tagMatureMaggie May Ch. 05

Maggie May Ch. 05


Dearest readers: The first three installments of this series are in the 'mature' category, and the fourth in the 'anal' section (hmmm, guess why?), if you're following along at home, and need to catch up. This is a mystery novel, can't you tell?


Maggie jumped up from the bed, amazingly spry for a woman who had just orchestrated and been the leading lady in approximately four hours of relatively non-stop (well, except for the brief interlude of her sex-induced coma) live carnal activities. She disappeared into the bathroom. John's gaze riveted upon her tight forty-seven-year-old ass the entire time. He thought of Sam Elliott's line from the movie Roadhouse. "That girl has entirely too much brains to have an ass like that."

He had expected her to go into the bathroom to primp and rearrange her mangled just-fucked hair and dab her make-up. Instead, she emerged moments later with one of those scrunchy, spongy-type things (John's definition, at least) that women use to cleanse themselves with in the tub or shower, and a plush towel. And a sweetly evil grin.

Maggie climbed onto the bed in front of John and knelt before him and began to gently sponge his flaccid cock and empty balls. "Even though that was my first anal voyage, I know enough that we must practice good hygiene, baby. We're gonna need this equipment for the grand finale this evening."

John promptly became an interested spectator of this ball-washing event, though the idea of performing one last virtuoso performance seemed far-fetched right now. However, as Maggie continued the incredibly erotic cleansing and scrubbing and stroking and teasing of his genitals, he began to slowly, somewhat miraculously, feel another stirring deep within his loins. His mind drifted again to George Costanza's mango that resulted in a similar Lazarus-like resuscitation. "I think it moved."

Maggie arched her head backwards and looked down admiringly at her work, taking keen and prideful notice that her manual administrations had indeed begun to evoke the desired effect of her plan, to resurrect John's hard cock so that she could have it impale her needy cunt one last time this evening. She was keenly aware that John had coated her face, mouth, tits, and asshole with gobs of warm cum, but she badly needed to fill her pussy with his hot semen as well.

Maggie relished the thought of going home to her philandering husband with a virile, younger man's cum covering her pores and oozing from each of her orifices, just as she relished the thought of all of this being captured on the video camera. She glanced at the alarm clock next to the bed and realized that the four-hour tape would be just about expiring. She leaned down to teasingly kiss the tip of John's now semi-turgid cockhead, before jumping off of the bed towards the video recorder on the dresser.

John watched as she flipped open the compartment that would normally have held the tape. Except that it was now safely under the bed. John knew this, Maggie did not. He watched her face as if furrowed into a frown of worry. "Shit, don't fucking tell me that I forgot to load the tape," she thought. She pondered this for a few seconds, then convinced herself that she had indeed loaded a cassette before John had arrived. Her neck swiveled to look at John sprawled across the mattress, and saw the scowl on his own face. John propped his body up onto his elbows.

"Ah, yes, the tape. Why don't we talk about that for a minute or two, Margaret?"

The way Maggie looked at John told him instantly that there were no malicious or improper motives of Maggie's. John was born and raised in the inner city and his rapid ascent in his professional career was in no small measure attributable to his 'street-smarts' and his innate ability to read people accurately. Well, the possible exception being one recent ex-girlfriend named Kathy, he had fucked up that assessment royally by his own self-admission. He found Maggie's wide-eyed stare adorable. She suddenly looked like a little girl about to be admonished for bringing home a present to daddy that cost too much.

"Did you throw the tape out?" Maggie's full lower lip quivered in a mortified pout. "I thought you would find it exciting. I thought we could watch it together later and get off. You had to notice the camera, it was there the whole time."

John's voice tried to be as comforting as possible, though he wasn't going to relent from ascertaining the source of Maggie's motivation for the presence of the camera. His gut already had formulated a theory, and he wanted to find out if it had merit. "I have the tape, Maggie, for now."

Maggie's expression changed to one of confusion. "Wait a minute, but, how? When did you take the tape? We were here the whole time, you never left the bed." Maggie couldn't help herself and didn't even attempt to suppress a smile. "Hell, you were INSIDE of me the whole time. Well, different parts of me, at least."

John opened his arms and motioned for Maggie to cuddle up inside of them, to reassure her. She took him up on the gesture and curled up in a fetal position within his embrace. He cradled her chin in his hand and kissed her forehead lightly, brushing that strand of impossibly sexy gray hair from her temples.

"Well, I told you earlier that when you passed out, you were out for three days. I had to give the tape a break, it was crying for mercy, no mas, no mas. It was about to explode from the heat of the sex it was filming. I was afraid it was going to cum, and who needs tape sperm all over the room. What would the housekeeping maids think?"

Maggie giggled, sighing gratefully now that she realized that John was not upset. She slapped him playfully on his thigh, perilously close to his ever-awakening cock. "Well, where is it then, Sherlock?"

John released Maggie from his grip and turned on his stomach and reached under the bed, his legs dangling up in the air and his as rising from the bed, giving Maggie a close-up view of his tight, athletic, twenty-eight year-old butt. His balls dangled from between his ass cheeks like an inviting fruit bowl. Well, at least this was Maggie's analogy. She inhaled deeply, enjoying the erotic sight of John's writhing pelvis and bouncing testicles directly in front of her as he fished beneath the boxspring for the elusive tape. In the fleeting few seconds that she had before John emerged with the tape, she thought to herself, "That's a nice angle for my next blow job to him, so that I can taste that cute little ass of his, too." Maggie's nipples rose and hardened again at this image.

John unraveled his torso and held the tape up victoriously over his head. "Tah-dah!" He simultaneously blushed, now realizing the less-than-gentlemanly view that he had just unwittingly provided for Maggie. "Oh, um, sorry about that," he muttered bashfully.

Maggie grabbed John's face in her slender fingers and slid her long tongue deep into his surprised mouth, swirling it around and around John's mouth in a prolonged, lustful acclimation of her arousal, both physical and emotional. She released her mouth but continued to hold John's face in her hands urgently. "Are you kidding me? That's what I wanted to do with that tasty-looking ass of yours. You've fucked my ass, it's the least I can do to tongue-fuck yours." She again slid her warm, long, probing tongue deeply into John's mouth.

These words served the instant purpose of John's penile resurrection. Maggie felt the enormous cock head bumping against her stomach as he continued to probe his mouth, and in one motion, lowered her mouth from John's own and slithered down his body, engulfing his cock within her lips, sucking on the shaft frantically. John tossed the tape to the side of the mattress and grabbed Maggie roughly by the back of her head, pulling her into a heated face-fucking. With Maggie's mouth fully engorged on his cock, this time it was John who took command of the filthy verbal directives.

"Is this the kind of thing you wanted to tape, Maggie?" She slurped and groaned her affirmation as John felt his cock grow deep within her hot throat. "You want to watch your face get fucked, like this? You want to be my whore, deep-throating my big cock?"

Maggie's free hand dipped between her own legs, and three fingers penetrated her labias, her juices pouring out of her cunt. She wasn't expecting this demonstration of force from John, yet it was exactly as she craved. She had created the proverbial monster, and it had an angry eight-inch cock that was assaulting her mouth while it screamed demeaning obscenities at her.

She loved it. She spit on his cock and stroked it furiously, strands of spit dangling from her mouth, and covering John's tip, shaft, and huge balls.

"You feel how thick and long you've got me now, slut? You feel me in your mouth? You want it in your cunt, now, too, don't you, don't you? I'll bet your cunt is already so sore from me so hard already, but I'm gonna fuck it raw."

Maggie came, hard, his words echoing in her ears as she finger-fucked herself furiously into another orgasm. John felt her shudder as she gripped his cock even tighter within her mouth, in involuntary response to her body writhing from the pleasure of her explosion. "That's it, you just came, didn't you, you fucking slut? Just from my big cock in your mouth. Well, now it's gonna split you apart. Ride me, get on top of me and ride my cock, I want you to go home dripping my cum out of your cunt, I wanna cum in you. Ride me, you got me so hard, now use my cock for your pleasure, and get on top of me and fuck me. Fuck me, Maggie, and then we'll watch our tape together."

John released his grip on the back of Maggie's head and picked her up by the hips and threw her into the air, catching her as she was about to make landfall, and plopped her down directly onto his cock, still thickly covered with Maggie's saliva. She wailed loudly as she landed precisely on target, her cunt stretched impossibly widely by John's massive organ. She was like an astronaut returning from orbit, pulled by g-forces that made her dizzy, her head spinning, the gravitational pull of the atmosphere now centered directly on her pussy, ground zero coming together as one, the irresistible force of John's cock pummeling the immovable object of Maggie's gaping cunt.

At that very moment, the phone on the hotel room's nightstand rang, the unexpected audible intrusion shocking the two into a momentary suspension of their animalistic gyrations. "Oh, Jesus, not now," Maggie thought, her vaginal muscles still pulsing and contracting on John's member deep within her.

"Houston, do we have a problem," John thought.

Maggie reached for the phone while John's throbbing cock remained imbedded deeply within her. "Hello," she mumbled tentatively. She listened for a second, and John could hear another woman's voice emanating from the phone next to Maggie's ear. "Oh, Jesus Christ. Charlotte! What fucking timing." Maggie smiled, relieved that there was a familiar voice. She was worried that perhaps the sounds coming from their room had been the subject of complaints from the occupants of the neighboring rooms. (Truth be told, there was indeed a businessman who had his ear pressed against the wall of the adjacent room while he yanked himself madly, agitated that the phone ringing had interrupted HIS pending orgasm.)

Feeling Maggie's relief as her cunt muscles loosened around his cock, John diverted Maggie's attention by thrusting his hips upwards and slamming his entire length into her, pummeling her embattled cervix. She moaned loudly into the mouthpiece. "Well, if you must know, yes, he's still here, and he's fucking me right now, I'm riding this magnificent cock like I have never been fucked before. Care to listen in?" Maggie held the phone down and let it hover right over 'ground zero', inches above the connection of John's and Maggie's genitals pounding into each others.

"Can you hear that, Charlotte?" Maggie yelled into the air and she bounced up and down wildly on John's cock. "Can you hear that big cock splitting me in two? Can you hear it, can you imagine it inside of you, Charlotte? You want it, don't you? You want this cock, too? Well, you can't have it, not right now, because it's inside MY cunt, Charlotte, and it's fucking ME, hard, oooooh, so hard, and I'm riding it, and I can feel it throbbing."

John watched Maggie's face contort into a rainbow of crimson and purple and pink and he felt the gurgle of yet another volcanic eruption, he had never seen a woman display her inhibitions in this manner, explicitly narrating to an unexpected caller just how thoroughly and completely she was being fucked by this wonderful, young swordsman. His own self-control had all but abated and he was ready to release into Maggie's tunnel.

"He's going to cum, Charlotte, I can feel it, he's close, he's going to cum in my tight cunt, just as he's already cum on my face, my hair, my ass, that's right, Char, I got fucked in the ass tonight, and it was FANTASTIC, he's cum in me three times, all over me, and he's about to, oh, aaaah, oooh, oooh, here it COOOOMMMMEEESSSS!!!"

Maggie felt the first strong burst of John's seed shoot deeply into her hole, and as the subsequent spurts warmed her cunt with hot liquid, her own cunt convulsed again and again and again and again. She could no longer narrate to Charlotte, such was the intensity of her own excitement, but there was no need to. Charlotte had her own visual image thanks to Maggie's gracious inclusion of Charlotte's participation over the phone, and Charlotte was busily fingering herself into her own explosive release.

"A three-way simultaneous orgasm," Charlotte thought to herself as her fingers eased from her soaked thong. "Now that's a talented magic trick. I have to fuck this guy for myself. Soon. I'll have the tape of Maggie fucking John and then perhaps I can make one for myself."

Maggie and John collapsed exhausted on the bed, oblivious to the sound coming from the phone, which Maggie had dropped onto the mattress.

"Maggie, dear?" Charlotte waited for the reply, correctly anticipating that the hotel room occupants were in the throes of a recovery. As Maggie wearily picked up the phone, both she and John heard Charlotte's voice at the same time.

"Maggie, that sounds incredibly and splendidly decadent."

"You DID record all this on tape, haven't you?"


To be continued. The plot thickens.

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