tagErotic HorrorMacabre Delights Ch. 02

Macabre Delights Ch. 02


Trinity took Annabelle to a room where there was a small group of people who were talking and drinking. Annabelle relaxed because the room was a library filled with books that looked like they hadn't been dusted in years. It had a real homey feel to it. There were many places to sit and they found an empty couch in the corner. The other two were taken. Sitting on a dark green one were two men talking to one another while the other couch, one that was a dark magenta color, had a woman sitting between two men. They were laughing and drinking what looked like the champagne Annabelle had drank before. A waiter walked around the room with a tray full of drinks. Trinity took two glasses and handed one to Annabelle. As Annabelle took the glass from Trinity, her stomach made a sound.

"Excuse me. I haven't eaten much today because I was nervous about tonight. I'm surprised the waiters aren't carrying around food and only drinks."

"It does seem strange, doesn't it? I'm pretty famished myself." Trinity licked her lips that Annabelle was so used to seeing. She couldn't help but wonder what Trinity was hungry for.

"I can go ask-"

Trinity interrupted by placing a hand on Annabelle's knee. "Why don't we wait and get to know one another better? Then we can feed."

Annabelle let out a giggle. She took a sip from her glass. "You have a funny way of saying things."

"I've heard that before." Trinity drained her glass. She laid an arm on the back of the couch behind Annabelle. Annabelle also finished drinking and placed the glass on the floor beside her foot. She took a glance around the room. Everyone else seemed to be enjoying themselves. The two masked men were sitting very close to the woman who was wearing an ivory colored one. She seemed to be a bit tipsy and didn't mind that the men were touching her in such a way that was better in private than in public.

Annabelle glanced at Trinity who was also watching the scene before her. Her lips were still smudged. "Do you want to fix your lipstick? You have some on your cheek."

Trinity licked her finger and wiped away at her cheek. Her tongue came out and wiped around her mouth in a circle. Annabelle watched and placed her own fingers against her lips.

"Um, so what would you like to talk about?"

"Anything you want." Trinity responded. Before Annabelle could continue, the waiter came back over. Trinity grabbed two more glasses and nodded at him. He moved away without saying one word.

"I'm not sure if I should have anymore." Annabelle watched as the other party guests took more drinks. She suddenly noticed that the waiter was wearing a mask also.

"I feel so left out."

"Left out how?"

"Am I the only one not wearing a mask?" Annabelle looked down at her glass and sighed. She peeked at Trinity who was sipping her drink. Trinity touched her mask and caressed it. "It keeps the mystery going. I can it off if you want before the night is over. Here, let's toast to us." She lifted her glass and Annabelle tapped her own against Trinity's.

"This is my last one. I don't want to be too drunk. God forbid I fall on my face or become sick."

"We wouldn't want that." Trinity placed her hand back on Annabelle's knee and rubbed her fingers up and down the silk gown.

By the time Annabelle finished drinking, she couldn't remember any of the conversation she had with Trinity. Her head felt very fuzzy and the room was spinning.

"What's in this stuff?" She complained and the glass fell from her hand and onto the rug. She began to tip to the side. Trinity placed and arm around Annabelle's shoulder and brought her in close against her. She began to nuzzle the side of Annabelle's face.

Annabelle let out a sigh. "That feels nice." She moaned not caring what Trinity did to her. She was throbbing in places she never felt before and suddenly her dress felt very tight.

As Trinity kissed her neck and her right hand began to move up and down the front of Annabelle's bodice, Annabelle sat back and enjoyed the way Trinity made her feel. And it was perfectly alright since they were in public. Things between them couldn't go too far.

The room tilted again and the laughter from the group across from Annabelle had grown too loud. Her eyes couldn't believe what she was seeing. The two men were kissing and undressing the woman. One of the men went down on his knees and began to pull up the woman's gown. She moaned and fell onto the lap of the other man who was kissing her mouth and squeezing her naked breasts that had popped out of her dress. Annabelle couldn't look away as the man, who was kneeling, pulled her dress up and around her waist and moved his head down in between her legs and began to lick her there. She gasped as she felt Trinity's mouth on her own breast. She looked down in amazement as Trinity's tongue was circling her nipple. When had the top of her dress fallen to her waist? It felt incredible and even though Annabelle knew this was wrong, she didn't want it to stop.

Annabelle moaned loudly and turned her head and saw that the two men on the opposite side of the room were both naked from the waist down. One was on his stomach and the other was rubbing his front against the other's back. She had never seen gay sex before and couldn't look away.

"What type of party is this? I shouldn't-" Annabelle couldn't continue because Trinity pressed her down onto the cushions of the couch and began to kiss her deeply. She tried to stop her but Trinity pushed her hands away and began to suck on Annabelle's tongue. She allowed Trinity to tongue deep inside her mouth and when she felt the cool air reach her legs, she opened them.

Trinity's hand went in between Annabelle's legs and did things to Annabelle she only did with her own fingers. She squirmed and tried to tell Trinity to stop, but Trinity wouldn't.

"Can't breathe." Annabelle moved her face away from Trinity's mouth. Trinity let out a sound Annabelle never heard before and shivered as she saw Trinity's teeth had growing into sharp points. Annabelle let out a scream at the same time Trinity touched Annabelle in such a way that sent a jolt of pleasure through her body. A loud boom of thunder and a flash of lightening lit up the room. The mansion shook and before Annabelle knew what was happening, the lights went off and everything went dark.

Her breathing echoed in her ears and she tried to push Trinity off of her. As she did, she heard a loud yell and a scream from within the room.

"What the-" Annabelle said out loud and then lost all speech, when her dress was lifted and she felt a person in between her legs. The bite of someone's fingernails dug into her legs and she could feel her blood running down them. The next thing she knew, a mouth bit down hard and she let out a loud screech. The last thing she remembered was seeing bright yellow spots in front of her eyes and feeling her body's release of both pleasure and pain combined.

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