Macky Dees


Warning, this story has a very intense theme. Expect it to be disturbing. Based on where you found this story, you will probably be turned on by the beginning. However at the end, it should be clear that something wrong happened. It should illuminate how we consume news of bad things happening to people as entertainment. There is no denying that many would find the headline of what happened as titillating. Yet, the actual experience that the person lived through was very sad. Read this as an examination of the conflicting feelings.

The story is very loosely based on reality. Video surveillance tapes have been released on the Internet. Wikipedia has a detailed article about the incident.


"Macky Dees, Farnhamville, Joe speaking. How can I help you?"

"I am officer Scotty. We have a report that a suspect may be working at your business. The suspect is female, white, slight build, blond hair. Does that description match any of your employees?"

"Sir, we have about 70 employees, many of which are female and blond. Do you have any more information?"

"This is privileged information, because we don't want anyone to know how close we are. Her first name initial is 'L'."

"No, Laurie is a very hefty girl, definitely not slight."

"Maybe, she goes by another name..."

"Officer, my manager just told me that you need to come down here, if you want any more information. He told me to hang up right now, as I am not authorized to speak on behalf of Macky Dee Corporation."


"Macky Dees, Harcourt, Karl speaking. How may I help you?"

"I am officer Scotty. We have a report that a suspect may be working at your business. The suspect is female, white, slight build, blond hair. Does that description match any of your employees?"

"If you got a warrant, you come down here. Otherwise, fuck you very much!"


"Macky Dees, Churdan, Janet speaking. How may I help you?"

"I am officer Scotty. We have a report that a suspect may be working at your business. The suspect is female, white, slight build, blond hair. Does that description match any of your employees?"

Janet swallowed. Her body heaved with tension. Her body was the shape of a pyramid. Her head was the pointed tip. Down from there, her torso expanded into every which direction with her fat hip being the ultimate foundation. She wore a dark blue shirt-pant combo that was oversized with many ripples in the clothing. It gave her body the outline of a blob without definition. The mouth with the flaming red lip stick in the pale face dropped open.

"Oh gosh, oh gosh, the police," she muttered under her breath. She waved her arms to get enough momentum to slip off the round, hard plastic disc that served as a bolted-in seat. Everything about the tiny restaurant was cheap, sturdy, and vandal-proof. The chairs and tables were bolted to the floor. The shine of the white tiles had gone. A thin permanent coating of gray grime covered it. The small fast food counter fit one registry and a big glass case with factory made apple pies, guaranteed to be 100% sugar, chemicals, and artificial flavor.

"I got to take this in my office." Janet was already panting from the effort of walking and the adrenaline had her eyes starring wild ahead at the door handle of her office. It was a small 7x7 feet cube filled with boxes of personnel records, promotional items, and cleaning supply. That's all that was needed for a place serving a rural Iowa city with a lazy main street up front.

"We got a new girl working the floor right now. She looks so innocent. She is barely 18. I can't belief her having gotten into any trouble."

"Is the initial of her first name 'L'?"

"Oh, yes, Lisa Forrester is her name."

"I think we got our suspect. There is a small reward out in her name. You may be able to collect it, if you help us in apprehending her."

"Oh, no, it must be drugs. She must have gotten into drugs, poor girl."

"Janet, I cannot share case confidential information with you. A police car is on the way. In the meantime, I need you to go back in the store and be my eyes and ears. Observe her from the distance and report back to me."

Janet stood behind the counter holding the cordless phone in her hand. Roger, a black, tall lanky college kid, was punching orders into the register. His eyes looked bugged and glanced at the timer in the top right corner every ten seconds. The counter constantly egged him on to get his average order taking time to under 80 seconds. There was a line of five corn fed customers waiting for lunch. A bulky construction worker had a pink fedora feather in his wavy dark hair. A five year old was holding a colorful toy car high in the air pretending it to be a plane.

Lisa was bent over a table corralling the yellow burger wrappers, red food baskets, and paper cups into a pile. A dirty, used, originally white cleaning rag lay twisted on the table. Her arms moved lanky and awkward like teenager ripped out of her world of playing all day in her room to doing something productive in an adult world. Her face looked contemplative at the pile of refuse. She tried to balance the cups on the garbage pile. Then, she put some garbage in the cup to lower the pile. That worked better. She smiled. Her hair was dirty blond and hung down limp from the low end shampoos.

"Janet, describe her clothing."

Lisa wore Old Navy sneakers with neckless socks, so that it seems like the foot is barefoot in the shoe. Yet close observation usually finds a sliver of white sock near the opening of the shoe. Her jeans had a stiff and tube shaped cut to it that little conformed to her body. The white t-shirt was size S and fit her snuggly. The fabric was fluffy from the many washes. The bra strap clearly showed on her back, when she was leaning forward.

"None of the witnesses were able to give us a precise description. We need us to give clothes sizes."

"Oh, that's maybe a 26 inch jeans. Shoe size is 6. That's definitely an S-size t-shirt."

"What's her bra size."

"Gosh, you need to know that as well. I have to wait until she turns around."

Lisa turned around to go for the garbage can. She began sprinting with a slightly desperate face. She seemed worried about her job performance, not cleaning fast enough. Her feet flung sideways in a funny way, as she was running. She bumped into a customer's stuck out elbow. "So, sorry," she said while brushing the man's arm. The man looked surprised and thrown out of contemplation.

"Such a goose! She is a B or C cup. She is so young. They look like they will still be growing."

"Janet, I got bad news. The car en route was diverted for a code 604. You have to apprehend her for us and hold her until we can send another car. Ask her to go to your office without causing a scene."


Janet swung around the corner and walked straight up to Lisa sorting the refuse into recycling and trash. Being empowered by acting on behalf of the police, she stood a little too close. Lisa was taken aback by the sensation of the large rolling body right next to her. Lisa had to be careful getting up to avoid touching Janet. "Yes, Janet!" Lisa had the worried look of a dear on her face. There was a little quiver in her voice.

"Come with me to my office."

Janet turned around without question. Lisa tried to get around the large body ahead of her. "Janet, I'll try working harder. I swear I'll bring out the trash more often. That dumpster smells so awful. Yet, I'll do it. I really want to learn this job!"

Without turning, Janet hissed, "You are in deep trouble, Missy."

"Janet, try to keep it low key or she may try to escape."

"What did I do?"

"Keep quiet and get her into your office."

"What did I do? I deserve to know what I did wrong." Lisa's voice was thin and her eyes were teary. Her heart was thumping. "I'll work for free for a week to learn the ropes. My aunt told me nobody hires inexperienced help. I need to get started somewhere. I'll clean the bathroom, too."

The door shut closed. The room penned them close together. There was only one place to stand for Lisa between the boxes and guest chair piled on with aprons. Janet had only one place for her large body behind the desk. Lisa's body was shivering with stifled sobs. Her arm hung down lifeless on the lanky girl with slight build. The emotion got Janet riled up to proof that she had taken the right role. Until now she had been cautiously listening to the officer. Now, her face was heaving with anger to proof that she was right to detain Lisa.

"That's the police on the phone. They finally caught you. You little filthy thief were trying to take advantage of my gullible nature. You better confess now."

"I didn't do anything," cried out Lisa. Her eyes were pulled open white. Her lips moved wide, when she talked. Saliva showed and the red flesh of her mouth was evident in the moment.

"Janet, you need to remain calm. She may try to send a message to her accomplices. You need to search her for cellphones and pagers."

"Come here, you," hissed Janet. Janet reached for Lisa's arm. A box of papers was knocked of the desk. Lisa instinctively pulled her arm away and pushed against Janet with the other arm. Janet got her rump around the desk and hit the sharp desk corner with a yelp. Then, Janet pushed Lisa's arms above Lisa's head against the wall and pinned them there with one hand. The other hand frisked Lisa's back. The space in the little jeans pockets was narrow. There was a bundle of two twenty dollar bills and a rimstone decorated cell phone. Janet knew that a bra made for a good hiding space. She felt up the stiff, smooth bra cup.

"Take your shoes off." Lisa kicked of her shoes. She stood on the balls of her tiny white low-cut socks trying to avoid the cold floor. Lisa's face had a newfound composure assuming that the worst was over. Janet backed away from her body and emptied the guest chair for her to sit. Janet heaved herself behind the desk. She looked wedged into place in between the desk and the wall. Her fatty arms rested on her belly holding the phone and money.

"Pass the phone to Lisa," said officer Scotty with a stern voice. Janet went passive with the phone out of her hand starring at her desk. The adrenaline was slowly calming down in her.

"Officer Scotty here. Lisa, what is your full name and address?"

"I didn't do anything!" Lisa cried out and jumped on her seat.

"You got to shut up and follow instructions."

"Lisa Simone Forrester, 304 13th street. I live with my ma."

"You have a choice here. I want you to carefully consider. It's the same to me. You can admit to your crime. And, we will work something out. Or, you get the full treatment of a criminal."

"But, I didn't do anything!"

"Okay, pass me back."

"Here Janet."

"Janet, she is not cooperating. I take it that you are a manager. I have your company's headquarter on the other line. The HR person tells me that your employment agreement requires your full corporation with the authorities. This is a serious case. However, all the police cars were diverted to a major code. It may take a long time to get out to your rural location. So, we need you to collect evidence. For that evidence to be admissible in court, we need to swear you in as a citizen deputy."

"Of course, I will fully cooperate with the law, sir."

"Take any communication devices out of your office, lock the door, and find a trustworthy person as a witness."

Janet stepped out of the office with the office phone, cordless, and cellphone pressed against her chest with one arm. The key clicked the door shut. The hallway was narrow, dark, and filthy. She stepped up to Roger, the college boy with the paper hat on. She pulled him into the kitchen with the small stainless steel prep table and deep fryers bubbling oozing oil. Shelves at head level had openings of plastic bags intruding into the room. Janet swatted one out of her hair.

"Roger, the police is on the line. Lisa has done something very bad. You have to swear me in as a deputy citizen."

"A' you k'ddin me, ma'am? Have you been watching too many Westerns?"

"It's not uncommon here in rural Iowa. The police is stretched thin, you Chicago muffin head."

Janet raised her right arm and placed her left arm on her chest. Roger held the phone, "a' righty, ma'am. Cop's a gonna tell me what I tell you to tell me." Roger had black stubble on his face. His hair was cut stylishly like a hip club dancer. He wore a big white shining apron. Janet looked on earnest with big bags under her eyes.

"My name is Janet Sybille Hansen. I swear to uphold the law. I swear to obey the chain of command without question. I give up my constitutional rights to expression of freedom, while in the duty of the country. I clearly understand that I am only allowed to apprehend. I am not allowed to prosecute or act as a judge in my role as citizen deputy."

"Cop says you are an official citizen deputy now. He says you need to wait for the system to generate your deputy number. And, I need to get back to my customers."

Janet found a pen behind a bug of fluffy buns. She wrote the number on her palm "42378."

"Janet, you are now a citizen deputy. You need to arrest Lisa. Then, you need to remove all her clothes and put them into a bag. She may be hiding evidence."

"Yes, sir."

Janet jiggled her big key chain to open the office again. Lisa was sitting on the guest chair with her knees pulled up to her chest and her arms wrapped around the shins. She was really quiet. Her eyes followed Janet low and guarded.

"I'm sworn in as a citizen deputy. You are herewith arrested. You have the right to remain silent. Anything that you say may be used against you in court. Stand up."

Lisa stood up. Her arms were hanging. Her face was hanging down sad. Her hair seemed even limper.

"Pick up your shoes and put them into this plastic bag on the desk." The plastic bag had the sides rolled down so that it stood open. Lisa stood up, bent over, and deposited the shoes.

"Socks next." Lisa pulled the socks off her feet. She had pink polish on her toes. The feet were small and skinny.

"Your t-shirt." Lisa grabbed the bottom sides of her t-shirt with crossed arms and pulled the t-shirt over her head in a twist. She wore a white bra with stiff shape that held her boobs like a glass holds water – pooling at the bottom. Her belly was silky smooth and skinny. Without her top, she seemed even smaller of a girl. Her right foot twisted sideways to express her unease. And, she dropped off the t-shirt into the bag like a hot potato."

"Your jeans." Lisa unbuttoned the jeans. Her small size had only two jeans buttons. Then, she stripped them down her thigh and pulled her feet out of them. Her panties were pale yellow. They had a snug simple fit with a tiny bow at the front. Lisa looked very docile at the wall. Her arms hung slightly from her body leaving a little gap, missing a little of the touch that would have soothed herself.

"All of it? Okay, sir. Your bra as well."

"No," whined Lisa. Her face was torn with pain. Her arms clutched around her chest. Janet got quickly around the table, started pulling on the bra, before she realized that she needed to be careful about unhooking at the back. Lisa's arms pushed against Janet's big body. The hands landed on Janet's large saggy boob and wobbly belly. They sunk inches deep without having any impact on the much larger woman.

Next, Janet grabbed her fatty hand around the front of the panties and pulled them down. In resignation, Lisa helped pulling her feet up to step out of it. The slightly build blond girl was standing naked in the ramshackle office. A solitary tear ran down her cheek. Janet felt ever more empowered in her role after she had to put down the struggle.

"Search the clothing. We are looking for a tiny piece that she may be hiding on her body. In particularly, run your fingers along every seam. That's where criminals tend to sew in contraband."

Janet put her large, big rimmed glasses on. She diligently folded over the jeans. She held the panties in her hand. They were so tiny compared to her own tent sized panties. She carefully felt along the seam of the panties. The material was so soft and sensual. She kind of enjoyed it and was jealous of the life the a young sexually active girl would have.

"It's all clear."

"You have to secure the evidence in a lockable place. Is your car nearby?"


"Lock the clothes there. Before you go, you need to find a responsible person to hold Lisa in custody. Now that she is in custody, you are responsible. You can never leave her alone, because she may harm herself."

"I'm calling Roger in here. Can I cover her up with an apron at least? The poor girl is all naked."


"Roger, come in here!"

While Janet was gone, Roget sat in Janet's chair. The lanky black man caressed his stubble and opened his mouth to show his red mouth and shining white teeth. It was a gesture to defuse the nervosity inside of him. To Lisa, it seemed like a deliberate, appraising gesture. She looked abashed to the floor. She tucked the white apron in place. The clothes of the apron were hard to fix in place on her body and kept sliding. She was careful to have her legs crossed and the apron high enough to cover her décolleté. Yet, the sides of her hips were still exposed.

Roger's gaze crawled slowly over her body. He took in the skin of her knees that were trying to twine themselves around each other thrice. The fair skin of her whole side was exposed. With the adult Janet gone, Lisa's face had turned to a renegade expression. The knowledge that Lisa was naked underneath was potent in the room.

"Don't worry girl, you are covered well." Leaning forward with a conspiratorial face, he inquired, "Just between you and me, what did you do?"

"Maybe, I made a mistake on last night's cash drop. I was short two cents. So, I just put two of my own cents in. I didn't think much about it. Maybe, the two cents were the sign of a bigger irregularity."

"Oh, that bastard Sam is probably ripping off the store big time. He was closing last night. You gotta be careful in what you get wrapped up."

"Can you tell that to Janet?" pleaded Lisa.

"No, girl. Hell no! I ain't getting wrapped up in your trouble. Can you imagine my black ass butt naked in jail like you are? They ain't playing nice with our kind. You just go along and everything will be a'right."

Janet opened the door. Roger jumped out of the chair, mumbled 'customers', and stormed out. Janet seized up Lisa standing in the door and nodded knowingly.

"Scotty told me everything. The headquarters had contacted them. They were planning to close down my store, because the losses were too high. They ran one more check on the numbers and found a theft. The store would do fine without the theft. The police think that you are keeping the money in a safe deposit box. They think that you might have the key hidden on your body. It sure wasn't in your clothes."

"Put your feet on the desk. Between toes is where inmates tend to hide contraband. You have no chance. The police know everything about how you crooked people operate."

Lisa put a foot on the desk. With the knee raised, her pussy was exposed. The lips folded open, letting the pink insides dangle free in the air. After carefully moving all the tootsie toes around, Janet kept staring at Lisa's mound. She hesitated to take in the wrinkled folds and the hood of the clitoris. Janet opened her mouth and licked her lips with apprehension.

"That's the next place, we gotta look for that key."

Janet got a big jar of white hand crème out of a desk drawer. Lisa's eyes opened wide. She put both of her hands around her vagina and clutched her hands around them. She held the soft wet flesh in her palms. Janet cleared a box of the table and laid Lisa on the desk over stacks of paper and other desk knick knack.

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