tagLesbian SexLynn's Alley Ch. 05

Lynn's Alley Ch. 05


"Oh baby, I absolutely love it!" Ali exclaimed, referring to my new 'do', my new shorter hairstyle.

One of the things I discovered after moving to New Orleans is that the heat and humidity does not treat my hair well. Frankly, I tired of trying to do something with it every damned day, so off to the salon I went, the one that Ali uses.

If there's a faggier fag than Simon, I can't imagine it. However, this fag knows how to do hair, and I absolutely loved his creation from my mop of hair. The best part? Blow and Go, five minutes tops and I'm done.

"In fact, I just might have him do something similar with mine; sure will make driving with the top down a lot easier to deal with," laughing as she said it.

"Well, grab your scarf because the top is down on mine and we're supposed to meet Sami and Justine at the Gallery shortly," I said to her, moving towards the door to the portico, and my car.

Flying through traffic, we arrived just as the girls did, finding them waiting at the front door for us. Sami models for me and Justine is her classmate who was looking for a part time job for the fall semester.

Sami and Justine's schedules were such that between them, and us, we would be able to staff and work the gallery.

"Hi Ali, Hi Lynn, you remember my friend, Justine?" Sami said in way of greeting us.

"Hi guys, of course we remember Justine; let's go inside and double-check the schedule for the opening next week," Ali said to them as I unlocked the door to our gallery.

It's finally going to happen, 'Lynn's Alley' would open next weekend and we were as nervous as a cat in a dog kennel.

The decision to hire Sami for the gallery was a slam dunk for Ali and I. We both liked her immensely and had grown fond of her since I had started shooting her for one of my projects.

"You're using the one of me that I like so much," Sami said happily when she saw a wall of photo-art that I had hung for the opening.

"That's you?" Justine questioned Sami as she looked at my wall of erotic photographs.

"Not all of them, just these two," Sami said, pointing to her photos.

"Damn, Sami, you're fucking hot," Justine exclaimed, then, "oops, I'm sorry, that slipped out," her face reddening a bit.

Laughing, Ali said that she and I have been known to drop the F-Bomb once or twice, so for her not to worry about it. Ali then reminded us all that with customers, we'd especially have to try to curb our language a bit.

Ya' think?

We took the girls to lunch around the corner from our gallery, made notes and discussed wearing apparel for the opening, yada, yada, yada. Waving goodbye as they got into Justine's car, Ali and I closed the door to the gallery behind us, retreating upstairs to our working space.


Reaching to my hair with her hand, Ali grabbed a fistful and gently pulled me towards her.

"Your new haircut is turning me on, sweetie," kissing me heatedly afterwards, her hand running through my hair, her other hand fondling my breast.

Still kissing me, Ali moved us towards a couch in the corner, laying us down upon it, our kiss becoming lustful as we both got hotter and hornier.

Ali had my top unbuttoned to my waist, her hands assaulting my breasts with a frenzy of lust, our tongues dancing with the other's. When I reached for her pants snap, she pulled my hand away, holding it above my head.

"No, no, baby, this is all about you right now, I want to make love to you, baby," her kisses traveling to my breasts, her tongue flicking lightly over my nipples, causing them to rise to feel her tongue swipes.

I surrendered myself to her desires, raising my ass from the couch as she pulled off my shorts, then my panties. Running her hand through my pubes, she just smiled at me with her eyes, locking my eyes with hers as she lowered her mouth to my sex.

Slowly, sensually, her tongue explored every nook and cranny of my pussy, taking her time, building the orgasmic fire within me with each kiss and lick. Her fingers were pinching and tugging at my nipples, her eyes not leaving mine as she looked up from between my legs.

I crossed my legs behind her head, pulling her deeper into my crotch, my hips slowly gyrating in rhythm with her tongue and mouth. She put me over the edge when she sucked my love-bud into her mouth at the same time that she pinched my nipples so hard that the pain felt good.

Why? I don't know why; but damned if it didn't feel wonderful at that moment.

"Thank you," Ali said as she rose from between my legs, wiping the juice from her mouth with a finger, and then offering it to me to suck.

"Oh no, thank you," I said as I pulled her finger towards my mouth with my hands, sucking on it slowly, sensually as if it were a dick.

"Mmm, I bet you give great blowjobs," her eyes closing as she enjoyed the sensations I was creating for her.

Taking her finger from my mouth with a little popping sound, I said to her, "Well, after I gave a guy a first one, I never had anybody turn down a second one," laughing as I said it.

"Too bad for them, now," she said, kissing me deeply.

"What brought that on," I asked as I put my clothes back on, "not that I'm complaining, mind you."

"Not sure," she answered, "maybe the new haircut; almost like it was a different person, a different Lynn."

Saying further, "You're lucky; if I acted on it every time I lusted for you, you'd never wear clothes," giggling afterwards.

Taking her into my arms, I kissed her, and told her, "Tonight, when we get home from Sharon's party, it's my turn with you, Miss Alice; me and you, the two of us."

"Works for me, hon," taking my hand in hers as we left the gallery.


Sharon's first question of us when she saw us was if we were planning to spend the night.

She did not like the answer.

"Sharon, give it a rest, girlfriend," I said to her, returning her greeting kiss, "we screwed your brains out just a couple of days ago," chuckling a bit.

"Yeah, you did, so what's your point?"

"Honey, if you're that horny, I'm sure you can take one of your married sorority sisters upstairs for a quickie," Ali contributed.

Sharon did a quick double-take, as if she was struck with an idea suddenly.

"You know, that's not a bad idea," kissing us both again on the cheek, "have fun darlings, I'm going to find some pussy," turning and heading for a group of her 'sisters'.

This was Sharon's Second Annual FEMA SUCKS party, thrown on the anniversary of Katrina's visit to the city. Required, of the attendees, was the wearing of a locally popular Tee Shirt that you can see hanging in every souvenir vendor's window; the plain tee had the following script boldly emblazoned on the front:





Sharon had assorted sizes available for those who thought she was kidding about the policy of "no Tee, no party for you".

She wasn't kidding at all.

Pussy whore though she might be, Sharon was The Corps of Engineers worst nightmare.

She was on several citizen committees and oversight boards that kept The Corps and FEMA on the ropes with kicks to their collective groin. She, and her groups, are all about holding those fuckheads accountable; for the past, as well as the future.

It wasn't the earthen levees that broke and flooded the city; it was the Corps' inadequate 'improved' Corps-constructed levees that failed.

People died because no one within FEMA had the balls to send the help they knew was needed.

People died because they didn't have the means or methods of transport out of the city when the evacuation order was given; again, because nobody would make the decisions that, as government leaders, they were supposed to make.

How those fuckers can sleep at night is beyond my comprehension.

Don't believe me? Take a trip to the city, tour the Lower Nine, Arabi, Chalmette, look at the evidence, look at the destruction still evident years after the fact.

Sharon's party had the perfect theme in my opinion.

It had a huge turnout, "More than last year, at the inaugural party," Ali shouted into my ear over the music.

We had drinks and were walking around, stopping periodically to talk with couples, or groups. There was an active group of single guys and gals off in a corner, laughing and carousing, doing shots, being young single guys and gals.

Ali excused herself to the restroom, and I headed to the bar for a refill.


"So, you're the Yankee Carpetbagger I've been hearing about?" a male voice said off to my side, adding, "or is it carpet-muncher? I'm not sure which it was."

Turning to the voice, I vaguely recognized the face as one I've seen around at other social functions that I've attended with Ali. About my age, I judged, but with a smirk on his face born of privilege, a smugness that put me off, never mind his rude remark.

Turning back to face the bar, I ignored him.

"Problem, as I see it," he said, to me I assumed, "is that you just haven't been with the right man, sweetheart," his voice closer, the alcohol from his breath staggering.

As quickly as I registered the fact that he had moved closer, his hand reached around my waist and pulled me into him, his mouth trying to find mine as I moved my face to avoid his attempts at kissing me.

He moved closer, his arousal quite evident as he pushed his groin into me as I dodged his mouth.

Reaching down with my left hand while my right pushed against him, I grabbed his package and squeezed.

"Yeah, that's right, baby, you know you want that cock," he slurred with a sick smile on his face.

Smiling back at him, it made him think that I was getting 'turned on' by his manliness and macho act; it caused him to relax just a tad bit, and that's what I needed.

Gripping his package tightly in my left hand as if it were the handle of a golf club, I twisted it savagely in my hand, the force of which took the breath right out of him and caused his eyes to immediately tear up.

"Take your fucking hands off of me right now or I'll twist this son-of-a-bitch off and force-feed it to you, you miserable cocksucker," I said with as much hatred and loathing as I've ever felt for another human being.

He pulled his hands off of me and tried to back away as far as he could but I still had him twisted in my hand, his face now getting red from the pain.

"Okay, okay, let go, Damnit, let go," he managed to get out between gasps for air.

I did, but not before I gave his balls a hard slap with the back of my hand, which doubled him over and which, for the first time, caused people to look at the two of us, at what was going on at our corner of the bar.

"He's alright, folks, just a touch of stomach flu," I said as if I fucking cared.

He pulled himself upright as Ali found me, a look of concern on her face at the 'situation' but a situation of what, she wasn't sure.

"Everything all right, Lynn?" putting a hand on my arm, looking between me and, Royce, his name turned out to be.

"Ask your asshole friend, Ali, ask him if everything's all right," I spat out, my anger just below the surface, urges I never knew I could dredge up trying to break out of my skin.

"Just a misunderstanding, Alice," Royce said, trying to regain his composure, but looking at me with utter hatred as he addressed her.

Leaning in, so only they could hear me, I said, with my eyes burning his face with hate, "If you ever come near me again, motherfucker, I will castrate your sorry ass!"

"Ladies," he said softly, smiling at Alice, which turned upside down when he look towards me, "forgive me, but I have someplace I have to be," turning around and walking away from us, a little gingerly perhaps, but walking away.

"What the fuck…?" Ali asked, staring at me with her mouth opened.

So I told her what had just occurred, her face becoming angrier and angrier, her breathing becoming heavier as she heard my words.

"Let it go, Ali, he's not worth the heartburn, baby; I don't want you upset okay?"

"Don't want me upset?" she said, "How the hell can I not be upset?"

"You know what I mean, baby, let's not let his behavior ruin our night, okay?" rubbing my hand along her arm as it shook with anger, gripping the edge of the bar so hard that her knuckles were turning white.

"I want to go, Lynn," she said, her voice shaking, "If we don't leave right now, I'm going to do something that I'll regret."

"Okay, sweetie, if that's what you want, let's go home," my hand now brushing the side of her face, moving her long hair aside, revealing the wetness of her eyes.

"But," I added quickly, "your anger must stay here, in this room, okay? It must not leave with us; I'm leaving mine behind, promise me you'll do the same?"

Hugging me tight, she simply nodded her head against mine.

Signaling to the bartender, I ordered two Tequila shots; looking into each other's eyes, we tipped our shot glasses to each other and downed the golden liquor, wincing at the strong aftertaste.

We sucked on the limes, shaking at the tartness, and fortified, left to find Sharon.

We did a quick reconnoiter of the party, looking for Sharon in order to say our goodbyes to her but she wasn't downstairs mingling with her guests. Following Ali's hunch, we went upstairs looking for Sharon.

Stopping at her bedroom door, Ali looked at me, asking, "Do you think she's in here?"

"Well, you did tell her to find a quickie, so she just might be," I offered, my breath and temper now settling back into normal mode and an attempt at a smile on my face.

She suddenly got a mischievous look on her face, her lips breaking into an evil little grin. Putting a finger to her lips to indicate silence, she slowly and quietly tried the knob on Sharon's bedroom door, the knob turning in Ali's hand.

Opening the door very slowly, quietly, she peeked into the opening crack, and looking at me, she smiled and nodded her head indicating that she found Sharon.

My curiosity was now piqued and I stood on tiptoes so that I could also peek through the crack in the doorway, over Ali's head.

Sharon was, indeed, having a quickie; an unknown woman, to me anyway, was lying on Sharon's bed, her hands holding onto Sharon's head as it was moving up and down between the woman's legs, soft sounds of lust escaping from the room to our ears. As Sharon busied herself between the woman's legs, a male, again, unknown to me, was fucking Sharon doggy-style, slamming against her ass-cheeks as he pumped his manhood into her love-nest.

Closing the door silently, we tiptoed softly away from the door, back down the long hallway of the upstairs of Sharon's family home, stopping before we reached the head of the stairway to the main floor.

"Damn, that was hot!" Ali said softly, her eyes betraying her arousal.

"Yeah, it was," taking her into my arms and kissing her lustfully, my 'incident' with Royce retreating from my consciousness as Ali and I's tongues danced.

"Take me home, baby, take me home and make love to me," she gasped as her excitement mounted, her hands under my FEMA tee, fondling my breasts.

"Your wish is my command, sweetie," I responded, kissing her one last time before we descended the stairs and out of the house.


Putting the top down on my car, before I drove us away from the party, I told Ali to drop her shorts and when she did so, I cupped her sex with my right hand, telling her to shift for me as I drove us away, my right hand rubbing her wetness through her panties.

Her first climax that night was but a scant four or five blocks from Sharon's, and her cry of joy trailed behind us as we sped back towards our home.

We left a trail of our clothing as we stripped, hurrying to our bedroom, both of us now excited beyond belief. Rolling on top on her after she jumped into our bed, I pushed my pussy hard against hers, our hips gyrating in unison as we kissed and licked each other in sexual frenzy.

When my mouth reached her pussy, it was drenched with her juices of excitement which only fueled my lust even more so. As my tongue licked her with increasing fervor, my finger playfully toyed with her ass, teasing her butthole which got Ali even more turned on.

"I've got a little surprise for you," I breathlessly whispered when I lifted my head from between her legs. Stretching towards my nightstand, I withdrew my surprise, hiding it from her, making her close her eyes tightly so she wouldn't see.

I had stopped one day and bought a 'pocket rocket', a slender dildo of five inches in length and its girth not much more than the triple-A batteries that powered it. She hadn't bought a new toy for us yet, as she said she would, so I did!

Ali smiled when she felt the vibrator and heard it at the same time, when I switched it on, sliding its length between her labia, rotating it in her juices.

"Mmm, that feels delicious, baby," Ali said as her hips started gyrating slowly in response to what I was doing to her.

Slipping it into her pussy, I slowly moved it in and out, my tongue teasing her clit as I did so. Ali's hips were moving slightly faster now, her breath coming harder to her now, soft murmurs of contentment falling on my ears from her mouth.

I took the dildo out of her completely, dropping my mouth so that I was sucking on her clit and pussy, my tongue doing circles on her clit. I moved the tip of the vibrator against Ali's asshole, moving in slow circles, her breathing now very labored from excitement.

Slowly, taking my time, I inserted the vibrator into her ass now, her moans now loud in our bedroom, her voice asking me for more, to go deeper.

She orgasmed when I had about half of the dildo in her ass; her juices flooding my mouth when she climaxed, her hands pulling my face hard against her pussy as she humped it against my mouth and tongue.

I got wet when I climaxed but not like Ali, nowhere near like Ali, and I liked it. I liked it a lot.

When her spasms stopped, I withdrew the dildo, dropping it to the floor, and crawled up to hold Ali in my arms, kissing her face, rubbing her hair in my hands as I held her tight to my body.

"Did I hurt you baby," I asked, scared that I might have gone too far with her.

"God, no, hon, that was absolutely in-fucking-credible, much better than a real cock trying to fuck me there," she said, squeezing my arm as she held it to her chest.

We lay there, cuddling, for a while before she asked me if I wanted her to do me with the new toy.

"No, baby, this evening was about you, just like this afternoon was about me," I reminded her, "remember you promised me that you'd let me make love to you tonight, just the two of us."

Smiling, she kissed me and said, "Don't ever say I don't keep my promises to you," giggling a bit.

I couldn't say that because she always keeps her promises.

Ali fell asleep in my arms while I stroked her soft head of hair. I followed her into dreamland shortly, a feeling of completeness surrounding me as a cocoon.

Yeah, this is where I was supposed to be.

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