tagLesbian SexLynsie Ch. 02

Lynsie Ch. 02

byPandoras Desire©

I first met Lysine was a few years ago. I've always had a crush on her, but ever sense I found out she was BI, my crush on her heightened to a new level. I used to dream about her day and night. I've seen pics of her semi-nude, only because of her job and the outfits she's had to wear. So then I started imagining what Lynsie looked like completely nude. I envisioned this enormously tall 135 lb. woman with extremely long dark hair and the most resplendent baby blues ever on a human being.

That coupled with her being nude, kept my temperature up. I imagined Lynsie lying nude on a blanket in front of a well lit fire place. Completely on her side, with her arm bent and her hand holding her head up. Her ample chest resting on the blanket as she laid there. I would dream this over and over every night of her in this position. Envisioning her body nude! From head to toe, every square inch of her body, just lying there, waiting to be touched and brought to an explosive orgasm.

I'd look into her eyes, and smile, and she'd smile. Then my eyes would travel to her collar bone; that little crevice between the two, that is one hell of a sexy spot on her body when in certain positions. My eyes would wander further to the top of her tits, taking them in my sight and drowning them in the hot wetness of my mouth. Circling my tongue around her protruding nipple, while my hand explores the other. Rolling it between my finger and thumb, hardening it more than it was already. My tongue bathing upon her nipple, eventually settling underneath her nipple, and my mouth just draped over the hardened peak, as my mouth began to suckle gently. She begins to arch her back to my ministrations, I suckle her nipple a few more times, before switching to the other side, and repeating this nature, fondling the previously sucked nipple. This obviously is my favorite jewel. My favorite jewel in this river of nakedness.

My tongue and mouth eventually left her ample breasts and traveled kisses down her body, toward her belly button, and laved there, I notice that my tongue in her belly button sends shivers of desire through Lynsie's body. So I travel on to my next destination. Even though I was enjoying my expedition, I felt Lynsie's body to be a map. A mighty, mighty good map of pleasure, which she and I obviously enjoyed. 'Cause I figured by now, if she wasn't enjoying this bout with pleasure, she would have stopped me by now. So I figured again, I might as well keep on trying' to reach my destination. That destination of the Mason-Dixon line, the line of pleasure to where you are fucked out of your mind into a state of oblivion.

I kept on searching for my buried treasure. I came to the fork in the road, or the two legs leading to an abundant paradise. I traveled my kisses down one leg and back up the other, not missing any square inch of Lynsie's body. When I came to that sweet paradise surrounded by a fortress of nakedness, I settled in like a hibernating bear for the winter.

I laved my tongue along her moistened slit at least twice, before parting her long lips. I sucked each lip before running my tongue along the inside of her lips. Then I took my tongue and delved deeper into the river of darkness well deep in her unshaven forest. I actually prefer my women to be shaven, but I also think that a little forest is sexy. It gives a heightened sense of pleasure, knowing that behind that dark forest lingers a treasure that's waiting for me.

I begin to lave my tongue in and around her hidden treasure. Then I push my tongue forward and lave the inside of her inner walls. By this time Lynsie begins to writhe her body in tune with my tongue, it actually felt good, that her body would hit my tongue, that meant that I wasn't doing all the work, and that Lynsie was enjoying my presence between her long shapely dancer's legs.

After what seemed like hours of tongue lashing in and out of her love canal, I begin to bathe her clit as well, up and down, then taking my tongue and swirling all around it. As I was doing this, I glanced up at Lynsie, to see her expression, and I noticed that her beautiful baby blues were closed. Which was a huge disappointment, as I loved looking into my partners eyes as I am laying them. But I figured she must be enjoying this pleasure I am giving to her, seeing' her eyes were closed.

I also noticed that lysine's hands were upon her breasts, massaging them. The aureoles hardening into a peak on each breast. Seeing this, made my tongue move faster and harder on Lynsie's deep dark forest and her hardened clit. Within minutes, Lynsie's body arched up and went stiff, and her sweet juices began to flow upon my tongue. I swallowed every drop. Even though, a few times I almost choked. Ya see Lynsie flows more than most. But as they say, "good to the last drop." But as I said, that is a reoccurring dream I have been having, ever since I can remember.

But did I tell ya, that in my dream, Lynsie and I began dating a few months ago. We've been to every women's bar along the coast. We danced, slowly together, to almost every song. We kissed a tongue filled kiss each time we kissed. And once we made love on the beach, with the water dancing the tide against our feet. We then fell asleep with the moon illuminating our bodies, and woke up to the morning sun, and the tide against our feet. We then began to make love again, only this time we fucked, and fucked hard.

Hope you enjoyed my dream.

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