tagFetishMadison Turns a New Leaf Ch. 02

Madison Turns a New Leaf Ch. 02


Madison and I were finally engaged, 6 months pregnant and fully in love. Before, I had hated her guts with a deep passion but after truly meeting each other past our bad blood and nursing milk from her breasts, I decided to give in and fell in love with her. She had lost a lot of weight since we started having sex and due to the fact that she breastfed me 3 to 5 times a day at least. Her waist and legs thinned to a comfortable, thing setting just before she began to blow up with the baby. We wanted to maintain the gender of the baby a surprise and her folks planned a baby shower for her in her hometown of Austin in Texas.

As I mentioned before, I never knew things were going to expand from here on out as well. I thought we would settle down and maintain our little family out of other matters. But no, our future would change in a better way for the both of us.

We arrived in Austin on this warm Spring morning and took a cab from the airport to her folks' house. This was going to be the first time I'd be meeting them. They were waiting for us at their front step when we arrived and we got out of the cab excited and nervous. Madison's mother didn't always have the greatest relationship with her but today they seemed closer than ever as they all gave 'welcome home hugs' and congratulatory hugs.

Her father looked at me with a smile and greeted saying "Welcome to the family sir, I've heard a lot about you".

I smiled in return and responded with "wonderful meeting you sir, thank you".

We'd be spending the next week and a half with them so I needed to be on my best behavior, and then behind the parents was Madison's younger sister Megan, a short skinny brunette with sparkly eyes, tan skin, and a bright, white smile. I smiled as I introduced myself. She was cute and was just as a knockout as her older sister even though she appeared to still be a teenager. I wanted to get to know her even more, and then my trail of thought snapped as she hugged her pregnant sister.

As we all walked into the house Madison gave me a little smirk as she looked back at me with the thought of "I saw that by the way".

* * *

"You ready for a little snack before calling it a night babe?" Madison asked as we got into our bed.

We were staying in the guest room, which was jam packed with a TV and its own water closet. Her nightgown was sexy and fit her pregnant figure perfectly. She began pulling out her right breast from as she let her shoulder strap fall past her arm and pulled the silk under her breast. It was a big EE breast that was swelling from milk capped with a dark pink nipple with pale blue veins running from the areola up. I adjusted myself to both of our comforts and latched on swiftly. I loved our nursing sessions because it would be filled with peace and was therapeutically relaxing for the both of us. She'd get rid of the excess milk and I'd get a yummy meal. We both had our eyes closed as she held me close to her breast, landing tiny kisses on my head as I ate. The milk came in fast and strong, jets and showers of what tasted like sugar cane water with a hint of vanilla.

"Mama sure loves feeding her baby" she whispered.

Around fifteen minutes pass and she pulls out her left breast for me to switch. I scoot over a little and latch right back on. We go on focused with our feeding and don't hear the door open or close soon after.

"Is he? I- Is he sucking out your milk?" I heard Megan ask.

My eyes flew open and a little milk dribbled out of my mouth and down my chin as I turned around in shock. Madison also had a very startled expression on her face as she attempted to cover her nipples.

"Megan! What the fuck?!" Madison whispered in shock.

My jaw was dropping as I saw her. She was in her sleep clothes, just a pair of tiny butt shorts and a small white Nike sports bra. Either it was cold in our room or she was getting turned on by watching us nurse because her perky C cups were nippling right through the sports bra. In my immediate imagination I wanted to jump up pull off her sports bra and suckle her titties, pick her up and fuck her in the same bed Madison and I were to sleep in. My thought bubble burst as she approached our bedside.

"I meant to knock but I just saw you two doing this and was so curious to watch" she answered and then continued after a very awkward silence with "so was he sucking your milk out?"

The soft and dim lamplight hit her face and body more as she stood next to Madison, and the shadow of her nipples tempting me to reach out to touch and grab.

Madison broke my focus whispering "Yes, but it's more than that. You have to promise not to tell anyone, not mom, not dad, not anyone!" and Megan swiftly agreed nodding and then interrupting with

"On one condition".


"Tell me more about it, like, what's it like, and well, you know..." she went on. Madison agreed and calmed down.

She uncovered her breasts altogether and began her lesson "See how large they are? That's due to milk, and I make lots of it. John and I are what is known as a nursing couple, meaning we have a relationship in which consists of me breastfeeding him as part of our lifestyle together. Of course there'll be changes when the baby gets here and what-not..."

Megan was taking all this in and was amused with the sight of Madison's breasts "Damn they're huge". She held them in her palms and even began to toy with the nipples. "They're so much huger than mine!" she went on.

My dumbass reacted almost instinctively with "I can be the judge of that" as I gave her a smile as I stared more and more at her teenage tits. She smiled back almost in a "go for it" expression as she blushed and looked down at her erect nipples.

"John" Madison scowled back at me in jealousy and anger.

"Ummm, can I watch y'all again?" she asked.

Madison gathered my upper body back to her left breast and we resumed suckling as before. Madison's eyes rested closed again as I ate and then I looked towards the direction of Megan who was smiling and watching me. I winked at her and she winked back with a bigger smile and reached up surreptitiously with one hand to tease and circle one of her own nipples over the fabric of her bra and followed it with a tiny "come here" finger gesture.

I wanted to reach a hand over but then Madison broke her own concentration and asked "Megan would you be interested in trying my milk?"

Megan's eyes got big and she smiled big, "sure".

"Ok, John drank most of what's in this one, but there's still quite a lot only because I don't ever really go empty" she continued as she lifted her right breast in demonstration.

Megan bent her head down and placed her lips around Madison's large nipple and attempted a sloppy suck. She was focusing on the nipple and not the whole areola so it sounded like high pitched sucking.

"You're not doing it right, first take in as much as you can into your mouth and let the nipple slide onto your tongue and back and then suck with a small chewing rhythm, like how John has it" she explained. Megan watched me for a bit and then tried again and finally made a great latch. She looked eager as she began to suck with great speed and force, and soon I could hear her softly going "Mmmmm..." and I knew she was drinking the milk.

Madison reached around both of our heads which were now touching and held them close to her breasts, and very slyly I slipped my left arm over to Megan and slowly and softly began caressing her back and stomach. My mission was to touch her as my future wife enjoyed the bliss of nursing the both of us. Megan's small hand met mine and caressed the back of my hand in return as she directed it to her own breasts. My thumb brushed a very erect nipple just under the athletic fabric and slowly I began to play with it. I had to be careful not to accidentally brush Madison's breast that she was drinking from because otherwise she'd know that I'm sexually molesting her younger sister. I then started to grope it and carefully squeeze them, until I ruined my chances as my palm brushed Madison's tit. I made my save by grabbing it and pumping it as if I was helping her feed her sister.

Madison smiled down at me and gently brushed my hand away and ejected her mammary glands from our mouths. "There. What'd you think Megan?" Madison followed up as she pulled her night gown straps back on. Megan got up from laying down and smiled and said excitedly "It was super good, gosh John is so lucky, and that baby is going to be too".

Madison smiled and giggled as she also took notice of how Megan's chest was at attention. Megan noticed both of us looking and showed off a bit by readjusting the position of her bra and then giving off a fake "ahem". We all kind of giggled but in my darkest intentions I just wanted to ram my cock into her then and there.

Megan was about to ask something until Madison cut her off and forcefully dismissed her "Goodnight Megan".

Megan smiled got up, readjusted her bra one more time to exaggerate bounce on her boobs, turned and walked out in the most sexual way she could. Madison locks the door behind her and turns back to get back in bed.

She gasps a tired gasp as she says "well I'm glad we can trust her and that we had the experience we did, don't you Joh-" and just before she could finish she saw a familiar sight below my waist that I hadn't taken notice of.

"John" she began again, "was Megan turning you on?" I looked at her with the most sympathetic look and wanted to lie and say no, but she knew I wasn't a liar. "It's ok" she began as she settled back down into bed and grabbed my cock. She began stroking me softly and gracefully. She whispered, "tell me what you like about my sister babe".

"Ok, look, I kind of fondled her boobs while we sucked yours..." I began in a lightly panicked tone.

"John", she interrupted. "I know you were, and I'm pretty sure she finds you very attractive" she continued as her pumping grew slightly faster.

"You knew?" I asked very startled.

"Mhmm. I don't care". She kept jerking me off and finally I was beginning to enjoy it as my fear of her jealousy began to fade. "John I want you to know something" she began again after a mere silence between us and the noise of my penis being jerked. "While we are here, I don't care what you and Megan do together. If you touch her tits, I want you to suck on them like you do mine. If you touch her ass, I want you to claim it yours for the time we're here like you do mine, and if you two have sex I want to watch at least once" she listed out.

"Madison you don't have to-" I began out of disbelief but also out of fear.

"Shhh. I don't want us to have sex until the baby is here, but I know you have major urges and I want you to take care of them like we usually do. At least it'd be with someone close to us and not some strange bitch" she stated. "Now again, what about my sis turned you on?" she picked back up but with more seduction as she stroked me more and more.

"Well, we both saw how perfect and sexy her little tits looked in that bra" I began.

Saying this, Madison gave me great pumps that were driving me crazy and as she seductively whispered and giggled "I know, she looked like she could have cut diamonds with those! Before you come, I want you to picture them, imagine them, imagine them going into your mouth, imagine suckling her breasts like you do mine. Suck her titties baby, suck the milk out of my sister's boobies! Pretty please. Won't you help get her milk out like you do mine?" she continued teasing.

At the last statement I was about ready to explode so I looked up at her and she acknowledged and bent her head to swallow me.

* * *

I woke up around 7:30 am and was making my way to the main hall bathroom after waking up. I pee, wash up and start my way out and just after leaving the bathroom I run into Megan. She's wearing gray sweatpants and the same white bra as last night. She smiles at me and pushed me back gently with one hand and the other forming a "silent" hand gesture before her lips.

She closes the bathroom door and locks it. She comes forward and kisses me softly on the lips and I then hold her close kissing her back. We're kissing passionately and things are getting really hot really quick. My hands go down to her ass under the band of the sweatpants and I grope it as I begin to French kiss her. I spread my kisses to her neck and down. My hands come up to meet her tits and I begin to kiss her nipples from on top of the fabric. She winces in pleasure when I do so and smiles and begins to moan very softly. I begin to tongue the nipples and she's holding my head against her breast with one hand and with the other she begins to attempt to lift up the side of her sports bra from the boob that I'm teasing. I'm thinking that at last I get to see my delicious treats and then we hear "MEGAN!?" from somewhere in the hallway around the corner. We have to stop, and she pushes me off to tidy up herself.

It's the Mrs. and she quickly kisses me one more time before leaving the bathroom and fleeing. Fuck! I almost got to see her tits!

Later, we are having a game night as a family in the living room and we just had dinner. Life, Monopoly, Scrabble, and even Uno were a part of the quality family event. Little was I to know what was to come next.

I noticed the sisters picking up their phones every now and then, one after the other, and figured they were texting each other. I had told Madison what had happened that morning in the bathroom and she joked with "sucks having blue balls in the morning huh?"

So we call it a night and the old folks head on to their room while the Megan and I help Madison up the stairs to our room. The girls lock the door and place a couple of towels under the crease. My imagination is running wild and I have a feeling of what's going to happen.

Madison has a seat against the headboard of the bed unbuttons the top buttons of her flower dress and reveals her nursing bra. She unclips both sides and motions both me and Megan towards her. We both lay down and each take a delicious breast into our mouths.

"I want you both to have a quick snack before we all get really familiar" Madison said. For fifteen minutes were munching away on Madison's tits, drinking her milk away. My boner is prepared and I know that I will have it my way and wreck Megan in front of Madison.

We both finally unlatch from Madison and she gets up with us. She peels off her dress and is solely in her underwear. She sits down on a nearby armchair and motions with an imaginary camera "action".

Megan smiles at me and I already have my shirt off. She has on a sleeveless button up shirt and sexy jean shorts. I kiss her passionately as I hold her close. Megan returns the lust and gives up her body as I spread my kisses to her neck and began to unbutton her shirt. She unbuttons my pants at the same time and they fall around my ankles. She gasps as I pull off her shirt and begin to remove her shorts, as she's observing my cock which is already making its way out of my boxers.

We're both now in our underwear and I continue kissing her and grabbing her ass. Madison is off to the side smiling and slowly getting wet. I pick Megan up off of her feet and lay her down on the bed. She arches her back as she perks her head up to kiss me more and she reaches behind to pull apart the clasp of her black lace bra.

At last! Her perfect C cup breasts were exposed. They were large, perky, tan and were topped with a brown areola and erect nipples. I dove in and began to suckle one just like Madison's. Megan held my head close to it as she began to moan softly in pleasure. I pulled her panties off as I suckled and removed my boxers. I prepared my cock to her opening. She was so wet, she was fresh and I couldn't wait any longer. I began to slide in but couldn't fit. "Wait!" she exclaimed, "you are huge, but it's also my first time, so please be careful".

Madison was surprised and so was I. "It'll hurt at first, but then it'll start to feel good. Just be patient" she said to Megan. Megan looked back at me and kissed me passionately as I forced my way in.

Her face demonstrated agony and I rested until she felt comfortable enough for me to continue. I was doing it, I was claiming Megan mine. I held her sexy waist in my hands as I thrusted in and out of her, and I could hear Madison softly moaning as she pleasured herself watching us. Megan held me close finally enjoying our sex and her moaning began to grow slightly louder. Megan's brown hair brushed my face as we kissed strongly with my thrusts. I went in and out and in and out for about 20 more minutes until I couldn't take it any longer I pulled out and came on her stomach and chest.

* * *

When the old folks decided to take Madison out baby shopping, Megan and I decided to take a dip in the pool. We dressed accordingly and she had on a sexy white two piece and I was in my trunks.

We swam and splashed each other for a while until she decided to tan a little. She laid her towel on the grass next to the pool and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity. I pulled off her top and ran into the house with it and she chased me along.

She comes into the house seductively and says "I don't care, I know you can't resist them anyway."

We both sit on one of the living room couches and I add "you're damn right".

I immediately reach over to play, lick, and suck her breasts.

"I wish I could give you milk too. Let me breastfeed you" she said as she maintained my head on her left breast.

I suckled like a baby, treating Megan like my mama. "Mmmm..." she moaned silently as her legs began to rub against another.

I split them up and we pulled each other's garments off. I entered her gently and we began to make love on the couch. She gave her body up as she closed her legs around me and held my head close to her breasts. I thrusted gently at first but then grew vigorously as I enjoyed her more and more. I was doing as Madison told me. Megan was mine for the time being and I was not going to hold back. I looked into her eyes and she knew what was going to happen. Megan nodded and I continued thrusting deep and hard until I finally was reaching climax. I came inside of her and claimed her all mine.

* * *

From then on and during our vacation, Megan and I had sex everyday whether or not it was with Madison present or not. Megan and I simultaneously suckled and nursed Madison and we even set up a nursing schedule to induce her own milk. More and more adventure were to come for the three of us, especially in the next chapter, when Megan moves in with us.

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