tagLesbian SexLynn's Alley Ch. 14

Lynn's Alley Ch. 14


"Did you have as much sand in your snatch, as I did?" Sami asked as she walked into the kitchen, toweling her hair dry, her tall, fine-looking body, as naked as the day she was born.

Damn! She looks so fucking good, naked.

She was referring to our make-out session on the beach, last night, after we returned from Lahaina.

"No, I kept my butt on the mats and towels, like I kept telling you to do, dumb-ass!" laughing as I said it.

"Yeah, well, you should have tried harder to make me understand about making out on the beach, about the 'dangers'," she said in a mock-accusatory tone of voice.

"Wouldn't have matter, girlfriend, you were so damned anxious to get your mouth on my puss," I replied, smiling at her.

She paused her hair-toweling for a moment, as if thinking about what I said, then laughing, she said, "Yeah, I guess I was, wasn't I; well, it's still your fault for having such a delicious honey-pot, bitch!"

"And I mean that in a good way, sweetie," she laughingly said, heading back to finish her hair-drying.


What a day on the links for the both of us!

Anita had Sami really hitting well during her lesson; I watched a while, really admiring Sami's ability to 'get it' with less instruction than I require. After the lesson was over, we played eighteen holes of really good golf.

I finished at three over par, and Sami scored a ninety, which thrilled her to death. She was at double-bogey when we left Louisiana and had only two lessons with Anita. That's huge! If you're a golfer, that is.

Anita joined us for lunch at the Grill, very forthcoming with praise for Sami's 'natural swing' and quick up-take with instructions.

Sami was proud, as well as she should be.

Back to the condo for a nap; strange, I can nap when on vacation, but not when I'm at home. Need to think about for a bit.

Anyway, we showered off the sweat from golfing and hit the bed for a delightful afternoon siesta, setting the alarm for three-thirty.

After all, we had some serious research planned for the evening.


"You're sure about driving to pick up the girls," I asked Sami one more time.

We had decided that I'd start the coals in the cooker, getting the grill good and hot for our planned meal of 'Shrimp on the Barbie' for the evening.

"Lynn, I can drive, okay? Just go and tell the GPS thingy where to take me, and how to get me back, okay?"

I programmed the caddie's GPS unit for a round trip to the girls' dorm and back to the condo. Tossing her the keys, I said, "It's all yours, baby, don't get in a wreck, be careful."

Rolling her eyes, she said, "Yes, mommy, can I go now?"

"Bye," I said, realizing that I was being a bit obsessive about her driving.

Loading and lighting the coals in the cooker, I watched for a while, just to make sure I'd get an even fire; I would, it was a good pyramid of coals.

While the coals did their thing, I went about the task of skewering the shrimp that I had put marinating when we returned from golfing. Skewering done-boy, these were big shrimp-I was finishing tossing the salad when the phone rang.

Shit! I thought, Sami's had an accident.

It was Ali, thank goodness.

I told her about the turn of events with Mel and her suite-mate, Dani and the plans for tonight.

"You're okay with that, I hope, because if you're not, then it won't happen," I said to her.

"Of course, I'm okay with it, baby," she said, "its vacation and we already agreed before ya'll left that vacation pussy was okay."

"Still, I like to make sure; I don't want to take you for granted," I said to her, honestly.

She was quiet for a moment.

"Betty called me this morning, you know, to talk about the present thing for Clay," Ali said.


"And, when I asked if she had ever been with another woman, sexually, she floored me with her answer," Ali said.

"Which was?" I prompted.

"Except for a boyfriend in high school, and Clay, of course, all of her sexual activity was with other girls."

"Really!" I said, somewhat surprised; no greatly surprised, by what Ali just said.

"So, I asked her what changed her mind, or more to the point, why did she marry Clay," Ali continued.

"Betty said that was a fair question and that the truth of it is, that Clay keeps her comfortable, and warm, and is, in many ways, a really, good guy."

"Damn," I said.

"Yeah, well, me too; but anyway, when I asked her why she asked me to help with Clay's present, she said that when he kept pressing her about it, that you and I were the first ones to pop into her mind."

"Thank you? I think?" I said to Ali.

"Yeah, that's how I felt, anyway, the thing is, she said, was that if you were in town, she would have asked us both!" Ali emphatically said.

"Damn," I said.

"So, you gonna' do her?" I finally asked, breaking the silence.

"Think I am," Ali said, "If you're still okay with it, that is."

"Just as long as you tell me all about it so I can have phone-sex with you," I jokingly replied.

"Oooh," She gushed, "we haven't done that yet, have we?"


It must have been the phone's camera, I quickly decided, because the Dani that walked into the condo was a hell of a lot better looking than the image I saw last night. Glancing to Sami, I saw her quick eye movements towards Dani, and then, her eyebrows rose, as in a question.

I simply smiled; she knew what that meant.

Introductions were made, general chit-chat about nothing at all, as I finished with the salad fixings and preparing the corn for the grill. Sami had gone to check the cooker, and pronounced it ready for cooking when she came back in.

We sat around the patio, near the cooker, enjoying frozen Daiquiris that Sami had blended up for us, letting the corn get almost done, before we'd put on the skewers of shrimp.

Mel and Dani blabbed on and on about insignificant crap-I know, they're only nineteen-and were quite quick to accept Sami's refills of their drinks from time to time.

"Lynn," Mel asked, "Is there any chance that we might be able to smoke a little bit after dinner?" her eyes hopeful.

"Liked that the other night, did you?" I replied, chuckling a bit.

"Oh yeah, I really liked the way it made me feel when we were, you know...," She said, her voice trailing off.

"When I was eating you, or when you were eating me?" I shockingly answered her, a smile on my face. Mel's face turned the brightest shade of blush-red.

"Just teasing you, sweetie; surely, in your research of lezes, you've discovered that 'we' have a hard sense of humor, haven't you?" I said.

Recovering from her embarrassment, Mel said, "Well, yes, but..."

"No buts, Mel," Sami chimed in, "It's always best to be honest about your feelings, and say what you mean, not what you think others want to hear."

Damn! I thought, that was heavy.

"When Lynn and I partied with you the other night, did you feel like you were being fucked, or that you were being made love to?" Sami asked Mel.

"I felt like I was being made love to," Mel answered, her eyes on Sami's face.

"And did what we did with you feel good?" Sami pressed Mel.

"Very good," was all Mel answered.

I was watching Dani while this was going on, noticing that she was hanging on every word, watching the rise and fall of her breasts under her 'Tee'.

"Good, because that was our intention, to make you feel good," Sami finally said to Mel, their eyes locked with each other's. If ever I've seen eye-fucking, I was watching it right now.

"Now that we have that out of the way," I broke in, "Sami, why don't you and Mel run in and set the table, crack the wine, etc.; Dani will stay and help me with the shrimp and stuff," I said, smiling at Dani, a smile that she quickly returned.

"And Mel, to answer your original question?" I said, "Yes, we'll share some smoke, after dinner, okay?"

After Sami and Mel went inside the condo, I asked Dani to top off my drink, while I turned the shrimp over. Dani did as requested and walked over to hand me my drink.

"Thank you, sugar," I said, leaning in and giving her a short, sweet peck on the lips.

Dani smiled as I returned my attention to the grill.

"Mel had a lot of fun with you guys, the other night," Dani said, out of nowhere.

"That's good to hear," I said in response, "We aim to please," looking at her and smiling.

"I don't know a lot of stuff," she said, out of nowhere again, "I've only been, you know, with Mel."

"Mel's your first experience with girl-girl sex?" I asked as I began loading the platter with the corn and shrimp.

"Yes," she answered, reaching to hold the platter for me.

"And you like what you and Mel do with each other," I asked, looking at her.

"Oh, yeah, but I feel like there's more to know," she said, looking back at me hopefully.

"Would you like me to teach you some things, after dinner, after we've mellowed out with a bit of smoke?" my eyes burning into hers, now.

"Would you?" she answered, her eyes locked with mine, now.

Leaning in to her, I kissed her a deep, lustful kiss; pulling back, seeing her eyes still closed, I said, "You bet I will, sweetie, you and me are going to graduate school tonight."


Dinner was absolutely fabulous, if I do say so myself,

It was evident by the body language and all that we had already 'paired off'; Sami with Mel, Dani with me.

Sami and Mel offered to clean up; well, rinse off and put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, really. I said okay, Dani and I would go clean some weed, and get the pipe ready for some after-dinner smoke.

And that's what we did, she and I.

"So how did you and Mel get started fooling around," I asked as we cleaned the herbs.

"I don't know, really," she said, "we talked about the gay women she has been around at that bar and all, and one night she asked me if I'd ever thought about kissing another girl, and I told her that I had thought about it a couple of times but never did."

"A couple of nights later, we were goofing in the dorm room, wrestling and stuff, and we sorta' wound up catching our breath, lying in my bed, our heads next to each other."

Her face and eyes indicated that she was there, back then, that night.

"Mel started, you know, giving me little sweet kisses, and the next thing I knew, we were all over each other, kissing, feeling each other up," she said, "and we just kinda still do, you know?"

Sami and Mel sauntered in then, holding hands, and smiling at each other; judging by the smeared lip-gloss on Mel, and her blouse being off-buttoned, I'd say they did a bit more than clear the table.

Telling Dani to scoot around the coffee table, to sit by me, Sami and Mel sat across from us, on the floor, as we were.

I cautioned Dani, and Mel again, about the potency of this weed, cautioning them both to go easy on the first hit.

Damned kids, they never listen!

After the coughing stopped by those two, Sami and I did our hits, enjoying the smooth burn as it went down. Old Pete was right, this is some unbelievable shit.

Dani and Mel were so stoned, it was precious to watch.

I hugged Dani to my body, my arms around her, a hand smoothing and patting down her hair as she melted into my caress. Mel was in a similar situation with Sami on the other side of the table.

I started placing small, comforting kisses to the top of Dani's head, while my hand stroked her arms, the side of her face, my fingertips barely touching her skin.

"Mmmm, that feels so good, Lynn," Dani said, her voice slow and stoned.

"Yes, yes it does, baby," I said to her, my voice slow and stoned.

"Lynn, Mel and I are going to my room for a while," Sami said to me, her hand inside of Mel's blouse, her hand fondling Mel's breast under it.

Dani and I watched them walk away, down the hallway, their arms around each other's waists.

"Want to go to my room for a while, sweetie," I asked Dani, between short kisses to her ears, her nose, her neck, my hand on her breast, over her 'Tee', my hand fondling her very nice titties

"That'd be nice," Dani replied, her fingertips now rubbing up and down the arm that was feeling her up.

I had left on a small night light in my bedroom and it cast a nice, soft glow about the room. Walking in with Dani, I led her to my bed, helped her onto it, laying her down with her head on the pillows.

Holding her eyes with mine, I crawled over her and laid down besides her, leaning on one of my arms and elbow. Still looking at her, I started moving my free hand over her, touching her, stroking her.

She laid there, her head turned up towards mine, her eyes betraying her pleasure at what I was doing to her. Leaning down, I kissed her, softly at first, her mouth opening wider and wider as our kiss progressed; when my tongue found hers, her arms were around me quickly, holding me tight, as my tongue slid in and out of her mouth.

Dani was breathing hard as we kissed, her arousal out there for all to see, soft moans escaping from our intertwined lips and mouths. I moved my hand under her shirt, her hard nipples soon pressing against my palm as I fondled and squeezed her breasts.

Stopping, I sat up, pulling her with me to a sitting position. Kissing her again, I began lifting her shirt from her body, her arms rising above her head so that I could get it off of her.

Laying her back down, my mouth fell onto her breasts-I was right, she's a C-cup-sucking on her nipples, tongue-flicking over them, as I unsnapped her shorts, sliding them down her hips and legs.

I loved the fact that she was braless, I thought, as I munched on her Ta-Ta's. While I entertained myself with Dani's young, delicious tits, she was doing her damndest to get my clothes off of me and, with my help, I was down to just my panties, just as she was.

That wouldn't last long.

We fell into a fuck-crazy, passionate, kissing embrace, both of our hands roaming the other's body, both our mouths finding and sucking on tits, necks, fingertips, tongues; you name it, we licked and sucked it.

But when my hand snaked between her legs, when my fingers slid under her panties and found her little, swollen love button, the 'real' Dani emerged; the unbelievably orgasmic machine known as Dani, to the rest of us.

That young thing sucked my tongue so deep into her mouth when I started playing with her clit I thought it'd go into her stomach. She popped off several small, but obviously satisfying, climaxes within just a few minutes. Her moans and cries of joy filled my room, the smell of sex so strong in the air now.

Pulling her panties down and off, I crawled between her legs, which quickly spread apart to accommodate my body, her hands caressing my face, her face scrunched up in a pain/pleasure mask.

Reaching above my head with my arms and hands, I fondled her breasts, squeezing and pinching them to her delight, as my mouth and tongue teased her unmercifully.

Dropping my head, I slowly started sucking on her shaved pussy, sucking her little man into my mouth, her hands now holding my head in place as her hips ground hard against me.

Damn, but her pussy tasted so sweet and good, almost as if it were coated with honey, instead of her juices.

I brought her to the brink of climax several times, easing off, teasing her for quite a while; to the point, that she was now literally begging me to let her get off.

I did; I pushed my mouth and tongue deeper into her sex, my tongue finding the magic spot inside of her, quickly, her orgasm exploding in a nano-second of me doing that.

Dani cried so loud when she came then, I know it was heard by Sami and Mel. Later Sami confirmed that they did hear it, and Sami told Mel that I must be eating Dani. Pulling me up her body frantically after her orgasm subsided and her body quakes stopped, Dani tried her best to consume me entirely with her mouth.

I don't think there was a spot on my body that she didn't kiss or lick in gratitude.

We hugged, snuggled, both of us catching a breath, getting our wind. Dani kept muttering sweet nothings, praising me, telling me how good that was, how good I was, and how much she wanted to be able to pleasure another woman that way.

So, I showed her; I showed her what I liked done to me and how to do it and she was a quick learner, was this one. Almost a natural at eating pussy, I thought, as I got off for the millionth time with her between my legs.

We finally fell asleep from pure sexual exhaustion, both of us not having a lick left in us. Little miss Dani snuggled up to me to go to sleep, my arm around this tasty little nineteen year-old, my entire room smelling like raw, wet sex.

We showered in the morning after waking up, the both of us at the same time, the both of us climaxing from the other's attentions. We climbed back into bed after the shower and fucked like young minks until noon, stopping only because we were so sore.

We showered again, this time, separately.

Walking to the breakfast nook, we were greeted by the sight of Mel kneeling on the floor between Sami's legs, giving her head. Sami climaxed as we entered the room, her voice loud in joy.

"Well, good morning to you, too," I jokingly said when her spasms stopped.

"Oh yeah, baby, just like that," she said to Mel, kissing Mel's pussy-wet lips, ignoring my remark.

"Good morning Lynn, Dani," Sami finally said, her hand stroking the side of Mel's face as it lay on Sami's thigh, Sami's nightshirt pushed up far enough to see her wet pubes.

"I don't have to ask if you had a good time, Dani, I know you did," Sami said softly, a smile on her lips.

"Yeah, I did," Dani said, looking up to me, giving me a squeeze to my waist.

"Can we see you again before you leave to go home?" Dani and Mel both asked when we dropped them off. We didn't tell them that Sami was going home in a couple of days or that Ali was joining me.

"Let's see how it works out," Sami said, waving back at them as I drove away, heading to the club for nine holes.

"Had fun, Lynn?" Sami asked as I drove us to the club.

"I think I like this young snatch way too much," I said to her, seriously, "That was as incredible of a night of fucking that I've ever had," I concluded, "You and Ali, excluded, of course."

We were silent, for a short while, until she spoke.

"When I make love with you and Ali, together, or individually, I feel as if it's so different from a regular fuck, that it's, I don't know, almost magical," Sami said, her face looking at me, leaning on the headrest.

"I had a great time with Mel last night," she continued, " and I know you and Dani did also, but, but no matter how good it was, it wasn't as fulfilling as with you guys, you know?"

I was quiet for a spell, and then I spoke.

"Sami, welcome to true love, baby-girl; for whatever reason, the forces have seen fit for you, Ali and me to find each other, and to make whatever we have with each other, for each other, work."

"Sami, you know you're so very special to both Ali and I, and I think I can speak for Ali when I tell you that we've fallen in love with you, and I think, you with us."

Silence filled the car again until we pulled into the garage of the condo, closing the door behind us.

"Then its okay that the three of us are in love with each other?"

"I think it was in somebody's master plan, baby-girl," leaning my head against hers.

"Can that work for you, for now?" I asked Sami.

"That can work for me until the end of time," was her soft answer.

But then, I already knew that.

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