tagInterracial LoveM and H Ch. 01

M and H Ch. 01


Chapter 01: Salt and Pepper

Asterisk: As this is my first story I'm slightly nervous about uploading it. I could use any technical tips and crits, if possible. I hope everyone enjoys the story, at least a little bit.


Today was the day. Saturday. Mari woke up and Henry was gone, but there were several things he had placed around the house for her to look at and do. A pile of clothes and lingerie, with a rose and note, a tray in the bathroom with new makeup, and the camera on a tripod and a tray with various kinds of lubes and creams in the living, waiting to be used.

Mari was a tiny girl, she was only 5'2" and about 90 lbs., her skin was pearl white, hair straight, a brown so dark it appeared black. She didn't have a curved figure, being flat-chested and having a pert butt, but still attracted men with a thing for small girls. One of them was Henry, her boyfriend of three years. He was your average white guy, average height, average build, his cock was between six and seven inches, depending on his mood and the temperature.

When they first got together, sex was normal. Missionary or cowgirl, just them in a candle-lit room. As time when on, they began to get bored of normal sex. Henry had an extensive porn collection, which they started to look to for inspiration. First trying new positions, moving on to sex in unique places, and even starting regular anal sex. They put footage of this online, creating a small site showing their sexual adventures. The culmination of their sexual trials came when they invited more people into bed with them. That's when the site took off.

Soon, they noticed that whenever they posted galleries and videos related to swapping and swinging roleplay or group sex role play, they got a spike in downloads. That's what was to happen today. A request on the site, for something many men who like small girls wanted to see.

Mari had butterflies in her stomach as she came out of the shower and made herself up. She had all day to sit and stew over the upcoming events. Henry's placement of things around the house was carefully calculated to turn her on and keep her thoughts on sex all day. The clothes he'd laid out were a sundress, spaghetti straps, came to about mid-thigh, bounced when she walked. A tiny-tiny g-string that barely covered her smooth pussy, and a pair of spikey, shiney, platformed, black, stripper-ish shoes. The shoes brought her height up to a more normal 5'7", and made the most delicious clicking noise on hard surfaces.

Henry had chosen these clothes for her today, knowing she'd get looks when she ran the Saturday errands. Mari went about those as she normally would, but every step in the heels reminded her of tonight. She could feel men (and some women) gazing at her tiny frame, wondering how a small girl would feel. Thinking about how tight she could be. Wondering if she was a normal lay or a wild thing. Mari had to resist the urges that came about when she thought about them thinking about her, she would only give herself a quick brush or nudge when she could, but nothing more.

She avoided the living room until Henry came home, the sight of the camera and lubes would've been too much. She embraced Henry hard, mashing herself against him and giving him a deep, deep french kiss. He returned her embrace and pulled away with a slight, wry smile, his "you're going to get it" smile.

They ate a small dinner and awaited their guests. Through several personal sites and adult chatrooms, they had created a network of sex friends. The two coming over tonight were selected by Henry for very special reasons. A request from the site, for Mari, a tiny-little thing, to take on two behemoths of cock. She and Henry had decided to make the theme Salt and Pepper. A massive white guy and a massive black guy.

Around 8, the door rang, Henry answered it, Mari was sitting in the middle of the couch, her smooth, narrow legs cross. They introduced themselves to her, Trey was the black guy, Mark the white, and they sat close to her, obviously ready.

Henry prepped the lights and the camera, Mari and the two gentlemen engaged in small talk, getting relaxed and talking about rules during sex. He began filming, like a real porn, starting with an interview.

"Hey there, little thing, and what's your name?" he began.

"Mari," she said with a smile, looking deeply into the camera.

"And, what are you here to do today?" He moved the camera from Mari, to Trey's midsection, to Mark's midsection, playing over her hands, which were gently running across the two men's crotches.

"Well, hopefully, I'm here to getting totally fucked by these two nice boys," she responded.

"You should know these aren't any normal boys...have you ever had a giant cock?"

"Well, I've had big ones," she held up her fingers about six inches apart, then quickly put them back on the now enlarged bulges in the two men's pants, "but I can tell these are a little different."

"Heh, you seem to know what you want, so I'll let you three get to it."

Here, Henry turned into full director mode. He told them what to do to Mari, and in which order, but noted that being as raw as possible was best, considering the site.


Mari stood between the two men, they were both six-feet tall and broad, their strong hands groped and squeezed her tits and ass. She had her lips locked with Mark's, the tongue swirling around each other, sloppily kissing. Trey had her neck and behind her ear, small pecks from his thick, dark lips, progressing up and down between the two spots. Mari pulled away from Mark's mouth, a thin string of saliva connecting their lips, she stared deeply into his eyes and licked her lips. Mari turned to Trey and deeply kissed him, her tiny mouth engulfed by his.

They pulled the strings of her dress off her shoulders, she unzipped the back and let it fall to the ground. They moved to her small nipples and swirled their tongues around them, moving their strong hands across her g-string clad pussy, and her tight, little butt.

She press on their shoulders, so they got on their knees on both sides of her. She turned so Mark was in front of her and Trey behind, she lowered her moistened little panties and slowly pushed them down her legs, bending over and pushing her tight butt into Trey's face. Before he could get a taste she straightened, and stepped out of the clothes gathered at her feet. She wiggled her hips, moving her pussy tantalizingly close to Mark's face, rotating around so her butt passed by Trey's face.

Mark couldn't take it any longer and moved forward, grabbing her thighs and burying his face into her tiny pussy. Trey did the same behind her. They began deeply tonguing her little holes, and she stood there, holding their heads for balance, feeling waves of heat pulse with each lick. Mark brought up a finger and slowly inserted it into her pussy, she let out a sigh, finally getting something in her pussy after a day of teasing.

"Holy shit," Mark exclaimed, "she's so fucking tight, my finger getting crushed."

Trey, not wanting to be outdone, had lubed up a the fingers on his left hand and began to insert one in her tight asshole, "you think that pussy's tight, you should feel her tight ass."

They traded holes, then traded back and began fingering her at some speed. They both slipped a second finger in her holes, and slowly stood up. Her pussy and ass stretching and relaxing on their big, strong digits. Mark suckled her tits again, and Trey turned her head back, kissing her deeply.

Mark pulled his fingers out of her pussy and presented them, shiny and pussy drenched to her mouth. Trey did the same. She pulled all four of them into her mouth, sucking and cleaning them, a mix of tastes, pussy, ass, and lube, filled her mouth, making her horniness jump an octave.

"I think she's ready for some dick," Mark said to Trey.

"Damn right," Trey responded with a smile.

They pushed her to her knees between them, disrobing.


Henry had this part of the scene all planned out. Mari was on her knees, eyes closed, when the guys took everything off. Shirts, pants, shoes, until they stood there in underwear only, erections outlined in white briefs (Trey) and plaid boxers (Mark). Henry positioned himself so that Mari's face was in frame with Trey and Mark's bulges, then, on three, he told them to rip their underwears down, letting there erections pop out and lightly slap Mari in the face.

Her eyes sprang open, showing genuine surprise at the sight in front of her.


Mari giggled uncontrollably, she knew they were big from the earlier rubbing, but she had no idea... She grabbed each one by their bases, the cocks bobbing and swinging obscenely from her hands. She slowly moved her tiny hands up and down the thick, turgid shafts, gently rubbing them to absolute hardness.

A tape measure was on the ground before her, and she picked it up. Beginning with Mark, she placed the little, metal tab of the measure on his pelvis, slowly extended the measure from there in an act resembling a slow pulling out. She let out a tiny gasp as it finally stopped at the ten inch mark.

"You like that, baby?" Mark asked. She responded with a huge, bright smile and a vigorous nod. She turned to Trey, repeated the procedure.

"Want this in that little pussy?" Trey asked. She responded with a groan, threw the measure away, uncaringly, and began rubbing her pussy. She slowly wrapped her hands around the huge dicks. Mari opened her mouth and took Trey's head into. It was so thick, she thought she'd never be able to throat him at all, but did her best. Slowly...longingly...inch-by-inch...she got about a 1/3 of Trey's cock in her mouth. She slowly pulled off, staring Trey in the eyes, letting his cock out of her mouth with a pop.

She held Trey's eyes in her's while she took Mark's cock into her mouth, then locked gazes with him. She took the inches slowly again with him, but Mark was breathing heavily, getting tired of the foreplay. Once Mari got to the 1/3 mark, he grabbed her head with both hands and began to thrust. He pulled his cock almost entirely out of her mouth and thrust in. The face-fucking growing more vigorous with each stroke. Mari had to let go of Trey's tool and she gripped Mark's hips in some vain effort to slow him.

Shlurking, slobbery noises and slight moans came from Mari's mouth and throat as Mark pressured more and more cock into it. Trey was squatting beside her, fingering her tight, wet holes. Mark had almost 7 inches of thick cock down her throat and pushed hard, "c'mon, urgh, c'mon," she gagged slightly and he yanked his cock out of her mouth, "ohhhh, yeah, you like choking on my massive dick, baby."

Mari was breathing heavily, thick strands of spit draped Mark's cock, connecting to her face and long streams of it poured down her chest. He gave her a light smack on the face with his wet cock while she spoke. She spoke lightly, out-of-breath, "oh yeah *splat* it makes me sooooo *smack* wet to get *wack* face fucked."

Trey stood and grabbed her head with one strong hand and pushed his cock into her mouth. He used his other hand to hold the base of his cock. He began pushing at both sides, getting as much black pipe as he got in her mouth and throat. Mark held her arms behind her, back, not allowing her to slow Trey's pounding. Trey pulled his now shiny cock out of her mouth, lifted it up, and mashing his balls into her saliva dripping lips. Mari greedily suck in one of his huge, fuzzy testes. Trey let go of his cock, letting it naturally drape over Mari's face, covering most of it, the head sticking out past the top of her head.

Mark got up and grabbed the back of her head and forced his cock deep into her throat, thrusting a few times produced wet, sloshing sounds. He pulled back turned her head, and Trey thrust deep, producing his own wet, sloshing sounds. They alternated fucking Mari's worn throat, then finally letting her take control again. She pulled both cocks into her mouth, swirling her tongue around both heads, drawing as much of the twenty inches of tube-steak as she could inward.

She began to masturbate them furiously and spoke, "god, I want you guys in me."

She moaned deeply.


Henry handed her a towel, she was smiling very wide as she wiped the sticking, half-dried spit from her, she hobbled to her feet and went back to the couch, sitting back and spreading her legs far apart, her spiked shoes sticking far out in space.

The boys lubed up their entire lengths.


Mari said, "urgh, I'm so hot," her fingers were digging deeply into her pussy, her free hand was a fist, with a coin under her folded thumb, "I need cock now."

She flicked the coin into the air.

Trey: "Heads!"

Mark: "Tails!"

It thumped on the floor...heads.

"Urgh, give me that thick black cock," Mari moaned.

Trey positioned himself, on his knees, aiming his cock at Mari's wet pussy. However horny she was, Mari wanted Trey to move slowly, not wanting to feel any displeasure from his massive hammer. He slipped the head of his cock in, she let out a tiny gasp. He pushed a few inches in and she pushed her hand against his pelvis. Her depths were parting, his cock felt far larger than it really was.

Trey's cock got to the depth she was used to and there was a slight resistance. Half of Trey's cock was still outside of her pussy, he pulled back, letting her relax for a moment, then pushed in. He started fucking her with half of his cock, Mari's back arched. He pushed a few more inches in, exploring parts of her pussy that no man had traversed. He pulled almost all the way out, emptying her pussy. With one long push, he got his whole cock into her tiny body. She threw back her head, her mind exploding with pleasure. She'd cum on that massive black tool.

"Yeah-h-h-hhhhh," Trey shouted, watching her convulse on his member. He and Mark high-fived, then Trey got into a squat between her legs, pushing them up and against her chest, her feet high in the air, dangling. Mari felt him increase the speed of his fucking. She didn't know where to put her hands as he reached an animal velocity. They moved around, over her head, on his chest, gripping cushions, rubbing her clit, pulling her nipples.

She felt his pelvis hit hers, his balls smacking her asshole, then empty, then their pelvises met. She finally managed to open her eyes and look down, seeing his full length disappear within her, the huge black member slick and a slimy ring of her white pussy cum near its base. Mark was sitting across the room, with a view from behind, seeing Trey's expert pussy pounding skills at work.

"You like that big black dick, baby?" Trey asked, breathily.

"Oh...oh...I...urghhhhhh...LOVE IT!!" She came hard, screaming her love of his massive member.

Trey slowly pulled out of her, she watched his cock reappear, covered in pussy juice. He grabbed the back of her head and pulled her to a sitting position, pushing his cock into her mouth. She sucked as much as she could, slurping up her own pussy cum, jacking whatever wasn't in her mouth.

Mark shot up and replaced Trey, "get on your hands and knees, baby."

She hopped up on her hands and knees. She loved doggy and wiggled her butt at Mark like a bitch-in-heat. Mark didn't need to prep here at all, her lips were still spread, a dripping, dark gape presented to him. Mark slide his entire length in easily, causing Mari to jump and groan heavily. He had a vice grip on her hips. His strokes were shorter, faster, harder, and rougher than Trey's, he gave her a ferocious pummeling.

Mark brought his face close to Mari's and growled, "you like that? Your pussy getting hammered by my cock? You slut you're so tight? You think you can go back to little dicks after me?"

He didn't give her time to respond, he could tell the constant stream of dirty talk was exciting her. He reached around her and rubbed her clit, hard and fast. She was shaking, quaking with her third orgasm of the night building under his intense, punishing fucking. Juices were splattering out of her, ruining the couch cushions below. She let out one hard, heavy moan and came. Mark pushed in hard and pinched her clit, causing an additional wave of pain and pleasure to surge through her.

He slowly pulled out of her, and when he was fully free, he gave her tiny butt a good hard slap. She curled slightly and let out another moan with a slight grin. She spun around, pushed Mark back, and began sucking him off. Her head bobbled up and down hard on Mark's tool, his hands behind his head, letting her work him over.


Henry gave Mari a glass of water and let her recover a bit. Mark sat on her right, Trey on her left. They were stroking the members, now slick and shiny with lube, a faint aroma of strawberries now mixed with the heavy odor of raw sex. Mari handed the wattle bottle back to Henry and laid on her side between the two men, Trey at her head, Mark at her butt.


Her heart raced as Mark began fingering her tight rear end, since Trey broke-in her front, he would get to break-in the back. She was giving Trey a light sucking, licking his now-flavored cock. She was bent in an "L" on her side, Mark working a third finger into her ass. The feeling was different from a pussy fucking, a far dirtier feeling, like she was breaking rules. She loved it. Mark was a little rougher than she liked but it was fine, he pulled and moved his hand quickly, opening her up and getting her used to being stretched.

She gently tapped Trey's dick on her cheek, while he rubbed her back. She swirled her tongue around his balls while Mark climbed up behind her, positioning himself for entry.

He pressed his cock in about an inch, she looked back at him and gasped at the sudden sensation of penetration. A few more inches came in and she moaned, reaching back and pushing his hip, slowing down his progression. His cock was only half way and already she was blind with pleasure, her tight O-ring stretched around Mark. He pulled back and thrust fast in, she groan. His slow deep penetration began again. 7 inches, he pulled back, thrust in. Again! Mari did her best at sucking off Trey, but getting ass fucked by a huge member distracted her sooo much.

Mark pull back and gave her one heavy fuck, burying his whole cock in her asshole. Mari let out a shriek that ended in a deep, chortling giggle. The boys laughed in a hardy way, watching her almost launch off Mark's dick, and had he not been holding her, she probably would have.

"Urrrhhh, you like that big cock in your ass?" Mark grinding his pelvis against her butt.

Her legs shook and her face was a deep red, "yesssss," she hissed, "I've never had so much gorgeous cock in my little butt."

Mark began pumping her depths, as best he could laying on his side. Mari relaxed and enjoy the prestigious butt-fucking she was receiving and began sucking Trey's open member. She loved being lit-up-at-both-ends, the alternating thrusts of a cock in her mouth and a cock in her end sent her over the moon. Mark pulled her to her hands and knees and began fucking her ass like he fucked her pussy. He and Trey got a nice rhythm going, never was a cock outside of her. Trey pushed deep into her groaning, moaning throat, while Mark pulled out of her ass; then Mark rammed his cock home and Trey moved back. She rocked as best she could between both thick tools.

"Now let's see how nasty this little girl really is," Mark said, fully removing his cock from her ass, she felt air swirling in her gaping, ruined asshole. Without touching it, he grabbed the back of Mari's head, she took his now-spice flavored cock into her mouth, giving him a long, deep suck, looking directly into Mark's eyes, showing him she was as nasty as he wanted.

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