tagLesbian SexLynn's Journeys Ch. 07

Lynn's Journeys Ch. 07


"It's pronounced 'why-a-lay-ah', I said to Nat, as we drove from the car rental agency, referring to Wailea, an enclave of Maui. The agency I've used for the past few years scored me another great deal on a condo across the road from one of the public beaches; 2 BR, 2 baths, twice a week maid service, and at a great price.

We flew out of ten degree below zero weather to eighty-four degrees, sunny, and we had the top down on the rental convertible, driving to a condo in Hawaii; doesn't get much better than that, folks.

Christmas was behind us, as was New Year's; it was a good year for my firm, and the holiday bonuses reflected that to my employees. It was a great party at the office, nobody got 'too' drunk, and nobody made an ass of themselves, which is always a good thing.

Christmas with the family was civil; if my dad knew of the Thanksgiving blow up, he didn't allude to it. My sister Jan, for the most part, was very civil, for Jan anyway, and Becks, well Becks was Becks, sweet, quiet, and 'herding' the kids towards the toys, not the boxes.


Nat was surprised, when I picked her up for the trip to the airport, to see a golf bag with my 'stuff'; but, as I told her, I've played golf since I was fifteen, loved it and play whenever I can.

So, my golf bag took up the rear seat of the convertible, our bags in the trunk.

"So, what's on the agenda for today and tonight," Nat asked; her face into the sun, soaking up the rays.

"Well, for me, I find arrival day a good time to catch some extra sleep and to let my body get regulated to the five hour time difference; so, I pretty much eat light, and crash early."

"My first time," Nat said, "So I'll go with your recommendation, though I don't feel the least bit fatigued."

"Trust me," looking sideways at her, "It will catch up to you when you least expect it."

Nat was asleep, on the couch, by six that night. I covered her and went to bed for my own sack time. I was exhausted and don't even remember my head hitting the pillow.


Padding sleepily to the kitchen, I found the Kona coffee we purchased yesterday, at our stop at the market, before we got to the condo. Pressing the start button on the coffee maker, I returned to my bedroom's attached bath, peed, and then jumped into the shower while the coffee brewed.

It had been a while since I had a 'roll in the hay' with one of 'the girls', I thought as my hand rubbed the soap and warm water all over my body. Reaching the magic spot between my legs, I took care of myself, enjoying the release of tension that my small, but satisfying climax, provided.

Sighing contentedly, I let the water wash over me once more before I shut it off, and opened the shower door to reach for the towel that was being handed to me.

Handed to me?

"Was it good, baby?" Nat's voice asked.

I didn't know she was even there.

Taking the towel, I started drying myself, and asked, "When did you become a voyeur, Nat?" a bit embarrassed that she watched me jack-off, but not too terribly much.

"We're all voyeurs, babycakes," Nat laughingly said, "its just that some of 'us' don't mind getting caught at it," walking out of my bath, towards the kitchen.

I laughed with her and agreed that she was probably right.

"Thanks for the cover last night," Nat said, handing me a cup of coffee when I joined her, my nudity covered with a kimono-type wraparound, " I remember laying my head on the arm of the couch to watch the news, and the next thing I knew, daylight was waking me."

"Told you," was all I said.

We sipped our coffees, quietly, letting the caffeine kick-start our bodies and brains.

"Love this place," Nat said, referring to the condo that was ours for the next two weeks, "but I was surprised that it has two bedrooms. I sorta' thought we'd be sharing a bed," her eyes searching mine.

Smiling at her, I put my cup on the counter, saying, "And we will, Nat, probably a lot, but there will be times when all either of us will want to do will be to sleep, and not fuck, and we'll want our own bed. Besides, the extra closet space isn't a bad thing."

Nat brought two huge bags filled with God-knows-what; I had one bag, besides my clubs, mostly with shorts, tees, and a few 'dress up' things, as well as swim suits. It was Hawaii, for goodness sake.

"Okay, makes sense," Nat said, accepting my explanation.

"Besides, what if you seduce some young hottie and bring her home with you, you'll want your bedroom as a playground," I added, laughing.

"If I bring some young 'hottie' home while we're here, it'd be to share with you," she said, seriously.

"That'd probably work," I said, kissing her forehead as I poured more coffee, "and I'll keep that if mind should I snag a beach bunny myself," laughing. Then, softly tweaking her nipple through her slept-in tee shirt, I added, "now get your fine ass into the shower; we have an errand to run this morning, as soon as you're ready, okay?"

Jumping off the kitchen-bar stool and stretching, Nat asked, "What's up for today?"

"We're going into the 'high country', up the mountain, to see a local 'friend' and pick up some 'Maui Wowie' for our stay."

She smiled a big ol' smile at me. Nat likes her weed, as well.

"Is that what you're wearing?" Nat asked, walking into the kitchen for another cup as she dried her body with a fluffy towel. Nat's small but her body is really attractive, and very sexy. I was in a two-piece swim suit, under a tee and a pair of shorts.

"Standard wear when in the Islands," I said, sipping my own cup.

"Got it," she said, walking away with her fresh cup of java, her tight ass-cheeks looking mighty good as my eyes followed her.

When was the last time you looked at a man and thought about sex?

I'm not sure; probably a couple of months before I met Brie.

Miss having cock?

No, I really don't.

Fucking lesbo!

Screw you!


Driving back toward Kahului Airport, I turned onto hwy 360, heading east towards the high country, the Pacific Ocean on our left, with the waves gently breaking onto shore, windsurfers providing a kaleidoscope of colors on the water with their sails.

Nat had dressed as I had, and admitted that she 'probably over-packed' for this trip. "Lesson learned," she said, "if I ever do this again."

"Everybody over-packs on their first trip," I said to her, "but only once," looking to her, a smile on my lips.

The top was down-of course-and the warm tropical air felt deliciously wonderful as it tossed our hair into our faces. Taking a county road off of 360, the ocean was now behind us as we started the gentle climb up the mountainside, fields of sugar cane flanking us, interrupted by open fields with cows grazing.

Our eventual destination was a small enclave of eclectic inhabitants; most of them, holdovers from the 'hippie' days of the sixties and seventies. Their community was near the settlement of Kula which rested high on the mountainside and looked down the greenery towards the blue ocean.

"I never realized how much agriculture is a part of Hawaii," Nat said as her eyes took in the plowed fields and grazing lands of Maui sliding by us on the curvy roadway. The openness to the sky, near the ocean, gave way to trees of many varieties which soon provided shade as we climbed ever higher up the mountain. The distance from the airport wasn't terribly far, less than forty miles, I think, but the snaking curves and narrow roadway made for slow going.

Near noon Kula appeared in the windshield before us and, pulling into a parking space in front of Pete's Place, I killed the engine and announced, "Here we are, Nat, got an appetite yet?"

"I could eat," Nat said as her eyes took in the leather craft shop, a couple of candle and holistic shops, along with sundry other small businesses. As she scanned around her in a three-sixty, she remarked, "Fuck, it's like stepping back into the sixties."

"You wouldn't be wrong in that assumption," I laughingly responded.

"Lynn Marie! What a sight for these old eyes," Mattie screamed at the top of her voice. The several tables of customers all turned towards Nat and me as we entered, my arms open wide to Mattie's hug.

"Hey there, girl, good to see ya," Pete yelled from the window separating the eating part from the cooking part. A couple of faces, I recognized, and nodded back to them, as they had done to me. I introduced Nat to Mattie and Pete as Mattie seated us at a back booth.

"Pete's got you all hooked up," Mattie said, low-voiced, "so let me know when you're ready to leave and I'll get it for you." I told her we would and also told us to bring us a couple of Pete's special sandwiches, heavy on the BBQ'ed pork. "You're not going to fucking believe this pork sandwich," I said to Nat, ordering a couple of cold Coronas as well.

After Mattie left our booth, I told Nat their story, which was fairly straight-forward.


"Pete survived Vietnam and was medically discharged in '66 or thereabouts. He settled here, bumming around, working here and there until he met Mattie, who was here on a 'journey of discovery' by herself.

They hooked up, found kindred spirits up here, in the high country, and have been here ever since. They opened this place in the late seventies and have made a nice life for themselves," pulling at my beer that Mattie had just delivered to the booth.

"A hippie-like existence," Nat commented, taking a drink of her cold beer.

"For lack of a better description, yes," I said; "a lover of the 'bud' as we are, he has maintained a patch of pot hidden somewhere on the mountainside. I found them about four years ago, through some hard-leg I was fucking on one of my trips and I've been friends with them ever since. Whenever I'm coming out, I call Pete and he takes care of my 'smoking needs' so that I don't have to run the security risks at airports," taking another long pull at my beer.

"How convenient," Nat said.

"Very," I replied, smiling.

"Ya'll coming back for the pig roast aren't you?" Mattie asked as I paid our bill, including the 'quarter' I had just got from her in a to-go sandwich box. Pete had included a rolled, fat, doob, for the drive back to civilization. I just love Pete to death; he's got a 'good soul'.

"Wouldn't dream of missing it," I said as we were leaving.

The pig roast was a big deal, yearly event, up here; don't plan on driving back down the mountain after a night of smoking and drinking with them and their buddies, though. I thanked her for her offer for us to use a spare bedroom at their place, and we were out the door.

Nat and I nosed around a couple of shops, buying a few hand-made knick-knacks, before heading back 'down the hill'. Offering her a faster route back to the condo, or the leisurely scenic route we took up, she opted for the scenery.

A good choice, I thought.

We put the top up so that we could indulge in our herbal dessert, and as Maui shit always is, it was fucking dynamite weed. We agreed, after only two hits apiece, that we'd put it out, the two hits taking us where we wanted to go.


About half-way down, I stopped at a parking area which fronted an overlook of the valley below and the ocean a bit further on.

Nat leaned against me, zonked silly, enjoying both the stone and the view. I was leaning against a boulder, and she was leaning against me, my arms around her as we shared the gorgeous view. It was Monday, and very little traffic, much less 'touristas', stopping at the overlook.

Maui weed gets me horny; every time, without fail, and so it was so, this sunny afternoon. Feeling up Nat's boobs with my hand, as I hugged her to me, her breathing slowly became heavier, a sure sign of her arousal.

Staring ahead to the ocean, I slipped a hand into the top of her shorts, and into her tiny bikini bottoms, my fingers finding her damp pussy. She moaned a sound of pleasure as I stroked across her swollen 'little man', my fingers moving in slow circles over its tip.

Moving my hand further down her Vee, I was able to slide a finger inside of her, her breath sucking in sharply as I entered her, her legs spreading enough for me to have easy access.

It didn't take long at all for Nat to grab my arms with her hands when her climax came upon her. I held her tight to me, kissing the top and side of her head as her orgasm abated.

"Damn, baby, but that felt so fucking good," Nat said, turning around to embrace me with one arm, the other one reaching into my pants.

She leaned her head up and I, down, for a delicious tongue-probing kiss, while her fingers found my wet slit. Sadly, my orgasm was quick but, oh, so fucking good. Sucking my juice into my mouth from her fingers, we kissed again, and went back to the car to continue our drive.

"Oh, babe, that was nice," Nat said, her hand reaching to caress my breasts as I drove.

Reaching over with my right hand, I fondled her as well, saying to her, "Yes it was and when we get back to the condo, I'm going to fuck you silly."

"Promises, promises," she said, her hand under my tee and under my swim bra, pinching my nipple, 'just so'.


When we came up for air from our sixty-nine in her bed, both of our mouths were red and wet from the mutual pussy eating we had been doing since we got home to the condo.

I suggested that we shower, grab an early dinner, something light, and get back here to watch the sunset from the beach. She was all for that, and an hour later, we were sitting down at a local bar/café in Wailea.

"I am so glad you let me come here with you," Nat said, sucking on her Colada; too sweet for me, so I was sticking with Scotch.

"We'll have fun, and I like having someone with me that I know; it's a really nice change." I answered.

"What's the plan for tomorrow?" She asked.

"I've got a golf lesson at 9 AM for the next two days," I answered, "the lesson and some driving range time should put me back at the condo by noon. You're welcome to come along with me, if you'd like," I offered.

"Nah, but thanks, I think I'll just hang out at the pool and soak up some rays on this white Nordic skin," laughing.

"Sun block and lots of it, girl, or you'll fucking burn up," I cautioned.

"Yes ma'am," she simply said.


We each had a salad, both still full from Pete's monster pork sandwiches. Nat couldn't get over how good those bad boys were. Two more drinks and we paid our tab, heading back for the condo with at least a half-hour before the sun set.

"Watcha wearing?" Nat asked as we grabbed some beach mats to sit on.

"I losing my shorts, keeping my tee and swimsuit," pouring the Tequila Sunrise concoction we made for the beach into a thermos.

I picked up the roach from the car that lay on the counter, and slipped it into my swim top, and told Nat to put a lighter into her top. Slipping the condo key into a small pocket in my bottoms, we were in our flip-flops and on the beach with time to spare.

Sunset watching is a shared experience in the Islands; up and down the public beach, a secluded one, but public nonetheless, were others doing the same thing as we were. Some couples, most actually, and a few singles, but very few kids and families; less crowded on this Monday evening then it would be three days from now.

Nat and I just stared at the amazing colors painted by the sunset, a cloud bank on the horizon providing a 'raying' of the dying light. Simply fucking gorgeous is how I thought of it.

Night had descended onto Maui, the stars were doing their thing and the half-moon was doing its own thing, providing 'just' the right amount of light. People vanished into their own worlds, leaving the beach, leaving just the two of us.

I fished the roach from my top and reached into Nat's top to get the lighter; Okay, and to 'cop a quick feel'. Lighting up, we let the local weed do its thing to us, once again two hits each was all we needed to 'get there'.

Looking around in an 'almost three sixty' and seeing no one, I put the roach and lighter away, near the empty thermos. Easily pulling Nat down with me, I stayed over her, she lying on the mat.

Our lips met, our mouths opening and devouring the other, tongues dancing. Our tees had been off since we sat down on the beach; lifting her skimpy top allowed me full access to her perky small boobs and hard nipples, which I took advantaged of while my hand finger-fucked her to a long orgasm, my teeth biting her nipples 'almost' hard enough to hurt, but not quite.

Her climax ended, she flipped me onto my back and looking around, as I had done, yanked my bottoms off of me. I opened my legs for her, there on the beach, and she went down on me as her hands had my breasts out of my top, her fingers tweaking my nipples, hard enough to feel good.

This would be something of a ritual for her and I while we were in Hawaii; on nights when there wasn't a slug of people around, we'd have sex on a public beach which added to the thrill immensely.


"I almost felt like someone was watching us," Nat said after we had put ourselves together, making the short walk home a long one, taking our time.

"Dope paranoia," I assured her.

"You know what though?" continuing her thought, "I kind of got an extra little thrill thinking that we were being watched," smiling at me in the dim moonlight.

"I think human beings are voyeuristic by nature" I said, "so I'm okay with it, personally."

"Okay with watching, or okay with being watched?" Nat asked.

Unlocking our door, I turned to her, key in hand and answered her question.


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