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I didn't figure it out until last week, more than 20 years later.

At the time Macey was a new girlfriend, 19 and adventurous with already a wild past. We were just getting started and I was not yet privy to her stories and her curious streak. Later that summer and into the next year I would learn more about her, but did not put the facts of that night together because I moved on to my next girlfriend, now my wife of 20 plus years. It wasn't until my wife and I started to explore erotic events and memories that I even thought about it, and then it was right in front of me.

So this is a story about a night when my new girlfriend had two lovers, a one-time previous lover and a stranger. It was a night where I was absent for the action, but I can tell you the events occurred this way based on what I know about Macey and what she later told me. If this is intriguing to you, read on. I promise you I have the facts right.

Macey was home in Dallas for the summer after her freshman year at Brown. I was in graduate school and we met through mutual friends and quickly became lovers. Macey was easy to be around, attractive, dark, and perhaps fifteen pounds overweight. This made her slacks tight but her curves soft, and with her clothes off it made her seem both vulnerable and confidant at the same time.

About a week after we started sleeping together, she told me a guy she knew from Brown was driving through to his grandparent's house in Oklahoma City. "He's a good guy. His name's Gavin. He's from Boston, and Dallas will be his last stop."

Dallas is not on the way to Oklahoma City, but I honestly had my radar all the way off.

"Let's have dinner together."

"Sure" I said.

This dinner date was for the next night, a Wednesday. The hardest part of my work schedule that summer was mid-week, and I had a seven a.m. start Thursday, so I did not plan to stay out late, nor could I have stayed awake (normally) given the crazy hours I was working. I picked Macy up at seven at her parent's house and drove on to the restaurant. She dressed for the summer heat, wearing a thin white halter-top and a medium length black cotton skirt with strap sandals. Sexy enough, but plain. I didn't think we would spend the night together anyway, so I didn't fantasize.

"Gavin's driving with a friend."

"Know him?"

"No, he's from Gavin's hometown."

We had a great dinner together. Gavin and Jeff. These boys were 19 and off for the summer. I was 23 and working my ass off. After dinner and several drinks Macey said, "Let's stay up all night!" I was in no shape to do so. I knew I needed to crash soon. Later I figured out this was an invitation, and I RSVP'd the wrong way!

"Macey, if you're going to party that hard I gotta leave it with you. Gavin can drop you home." Radar off. I said goodnight to all and went home to sleep.

I saw her next a few days later and we had a normal date and a nice night together.

As the summer went on we discovered rampant eroticism in each other. We would tell stories while we made love. I would speak of having two women together or tell her specifics about a night in college with a lover and a friend. We would run down "what ifs" concerning our past. She told me "My best friend in high school and I spent the night out at my boyfriend's house and we swapped boyfriends in the same room." We would go at it harder. She would wait until I couldn't stand it anymore and say "Then we swapped back. What if you were there?"

She had had a female lover at school, an exchange student named Sigrid from Austria. She would describe making love to her while we made love, and then kiss me hard, slurring through the kiss "you can taste her pussy on my mouth." So the summer went.

One night she told me that the only other adventure she had ever had was with Gavin and another guy at school (not Jeff, we had both met him for the first time that night at dinner). That was the key piece of information I did not think of until last week.

So here is my tale. Or really, their tale.

I drove away. Macey, Jeff, and Gavin went next door to a honky-tonk bar that features live bands on weekends. During the week the music was canned, from a classic jukebox. People still loved to live it up on weeknights and there was lots of dancing on the darkened dance floor and lots of drinking in the tall booths that surround the floor. A first pitcher of Margarita led to another.

Jeff got up to pee. Gavin: "I told Jeff about that night."

Macey: "You are so bad. You've brought a friend, and both of you are thinking the same thing."

"It kind of makes sense, though, doesn't it? He knows. And he's never done anything like that before. I think he would go for it."

"You'll have to get me a little drunker."

Later, all three leaning in close over glasses in the dim light. Gavin: "give me your panties."

"I will not," she laughs; but then she wriggles her thumbs below the table out of the boys' sight and maneuvers the panties past her sandals. "But I might give them to Jeff."

The panties went into Jeff's pocket as he helped her up to get on the dance floor. It was a slow country song; "Willin" and the lights were dimmer than Jeff could hope for. Some subtle fondling and then an all out kiss on the mouth.

"May I cut in?" The traditional request came from Gavin. As they danced Gavin kissed her and with the back-to-back kisses from the two any remaining doubt was erased. She would have them both tonight.

Back in the booth they both made out with her, being careful not to let the other patrons see that Macey was being shared. One more drink and they paid up and headed back to the hotel.

Driving carefully since he was wasted, Gavin made the short trip back to the Marriott. The three had to force themselves to act nonchalant as they crossed the brightly lit lobby to the elevator.

Then, the room. The three in private, if you can call three private. The two of them led Macey to the bed and they gently kissed her mouth and neck while unwrapping her young body. Jeff was the first to kiss down her soft stomach and push his mouth against her pussy. Gavin stepped back a little and stripped, flashing back to that night at Brown and thinking how erotic to have now watched two different men eat this woman.

Macey comes in short, defined bursts, and she quickly came on Jeff's mouth, arching her back and then leaning forward to hold his head in her hands. He kissed his way up to her mouth and held her while Gavin went down on her and the scene was repeated; Macey came on Gavin's mouth and Jeff got his clothes off and began to suck on Macey's tits.

At this point both men were ready to come and what happened next was incredibly erotic. Macey told it to me as fiction later that August but now I know where the fantasy came from. Gavin kissed his way up to her mouth, Jeff moved off to the side. Gavin entered her and lasted just a minute before pumping his come into her. He had been travelling for several days with Jeff and had neither had had an orgasm in a week; their young bodies were loaded and ready. When he rolled off her Jeff took his turn and came as soon as he pushed his cock into her. She was as wet as a girl can get and got pumped full again.

The three could now relax and the two men would last long enough to make her come over and over. Jeff lingered inside her after he came until he was ready to go again, and made love to her slowly while Gavin sucked on her tits and kissed her mouth. They switched off and Gavin took her from behind while she gently sucked on Jeff's cock; not trying to swallow him, just enjoying his firmness and the taste of their combined comes.

They switched off. Gavin lay down and Macey straddled him but instead of taking him into her Macey said "Jeff, take me from behind". Jeff positioned his knees outside Gavin's and entered her. From below Gavin slid his hand down to her clit and could feel the underside of Jeff's cock sliding in and out of Macey with his fingertips. Macey was kissing Gavin's face and rubbing her tits and stomach on him while Jeff fucked her from behind. Out of order, Jeff was the next one to come again. When Jeff finished, Macey rolled over and Gavin sucked her off for a few minutes, a full-on sperm festival on his face and he just went for it. He then lay down and Macey fucked him while Jeff watched. After Gavin came a second time Jeff, almost as if on a dare, ate her again too, but only for a minute.

By this time it was three in the morning and Macey needed to be home before her parents or three younger sisters awoke in the morning. Goodbyes were said; Gavin drove her home alone.

All these years later and my wife is a storyteller too. After the events of that night became clear to me, I thought it through and presented it to her as an erotic tale at an appropriate time.

After telling the story while making love to her, she stopped me and got up. She went into the bathroom for a minute, came back, and lay down in the bed. I got back into her and could feel that she had wet herself amply with our special mixture of Astroglide and olive oil, which feels just like sperm.

She whispered in my ear as she arched her back. "What if you were there?"

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