tagMatureMadrid Natives in Amazonica

Madrid Natives in Amazonica


Augustus Mansfield, Ph,D had resided in Manaus, the capital of the heart of Amazonia, Brazil, for the last ten years. No one knew as much about the thirty areas where tribes lived that had never seen a white man, contained in the 20 million acres of Javari valley, as he did. As an anthropologist, and accomplished naturalist, he often ventured into the untouched rainforest. So far, he had not been attacked by the tribes, which all were cannibals when the fancy suited them. At age thirty-eight, he was a master of the forests of Amazonas, commonly called the Amazon Basin of Brazil. He had published several books depicting his observations of the two hundred tribes that he had encountered, each with its own linguistic style.

He opened and read a letter from a Carol Jones. It read as follows:

Augustus Mansfield

Dear Sir,

I, and two of my friends, Jane Wakefield, and Wendy Turnball have finished our second year in preparation for our doctorate degree in anthropology. As part of our course work, we were assigned your books. For our dissertations research, which as you know must be unique, we would like to be guided to a tribe of people that has never seen a white person in the Amazon, by you, so that we may observe them for a period of two months..

My father has instructed me to offer you the sum of twenty thousand dollars, plus the reimbursement of all expenses for the trip.

Please provide your advice.


Carol Jones

Augustus wrote the following to her via e-mail; "Dear Miss Jones. I would be delighted to guide you into the area you mentioned. However, I would advice that the tribes are hard to locate and are suspicious of any white person. They believe in supernatural spirits, use hallucinogenic plants, and are cannibals of loved ones, and enemies . Every girl, from age thirteen on up is expected to be pregnant. The local natives will not venture into the deep rainforest. So, each of you would have to carry a backpack of fifty pounds. We would have to eat off the land. You may have to consume soups of grubs, or snake fillets. I have attached a clothing and camping equipment list of items that I find to be of use in the wilderness.

I have never seen how the tribes will react to a white woman. I would warn you that you might be a subject of great interest to them.

If, after consideration of the above facts, you wish to proceed, then I am at your service. Sincerely, Augustus (Gus) Mansfield The three woman were not spooked. After the exchange of several messages, it was agreed that they would start their expedition on September tenth.

With his short wave radio, Gus contacted three anthropologists interested in the unknown tribes, that he had guided into the same area where he intended to take the women. He had just left them deep in the same territory that he intended to take the women. They would be the only other civilized men in all of the Javari Valley when he was there with the women. These men were all associated with Cambridge University in England. They were in their forties. Gus informed them of where he expected to progress to each day of the expedition with the women. They found it to be very interesting that all three women were just twenty-four years old.

The women arrived in Manaus, Brazil on September tenth. Gus carefully inspected all the equipment that they had purchased to be contained in their backpacks. The women, themselves were objects of great interest to Gus. Jane was a small woman with small breasts, who stood just five foot two. Wendy was six foot tall, with huge breasts, milky white skin, and bright red hair. Carol was about five foot six, cute as a button, and wore her natural blonde hair cut short. They and Gus were taken by seaplane two thousand miles up the Amazon and dropped off on the part of the river known as the Rio Negro.

Immediately after leaving the river, they were immersed in the rainforest. It is one thing to think of going into a jungle. It is a sobering thing to actually be there, with the constant chatter, hoots, growls, and movement of the wild creatures. It was hot, humid, and soon a thunderstorm drenched them. Several Red Handed Howler Monkeys screeched at them as they progressed under the forest canopy.

Gus whispered "Stop, don't move, that is a Bushmaster snake. It is deadly." It slithered away. Gus pointed out an Emerald Tree Boa. Crossing a small river, he caught bare handed a four foot long Black Caiman, which is a relative of the crocodile

They walked a game trail through a low mountain notch. Just as they entered a small clearing at the highest point, three bronze skinned men, faces painted, wearing loin cloths, and carrying spears, silently appeared from three different directions.

"Whispering just loud enough so that the three women could hear him, Gus said, "Don't move, especially your hands. These men are not from this area. I believe that they are natives of Madrid. They are known for their love of eating women."

"Your kidding," whispered Jane.

"Absolutely not," Gus whispered.

The three natives pointed their spears at a large nearby cave. Gus, followed by the frightened women, walked slowly to it, and sat down, just inside the entrance. The beat down grass, and a fire pit indicated that the Madrid natives had been staying in the area for a few days.

Wendy whispered to Jane, "If we live, we need to be able to describe what we have seen."

Jane replied, "Yes, they are all about six foot eight, bronze skin color, wearing loin cloths. Some sort of animal teeth are in a necklace around their necks. Their faces have red, yellow, black war paint. Their hair is shaven off. Each has a machete like long knife tied to his waist, as well as a spear."

At that moment, Gus sucked in his breath. "What?" Carol asked.

"They are gathering wood, and constructing a large spit to roast a large animal on." Wendy said to Gus, "Gus, do something. There must be a way to save us from being eaten?"

"Girls, I suggest that you can make things better here by distracting the Madrids from thinking of eating."

Wendy, "How the hell do we do that?"

"Why not try taking off your clothes. They may become engrossed with your different colored pussy brush, if you have not shaved it off. If they decide that you are of interest sexually, they will decide to keep you for awhile, either that, or they may eat you right away."

"Worth a try," Carol said as she dropped her pants. Naked, all three women stood at the cave entrance. The Madrids stiffened, made grunts, and pointing at the women. Two pointed to a mat of grass. They then pointed at Wendy. She walked to it. She Lay on her back, opened her legs, and with both hands held her cunt lips apart so that the Madrids would not fail to understand that she wanted to be sexed by them, not devoured. One set his spear down. Standing by Wendy's feet, he lifted his head, let out a blood curdling war hoop, and dropped his loin cloth, revealing his long, thick, bronze cock that was stiffly erect. He continued to beat his chest. "Waaaaaahhhooooooooo," he screamed.

"He thinks that he is Tarzan, fucking Jane," commented Carol.

The constant racket of the jungle animals did not drown out Wendy's reply, "Maybe Jane should take my place. That's a lot of him that he is about to put in me."

Wendy is a big woman of one hundred and sixty pounds. It was a primitive sight as the Madrid raised her legs so that her milky white ass was displayed, divided in two by her gash and wide red bush. The Madrid got on his knees to her rear. He slid a long finger into her cunt. As he ran it in and out, his mouth went to her clit. Wendy did not expect that. Her eyes became wide open as she looked at Carol, Jane, and Gus. The Madrid leaned back. He lay his cock on her slit as he made a humping motion. His cock ran from her pussy to her belly button. He pulled his ass back, put the head of his cock in her, and thrust his ass forward, forcefully.

Wendy's eyes went even wider. She stared at the Madrid whose face was just inches from hers. Their eyes met. She knew that his mind was savoring the sensations her pussy was giving him, as he thrust his cock in her. His pace increased. His cock thickened. He groaned as she felt his cum in her. Gus, Jane, and Carol saw the small stream of white cum running out of Wendy's cunt, as he withdrew from her. He lowered his face to her pussy. His tongue made long passes up her slit. As his tongue danced back and forth in her pussy. Wendy closed her legs against his head as her orgasm swept through her body.

A second Madrid pointed to another mat of grass. Then pointed at Carol. As she lowered herself to her back on the mat, she said, with a resigned shrug, "Looks like it is my turn." His cock was not as long as the other man's but it was very thick. Carol eyed it warily. He knelt between her legs. Lowered his mouth to her pussy, delivering an expert job of pleasing her. With her head tossing from side to side from the wonderful substations, Carol moaned, "Oh, I like this Jungle love. No wonder all the tribe women are pregnant." Just then , that thick cock was eased deep into her cunt. "Oooohhh, Yyyeeessss."

Jane had fucked a lot of guys in college. She liked to fuck. She liked big cock, and in spite of her small stature had a deep pussy. She could not keep her eyes off the long, thick bronze cocks running in and out of Wendy's and Carol's pussies. With slow steps she went to the third mat of grass. When she lay on her back, the third Madrid walked over, shedding his loin cloth. She could swear that he was smiling at her. She grabbed her legs, raising them over her head, like her last boy friend she had liked it when he pumped his cock into her. A finger put in her detected her moist cunt. A long, long bronze cock slowly, like a night crawler slithering back into the ground, disappeared deep into her moist cunt. It reappeared, and then like a piston begin to pump her with fast hard strokes. Soon, both she and the Madrid cum.

Jane was surprised when a Madrid walked Gus over to her. Pointing his finger at her, he motioned for Gus to lay on her. Gus whispered, "He wants to see me fuck you."

"Fuck away," Jane replied.

As Gus slid his cock in her, he intoned, "It's my duty to stay in you as long as possible so that you will not be eaten.."

Then he said, "It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it." Jane jabbed him in the ribs with her finger. Then, both of them broke out laughing.

Two hours later, the fucking stopped. A fire was started. To the relief of the women, a pig like animal was placed on the spit. Fruits and water were provide. Gus said to the three women, "Looks like you have succeeded in distracting them from eating you. I would think that now you are safe. So, you may want to start taking notes for your PhD work."

All three women smiled broadly, even though they sat there naked with cum running out of their pussies. Prematurely, Wendy explained, "that wasn't so bad."

At daylight, the following day, they were fed. Then the three women were taken a short distance to where there was a large fallen tree. They were draped across the tree, so that their ass was in the air. For the next hour, the Madrids took turns fucking them in the arse. Gus fucked each one of them, too.

After a meal, and time spent just laying in the sun, the women returned to the grass mats for more fucking by a different Madrid.

The women became so used to being fucked that they begin to chat as the fucking progressed. Jane asked, "How are we going to describe in our dissertations that we were fucked again, again, and again?"

"We could fudge it, and say that the fucked women were captured tribe women that we were allowed to watch being breed," Carol intoned.

"Sure," Wendy chimed in, " We are going to be writing about a tribe that no one has ever seen before. No one can verify or contest our facts.

Jane again, "Well, I'm fucking my Dean so he will accept anything as long as I let him keep on fucking me."

At that moment, Gus was led over to the women. As he inserted his cock into Wendy she asked him, "Hey Gus, since you have now fucked all of us, would you be interested in having us stay with you in Manuas for a couple of months when we get away from these guys. You can keep on fucking us, in exchange for writing three dissertations for us.

With glee, Gus said, "Ladies, it would be my pleasure to have you as guests. I have hundreds of research projects that would be suitable for your presentations."

Looking around the men on them fucking them, all the women smiled at each other. The fucking went on, day after day for two weeks. Then one day Carol screamed to the others, "They have gone." They continued to their original destination deep in the Javari Valley. The found the Piraha tribe. Every female over thirteen was pregnant. Gus spoke their language. Carol, Jane, and Wendy gave each other knowing smiles when Gus related that when a woman needs breeding in the tribe that any man that wants to can have her as often as he wants.

"Why am I not surprised?" Carol said with a smile. They were allowed to follow the tribe in its nomadic travel. The tribes men were fascinated by the hair color of the women. They did not trust white people. Food was plentiful. Gus said that these people would only eat you if they considered you an enemy. There were no incidents until one night Wendy went out of her small tent to pee in the brush. She returned well after sunrise. Four tribes men had captured her. She had been taken to the Moluca, a thatched roof structure, where she had been fucked by eleven men. Just before noon, fifty men came to where their tents were set up.

Gus whispered to Carol and Jane, "They have come to take you to the Maluca to breed you." Carol and Jane returned hours later. "Forgive me if I walk bowlegged for a few days. I have never been fucked so long, by so many, in my life."

From then on, until they left, the women were fucked by any tribes man who had an interest, which several did each day.

Upon their return to Manaus, they sent messages to their families that they would stay in the State of Amazonas for another seven months. Gus, of course, was in Sex Heaven. He had three very attractive women to fuck anytime he wished.

On May third, Gus was with the Wendy, Jane, and Carol shopping. He stood outside the general store, while the women shopped within.. Behind him a deep voice said in perfect Oxford English, "Gus Mansfield, I say old chap, bloody good thing to see you again."

Gus turned to find all three of the Spanish anthropologists who were presently associated with Cambridge University before him. With a smile Gus said, "You assholes better get out of here. The ladies are in the store."

Gus had not noticed, but at the very moment that he turned toward the men, all three of the women had come out onto the porch of the store, and had heard the greeting to him as well as his response.

With instant pick up of who and what these men were, Jane said to Gus, "Watch out Gus, they may eat you." Turning to the three men, Jane continued, "And you! You shits convinced us to let you fuck us no end because we were told by Gus that you wanted to eat us."

Laughing, one of them said, "Madam, I can assure you that each one of us would like to eat each of your beautiful pussies as long as you want to be eaten. No one threatened to eat your flesh, or harm you in any way. Can we help it if when we pointed a spear at a grass mat that you went over to it, lay down, and held your pussy lips open for our inspection and use. We did not even ask you to undress. Not one of you ask us not to fuck her, now did you?"

Jane, Carol, and Wendy looked at each other, then at Gus, and then back at the three tall, bronze men, now dressed in Izog duds. It was Jane who asked the first rational question, "Gus, you said that they were from out of the area and called them natives of Madrid?"

Before Gus could answer, one of the "Natives" bowed at the waist as he quietly said, "Let me explain. I am Elwardo Ballistoros. My two brothers and I are members of the Royal Family of Ferdinand. We were born and raised in Madrid, Spain. I am the Dean of the Anthropologist department at Oxford University in England. These gentlemen are Phillip, and Michaela. They are professors in my department. Becoming serious, Elwardo paused, rubbed his chin, and looked from his brothers to the three women who were hanging on his every word, back to Gus, and then his brothers. "I feel as though we may have overstepped ourselves playing out our little prank on you. Would you consider accompanying us back into the deep rainforest of the Javari Valley for a six month expedition, at out expense. We have located a new tribe. Perhaps with our tutoring, you will be able to submit works that earn you true respect. Now, I can't promise that we won't eat you!"

Carol looked at Wendy and Jane, who both nodded yes. Looking at Elwardo she said, "We will go on your expedition with you as long as we can study what happens when a Madrid native is eating a Chicago native, while the Chicago native is eating the Madrid native."

They all laughed. Gus, now off the hook, and looking forward to guiding the group back into the Jungle, offered, "Drinks are on me."

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