips and a small heart shape at the top. It was almost like her pussy, instead of hiding, was now the centre of attention. Which, of course, was the objective.

"I don't think I will need to wax you, Lynn," Jill said as she stood back and admired her handy work.

"I will just put some nice cold cream on for you." Jill applied the cold cream, taking her time. She rubbed her hands up and down Lynn's thighs. "Do you wax your own legs Lynn?"

"Yes about every three weeks or so," she replied.

"They're very smooth," Jill said in an approving tone. "We're finished here."

Lynn got out of the chair and put her dressing gown back on. "Thanks Jill. Where do I get my hair done?"

"Next door on the left."

Lynn walked to the door and opened it slowly. She was greeted by another woman. "Hi. I'm Julie. Is this your first time here?" Lynn nodded and smiled softly at the woman.

"Yes, it's my first time. I'm Lynn," she replied, taking the seat the woman directed her to.

Julie ran her fingers through Lynn's long dark hair. "Now apparently you have your hair up to start with. You let it down later so I will do it so you just undo two clips and shake it out. Okay?"

"Yes, I suppose," Lynn replied. She settled back in the chair, trusting Julie to do her hair the way it was needed.

"That's it," Julie said. "There are two clips. One here and one there," she added as she pointed to the clips with Lynn looking on through the mirror. "Just pop them out went he tells you. Good luck."

"Thanks. I'll need it," Lynn replied.

Another woman entered the salon. "My name is Ann. I am here do your make up, Lynn." Ann set down her box of tricks. "You won't need much. Just some foundation, blush, lipstick, and nails. I'll be at hand to do any touch-ups on set." Lynn had been so relaxed and so involved in chatting with the women, she nearly forgot why she was there.

May returned to see how things were going. "You're looking great Lynn! Come on through and we'll get you dressed."

Lynn wondered what she would be wearing and there it was all laid out on the bed for her. A front fastening quarter cup push up bra that did not even cover her nipples, a matching thong of which the whole of the front panel was see through, the lacy hold up black sheer stockings, a blouse with a plunging neckline and a skirt that stopped about five inches above her knee. Add a pair of black stilettos and the ensemble was finished off with a band round her neck.

"Okay, Lynn, I'll be back in a jiffy," May said.

Lynn took the underwear out of the wrappers and noticed it was all very expensive brands. She got dressed and looked herself over in the mirror. Apart from the fact her nipples could be clearly seen under the blouse, she looked as though she was going out for a fancy dinner. May returned a few minutes later.

"You are looking great! I'll just do the clasp up on your neck band. Peter asked that you sign this form. It just clarifies what he told you in the interview," May said as she walked around her. Lynn signed the form and handed it back to May. "That's it! They're ready for you now. Come with me."

They walked out onto the film set. "Hey what a transformation. This is your co-star. His name is Harry," Peter said smiling as he took the form from May. Lynn looked Harry up and down. He stood about six foot two, 180 pounds, clean shaven. She figured he looked about 23 or 24 years old. She smiled approvingly at her handsome co-star.

"Hi Lynn," Harry said as he gave her the same approving gaze.

"Okay. Time is money. Right Lynn?" Peter said with a wink. "Now Lynn you stand over here. Harry will come in through that door. You rush over, say 'hi darling', open your arms and kiss him on the lips. Stick your tongue into his mouth while you kiss and keep going until I say cut," he explained. Lynn nodded. Harry nodded. Peter turned and took his seat off-stage. "Places everyone! And, action!"

Harry came in the door and Lynn ran over and started to kiss him. He was a good kisser and she found it easy to do the tongue thing with him. After what seemed ages, she heard Peter yell 'cut.' She broke this kiss, gasping for air. Her breasts heaved up and down with each breath she took.

"Well done, Lynn! You're a natural!" Peter said.

Ann came on set and redid Lynn's lipstick and gave Harry a tissue to wipe his lips with.

"Right, next scene. Come over here to the table. You are going to have a game of cards. Each hand you lose the winner removes an item of clothing from the loser. Okay?" Peter said. Lynn and Harry nodded. Peter continued, "I want lots of smiles and kissing. Don't forget you're having a good time together."

Lynn sat down at the table and tried to cross her legs but the distance from the seat of the chair to the underside of the table would not allow her to. She thought nothing of it, but what she didn't know was that there was a hidden camera under the table pointing between her legs. Peter would often include some leg shots in the finished film. It also allowed him to make directing decisions at the right time by watching what was happening downstairs.

Harry dealt out the cards. "We're playing three card brag," he said as he picked up his cards. "What have you got, Lynn?"

"Three tens. What about you?" she replied.

"King high."

Lynn got up and walked to the other side of the table "Stand up Harry." With her three inch stiletto heels she was just six foot tall she kissed Harry and helped him off with his jacket. He dealt the next hand.

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