tagIncest/TabooMaggie & Jim Play Some More

Maggie & Jim Play Some More


Maggie and Jim were shaken out of their blissful state when they heard their father’s car draw up. Maggie scowled as she heard the load voices of their parents out on the drive.

‘Their not supposed to be back until this evening.’ She complained.

Jim shook his head. ‘You know what they’re like. They’ve probably decided to cancel their plans so they can watch something on TV.’

‘… But I wanted to spend more time with you Jim.’ Maggie moaned as she hastily grabbed her crumpled clothes and trotted off to her bedroom.

Jim grinned ‘No problem Sis. I’m sure we can work something out.’ He called after her. He then picked up his own discarded clothes and shoved them into the washing basket.

Back in his room Jim found a pair of cut-offs and a T-shirt. He pulled them on, and was just about to open his door when his mother came in.

‘Jim love, we decided to come home to eat rather than stay on at Jess’s. She had to be somewhere else. The only trouble is we’ve not got anything in. Could you be an angel and go down to the shop for some groceries.’ Jim sighed. He had no problem with helping out around the house; it was just that he, like Maggie would rather have continued playing their games. Now he was going to have to wait. He nodded his head and took the list his mother had offered.

‘I’ll need the car for all this!’ he exclaimed as he surveyed the piece of paper.

‘That’s all right darling. I’ll just see if Maggie can give you a hand.’ Jim struggled to hold back a big smile, as he thought about the irony of his mother’s comment. She turned towards her daughter’s bedroom door and gave it a knock.

‘Hell, she never gives me that consideration.’ Jim thought ruefully. Then he allowed himself to smile, as he thought about what his mum would have found if she had barged in on Maggie earlier.

Maggie was prepared for her mother on this occasion though. She looked up from some studying she was pretending to do and smiled. ‘Hi, mum. You’re home early!’

‘Yea, we had planned to stay longer, but Jess had a last minute booking she had to fulfil.’ Replied her mother, Annie. “Maggie would you be a darling and help Jim get the shopping?’ Maggie gulped quickly, and hopefully not too obviously, before smiling up at her mother again.

‘Sure, no problem; do you want us to go now?’ Annie nodded and handed her daughter her bankcard.

Maggie was both excited, and nervous at having to do something ‘normal’ with Jim. Although only half an hour before they had both been naked in the bathroom, it all seemed a little unreal now. Had they really fucked each other? Now in the cool light of early evening, a small doubt crept into her mind. Surely what they had done was really bad? But how could such an exciting, and loving relationship be really bad? They were both grown-up enough to make their own minds up about their actions, and who cared about what other people might think anyway? They were never going to know.

As she pondered this last thought, Jim emerged from his room and gave her a broad smile. ‘Come on sis, mum wants us to take the car and get some stuff in, are you coming?’ She nodded and returned the smile, and as she looked across the hall at her younger brother Maggie felt her nipples harden under the soft fabric of her blouse. She’d put on a bra, but she knew that it could do nothing to hide her arousal.

‘Quick let’s get out of here!’ she whispered, and reached out her hand to her brother. Jim took it quickly and gave it a squeeze before letting it fall again.

‘We can’t go round holding hands.’ He muttered under his breath. ‘At least not in the house.’ Maggie nodded in agreement and made her way out to the car. Fortunately, neither of their parents were around as they left, otherwise Maggie would have had to find a way to cover her breasts.

The siblings said nothing to each other for the first few minutes of the journey; and then Maggie broke the silence. ‘You don’t regret it do you?’ she asked nervously. ‘I mean I know what we did was wrong, but it was fun, right?’

Jim looked over at his sister, and for the first time in his life he felt responsible for her, and the way she felt. ‘I don’t regret a thing Maggie.’ He replied seriously. ‘… And I’m not sure I think it was wrong. I know that’s what people out there might say, but we’re not them. We’re us, you and me, and we love each other.’

Maggie looked over at him quickly. ‘Say that again Jim!’

‘Which bit?’ Jim asked in mock ignorance.

‘The bit about love.’ Replied his sister. ‘Do you mean you love me more than before?’

Jim nodded, and kept his eyes on the road. He hadn’t meant to come out with it like that. After all, how could he really know if he was in love with Maggie or not? His sister, however, knew he was right. She certainly felt a burning love for her brother now, and it wasn’t just lust either.

‘Go with the feeling Jim. Let’s allow ourselves to love one another! Am, am, I the first girl you’ve ever done it with?’ Maggie stammered and blushed as she asked this, and to hide her burning face she looked out of the side window. Jim was all set to lie to his sister about his experience, but as he opened his mouth to deny it, he found himself telling her the truth instead.

‘Yea, yea, you are. I’ve got pretty close before, but something always got in the way.’

Maggie turned back to him ‘I thought it was your first time. It was mine as well with a guy. I never really wanted to do it until now.’

Jim wasn’t quite sure he’d heard her. ‘Do you mean you’ve done it with a another girl?’ he asked, blushing himself now.

Maggie nodded ‘Sort of, well you know, me and Lottie got pretty close a couple of times.’

Maggie looked him in the eyes, and Jim felt his cock start to harden in his pants. He wasn’t sure whether he should admit to being turned on by the thought of his sister and her best friend, but then he looked down at her breasts, and saw the unmistakable sign of Maggie’s arousal. Still he couldn’t be sure she’d appreciate him thinking about her friend like that.

‘Its alright bro.’ His sister whispered in a low voice ‘… I think it’s quite normal for a guy to get turned on by the thought of two girls. And I really don’t mind if you find the thought of Lottie and me exciting. Fuck, I do!’

Jim almost swerved the car off the road, at this last statement. ‘I think I need to find somewhere quiet to park.’ He said quickly. And with that he turned into a narrow country road and sped along it until he caught sight of an abandoned cottage. With a flick of the indicator Jim took the car into the driveway and stopped.

Maggie watched her brother with a smile on her face. She enjoyed teasing him with the occasional expletive; and he’d certainly reacted in the right way when he heard this one. She said nothing as they parked up, but as the engine died she lent across and touched her lips to Jim’s.

With all the excitement earlier, they’d hardly kissed at all. Now it was what Maggie wanted more than anything. Jim responded quickly. His lips parted and he felt his sister slip her tongue between them. She slowly explored his mouth, running her tongue around his, touching his teeth with the tip and then thrusting it in as far as she could. Jim couldn’t believe how hot this was. He pushed his own tongue into Maggie’s mouth and tasted her sweet wet lips, her teeth and the roof of her mouth.

They kept this up for a number of minutes. The effect was electrifying for Jim. His cock strained uncontrollably in his pants, and jerked with pleasure as he slid his hands up to Maggie’s glorious breasts. Her nipples were rock hard under his palms, and she let out a long low moan as he massaged her, gently at first, but as the kiss lengthened he got rougher. He wanted to get into her blouse, to get rid of her bra, and Maggie wanted the same, but she also wanted to play a gentler game this time. She removed her lips from Jim’s and giggled.

‘Wow boy, not so fast! I want this to last longer than a few seconds. You’ll get to feel and see my tits, but only if you’re patient. I just want to take our time.’ Jim reluctantly took his hands off his sister’s breasts and sat back in his seat.

‘You said earlier that you’d never really seen a pussy before. Well, I want to show you mine, but without you touching, at least at first. I want to give you a sort of guided tour of a girl’s body.’ Jim found that he was shaking. His sister was going to show him everything! His cock was strained against his shorts, so he put his hand down to adjust himself. Maggie watched and grinned.

‘Of course, I want a tour of your body too!’ Jim nodded in agreement, and glued his eyes to Maggie’s hands as she smoothed them over her breasts, and then down to her legs.

‘I can’t believe we’ve lived together for so long and never done this before.’ Maggie whispered. ‘Would you think I was weird if we pretended we were younger?’

‘What do you mean?’ asked Jim, puzzled. ‘I’d never think you were weird. It would be kind of fun to play at being kids again!’

Maggie sighed. ‘Lets get out of the car, there’s a blanket in the back!’

‘Remember when we were kids and we played at camping Jim?’ she asked, as they threw out the rug. ‘You were so masterful, even at that age. We’d put up the tent in that bit of shrubbery where you couldn’t see the house, and you said that if any wild animals tried to get us, you’d protect me. Do you remember? I knew you’d look after me. When we lay down inside the tent, I remember looking at you and wishing you’d hold me. I wanted to feel you next to me, so I pretended I was scared, and you rolled over and put your arms round me. And when you pressed your body to mine, I felt your cock all hard against my leg.’

Jim grinned as he recalled the occasion. ‘I remember how your little breasts felt against my chest. I wanted to touch them so much. And you wriggled until your skirt had been pushed right up to your waist, so when you put your leg over mine I could feel your panties touching my skin. Are you surprised I had an erection?’

With a giggle Maggie smoothed out the blanket and lay down. ‘We were ever so good, we didn’t do anything.’

‘I wanted to!’ replied Jim as he lay beside his sister. ‘It’s just that I thought I might spoil the game if I tried to touch you or anything. You might have run in and told mum!’

‘I wouldn’t have done you know.’ Maggie murmured. ‘I wanted you to feel my breasts and touch me between the legs.’

Jim gulped. This was too much! He’d had the opportunity years ago, and he’d blown it. ‘You mean we could have done all this back then?’

Maggie nodded. ‘I wanted to show you my pussy. I was dying to feel your fingers sliding into it. And even though my tits weren’t very big then, I was hoping you’d want to suck my nipples.’

Jim rolled towards her and, almost as history repeating itself, his hard cock pressed against Maggie’s leg. She wriggled until her breasts were inline with her brother’s chest and then flattened them against him. Next, she slipped her hand down to the hem of her skirt and helped it to ride up her thigh, until she could press her mound against his leg. They lay together as they carried on reminiscing.

‘Did you want to do anything else?’ asked Jim with bated breath.

His sister smiled and looked him in the eyes. ‘I wanted to touch your cock and feel how hard it was, and I would really have loved to put it in my mouth. Lottie always used to tell me how good it would taste’

‘How would she have known?’ Asked Jim ‘we weren’t old enough to know stuff like that then.’

‘I don’t know! I think she’d tried it with her cousin, and she also told me about him licking her. Remember we were a year older than you!’

Jim was enjoying this; the thought of Lottie having her pussy licked was most appealing. ‘That’s really hot sis, you should have said something then!’

‘I thought you’d freak. I didn’t know your mind was as filthy as mine! Anyway, we can make up for it now. Let’s pretend we’re in our tent back then and see where it goes?’

More than ready for this suggestion, Jim gave his sister a squeeze and whispered in her ear ‘OK Mags, where shall we start?’

‘Do you want to see my panties?’ asked Maggie in a little girl voice. Jim rolled back and sat up.

‘More than anything in the world.’ He replied. Then getting into role he continued ‘If you want to show me, I’d like that and I’d like to see your breasts as well! I, I’ll show you my penis if I can see your breasts!’

Maggie giggled and raised her butt to allow her to tug up the hem of her skirt. Then with a swift movement she suddenly had it bunched around her waist again. This time Jim had a clear view between his sister’s legs.

Her panties were white cotton, almost virginal. Jim wondered briefly if his sister had worn them on purpose, somehow knowing where this journey would lead. Strangely enough, he found them more alluring than the thong she’d had on earlier. Perhaps it was the little girl act that she was putting on for him. Whatever, he felt his cock stiffen even more as Maggie ran her finger up the crease. She looked down at her hand, and then raised her eyes to meet Jim’s.

‘Do you like my panties Jimmy? I wore them specially for you.’ Jim gulped. His sister hadn’t called him Jimmy for at least six years. She really seemed to be getting into her little girl role, and it was having a sensational affect on his cock.

‘Do you? I do. They make me feel all tingly when I wear them.’ Maggie continued in her little girl voice ‘I don’t know why, but I seem to get all gooey between my legs when I wear these panties; specially with you’re looking at them. Does anything happen between your legs, when you look at my panties?’ Jim looked down at his throbbing cock and nodded. He was enjoying this, so he continued in role.

‘Do you want to see what happens when I look at your panties Mags?’ This time it was his sister’s turn to nod. Her beautiful red hair swayed with the movement, and Jim longed to run his fingers through it. But he kept to the rules. He wasn’t going to touch until Maggie said he could. Instead he undid the button on his cut-offs, and slid the zip down, knowing that his sister would enjoy the surprise. Maggie took a sharp intake of breath as his cock sprang into view. Jim wasn’t wearing underwear! She started to reach across until she too remembered the rules.

‘Did my panties make you hard?’ Maggie asked with her head on one side, and a girlish smile on her face. Jim grinned and took hold of his cock.

‘Yes Mags, this is my cock and when I saw your pure white panties, he got very hard. Look he swells up when he gets excited, and this bit at the top gets extra big.’ Jim gently ran his finger around his glans, while a wide-eyed Maggie looked on. His cock-head was throbbing as he touched the most sensitive spot. ‘What happens when you get all tingly and gooey between your legs?

‘Look! My panties start to get damp.’ Jim peered down closely as Maggie parted her legs a bit more. The cotton had stretched tight across his sister’s mound, and her crack was clearly visible. And there at the bottom most point, right between her legs he could see a dark wet patch. His cock jerked in appreciation.

‘Do you want to check, Jimmy?’ Maggie asked. ‘Just to see how it feels.’ Jim nodded and put out his hand. His fingers touched her soft inner thigh and he ran them up to the edge of her panties. His sister gasped as he reached her crack, and gently stroked upwards. Her body started to shake, and suddenly she felt goose bumps all over her exposed legs and arms.

Jim was being so tender as he traced the length of her pussy he was driving his sister crazy. ‘I want to take them off Jimmy.’ Maggie gasped. He nodded and gently placed his whole hand over her mound.

There was something different about her, what was it? Then Jim grinned as he suddenly realised that the pussy that his sister wanted to show him, was the closest it could ever get to the one he’d missed out on all those years before.

Maggie raised herself off the ground again, and took the edge of her panties in her fingers.

Jim, still holding his cock, shook his head. ‘Not yet Mags! I want to see your titties first.’ Giggling again, his sister put her fingers up to the top button of her blouse. As Jim watched in anticipation, he noticed how hard her nipples had become. They pushed through her top like a couple of strawberries. Slowly Maggie undid her buttons, and as each one was released a little more of her deep cleavage was revealed. Her brother gazed with lust and admiration at the soft pillows of creamy flesh that emerged with the parting of her blouse.

Eventually Maggie’s beautiful fingers arrived at the bottom-most button. Her top fell open to reveal a cotton bra that matched her panties. While it wasn’t lacy in the conventional, sexy sense, in its own way it was highly erotic. What Jim saw, was almost enough to trigger an explosive spurt of cum; it took all his efforts to stop his over stimulated cock from shooting its load over his sister’s tits; especially when his sister smoothed her hands up her tummy until they rested under her full breasts. She then weighed them as if they were a couple of ripe melons, squeezing gently and drawing her fingers up towards her rock hard nipples.

Running a forefinger around each of her extended nipples, Maggie shivered with pleasure. The thought of Jim watching her fondling her own breasts was almost too much for her. She felt a gush of liquid flow from her excited pussy, to be soaked up by her already damp panties. Jim looked down as she squirmed with pleasure, and noted that the tiny spot he’d seen before had spread to cover all of the stretched cotton between his sister’s legs. Maggie parted her legs further to allow him a better view, and the soaked material moulded itself tight to her excited crack.

Looking up to her tits again, Jim marvelled at her creamy cleavage. He wanted so much to dive between those luscious mounds of flesh. Maggie groaned as her pussy leaked another pool of juices into her over wet panties. Her brother’s eyes were almost making her cum! She wriggled again on the blanket they’d thrown down and felt her hot cream oozing round the edge of her panties.

‘Jim I’m wetting myself here. Please can I take my panties off now?’ Her brother smiled, but shook his head.

‘Don’t worry babe’ he murmured tenderly ‘in a minute. I’m just admiring the way you look in your underwear, and I love the way your soaked panties are clinging to your pussy lips. You can take off your bra now if you want.’

With a low, sensual moan Maggie put her fingers up to the edge of her bra, and Jim watched with a growing excitement as she peeled the soft cotton down over her left nipple. He let out a gasp of admiration as the nubbly pink teat was suddenly exposed. His sister’s areola was puckered with an intense arousal, and spread across quite a wide area of her breast. The nipple itself was strawberry red and almost as large as that luscious fruit. Jim licked his lips in anticipation, knowing that he would have this juicy morsel in his mouth within the next few minutes.

‘Do you want to see the other one?’ asked his sister with a naughty grin spreading across her lovely face.

‘Yea, Mags, I want it now!’ groaned Jim, as he gripped his engorged cock. Maggie responded instantly. She slid her bra under her left breast and moved her fingers quickly to the other side. Seconds later Jim was staring at the two fullest and most beautiful tits he’d ever seen. Maggie’s nipples rose out from her breasts so enticingly that her brother couldn’t stop himself any longer. He lurched forward until his face was pushed right up to her creamy flesh. Maggie giggled and pressed her tits together, sandwiching Jim between them. He pulled back a little to admire them again, and then without another thought he fastened his lips onto her right nipple. Maggie squealed with pleasure as she felt her super-tender mammary being suddenly mauled and moulded under her brother’s hands. He brought his fingers up to her left nipple and pulled and squeezed it between his thumb and forefinger, as he sucked fervently on her right teat.

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