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Madame President


The Sigma Lambda Tau or SLT for short, was the most popular sorority at the prestigious Schadenfreude College of the Kinetic Arts and Social Sciences, or "SUCK ASS U" to its more irreverent alumni and current enrollees.

To a sister, the membership of the SLT, were composed of the hottest, wildest and most uninhibited girls on campus, that they earned the moniker " SLUTs", from their admirers and detractors alike.

For long years past, the presidency of the school's student council was rotated among the members of the Greek organizations. Who, without regard to the rest of the student populace, pre-select two candidates from among themselves to run against each other for the presidency, since no body else from the rest of the generally apolitical student body seemed even remotely interested in the job.

For this year, the ambitious Grand Archon of the SLT, alternatively referred to as the "Chief Slut or Cheap Slut" behind her back, was able to bamboozle the other heads of the Greek houses to agree to having two sluts running against each other, to ensure, that either way, a slut would be the next President of the student council.

Delighted no end at the success of her political machinations, the Cheap Slut called a meeting of the sluts where she named the two lucky candidates, one of whom will be the next president of the student council.

The first girl she named was Helen Martin, or Heli for short.

She was a beautiful blond of average height with a killer body to match. She had a dazzling smile and a really friendly and bubbly disposition that drew people towards her. She was by far the most popular slut in the sorority, if not the whole school.

Although her I.Q. may have been only slightly above average, what she lacked in intellectual perspicacity, she more than made up for by her natural intelligence and willingness to go to any lengths to make the grade. (No, don't get me wrong, I didn't mean she would be willing to sleep with her professors just to pass a course; I meant, she was willing to do extra assignments to earn extra credits. Although, truth to tell, there were rumors circulating that she had supposedly slept with a professor or two to gain her "A's", but these were just unsubstantiated rumors.)

She was a Dean's lister, the captain of the school's cheer leading squad and a most qualified candidate for the position of student council president. The other sluts broke out in a raucous round of applause when the chief slut concluded her brief introduction of Heli.

The second girl called was Luisa Sevilla, she had no cute nickname and insisted being called Luisa even by her friends.

Luisa was an exotic raven haired beauty of Hispanic origin with the same killer body as Heli. In fact, both girls were practically of the same size and built that they could share each other's clothes, if they so wanted.

Unlike Heli's extroverted nature, Helena was more of an introvert, but has been able to develop deeper and more lasting friendships than the shallower Heli. She was also the smartest girl in the sorority, if not the school itself, and had never failed to impress people whenever she spoke or wrote a dissertation on any topic.

The cheap slut ended her approbation of Luisa by saying she had the highest grade point average in the school, she was the captain of the debating team and another one worthy for the position of student council president. The applause that followed was just as loud as that given to Heli, but was a lot more reserved and formal, like that given at the end of a philharmonic performance.

Cooly the two shook each other's hands and with nary a word to each other, turned that back to celebrate with their respective supporters. The chief slut could not help but secretly smile at the body language being displayed by the two candidates.

Unknown to the sluts but one, Heli and Luisa had a history of violence against each other. They came from the same town and used to go to the same high school, that is before Heli and Luisa got into a scrap over a boy. The catfight which ensued only lasted a few minutes before it was broken up by the teachers, with Heli technically coming up on top, as she had been able to slightly rip Louisa's shirt collar and reveal one of her bra straps.

After the fight, Luisa's parents moved her to another school to avoid their " unica hija's " getting into another fight. The next time the girls met was already in college when Heli, who was already a full fledged slut, returned to school after taking a sojourn in Europe for a semester, only to find that Luisa had become a slut in her absence. Heli just about kicked herself for not being around for Luisa's initiation and for missing the opportunity of making her hell week a real fucking living hell.

Needless to say, the two tried to avoid any contact with each other as much as possible, and this was the first time they even shook hands, make it touch hands, since that fight long ago in high school.

As the cheap slut eyed both girls contemplatively, she could not make up her mind which of them stood a better chance of winning. Would it be Luisa's brains or Heli's vivacity that would tip the scales in their respective favor. Fully aware of the brewing animosity between the two, which was the very reason why she chose them to run against each other in the first place, the chief slut could not wait to see how both sluts would conduct their respective campaigns to hopefully, not only beat, but destroy and grind the other one to dust, as well. Patting herself in the back at how well her Machiavellian intrigues were turning out, the cheap slut excused herself, and went to bed, where she immediately fell into the sleep of the just.

The following morning the chief slut woke to a beautiful day, straight into her worst nightmare. Looking into her cellular phone, she saw that she had received dozens of text messages from the other Greeks, informing her, that Troy Cruz, the most popular and charismatic none Greek personality in school, had decided to throw his hat into the ring, and filed his candidacy for the presidency of the student council.

Forecasting that most of the barbarian horde would rally behind the non-Greek, the cheap slut just knew that if both girls ran together as planned, they stood no chance at all in winning, as they would divide the Greek vote between them. Now, if only one of them ran, then it may still be possible for her to pull off a victory, what with the Greek vote intact and a few incidents of intimidation and seduction here and there.

Seeing that there was no other way out, the chief slut went about her task to try to convince one of the girls to quit the race. Personally, the Chief slut would have preferred Luisa to be the one to run, as she was very much impressed by her dignified bearing and saw in her the potential for greatness. She was even considering her as the next head of the sluts, despite her being junior to most of the other girls.

When the cheap slut told the girls about the problem, they both adamantly and vehemently refused to give way, especially to each other. They had brainstormed the whole night with their respective supporters, and had already come up with their campaign strategy which they were sure would carry them on to victory. The discussion grew fast and furious as both girls vigorously argued why she would be the better candidate than the other, that pretty soon even their own supporters got into the fracas, caterwauling and shrieking invectives to the other camp, telling them what a cheap whore their candidate was, and so were they.

Just as the room was about to erupt into a battle royal of a catfight, an idea suddenly came to the chief slut's mind, who up to then had remained silent, amidst the bedlam, with a bemused look on her face. Like the great leader the cheap slut always deluded herself to be, she stood up and in her most domineering voice roared for her minions to stop, before they came to blows, or in this case, scratch each others' eyes out.

She imperiously sent both camps to opposite sides of the sorority house and called the other officers to a meeting. After telling the others of her plan, they unanimously gave their assent, quite impressed at how brilliant and at the same time diabolical, the chief slut's solution to the problem was.

After giving the two contending camps time to cool off, a formal meeting of the sorority was called for later in the afternoon, complete with robes and scented candles. After the opening rites, the chief slut intoned for both Heli and Luisa to step forth. She then spoke in a most somber voice asking one of them to withdraw to ensure victory for the sorority. They both refused. She repeated her plea twice more, this time asking one of them to quit for the sake of the sorority, but these again drew the adamant refusal of both girls.

"Very well then." The chief slut intoned. "You have both refused the Sorority's request. Being sisters, we cannot force you to do what you do not want to do. Await the judgment of the great Sigma Lambda Tau."

The two girls were quite shaken when they were dismissed. Their nervousness grew as the following days brought no inkling on what their fate would be.

On the third day, both girls received a vellum scroll inviting them to a synod of the Greeks on Saturday evening. It was an invitation both girls knew they could not refuse.

Thinking that the cheap slut had left the matter of deciding which of them would run to the heads of the other Greek houses too, Heli decided to dress to impress, putting on her tightest hip hugger jeans and a tight camisole top which gripped and emphasized her luscious curves nicely. She completed her ensemble by wearing a black cardigan over her top, to provide her outfit with a little more discretion and her highest stiletto heels. She was ready and willing to charm and seduce the other Greek heads, if necessary.

Luisa, on the other hand came dressed in a tight long sleeved pull-over sweatshirt which surprisingly managed to look sexy as hell on her shapely frame. She was also in a pair of loose jeans and had worn sturdy work boots on her feet. Although not as stylish as the clothes Heli chose to wear, Luisa's outfit drew numerous raves as well, as she really looked good in her "workman's attire". (Before she left for the synod, Luisa was pulled aside by the chief slut. She made a last minute plea for Luisa to withdraw now, intimating to her that if she did not, she may have to fight Heli for the right to run, to no avail. Being forewarned, however, Luisa decided to change outfits, to be ready for any eventuality.)

When the girls arrived at the gathering, separately of course, they were surprised to find the place packed not only by the leaders of the different Greek houses, but by all the Greeks themselves. There must have been hundreds present and more streaming in.

Spying the Chief slut sitting on the only table around with the other Greek heads, the two girls approached her to make their presence known. After acknowledging the presence of the two obstinate sluts, the chief slut coldly dismissed them telling them they would be summoned in time, showing to all and sundry how pissed off she was at all the trouble the two had caused.

After circulating for about an hour, the two girls were finally summoned to approach the table. Immediately, a wide space was cleared in front of the table where the two young ladies stood before all the heads of the Greek houses, to await their decision.

Once the two recalcitrant sisters stood before her, the cheap slut again solemnly asked one of them to give way to ensure victory for the Greek cause and to uphold the tradition. Again this was met by the outright refusal of both girls which drew a buzz of murmuring from the now angry Greeks.

Just as Heli was about to say something in support of her cause, the Chief slut held up her hand to silent her.

"So be it then." The cheap slut intoned. "You have both shown yourselves unworthy of sisterhood by putting your own selfish interests over the sorority's."

" Shame on you!" The chief slut scolded, as the two girls looked down on the floor embarrassed by their public upbraiding.

"Since neither of you had seen fit to take the interest of the sorority in mind, the sorority has decided to leave your fate in your own hands." The two girls slowly raised their heads, intrigued at what the cheap slut had in store for them.

"You girls will have to fight to decide who is to run for the student council presidency. " The whole place immediately erupted into a roar at the idea of having these two beautiful girls fight it out in public.

"The winner gets to run." The chief slut continued. "While the loser (it is at this point that the cheap slut's face suddenly took on a most sinister glint) will be relegated to a position of perpetual pledge of the sorority, to be supervised by the winner."

Both girls were taken aback by the stakes involved, especially what would be at store for the loser. It took them a few seconds before they slowly nodded their heads, agreeing to the terms.

When asked how the outcome would be decided, the Chief slut polled the other heads before announcing that the winner will be the one who strips her opponent absolutely nude and gets her to submit. Again it took a few seconds for the girls to slowly nod their heads in consent.

Heli nervously looked over at Luisa as she removed her high heeled shoes. A slight shiver came over her as her bare feet touched the cold concrete floor, making her realize that she would be starting out at a disadvantage, having to fight barefoot, while Luisa still had her sturdy work boots on. This also meant, she would be starting out with one less article Luisa would have to strip from her, while she still had to come up with a plan on how she would get Luisa's damned boots off. Taking comfort though in the fact that she had won their only previous fight, Heli grew confident that she could beet her again, and much more thoroughly at that.

Luisa silently stared at Heli as the other girl stood before her barefooted. Slowly, a wry smile broke over Luisa's lips as she finally got the other girl where she wanted her. You see, unknown to the other sluts but one, after Luisa transferred schools she took up martial arts and was really quite proficient at it. She had always dreamt of fighting Heli once again to, this time teach that boy stealing flirt a lesson she would never forget.

Like the two gunslingers in the last showdown of "Once Upon a Time in the West" the two girls just stared each other down, waiting for the other to make her move. The crowd going impatient at the lack of action, egged both girls to start the fight.

It was Heli who made the first move. She charged Luisa with both fists flailing only to have Luisa sidestep and catch her with a spinning kick to the jaw, knocking her out completely.

The crowd roared out in approval as the beautiful blond fell to the floor unconscious, went completely berserk at what the ravishing brunette did next.

Heli woke up to an aching jaw and a ringing in her head. At first she didn't know where she was and why she was surrounded by what looked to be hundreds of people leering down on her with mouth watering eyes. It took a while for her to recall that she was in the middle of a fight with her nemesis Luisa and she must have been knocked down or something.

As Heli slowly got out of her stupor, she discovered to her dismay that she was lying down on the floor in only her frilly bra and thong panties. When she frantically looked around for her clothes, she was horrified to see Luisa standing a few feet away, smiling down sweetly at her, stylishly dressed in Heli's own clothes.

"Wakey ... Wakey" Luisa cooed with a shit eating grin on her face. "Like my new outfit? It's a bit skanky, I know, but I didn't want my clothes to get ruined."

Apparently, after knocking Heli out, Luisa started to divest her of all her outer clothing and jewelry as well, to the delight of the crowd. Once she had Heli down to just her bra and thong, Luisa took off her own outer garments, revealing to the appreciative mob her own delectable body, albeit encased in a more conservative bra and panty set. She then proceeded to put on all of Heli's clothes and jewelry, but left her work shoes on. She then gave the clothes that she had earlier worn to a sister for safe keeping, and stood there, striking a model's pose, as she patiently waited for the all but naked blond to come to.

Luisa continued to smile menacingly down at Heli as she slowly walked towards her. No doubt intimidated by her state of (un)dress, Heli tried to ease herself back on her elbows to put space between her and her nemesis. However, when she reached the edge of the crowd, no one, not even her sorority sisters, would let her thru. As she looked up to face the crowd, she failed to find any sympathetic face at all. To a man, and woman, everyone there now seemed to be rooting for Luisa, and were intent to witness Heli's impending humiliation.

As Heli was pleading with the crowd to please let her through, Luisa suddenly struck with a savage kick to heli's cunt. Almost blacking out from the pain, Heli cried out and writhed on the floor, grabbing her sore pussy with both hands. This left her completely vulnerable and open to attack by Luisa who grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to her feet. Once she had the poor Heli stood up, Luisa proceeded to slap, punch and knee Heli all over while maintaining a steely grip on her hair with one hand.

Luisa then let go of Heli's hair and gave Heli a number of judo throws to the floor, stunning and causing the other girl great pain. As Heli lay dazed on the floor with her limbs akimbo, Luisa stomped on her flat stomach with her heavy work boot, eliciting a blood curdling yelp from Heli, who thereupon crawled to a fetal position to try to avoid further attacks to her tender parts.

Again, grabbing Heli by the hair, Luisa hauled her up screaming. Once she had Heli on her feet, Luisa made a sudden grab to Heli's bra and tore it off, unveiling the other girl's naked breasts to the rabid crowd.

Stunned momentarily by the heaven sent revelation, the crowd roared back to life and simply went wild at the sight of Heli's luscious breasts.

Heli desperately tried to cover up when she realized her breasts were exposed. But the cruel Luisa would not allow her such modesty. Quickly getting Heli in a school girl pin, Luisa started slapping Heli's breast to and fro like a pendulum, even grabbed onto her nipples, pulling and wrenching them, like a radio dial.

After a few minutes of this intense and unimaginable torture, Heli cried out her submission and pleaded for Luisa to stop. However, the other girl merely ignored her and continued to beat down on her unmercifully. Quite distraught that she was continued to be beaten after she had conceded defeat, Heli could only bawl her eyes out on the floor, desperately praying for her torment to end.

Fortunately for Heli, it was Luisa herself who decided to end the torture. She stood Heli up to face the heads of the Greeks and reminded the girl in the thong that the fight would only end when one of them was naked. Luisa then asked if she may be allowed a chair to sit on, and when given one, promptly pulled Heli over her lap as she sat down. Luisa then almost gently pulled down Heli's thong just a little to reveal her ass and proceeded to give her a resounding spanking, to the amusement of every body there.

To her utmost shame, it was Heli herself who was forced to strip herself nude. Stretching herself backward to try to pull her thong off, Heli's progress was impeded by the incessant blows to her doomed posterior and by the wild kicking of her feet in the air, which caused her thong to get entangled. Finally, after about fifty hard spanks had landed, all of which were counted out loud by the highly amused audience, Heli was able to kick free of her thong, leaving her totally nude at last.

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