tagLesbian SexLynn's Alley Ch. 17

Lynn's Alley Ch. 17


"Okay, don't forget to call Janice when you get home and she'll come by to pick up the papers from you," Ali was telling Sami before she boarded her flight.

"Ali, this is the fourth time you've told me, honey; I've got it, I know what I need to do, okay?" Sami responded with a bit more patience than I would have had by the fourth time.

One last hug and kiss to both of us, and the new COO (Chief Operations Officer) of Lynn's Alley, Inc. boarded her flight back to the mainland and, eventually, back to N'awlins.

Once Sami had recovered from the news that we dropped on her like a bombshell the other morning, the three of us spent the next two hours tossing ideas around, etc., about the business.

Sami wanted us to set up a website and asked if I could design us a website.

"I could, baby, but there are those who could do it better; I agree with the website idea, I'm just saying that we get a top-notch designer to do it, and do it right the first time."

That was the first decision made by the officers of Lynn's Alley, Inc. Then, like other corporate officers, they went to play golf.

On Sami's last night on the island, the three of us went out for our red meat fix to the Steakhouse, and then we went home and made love.

The three of us, in bed, are so 'in sync' that it's scary at times, but it's always enjoyable, pleasurable, and measurable in terms of the love the three of us had for each other.

No, of course it's not usual, not even close, but whatever we have, for whatever reasons that we have it, works for us; for now, it was more than enough.


We played our match with Anita after we put Sami on the plane, showing up about thirty minutes early. Introductions were made, and I left Anita and Ali to talk while I hit the putting green. They joined me in about twenty minutes and off we went to assault the links.

Ali and Anita played an unspoken duel that afternoon, the competitive nature of them showing itself as they tried to best the other with their shot-making abilities. Me? Hell, I was happy to be playing at a few strokes above par. It doesn't take a lot to make me happy with golf; a good drive, a well-placed chip, a well-read putt, it's all good for me.

The game finished with them tied at two-under; I was at five-over, a very good day for me as far as I was concerned.

However, the competition between Ali and Anita, on the links, pretty much negated any thoughts of a threesome between us. There was simply too much A-type personality conflict between them; the need to 'compete' against the other, in my view, put their interaction into a whole other arena.

Simply said, there would be no threesome with Anita, and both Ali and I were good with that. Anita never mentioned or asked about 'getting together'; she knew, and I believe she definitely felt the same vibes that I did.


Ali and I toured the islands most days, finding time for golf on a few days when we returned from our sight-seeing, even when we used 'Island Hoppers' to fly to a couple of the other islands in the chain.

Ali had absolutely fallen in love with Maui, and after our trips to some of the other islands, with Hawaii itself. I was sure that her face would freeze in a permanent smile from her expression of joy at being here.

A couple of days before we were to return to N'awlins, I dropped a bombshell of my own on Ali.

"Talked with Teri yesterday afternoon while you were napping," I said to her, concentrating on the narrow road that led up into the highlands, to Pete's place. I wanted her to meet Pete and Mattie, and I had been hankering for one of his delicious pork sandwiches.

"What's up?" She asked as she took in the incredible view to the sea as we climbed ever higher.

"Remember that firm that's been making inquiries into the possibility of buying my firm?" I said, "Well, they presented Teri with a bona-fide written offer, offering a goodly chunk of change for the business, and offering Teri a position with executive-type benefits."

"Oh yeah, so what are you going to do?" Her interest in the conversation perking up a bit, now.

"Teri's opinion is that I, we, should take the offer but she also said that whatever I decided to do, she'd be behind me in either event," I said to her, looking quickly to her, my heart fluttering at the sight of her hair framed in the sunlight, casting a sort of golden hue around her.

"I started with a loan from my dad, and dear Betts handling the bulk of our contacts, never really knowing if I'd be able to pay her, from day to day, Ali; I'll come out of this with a nice chunk of loot, and with Teri's percentage, she'll be in great shape as well," letting my voice trail off.

"You're going to take the deal, aren't you," She said in a very serious voice, now.

"Yep, I believe I am; I'm torn about it but the smart move is to take the money and run. The biggest plus of all of this, for me, is that I'll be able to fully concentrate on our business now, and on my photography, no distractions for me."

"Baby," she said as she reached over to run her fingers along the side of my face, "whatever you decide, it's your decision and you have my unwavering support, either way," leaning over to place a sweet, gentle kiss to my cheek.

"The other driving thought, for me, is that I'll have enough money to make a few serious investments with, to cushion the nest egg I've been building; no matter how long we are together, Ali, no matter our personal commitment to each other, if either of us was to die, the surviving partner has no legal status in terms of community property and crap."

"That sucks," she simply said, almost spitting out the words.

"Yeah, it does, Ali, but suck or not, it is what it is and we need to protect ourselves; 'taint nobody gonna' look out for us, baby, but ourselves."

The rest of the drive to Kula was quiet, both of us stewing over the state of alternative lifestyles in America. Shamefully, our country is years behind the rest of the world in this regard. Gays and Lesbians deserve, at the very least, the same protection and rights that the U.S. Constitution provides for the 'straights' of our country. Not more, not special, just equal.

Sound familiar?

Pete and Mattie greeted us with open arms as usual, Mattie expressing her happiness that she was able to see me since she wasn't here when Sami and I drove up. The lunch rush had slowed to the point that they could sit with us and have a cup of coffee as Ali and I attacked those sandwiches like it was our last meal.

Keeping her voice low, so's not to be overheard by the few other diners in the place, Ali said to Pete, "Pete your pork sandwiches are as good as your 'crop'; best I've ever had of either."

Smiling, Pete chuckled, saying, "Well, it's said that everybody's good at something in this life; I guess the good Lord saw fit for me to be good at BBQ'ing pork and growing herb."

"Damned shame that we're flying commercial," Ali said, "otherwise I'd buy a pound of your crop to take back to New Orleans with us; what we get back home is good, but it's a Chevy to your Bentley."

"Kind words, Ms. Ali, and I appreciate your sentiments."

Kissing and hugging them goodbye, we headed back 'down the hill' as they say in Maui.

We kept the top up on the drive down because of an afternoon shower that came down from the top of the mountain; no big thing, common in the islands, but it allowed us to fire up a doob to take a couple of hits from.

I told Ali of Pete's other side; the side that provides herb to the ill of the island that uses it to fend off nausea and pain from serious illnesses, and of how little he asks for his product from those who need it the most.

She was impressed.

"So, what's the game-plan for tonight," Ali asked me.

"Don't have one, baby, it's open for discussion," I replied, pulling into our driveway.

"Feel like helping your college cuties with their research?" She asked, her face full of mischief.

"I'll make the call," I smilingly replied.

I called Dani, working through her gushing at her happiness that I did, and asked if she and Mel would like to come over for dinner with Ali and I, explaining that Sami had flown back home.

She said yes before I had finished asking the question.


Ali and I picked up the girls at their dorm, introductions were made, and off we went back to the condo; I had told the girls to bring their suits and we'd hit the surf for a little while, before dinner.

Ali and I changed quickly, and the four of us ran out of the back gate and onto the beach. Off in the distance, we could see storm clouds moving towards the island, sweeping bands of rain appearing heavy over the Pacific Ocean.

"Oh wow," Dani said to us, "look at that storm, that's a big one."

"How long before it reaches us, girls?" Ali asked them.

"I'd say we have an hour, at the most, before it hits us," Mel said, running into the breaking surf, "So, we'd better get our swimming in now," diving under the breaking waves, her suit bottom tucked tightly into her fine ass-crack.

We had forty minutes and it was on top of us, the size of the waves having driven us out of the water ten minutes earlier. A dangerous undertow had developed and none of us wanted a part of that.

Running into the condo, as the rains hammered down on the patio, we were sopping wet. We all stood near the patio slider door, dripping wet, not wanting to drip on the carpet to get towels. Ali finally stripped off her suit, grabbing a new dish towel from the kitchen counter to wipe off as much water as she could, then she quickly ran to fetch us all towels to dry with from the bathroom.

"Lynn, you and Ali are in great shape, for your...uh..."

"Age?" I finished the statement for Dani.

Dani's face blushed red so quick, it surprised me.

"I don't mean it in a bad way Lynn," Dani fumbled to say, "I hope you know that."

"Yeah, I know it, baby; don't worry about it, okay?" I said as I hugged her wet body to mine.

Ali returned with the towels, she having put on a short kimono after she had dried herself, and handed them out to us.

"Dani," Ali said, "Lynn and I realize that we're quite a few years older than you girls, but in our world, it's less about age and more about soul."

"I forget about the age difference when I'm around Lynn and Sami, and now you," Dani countered, Mel chiming in her agreement.

"So do we sweetie, so do we," I said, leaning over and kissing Dani, a nice sweet kiss.

Mel and Ali had drifted off to the spare bedroom so that Mel could dress in her other clothes. Dani looked at me questioningly, so I said, "What, baby?"

"Lynn, my clothes are in there too, and I need to change," Dani said.

"Come on, Dani, I'll go with you so you can dress," laughing a bit at her timidness.

As I knew it would be, there was no love-fest going on; they were talking as Mel got dressed. Dani, feeling better about coming into the room now, grabbed her clothes and slipped into the bathroom to dress.

Ali and I stayed in kimonos, and the four of us shared a great bottle of wine along with a very tasty chef salad that Ali and I had fixed before picking up the girls. As we ate and chatted, they became comfortable enough to ask us of our relationship.

Taking turns talking about it, Ali and I filled them in on how we came to be; of how I had seduced Ali, and of how we both 'knew' that we had found our soul mate in life within a very short time.

They asked about Sami's place in our lives and we told them of the special place she had found with us, but at the end of the day, as much as we both loved Sami, that Ali and I were a couple, and would remain a couple. Sami was very much a part of our lives now, the three of us very comfortable with our relationship as it is.

"Wow," they said in unison after we finally shut up as we cleared the table.

"You guys are so in love with each other, that's so clear," Mel said to us, "But how do you guys not go crazy when having sex with others?"

"Because we are able to separate making love and being in love," Ali said as she walked up to Mel, then putting her arms around her, Ali kissed Mel deeply, lustfully.

"You and I, Ms. Mel, are going to make love in just a little while, after we've shared some smoke to get us all in the mood," Ali said further, her fingers tracing a path across Mel's young breasts, her nipples hard against her thin, skimpy top.

Moving closer to me and looking up at me, Dani asked, in a low voice, "You and me, too, Lynn?"

"You and me, too, Dani," I answered, my open mouth meshing with hers, her hand quick to my breast, squeezing, fondling.

The storm roared and thundered as we shared the 'fat boy' I had rolled for us, for after dinner. We all quickly decided that the girls should plan on spending the night; that we'd get them back to the dorm in the morning, after the storm passed.

The smoke put all of us into horny mode quickly, as good weed can and will do. The four of us freely made out with our partner for the evening; Dani and me, Ali and Mel. At one point, Dani and Mel's heads were close enough to each other, as they lay on the floor, to kiss one another while Ali and I each sucked on our partner's tits.

They continued to kiss each other lustfully, feeling each other up while Ali and I snaked our tongues down their bellies; pulling off their shorts almost at the same time, Ali and I went down on them, the fact that all four of us were together while having sex, making them even more horny and sex-driven.

Of course they climaxed; several times, both of them, before we stopped, all of us needing a bit of a breather. Then, switching places with us, the girls went down on us as Ali and I kissed and fondled each other, both of us reaching our own orgasms, as these nineteen-olds dined at our respective 'Y' cafes.

We switched partners for a bit but at the end of the four-play, no pun intended, Dani and I went off to the privacy of my bedroom while Ali and Mel went to the second bedroom for their own privacy.

In the morning, the storm was gone, and the four of us were smiling as we grabbed coffee and toast, laughing and joking with each other as if we were in a dorm room or sorority house.

Promising to try our best to see them again before we flew home, we dropped them at their dorm and drove away, the top down and the sun shining.

"Ooo-wee, but that was fun, baby-girl," Ali said, her face turned towards me as I drove us.

"Yep; Dani is quickly becoming quite the little pussy-eater," I said, smiling back at her.

"Mel's definitely got talents," Ali agreed.

Driving a bit, both of us silent, Ali finally said, "How much longer do you think we can pull this off, you know, fucking these young chicks."

"Don't know, but as long as we can, I'm game," I replied honestly.

"Yeah, me too, sweetie, me too," Ali said.

"Want to fuck 'em again before we leave?" I asked.

"Least we can do to help with their research," she replied, dead-panned.

Well, yeah.

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