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Madonna Was My Encounter


Evening has falled, our dear, old European city is rather peaceful yet, but since it IS Friday, things will probably happen.. I´m sitting in my apartment, frustrated over the news on TV, trying to distract myself from my aching yearning. A yearning for going out. Getting a drink, dance and hopefully, get laid..

Little do I know, about what will happen...

I pull on my coat, boots and gloves, it is pretty cold outside. But the colder, the better. That leaves more room for folks at my favorite disco, when it is not too crowded.. It is a really nice place, all my gay and lesbian friends go there, as often as possible. One of my pals works behind one of the bars there. I am looking forward to meeting friends, talking, dancing..and maybe even get lucky.

One more look in the mirror. Yes, these clothes are perfect..My black leather pants with the pattern of two snakes entwined on each side of the seams, one red, one white. They were tailor-made, and are the most expensive piece of clothing, that I own. My black, short-sleeved satin shirt with two "gold" buttons by the collar, giving a sort of classy effect to my wild get-up.

My hair is cropped short in a flat-top ´do with little lines in it by each ear, just a look, that I still find funky, even though it might be out of style.I don´t care, as long as it isn´t being dyed pink or electric blue.I leave that to younger, more carefree girls, I still have a sense of dignity.. I check my pockets, I have everything, keys, cigs, lighter, money. The door slams shut, I´m on my way. Not too many out, but it IS a freezing night. My breath comes out in white clouds and the cold wind prickles my cheeks. Oh, is it gonna be NICE to get inside my dancing spot tonight! The buildings of our dear old city´s streets pass by, most of them with no lights in the windows, because this is mostly the business part of the city, and only Seven Eleven shops, bars and the like, are open by now. It is a quarter to midnight, a great time to arrive. Not empty at my disco, nor over-crowded.I try not to walk too fast, because I want to have a smoke, while walking. Smoking at the disco is now limited to one room, so it is best doing that outside.I light up, and walk on. In the far distance I can hear a siren, but it isn´t near this area. Cutting a little corner, crossing a very large, windy square and walking down a small street, and I´m THERE.

There is a small line of people waiting to get inside, but it is not something that will take too long. I even greet two women and a guy, that I already know, this is a joyful, carefree way to start my night out, it feels so homey, already.

Ah, inside. Here´s my coat, thank you, and a tip for you, John, you are always such a happy guy, here at the wardrobe place.. With a polite "Good evening" to the bouncer, I am let into MY little piece of heaven, my refuge from the world with all its limitations, prejudice and stares. Hate crimes have been on the rise for four years now, but usually, the haters leave the lesbians alone. Yet.. I walk towards the bar, musing about this. The music is loud, almost drowning out the walla of people´s voices. Folks seem to be in really good spirits tonight, I let out a relaxed sigh, as I buy myself a little glass of Tanqueray. That will work the cold out of my bones. I sit down for a while at one of the small tables near the bar, just checking people out a bit. A couple of nice girls around, definitely, but most of them already seem to be coupled up with somebody. And they seem so young. I am not so young anymore, my fortyfifth coming up pretty soon.. -Well, what the F, the night is still a baby, I smile to myself..

After a little while, I can feel the gin having an effect on me, just this joyous, little buzz, that makes you losen up. I wanna dance. So I finish my drink, put down the glass and wait for something nice from the DJ. I am lucky. He is putting on the heaviest, deepest, rumbling house music, oh, it´s just perfect! And the dancefloor is very crowded by now, but I don´t mind, this is such a delightful evening. Sweaty, gay people dancing all around me, some obviously trying to out-do each other, I recognize a couple of faces. But most folks here tonight are none, that I know..

I am standing near a corner in a small crowd, with my back towards the few steps of the entering area, when I suddenly feel it. A body, it sort of presses up against me from behind. It is not much taller than my own, but very slim and smooth in the movements, even strong. And definitely female. -What?! Somebody is hitting on me, this way? I can hardly believe it!

For a little while, we just dance, or move to the music like this, until she touches my shoulders.

I turn around and DRINK in the sight of that person...

The golden hair, the simple, yet immensely expensive jewelry around her neck; An M, in bling-style, glittering with diamonds..

A plain, black blouse, Black jeans with a D&G belt, shoes with just half-heels, that have been sprinkled with Swarovski chrystals, it IS her!

She is smiling at me, I see that little gap between her teeth and I am speechless! Star-struck. Whatever you call it.

Standing there in the middle of the coolest House noise on Earth, is..my.. Queen!

But she quickly takes me out of my semi-trance, by grabbing me roughly by the hips and grinding her parts against mine.. -What! This isn´t happening, I tell myself, -No fucking way...

But it is. I go with it, and return her movements, and I feel my heart beat its way half out of my body, and not just because I am getting pretty nervous by now, but also..because this feels..really NICE..!

I silently pray for this moment never to end, it´s too good to be true! But I want to make sure, it´ll get even better, before somebody will run over to her, screaming for autographs or something.

So I grab her by the hand, and speak in a strange, nervous, yet determined voice : "Let´s go somewhere a little more private!" She agrees!

We run out of the dancing area towards the restrooms, like two people seeking a freaking bomb shelter!

We tumble into the room, already panting with anticipation, quickly opening a door to a stall, oh yeah, we both know the deal by now! And it´s so good, despite the muffled sounds of the music outside and the smell of disinfectants in here..

She grabs me by my shirt, dominating me by almost slamming me into the flimsy wall.

I see her face close up by now, and it thrills me beyond words..

Her mouth, with that semi-arrogant snarl to it, oh, my Queen is ready for some ACTION!

Her long, golden hair, with tiny whisps of white in it, is a bit tangled, but it smells damn nice!

Her eyes sparkle so wildly with determination, they almost burn. She pulls me in for a brutal kiss, which I return just as fiercely. I don´t mind doing it like this, I never was the kissy, hold-hands type anyway, I want raw and real. There is a serious urge below my navel by now, but we´ve just started. "Let´s get´em off, "

she semi-whispers. We are both breathing hard by now, still fumbling with footwear, belt buckles and pants.

Jesus, she´s hot!

Now, none of us are limited by any of our garments..

I see her small, golden earrings and the M that dangles from her neck, glittering on the chest in the half-darkness of the stall. Once again, but now naked, she grabs my face, stroking her hand over my breasts, my back, biting my neck, this is delicious!

I feel her hair tickle my shoulder at the same time. I reach out and squeeze her warm breasts, hearing her moan with joy by the feel of it. "Ohh, you like this?" I manage to say, before she with a sharp, almost masculine grunt, pulls me close again, kissing me roughly on my mouth and...finally.. inserting two fingers in my sopping pussy. "Aaww, YEAH..!" is all that escapes me, I can still hardly believe, that this is real!

Oh, I´m in a daze, but not more, than that I´m now returning the favor, hearing her voice in my ear: " Ooo, that´s right, that´s right, God, you´re good!" We are standing in here, completely naked, fucking each other with wild abandon, not minding the cold floor beneath our feet or the fact, that somebody just entered AND left the nearby stall some minutes ago.. The hell with what that person heard.

Suddenly, she backs up against the wall, lifting up one of her toned legs, while pressing my head towards her crotch.

I don´t need further instructions, she sure is enjoying my hand, how about my tounge skills?

When I make contact, she arches her back, throws her face upwards, her hair flying, her eyes shut..

I start eating out, she tastes wonderful, moving a little up and down, while stroking my short, coarse hair.

She is shaved, which I had always imagined she would be, making this so much easier and cleaner. For such a dirty action, that is..

I find the clit, I tounge it a bit, feel her press my head closer to her, and then, I suck it.

Like there is no tomorrow..

She takes in a sharp breath through clenched teeth, panting for a while, then starts her little chant: " Oh-yeah, oh-yeah, don´t-stop-oh-God, it´s so good, please.....please.." She stiffens, holds my head in a vise-like grip, and grunts, while the climax begins. I keep my head completely motionless, but I am still sucking.

She lets out a half-shout, shudders and gasps loudly, but no screaming is heard. Then she releases my mouth from her wonderful pussy. My face is now full of famous juice, but I couldn´t care less.

I made HER happy!

-What the hell more could a person wish for, I wonder to myself..

I can feel the cold floor now, so I stand on my leather pants, and she wraps her arms around me for a little hug. I get a bit surprised by this display of affection.

She has regained her breath by now, and is looking at me, with those blue eyes, beneath those classic eyebrows, sort of checking me out.

It makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, so I ask her: " How about round two?" "Yeah.." she answers, smiling, getting that sparkle back in her eye.

She lets me stroke that marvellous hair of hers, while her famous musician´s hands go exploring my body.

Not for long, though. She knows, I still need to come. I am lost, kissing and licking her throat and neck, just doing that in happy anticipation..

All of a sudden, I feel her strong fingers enter my pussy, oh, it´s GOOD... "Yeah, "

I grunt, getting into my brutal, demanding mode, "That´s it, fuck me hard and good! And no stopping, until I come, got it?" I really didn´t expect myself to be this bossy, it just slips out, I am so horny, I can barely stand up!

But she doesn´t mind, she does exactly, what I want..

I almost faint with pleasure, feeling my body jerk against the wall with each powerful thrust.

Oh, my Queen is fantastic!! Through my half-shut eyes I see her face, now with a no-nonsense, hard expression, as she is giving me this good bang. While she is working me, she leans in against my body, pinning me against the wall.

I can smell her womanly sweat, her perfume and I feel her hot breath on my face.

I´m just panting away, but she is now whispering, or rather hissing, little sexy things in my ear: "How ´bout this, you like this? Want me to fuck you good, don´t ya.."

Now, it is getting soo wonderful, I can feel that perfect build-up! Oh LORD, it´s good!

So I just cling to her, receiving her hand, thrusting back at what she is giving me, -oh, yeah, I can take whatever you dish out. I might be a bit younger than you, but I am no new-comer to this game, either.

We are dancing a grunting, primordial, timeless dance. She senses, that I´m about to come, so she just keeps her fingers deeply inside me, almost lifting me on her hand.

My breathing stops for a second, so that I can let myself go...

I feel I´m floating, flying, weightless, through time and space..aaaahhh.. Wonderful...

What a climax, that was!

We are both sweating now, and while I let go of her again, I watch her a little.

She doesn´t notice that. She quickly wipes her nose with a finger on the hand, that didn´t do me, then smoothes her hand across her sweaty brow, sighs contentedly, then bends down to reach for her clothes on the floor.

I follow suit, not really knowing what to say anymore. I kind of feel a little embarrassed, too.

While dressing herself, she looks up at me and winks.

Man, that´s only something I´ve seen in those concert close-ups, that I must have replayed a million times and now, she´s doing that, only at me! I can´t believe my luck tonight.

She arranges her hair in a ponytail, and in a relaxed, warm tone, she says:

" Wanna come along for a couple drinks?" Do I ever!

"Y-yes, thank you very much, " I manage to say, even though my throat feels so dry, and I just need WATER right now.

And, do we have to stay right here?

I get my own clothes on, then I almost leap out of the stall, towards a water faucet and gulp down oodles of cold, wonderful water.

While I´ve been drinking, she got dressed, has her cell phone out of her purse, pressing a single button.

"You´ve got everything?" she casually asks me, while staring at the screen with its blueish-white light, that shines in both her eyebrows and the tiny, soft hairs on her jaw angle.

"Yes, "

I say, wiping my face and washing my hands, my legs feeling a bit strained from our previous fun.

But I´m getting exited now, and it is in a different way than before.

Her phone buzzes, she slips on a pair of sunglasses and we exit the restroom, hearing the door squeak a bit, before it closes.

John is getting our coats ready in the wardrobe.

He really eyes my Queen, but is not sure of what to say.

She quickly takes advantage of this, brushes past him, and hurries out the door.

Outside, I light a smoke for both of us.. "Here´s the deal, " she whispers, when we are standing in the, thank God, deserted, cold, windy little street. "Only a couple of my OWN staff people know that I´m right here, so when the car comes, we´ll be able to get right to the hotel, without any further ado..I hope."

She takes a deep drag of her cigarette and smiles, despite the cold. I am speechless..

Not informing all of her people is a very daring thing to do, for a person of her caliber.

But I think, she always had this urge for taking mad risks, every now and then...

The black SUV with its tinted windows arrive, we put out the cigarettes and get in.

I want to yell out in exitement, but I AM keeping my mouth shut.

The car smells of luxury, the driver is a middle-sized man in a rather neutral suit, he doesn´t speak for a while.

Only the quiet, elegant humming of the engine is heard. "So, did you have a good time?" he suddenly asks in a quiet voice, while gunning the engine, making us leave this part of the city in a hurry.

"Totally, "

my Queen says, then turns her head to wink at me.

I can feel myself blush, even though it can´t be seen in this dark vehicle.

Her hand reaches out for mine, holds it in a tight, possessive grip and I feel a spark of sexual energy, jolting me a bit, again.

This isn´t over! How lucky can a girl be??!

Since it is almost three in the morning, traffic isn´t too heavy right now.

We reach the hotel, one of those I have only read about since my youth.

The man gets out first, then opens the door to let us out, quickly ushering us inside the large, luxurious hotel lobby..


I just stand there for a little while, trying to comprehend everything that has happened, since a little before one o´clock.

It seems surreal.

My Queen is getting our coats taken care of, then leads me across the marble floor, past some indoor palmtrees and a beautiful fountain, to the elevator.

She has the home-field advantage here, and it shows.

As we go up, up, up, she looks at me with a very happy face, that leaves no doubt about her intensions.

We reach the right floor, and exit the elevator.

Another suited man appears out of nowhere, unlocking the door with an electronic card to the enormous suite.

She is travelling alone this time. No family, no boyfriend, just her security people.

Somewhere in my mind I want to ask as to why, but quickly decide, that this is none of my business.

MY business is way more interesting, right now..

She quietly speaks to the man in the suit who nods, and then leaves. "Now, let´s see.." she says, almost to herself, rubbing her chin in thought, crooking an eyebrow, giving her a humoristic look.

I am sure she is doing this to ease me up, making this luxury seem as calm and casual as possible, and it works.

She walks over to the wall, presses some buttons on a sound system, that is built into the wall.

Well, who would have known, my Queen likes Strauss!

I choose to just sit down on the beautiful couch and relax a bit, trying to comprehend all this, when a soft-toned bell rings, as on an airplane.

She walks briskly towards the door, opens it, and hauls in cart of... wow..

A beautiful cooler with a bottle of newly-opened champagne. A dish of seafood salad, as much, as I can see. Two frosty bottles of Jacobsen beer, the luxury one from Carlsberg. A small basket of dry snacks. A bowl of fruit, arranged beautifully, with all the colors showing..some chocolates, Swiss, that I can see. On the bottom shelf of the cart sits a couple of round, shiny silver cigarette containers, all filled up.

"Here, let´s have a toast, " she says in a cheery voice, pouring the glasses of delicious, very expensive foam.

I steal a glance at the bottle.

Yes, it IS Krug Rose´, her favorite.

My heart starts to hammer in my chest, this is SO surreal!

We let our champagne glasses connect with a sweet, bell-like "tonng", and then drink.

It is fantastic.

Now, she moves closer to me, puts an arm suggestively around my waist. I giggle a little nervously, because right now, I feel like a fish SO out of water.

We decide to eat a little fruit first.

The music is festive, I know this one, it is the Radetzky March, and I am sharing this happy moment...with her!

In a freaking luxury hotel!! Finally, after a little nibbling of fruit and salt pretzels, I feel desire come back to me.

We embrace there, right on the white leather couch, she lets me take the lead, quietly moaning into my mouth, as we kiss for a long, long time.

No need to rush this, I have the day off tomorrow, so I am just enjoying what I KNOW, will be a once in a lifetime experience...

I caress her hair, her face, inhaling her wonderful scent.

She sighs, and begins writhing a little, getting turned on, too.

Her hands roam my upper body, squeezing here, stroking there..

Almost delirious with champagne and anticipation, I start to take off her clothes.

She quickly follows suit.

All our garments are now lying in a happy mess on the lush, luxury carpet.

Suddenly, she stops what she is doing.

"Hey, wanna dance?" she asks in playful tone, getting a mischievous look in her eyes.

She quickly jumps up, half-runs over to the sound system, pressing buttons for something else for us to hear.

Out of old habit, I am almost about to ask, if the people next door wouldn´t get angry about the music, but then I realize, that this huge suite is only for her, there ARE no people next door!!

Now, some Sixties pop classics are blaring out, this is FUN!

We quickly open the beers, toasting like a couple of old boozers.

Dizzy with the alcohol and excitement, I join her in the middle of the floor.

I am dancing naked with my Queen!!

"Sugar, Da-Da-DATTA Daa-daah, honey, honey!" we both yell, while twirling around on the carpet.

Man, I can´t believe this!

And nobody would, if I told them, that I DO know!!

She comes closer again, wrapping her arms around me.

I gasp, and start to dance with my important parts close to hers.

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